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Submission Name: Apple App Store Reviews of COVIDSafe
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Select Committee on COVID-19

Terms of Reference

On 8 April 2020 the Senate established the Select Committee on COVID-19 and referred the following matters to it for inquiry and report on or before 30 June 2022:

  • the Australian Government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • any related matters.


To members of the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this Senate inquiry. Below you will find a submission related to the COVIDSafe application. We are doing seperate submissions on a per-topic basis to optimize for your reading experience.

Members from the community are available to give in-person evidence to future public (or private) hearings by video conference.

We would appreciate a confirmation of the receipt of this submission and welcomes any feedback you may have. is an online community backed by a team of security researchers, open-source software engineers, community managers and privacy specialists that support the concept of technology based contact tracing.

  • We want to see lives saved through the use of this unprecedented technology.
  • It is crucial to us that privacy and security issues are addressed promptly and communicated in an inclusive and open manner.
  • We believe transparency is essential to achieve both of these goals without compromising either. Compromising privacy risks people’s lives by undermining public trust in the systems built to protect them.
  • This can only be achieved by direct collaboration with engineers using transparent open source platforms as done by the UK National Health Service.

Experts available for in-person evidence

Geoffrey Huntley

🙌 I'm Geoff, the probono open-source software engineer leading the independent analysis of covidsafe via studying the source code. Software that I maintain is inside Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, Atlassian Sourcetree, Amazon Drive, Halo, Slack, is heavily used by the financial services industry and has been installed by other software developers over 21 million times.

Photo licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Jim Mussared

I'm a hybrid hardware and software developer, with current professional experience with open-source development and designing/developing BLE-based products for George Robotics. Formerly worked in programming/electronics education at Grok Learning, and before that at Google Australia as a tech lead in the SRE team as well as some time working with the Android team.

My Bluetooth research into contact tracing has received world wide praise. I discovered a Bluetooth security vulrunability (CVE-2020-12856) which requires governments to modify their technological approaches and programs of work.

Photo licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Richard Nelson

I'm a professional software engineer of 16 years, 8 of which have been in mobile app development and leadership. I have a strong interest in infosec, and my research into the iPhone application background behaviour identified a coding error as a contributing factor preventing COVIDSafe from working effectively. I discovered a denial of service vulnerability (CVE-2020–12717) in COVIDSafe.

Photo licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Contact person(s) for this submission

Technical Expert & Coordinator

Name: Geoffrey Huntley


These reviews were exported on the 22nd of May 2020 from the Apple App Store. The latest data can be programatically accessed via

Geoffrey Huntley has seen no replies from customer support to app store reviews left by people who have been experiencing troubles downloading, registering and using the COVIDSafe application.

This goes against industry best practices.

Geoffrey Huntley attempted numerous times, in private, to bring this to the attention of the DTA, the minister of Services Australia and the media departments at Health/DTA. When working in the private didn't work, he turned to working in the public with Australian journalists to get this matter resolved.

It is still unresolved.


Have an engaged customer support team on social media and on the app stores helping people.



Lightning!72!26/04/2020No problems signing up Those saying they can’t get their number recognised have you tried leaving off the leading zero? Because the app has the +61 at the front this usually means you enter your phone number without the leading zero. I imagine they’ve put the 61 there to ensure that only Australian numbers can participate which is sensible. I left off the leading zero and got in straight away with no issues at all. I think this app is a great initiative. I’m not worried about the so called problems of authorities knowing where I am. They can already do that anyway through the phone’s location service and through the gps on my car. This is designed for better tracing of who you happen to be around in the shops or at work or wherever to meet the response to the virus so I’ll support it.
brass razoo26/04/2020Installed perfectly on iPhone I have an Apple iPhone X running iOS 13.4.1 I downloaded the app from from the App Store and installed without any problems at all. There is a small glitch which is after you enter your mobile phone number as well as the ‘continue’ button the ‘verily phone number’ text was also showing however the ‘continue’ was much more obvious and when pressed I received my PIN number immediately. As the app has +61 there is no need to enter the first zero of your phon number. We all need to be even more aware of safe actions and behaviours now some restrictions are being eased. So please install the app and use it. To all those who flocked to Bondi and other beaches against instructions did you know the Governor of New York has said the major reason New York as such a massive death toll compared to San Francisco and Los Angeles is that New York introduced lock-down and social distancing 1 week later. Only 1 week made a difference of thousands of deaths so please use the app follow the rules and was your hands (properly) with soap and water. May we all emerge safe and well however we must all do the right thing.
TSJ7126/04/2020Easy peasy Very easy to set up - asks for minimal information just first name and number. Only problem is I nearly uploaded my information at the bottom where it asks ‘has a health professional asked you to upload your information?’ I think that’s just for confirmed cases???! Not worried at all about scaremongering of the government having my info - I have a Medicare card bank accounts a passport licence etc - pretty sure I have enough for them to track me if they could be bothered! and if privacy is really a concern to you - why are you people on Facebook Twitter Instagram PayPal eBay etc etc etc.... they have more than enough on you if they want! Do it - look after each other Australia - let’s not be like Europe or the USA and lose so many lives.
KvaziReviewer26/04/2020Not working well not privacy friendly This app has failed in two ways. First you need to have this app always running with your phone fully unlocked all the time to make it work. This is how iOS was designed to prevent privacy abuse apps in background do not get a change to always broadcast data via bluetooth. The government had a chance to avoid this problem because Apple and Google are coming up with their own contact tracing solution that they could implement in this app (Contact Tracing framework) but the government decided not to use it. Secondly they ask you to provide your contact details at the point of the registration. They could do that when you are notified about contacting someone with the virus instead. There is no real reason to collect this information for every single person and store it on a server.
AdamB-GC26/04/2020Easy to setup I see many people saying they can’t get the app to work because they can’t verify their mobile number. I had no trouble with my setup. The app did throw up an error when I entered the first 4 digits of my mobile number starting with 0414 but if I just entered 414 (No zero as the first digit) and then entered the rest of the numbers it verified and sent me a pin # to enter on my iPhone. If you tried imputing your mobile number without the first zero and it didn’t work then I would assume it was an overload error on the server with this app currently ranking as the #1 downloaded app in the Apple App Store.
Lion36970026/04/2020Good but why do I need a phone number I think this is a very good app but why do I need to verify the phone number can I just put the number in or out an email a lot of kids don’t have a phone number so it stops them from getting the app it should just tell you in the app if you have come in close contact with someone with it or make the phone number optional there are also a lot of people having issues with the phone number option so please remove the phone number or make it an in app notification or email.
Lagiace26/04/2020More info for users Downloaded and registered without issue. Lots of people tried to register before the start time of 4pm AWST and ended up with error and frustration. I would like to see a data count on the app to show how many people I have been closer than 1.5 metres and 15 minute duration. This will give me indication that the app is working on my phone and I can verify the numbers I have in close proximity. If the number is too high that expected then I may want to think how should I further distancing myself from others in public areas.
forgetfulFunctor26/04/2020The human toll of the COVIDSafe app Sure this app may save lives. But what about the untold cost to privacy? What will this mean for drug dealers already struggling to reorganise their supply chains after having been hit by the pandemic? It may surprise you to hear that many are not covered by the force majeure clauses that you and I take for granted. And what about men who cheat on their wives. As if it wasn’t hard enough for them to do so in self-isolation now they will have to worry about the government tracing app. Think of the plight of Barnaby Joyce for one. Yes this app may help us return to some degree of normalcy in society. Yes it may allow us to share more time with friends and family to free the aged from a terrible period of isolation. Yes it may help restore employment and self-fulfilment to the millions who have been rendered unemployed by the virus. But I ask you is it really worth the cost?
ANEECU126/04/2020Please download! Straightforward to download. For those concerned re privacy this app holds less information than Facebook or any other social media site you also can use a pseudonym. For all those users who have had trouble verifying phone number try downloading again and you need to omit the 0 at start of your number to enter it in international format. And you only need to have it open in background of your phone your iPhone does not need to be unlocked.
cunneen26/04/2020So easy and may save lives. I'm an app developer (I had nothing to do with this app though). We should ALL download & enable this. Privacy-wise they've taken the right approach. It'll still be useful even without a massive install base. If it notifies even one person who interacts with vulnerable people that they need to get tested it will have been worthwhile. It only asks for details that are already publicly available on the electoral roll plus your phone number. Worked perfectly for me.
Its The Franklins26/04/2020Let’s Be Positive People! Why are so many of you complaining about the app not taking your mobile number and giving this 1 star? Yes it happened to me also 3 hours ago but I knew that of course they will get it sorted out. Take a breath and look at what this app is going to be doing. This app will help us get back to a closer normal sooner. So let’s all look on the bright side of this situation. We are not in the same boat - but we are in the same storm. I’m in the “optimistic” boat. Who’s with me?
pugmahorn26/04/2020Safest App You Will Have on your Phone This app collects absolute minimal information about you. It doesn’t track where you’ve been just who you’ve been near. If you’ve been near someone for 15 minutes who tests positive to the virus you get a phone call. Simple. Ignore those reviews saying that they couldn’t verify their phone number. As mentioned in the press conference you couldn’t register until 6am. App works flawlessly.
JulesD8568447926/04/2020Please help save lives A lot of people around Australia have suffered because of the lockdowns and because of COVID. Please consider you community and download this app. If you use google maps or Uber or credit cards the government already knows where you are. It will let you know if you’ve come into contact with some one who has COVID. You can delete it again whenever you want. Let’s get back on track.
marko800826/04/2020Why would you not get it? I want to be safe I wang my family and elderly mother to be safe. If we’re near someone who was to be ill I would want to know for our safety. I know a certain independent federal minister may try be pushing a political point and her own publicly over privacy but this is Australia and every government of the day has good intentions. Be safe down load it and let’s beat this virus by all of us doing our part. Blue collar worker...
Nobody123456789098765432126/04/2020Downloaded no problems Lots of negative reviews about a phone verification bug... I had no issues when signing up myself so it has likely been fixed. Otherwise please be patient and keep trying over the next few days; everyone is trying their best and I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon if not already. It’s important not to dissuade people from downloading :)
Mike the fisho26/04/2020App won’t accept my correctly formatted number Downloaded the app the minute it was released. For some reason the first 25 times I tried to enter my number it told me there was an error registering my number. There’s no links to an actual support line. Deleted the app reinstalled it then deleted it again and restarted my phone and tried again - NO JOY. Finally tried it again and it just worked? If you’re having same trouble persevere and it should work eventually - looks like someone skipped the testing. Terrible user experience and disheartening the government has managed to screw up something so important.
Muddy228726/04/2020Help Aus Very easy to install and verify. But people who use the 0 of their mobile number will have problems because the programmer has put the +61 there and a lot of people do not understand what +61 means. It may have been easy for all to install i an verify if everyone simply put their number in including the 0. Always use the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. Good work to our leadership
Searider126/04/2020Does accept phone number It would make sense to advise people that when they enter a phone number with +61 at the beginning you DO NOT enter the “0” at the beginning of your phone number. We may think that everybody should know this but there are many people who do not travel or make overseas phone calls so they may not be aware of international dialling protocols.
Marahute26/04/2020This is Australia’s Dunkirk moment Ok maybe a bit of hyperbole but seriously. On ANZAC day weekend the least you can do for your country is potentially give up a little privacy. We need 40% uptake for it to be effective. Let’s stop the tinfoil hats and just make this work. Because of my profession I’m VERY familiar with information security the importance of data privacy and how data can be exploited. From what I can tell this app has been created with the highest standards and the best of intentions. Before you criticise it for nefarious motives read the privacy policy and SEE what great lengths they have gone to make sure it is effective but minimally invasive. And the UX is nice too which is a welcome change from previous government apps.
Dagaroo26/04/2020All good Just installed this from the App Store on an iPhone 8. Registered info verified phone number no problems at all. Worked perfectly first time! If you have issues can I suggest trying again tomorrow. The more people have this app the faster we’ll have this virus controlled and the easier we’ll be able to keep it under control!
Doc.jill26/04/2020Downloaded and registered no problem Don’t know if people having problems know to drop the 0 off their numbers or if was genuinely not working previously. But downloaded and registered my phone number immediately just now. Stay safe everyone. Stay home and stop the spread. Protect yourselves and help protect those of us who work in the country’s hospitals. ❤️
Abused by Spam26/04/2020Incentives What’s the chance of getting out for a beer or sitting on the beach if you could prove you had this app open on your phone? Failing that it’s the best chance we have of lifting some restrictions and trying to keep people safe. There’s more info about you available every time you open your phone or appear on the TV saying you won’t use this!
Nisha...26/04/2020Simple and straightforward The news said it would be active at 6 pm however it worked for me at 5:48 pm and the final screen states that the app is active and I am registered. The security measures in place to protect the privacy of users are very comforting and I have no issues in letting the app use my Bluetooth (which is always on anyway) to assist in tracking and controlling the spread of Covid-19
WizardOfAuz26/04/2020Easy set up - verification available after 6pm All the reviews saying they couldn’t verify their number didn’t read or listen to the launch of the app stating that they can fully register their mobile number after 6pm AEST. No issues registering my mobile number after 6pm. Try again if you had problems earlier.
SimonCraig26/04/2020Downloaded and registered in seconds Downloaded and registered on this easily in seconds. App works in the background and will only ‘do something’ if you happen to spend more that 15mins with someone who later tests positive to Covid-18. Otherwise sits quietly in the background. Impossible to argue this isn’t working by looking at it. Think this is a great initiative.
Norwest Grommet26/04/2020Protect your family. People throw their whole lives on Facebook but worry about an app that can actually help save lives. Government already has your tax file regomedicalfinancial. If needed they can track your movements on phone cell towers and have the meta data from your internet. Put your tin hat in the draw and download the app for your family's sake.
digitalboss26/04/2020App User Improvement suggestion. Set an anonymous home location and use location services to send you a notification to turn the app on when you leave your home location. This would allow you to have the app running only when you leave your anonymous home location. You only need the app running when you leave home.
ajhancox26/04/2020Big fan of this initiative Message for App developers. When searching iOS store I typed Covid Safe as 2 words. Search results were none. (Tried again typing Covidsafe as 1 word & found the App). Suggest the word search in iOS store is corrected with either 1 or 2 word search should lead me to the App. We don’t to lose people at the download stage.
StuartCRyan26/04/2020Limited information gathered Great to see the limited information gathered no more than could be found out online about most already. Also great that the only information that is technically required for validation is your mobile number. These are strange times and this is a necessary short term solution!
mike_ay26/04/2020Thank you! To the people having a good moan look at what the Parliament (both main parties) have done to keep us safe. Yes this is an app that may need some tweaks but to roll this out across the country I’m addition to everything else that is being done to keep us with one of the lowest rates in the world well just have a little patience
CardSmart26/04/2020Help yourself and help others This app is about being able to be contacted if you’ve come in contact with a COVID19 identified person. It’s clean crisp and simple. And single purpose. Would have been nicer if it gave a little vibrate when your app did a handshake with another phone to prove its working - but maybe the next version.
YoungNational26/04/2020Verifying was simple and easy I hope everyone takes the right approach and downloads this app so we can reopen our communities sooner and deal with any cases efficiently should more occur. Contrary to boomer belief this app does not track your location or use GPS. Do not believe the fear mongers who say otherwise. Every precaution has been taken
Geoffsthoughts26/04/2020Perfect Set up is quick and easy all up and running in under 5 minutes. All the reviews with complaints about not being able to register their phone number are most likely putting in a 0 at the start. Note the 61 it’s then your number without the leading zero.
wellyoucanguess26/04/2020Well done. Good initiative Well done team aus gov. Special ðŸ'ðŸ» to the brains behind this app and tech. Definitely can be improved from Bt technology to other means but so far excellent initiative. Would recommend everyone to start using this app. I think this is a sacrifice we need to make to keep everyone safe including each you..
Eee.N26/04/2020HOW TO FIX MOBILE NUMBER ISSUE! My parter and I had no issue with registering. When you get to the mobile number bit +61 is already there so when putting your mobile number in don’t do 04 just do 4 and the rest of your number. +61 replaces the 0 in the 04 beginning of a mobile number. Hope that makes sense and helps.
Bprandall26/04/2020Great safe step forward Kudos to govt for doing so much more than most others. This app seems safe and I care about my privacy. They only get my basic contact info if I or someone who was near me for 15+ mins get CoVID and they both seem reasonable reasons to let them contact me or those I was close to. Overall I am happy!
Sammii71526/04/2020Straight Forward I downloaded the app and everything worked out fine simple easy verifying with six digit number sent to your phone. You can delete anytime regardless it’s not compulsory so people need to chill out. Can’t wait to go to the pub and back to the football in the hopefully near future!
Hifive49626/04/2020Quick and easy App was very quick and straight forward to setup and register. Those who had trouble with this may have been entering their mobile number beginning with zero? The zero needs to be left off. Looking forward to seeing how effective this technology is.
N1Mike26/04/2020Loaded No Problem I loaded this app in a few minutes. I read the previous review who couldn’t get past the phone number page. As the number is entered in international format you just need to drop the “0” at the beginning of your number. I hope this can keep the nation safe
mattcameron1026/04/2020Fantastic initiative easy to register Great to see an easy to use and highly relevant app launched by the govt. in a timely manner. For those with privacy concerns: you can choose to download or not but if not then one would hope you stay isolated and keep others safe. Australia has a good record in regard to respecting its citizens privacy.
jesseebr26/04/2020If this helps easy restrictions +++ To anyone suspicious of a “tracking” app - this doesn’t even use gps. Seriously your already on a smart phone with social media and google that are ACTUALLY tracking every tiny detail in your life. Move along and help everyone else stay healthy and get some normal life back
Mike BP26/04/2020App DOES work with correct mobile number A lot of negative reviews about the mobile number not working but it needs to be entered WITHOUT the 0 in front of the 4. The mobile you enter needs to be 9 digits long not 10. A suggestion for the developers is to remove the leading 0 if people enter it by mistake.
pete12312326/04/2020Working Now In the interest of getting people to use the app I am reviewing to say it worked for me. I saw lots of people saying it didn’t work - it worked for me so perhaps they’ve fixed it. Give it a go I was able to put my number in and register without a problem. Left the 0 out.
dwayneo9126/04/2020Fingers crossed Like everyone else it didn’t verify my phone number so my initial review was the first disappointed one. But they’ve since fixed the issue and it’s up and running. I can’t give it five stars because the jury is still out on it working or not. But it’s easy to sign up for (now) and fingers crossed that it helps Australia continue to hold the virus at bay.
cas_niko26/04/2020App up and running The app is up and running. Super easy to register through your mobile number and doesn’t ask for much information. Seems like everyone who downloaded the app early didn’t listen to the government who said you could register from 6pm.
Wechikoma26/04/2020Mobile verification worked fine with me Mobile verification seems to be working for me. When prompted for the number I left out the ‘0’ at the beginning of my number. Though I did experience the ‘COVID-19’ splash screen keep popping up and going away during my registration process. Seems to be only at the registration process so it was all good afterwards.
Aubz1126/04/2020Downloaded & Registered Downloaded the app & registered with no issues. People complaining about not being able to pass the phone number section no issues here. Removed the 0 from my mobile number and away we go.
Chatters2326/04/2020Simple and safe. Thanks Scotty Scomo.... You’re a true leader that’s leading the way over the world. Privacy is not an issue. All details are stored in the phone. Easy to setup and operate! Can’t wait to get back out into the real world. Just have to hope Dopey Dan the Communist also gets behind it his arrogance leaves him wanting to run his own ship.
MrNAdds26/04/2020People can’t read The app works fine and registration was easy. Instructions on the official websites stated that the registration would be available after 6pm. Everyone who had issues with phone number verification were trying to register prior to that time.
azza544226/04/2020Simple to set up I downloaded the app and was able to set it up within 2 minutes I see a lot of reviews saying that the app can’t verify there phone numbers I’m guessing that is due to to many people trying to do it at the same time and causing an overload to the servers
Bella Boris26/04/2020Drop the first # 0 in your mobile number I initially read the reviews first before downloading and everyone was having trouble with the phone number.. drop the first #0 from your number and it works just fine.. very easy to set up.. stay safe everyone
Booked line & sinker26/04/2020COVIDSafe - Entering phone number Several people have said app not verifying phone number. Asking for +61 number. Leave out the zero at beginning of mobile number and enter remaining digits. Firstly came up with error message and then was immediately sent verification PIN number. Once I entered and verified pin it confirmed registration success!
Professor Berry26/04/2020Andrew doesn’t run the press conference “Andrew I’m sorry you’ve had several questions” the prime minister said. “Andrew I’m sorry Andrew. I know but you don’t run the press conference OK? So I’m going to go to other questions of members of the group. Katharine hasn’t had a question” “I’m happy to return to you but let’s just keep it civil. Katharine?”
Tank(AO)26/04/2020Give it a go. It might help. I had to input my phone number a few times for it to work. I’m usually paranoid however no issues with privacy on this one. Heck you give more information to google and facechook. At least this might get us back to a realistic normality sooner.
mckeaj26/04/2020Note: Caanot use zero at start of mobile number Good to see app is live. When entering mobile please do not include first zero or you get an error. App weiters- please just handle this! Hopefully this helps us get on top of this bug until we have some better medical controls in place
ausJCP26/04/2020Works perfectly fine Ignore the 1 star reviews from people who don’t know how to read. The govt released the app today at 3pm and go-live for registration was at 6pm. Reviewers saying the app is broken simply didn’t wait for the correct launch time as notified via the media. Pretty sad indictment of our society!
Annehhhzhshdhhshs26/04/2020Unable to sign up! Can’t sign up as it gives me an error message about my phone number ‘error verifying phone number please check your details and try again’. Checked my mobile number several times it’s definitely correct.
Sophsta&!26/04/2020Worked first time Had no trouble verifying my number. Also added my work mobile and all went smoothly. Well designed app good amount of information without being bureaucratic. Simple but effective way to help lift restrictions and keep us all safe.
jason864226/04/2020You’re mad if you don’t download this app You don’t have to use your name just enter your mobile number and you’ll be notified if you’ve come into close contact with a COVID19 case and if you happen to catch it they can use this info to let others know.
TheTikiTikiTiki26/04/2020Easy Setup Setup without a problem. Time will tell whether it keeps running on an iPhone without frequent intervention. Also with regard to some low ratings I suspect servers might be overloaded for the SMS verification and that’s why some people are having an issue. Just wait a day or two.
Boucephales26/04/2020Easy to register I found the app easy to register and read the privacy statement easily. I am curious to know how my battery use will be impacted by having Bluetooth on all the time but we’ll see. I have a feeling all it will record is continual contacts with my husband. Good luck everyone and we’ll done app developers and designers.
Lena D'Spiare26/04/2020A great app! Easy to use and a quick process. People seem to forget that you cannot register before 6pm. Shame for the negative reviews. I hope it doesn’t push people away given people were too eager and tried to register before 6pm. Please download this app!
AdeyGiles26/04/2020Installs easily and makes sense. Everyone should download this to keep our friends and family safe. There is a lot of other apps on my phone that collect a lot more data than this does so anyone who thinks this is a privacy invasion needs their head examined. #iamcovidsafe
oxouser26/04/2020Turn VPN off during registration I saw a comment that the app wouldn’t register at the phone number stage. I had the same problem but resolved it by turning off my VPN for registration. That allowed registration to happen and once I completed that I turned the VPN back on. Hope this helps ðŸ'ðŸ¼
TKH1001100100126/04/2020Error has been fixed Just downloaded app and I was able to verify my mobile phone number and receive the pin. I left the zero off the start of my number not sure if that’s necessary though. Working fine.
Nigelbrown6126/04/2020Refuses to accept my mobile phone number Refuses to accept my mobile number (has trouble validating my number) and no matter what format is used it shows the error message. Obviously I’m unable to register with the app until this issue is addressed.
Vvvvg987726/04/2020Easy to register I see a lot of complaints I didn’t have a problem. I did automatically omit zero when entering my mobile number because it was in international format +61 4___________. I am not sure if that is the issue that people have been having.
HLCJ26/04/2020Nice and easy Really simple to register clear interface. Heard some people tried to register before 6pm on the day of launch even though it was announced it would only work from then. Assume that’s why there are some 1-star ratings but all working now.
supjtl26/04/2020Installed and Worked on Second Try Downloaded the app and had to restart it to get it to go through the registration process successfully. All it needs it access to Bluetooth and Notifications - easy as!
Glamourang26/04/2020Private business’ use our data everyday for their benefit..... I’m happy for our elected govt to have my location data for management of this as well as any future epidemics. Big brother is watching - it’s just not the same big brother George Orwell forecast all those decades ago.
Timmydsds26/04/2020Great App App works great phone verified instantly doesn’t drain battery. If you’re worried about privacy I suggest going back to your home screen and deleting every other app on your phone too. Whatever it takes to get out country running again.
cconcorde26/04/2020Quick and easy Easy to use. No issues with phone number. As the +61 is also ready there you don’t need the ‘0’ at the start of the mobile number. Perhaps some people are starting with 0 rather than 4. Let’s stop the spread!
MonnieB1126/04/2020Able to register - please be patient. Able to register with no problems. Obviously as it has just been released everything is super busy with people trying to register so please be patient and try again later!
Lord Lamington26/04/2020No issues Not sure why everyone is having problems with registration but I had no issues. Verification PIN came through immediately. Enter your number without the zero in front and without spaces
Rhys W. Powell26/04/2020Entirely Ineffective Due to restrictions iOS places on Bluetooth use this app only works when it’s in the foreground and the user’s device is unlocked. The app does very little to tell users about this and even if it did it’s unlikely users would be so disciplined in using it. Putting out an app that’s totally ineffective at contact tracing while refusing to communicate these limitations to users is dangerously irresponsible. Giving users a sense of false confidence based on a broken app is only going to cause harm.
drstaind26/04/2020Mobile Number Verification It should be made clear to users during signup that +61 substitutes the leading 0 from an Australian mobile number. This simple clear direction will ensure that all those hundreds of people claiming the app is broken can verify their mobile number successfully and help to support the goals of the app.
afk15026/04/2020Worked first time! I’m happy to report that the first attempt at signing up for the app was successful. It was a very simple process and I encountered zero problems. I’m not saying that other people have not had issues but I am saying that I have had none.
Callum Kraal26/04/2020Phone registered quickly works well I was able to quickly register my phone number to the app. No issues not sure what is happening on other people’s mobile devices.
Akn12326/04/2020Put your number in correctly people It works fine. You need to put your mobile phone in correctly people. It picks up as a international number +61 & leave the 0 off your mobile number & it will work fine.
Catdog221026/04/2020Good and easy to install Just turn of Wifi when putting your number in. So it can handshake properly. As when on wifi it can’t see your number. Easy install no problems just have it on 4g
Jayson fiji26/04/2020Come on guys!!!! I can’t believe some people are concerned about privacy on an issue like this but only too happy to allow social media platforms to share their images location and other info with the whole world.
King spastic. 😉26/04/2020Good app. Let’s all support the idea people. I did not have any problem signing up to the app It seems though you guys are putting you number incorrectly. Skip the 04â€" just put 4xxxxxxxx. And the rest of the number. Then see if it will work.
DeltaY31426/04/2020Works perfectly now Seems to have been fixed. Works perfectly well. Make sure you get everyone you know to sign up and remember to drop the 0 at the beginning of your mobile number.
Tanialeec126/04/2020You need to remove first 0 from mobile phone number App works fine. I’ve I saw numerous reviews saying it won’t accept phone number. Where you see a +61 prefix you don’t enter the first 0 of your mobile number just the remaining 9 digits.
Yash duggal26/04/2020Super quick and easy set up Not sure what others are talking about but I was able to set the app and register within few seconds. Pretty straight forward app. Would be good to see more features add up in the future.
Victor's Girl26/04/2020Very simple to register I read all the reviews that said they couldn’t enter a phone number. As they were all written before the app was activated at 6 pm on 26/4 I presume that was the issue. I applied at 8.30 pm and got straight on. It was a very quick and easy process.
HilsJones26/04/2020Seems straightforward This is working fine for me to login. Everything seemed very straightforward to register. I dud have some initial privacy concerns when the app was first discussed but the Bluetooth approach seems a pretty reasonable balance between tracking and privacy. Fingers crossed it works to actually manage contact tracing easily.
Coffscoast26/04/2020Family Friends school tertiary n Business Its an app to keep our children safe at school or in tertiary institutions. Let’s us know very quickly if someone around us that has proven positive to Coronavirus and take action very quickly. All Australians need to get behind this app.
Ches<326/04/2020Very simple to set up Some people have complained it’s hard to set up and can’t put their phone number in. Thus they have given it a 1star rating. I think they must have fixed it all now as it worked without a hitch.
gregoryw926/04/2020Works as it should Not sure why it didn’t work for others but mine worked fine mobile phone not an issue. Hope we’re all patient and this gets going so Aussie is #1 in the world where we should be!
mummytan26/04/2020Take off the 0 in your phone number Those people saying the phone number won’t accept ... whenever you enter a +61 phone number you take the 0 off. Setup takes less than a minute
Kaz4532726/04/2020Registration was a breeze Took less that 2 minutes to install on both household mobile phones. Very easy and notifications seem to work fine when Bluetooth is turned off (I tested it out)
Koolkaid26/04/2020Had to wait to enter phone number Downloaded straight away on first day but couldn’t register phone number. Came back after 6pm (when they said it would be active) and it worked
tc eg btjgnkk26/04/2020Too easy Completed in about 2 min after reading information. No problem with verifying my mobile number. Remember to drop the first 0 when entering your number! Let’s hope it works.
Charamil26/04/2020Awesome recommend for anyone who wants to go outside. Only errors if you downloaded before 6pm. They said it would be ready from 6pm for anyone that wants to leave the house in 2020. Otherwise please do not leave your house for the next 8 months.
xander y26/04/2020Easy to install Reviews who said they could not upload their phone numbers didn’t wait until the 6pm launch time today. Try again guys - so we can all get back to some kind of normal life
GordieTas26/04/2020Save lives and get us off restrictions sooner Speed up the process for tracing infected people compared with hours or days for manual tracing. Don’t be a boofhead install it if you want to save lives and speed up loosening restrictions and get people back to work sooner.
jsargeant313326/04/2020Won’t let me verify my phone number I put in my phone number but it says an error occurred in verifying my phone number and asked me to check my details again. It’s definitely correct please fix this so I can use the app!
TsarOfAR26/04/2020Error verifying mobile Great idea but getting error “Error verifying phone number” when registering (using a valid australian mobile tried both with and without the leading zero). I’m sure your developers will have this fixed lightening fast.
Counter Canter26/04/2020Easy to install Easy to install. Didn’t have any issues verifying my mobile number. Drop the 0 at the beginning of your mobile number. Let’s hope this works at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and helping society get back to the new normal.
KelvinAU26/04/202020 second install. No dramas registering with my iPhone. There’s also a great technical analysis on Twitter if you want to know the internal workings of the app. Sounds pretty similar to the papers released by Google and Apple on how they will natively allow support States/Govs to do contact tracing. Doing my part to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Godders6926/04/2020Muppets with mobile number verify issue To all the muppets who can’t verify their mobile number it’s because you are a muppet not that the app is broken. I guess you’ve never been overseas before. When your number is prefixed with +61 you drop the zero at the start of your mobile number. ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER WITHOUT THE ZERO AT THE START.
Steff.tac26/04/2020Leave 0 away when entering phone number Everything from downloading to registration went without any problems at all. Remember to leave 0 away when entering your phone number.
Javaerz26/04/2020For all the future whingers You’re willing to give up “freedoms” to giant US tech corporations who where you have very little recourse but you’re worried about an update that collects not even half the data. Get real download it and move onto your next Netflix binge.
Calacode26/04/2020Give it a go ... Look it’s worth to use this app if we can recover as a country better due to COVID-19. For people concerned about privacy this app is no worst than you using FacebookGoogle services or TikTok sharing all your personal-information and random photos/socials.
jacklc16226/04/2020Great app just remember to leave it open. Easy sign up and works perfectly. Will just be a bit inconvenient to remember to have the app open all the time for it to work however it is definitely worth it.
Mike-5526/04/2020Pretty simple to install I presume the app will do what it says and only time will tell if the data is as secure as they say. Very easy to install. Suspect the large number of 1 Star reviews are from ignorant people who put potential privacy above the health of the community.
Leigh198826/04/2020Works fine Everyone reporting they couldn’t register their mobile didn’t read that they had to wait until 6pm to register. It works fine. P.S. always keep the app open in the background.
the ovarc's26/04/2020Too easy! Downloaded and signed up within a couple of mins. Looks well designed app and hope it and I can play my part to keep all safe and get back to some kind of normal. As a chauffeur driver it’s great to know if I have been exposed.
ALXBY26/04/2020Can verify phone number People really need to read info provided for when the software will be switched on. App was released a few hours before the servers were switched on that enabled mob numbers to be verified. App works perfectly 😀
Astory-8926/04/2020Privacy Policy looks pretty good The app uses Bluetooth not GPS and data is only stored on your phone until you manually upload your information. Looks like good secuirty and able to make contact tracing much easier for the health officials.
TFRJennings26/04/2020Great initiative but not useful if it doesn’t work in the background. It makes me sad that the Government wait for the Apple & Google framework to be released. The gain in having it work in the background would have been worth a few additional weeks in my eyes. It’s a bit worrying that people might develop a false sense of security and take more risks. The home screen literally has a pulsating shield. Please be transparent about why the decision was made to not use the Apple & Google framework.
Fionalota26/04/2020Works perfectly I downloaded the app and setup ID on first night of release. Smooth easy process. No problems with verification. Wonderful to have this app to assist in contact tracing. I highly recommend it. Keeps us all safe!
jascoecho26/04/2020Signup works fine Just so need up use the last 9 digits of my mobile number (dropped the zero at the start) got the test straight away and now have the app up and running. Perhaps there was an issue with everyone signing up at the start at the same time?
Lachlan9126/04/2020Easy to use For me the installation worked perfectly. No problems verifying my mobile number. I’m sure that any issues for others will be resolved in the next 24 hours
James_jaems26/04/2020Works great - let’s keep Australia safe As was announced the app allows you to register after 6pm today. Very quick and easy to install and register. No issues to report from me. Thank you Aus government for doing all you can to keep us safe.
varbazza12326/04/2020Everyone should download it Everyone should download this app to contribute in saving lives. To the many people reporting an error with the app accepting phone number. That was because at that time registration had not yet been opened .
10 star person26/04/2020Creative solution - super easy to sign up A smart creative way to help #stopthespread and to get Australia moving again. Was happily surprised at how swift and easy it is to setup. From clicking download to being done took less than 30 seconds.
JR syd26/04/2020Can’t register I’ve tried to register using my mobile number which I’ve had for over a decade. Get “error verifying phone number” message. Have tried multiple times with and without “0”. Not a great start.
Ozplayer26/04/2020App Registration opened at 6pm AEST time To respond to all the comments where people couldn’t register their mobile number the accompanying Government release advised people to download and then register from 6pm AEST Sunday night. App registers seamlessly. Try again if you couldn’t register pre-6pm.
Allguff26/04/2020Quick and simple to set up Super easy to navigate through the 3-4 steps to set up the app. Once it’s installed and you’ve given the expected permissions you just let it run in the background and it will do its thing.
gobbl3dock26/04/2020Issue accepting phone number to register On first try the app didn’t work. Each time I entered my phone number despite trying variations with and without leading zero I would get an error message saying the phone number was invalid. However it worked on a retry after leaving it for about 30 mins and restarting the app.
Enter user name26/04/2020App registration works fine now. Quick and easy to setup. Leave the 0 off the start of your phone number and it verifies instantly. Great idea. Take off your tin foil hats and do what you need to for everyone to get through this sooner.
Userufcuvyivryvi26/04/2020SMS registration is working now It’s important that we all install this app! Please disregard the previous comments regarding SMS not working. Prior to 6pm AEST 26-Apr it is reported that registrations had not been enabled hence why some people couldn’t get through. It now works perfectly.
Kipple23626/04/2020No issues Easy to use. Read through everything. Seems like my data will be safe and not abused. If it helps with keeping us safe and the virus under control then so be it.
rahulbapat26/04/2020I am downloading it I am downloading it.. People have privacy concerns around this but it doesnt store your location data. It will record whose phone was in close contact with yours while you are in public.. store data encrypted and delete after 21 days. In todays world we are voluntarily giving so much information to facebook google insta apple through the phone - which we dont know how its used.. so i guess in this case atleast I know the intention behind. Contributing my bit in a hope to get back to normal life.
Bazza89126/04/2020Easy. Quick. Everyone must do. I’m dismayed to read some people are having tech issues with the app. But glad it’s the only thing stopping them from downloading. We must all do our bit.
_Legend_26/04/2020Help protect Australia Saw a bunch reviews stating people couldn’t register their mobile number. Registering couldn’t have been easier. After the 61+ when you enter your mobile don’t include the zero at the front!!
Nanno1826/04/2020Success verifying phone number I had success verifying my mobile number. First time I used a nickname and it failed. When I used my real name it worked. May have to match the name on your phone account?
Rodderrz26/04/2020Super simple Everything worked the whole thing took 30 seconds not sure why all these other people are having issues.
rrrrroobbbbbbbx26/04/2020Mobile verification now works Earlier issues with I not able to verify my phone number and get the pin but now all working fine. Important to download so we can all get back to work.
Teodonim26/04/2020Cannot even start sign in Downloaded the app and started putting my details. To get PIN number you have to enter your mobile number and that is where is stop. No matter how many time and tried with and without 0 version of mobile number it keep on giving error. My mobile is always been active but this app cannot recognise it. Maybe test the app first with handful of users prior asking public to use it.
WillPressYesWithoutReading26/04/2020I feel safer already When I walk down to Bondi and see everyone not social distancing I think to myself “let’s nuke the site from orbit”. But with this app I feel like Ed Snowden would be rolling over in his grave if he died from covid-19. Too bad Ed you had your chance
LivinIt!26/04/2020No probs! Signed up . No problems iOS current version all good with mobile number & verification pin via mobile #. Looking forward to getting back to a few normal things starting to look like Casper!
Charlie🥶26/04/2020Key initiative against COVID-19 Hoping everyone in Australia will download and keep active so we can all get back to normal soon! If you’re still unsure read below and more online before making a decision... Together we can all help against the virus. App quick and simple to set-up. Aus Govt have given enough reassurances on key Privacy questions: - Voluntary download and usage - No GPS location data captured - Data only to be used for COVID contact tracing (and illegal to do otherwise) Etc... Mots on their website and usual media...
Slash5k126/04/2020Worked for me... No idea what the other reviews are talking about... put your mobile number in without the 0 and it just works... let’s hope this app helps and everyone gets onboard!
Luckephil26/04/2020Worked first time I don’t understand the reviews saying they couldn’t get past the verify telephone screen. Perhaps they were entering the leading “0” of their phone number when not required.
Caitlin-R-M26/04/2020The app is going to save lives. The app works perfectly people were just whinging about it not working because they were trying to log in before it officially opened
izzygelato26/04/2020Worked perfectly Not sure why there is lot of bad reviews. Worked perfectly first time and no issues whatsoever. Thank you for doing this amazing app to help the stress of an outbreak to notify anyone who may need to get tested.
pcd0126/04/2020Worked first time No problem at all with registering - I'm probably stating the obvious here (no doubt) but for people experiencing issues registering phone number please ensure you remove the 0 from the mobile number!
Evanhumble8826/04/2020Needs super spreader reporting Would be good to be able to report when near sniffy coughing people and if that reported person ends up being a super spreader give them legal penalties. Think major problem is symptomatic people not isolating need to be taught a lesson.
Ruadhaidh26/04/2020Easy very easy! Very straightforward to register. Sensible permissions and privacy steps. Confirmation by SMS instantaneous. I think other reviewers must have been overly impatient to write off an app within a few minutes of the 6pm (according to SMH) launch.
HelzBelz4226/04/2020Seems to be working fine now Just registered and no issue with mobile no like other reviews. Maybe they have a fix already
@MichaelQ26/04/2020Just Do It Registration for this started 6pm Sydney time - after it was available for download. So if it wasn’t working for you before try registering now. Absolutely download and run this. This will save greater than zero lives.
valgal8126/04/2020Can’t complete registration Tried to register my phone/details and the app won’t accept my phone number. Tried it the 2 different ways it could possibly be entered & it doesn’t work. Partner tried to register also on his phone & had the same issue can’t get passed the phone number part.
bc62638173726/04/2020Let’s all get on board. Registration worked fine with no problems at all very quick and easy to install. Let’s all help each other to beat this virus. Install now.
QFR201326/04/2020Works fine Just downloaded the app and registered. Took less than 5 minutes. Lots of comments about phone numbers- leave the 0 off and no spaces.
Daniel!682926/04/2020It’s working I just downloaded the app and the process was very easy I didn’t get the ‘cannot verify your phone’ error everyone else is talking about. It took me 3 min to set up user friendly.
Casey Fulton26/04/2020No issues works perfectly No idea what is wrong with the other people leaving reviews. Are they entering their phone number incorrectly? Worked perfectly for me straight away.
Drtsjbyerley26/04/2020COVIDSafe The app launched at 6pm but was available on the App Store earlier than that. If you couldn’t verify your mobile number probably you were trying before the 6pm start time. Try again now.
Jam9er26/04/2020Runs well in background and quick to set up. Updated IOS before installing and it was a quick registration once installed. It is running well in background.
ShellieBeach26/04/2020Quick and easy No problems at all - Don’t know why so many people have had issues. All good here. Hopefully it gets smoothed out soon if it is a broader issue. Please be patient everyone.
izington26/04/2020Easy to use I think people are making the mistake when entering their mobile number of putting the full number in. Take your first digit off as the +61 replaces it. Common sense really
shaze7726/04/2020Easy to register Worked perfectly if you followed the instructions in the press release and waited until 6pm to register (which clearly many didn’t!).
Picjunki26/04/2020All working fine so far Straightforward. No issues verifying my mobile number. Not sure what the complaints were about. Glad to be doing this for the greater good of our society.
1kanda26/04/2020The app works and will hopefully save lives even the idiots. The app works the problem of the phone number verification has been fixed. Hopefully it will save lives even the morons
Sophie1357900026/04/2020Easy to set up Took less than 30 seconds to set up. Phone verification now working. The more people that download the quicker we can return to something resembling normality.
secjac26/04/2020Mobile number When entering your mobile number you have to only enter the numbers after the 0. Don’t not enter the 0 just the last 9 numbers
Nick-ACT26/04/2020Works as advertised Saw many 1-star reviews here because people couldn’t register. Worked without a glitch for me will keep this app on for the next couple of months.
PBaini26/04/2020Install & Mobile Registration Installed and register my mobile and my parents mobile without any issues. Quick and easy process.ðŸ'
Agatokki26/04/2020Great way to protect each other! No issues with installing for iPhone. Mobile number registration went without any issues. Thank you everyone for your tireless work and effort to protect Australia from Covid-19! 🙏
Penkat26/04/2020Working perfectly Downloaded and registered with my mobile number in less than 10 minutes. Melbourne.
nocoronapls26/04/2020Do your bit and download this!! Took me 30 seconds to set up! So easy - everyone should be getting on to this so we can go back to normal faster and help protect our most vulnerable
Horse197526/04/2020For those who can’t verify their number... For those who can’t get past the mobile number verification just leave off the first zero of your number.
Garrethhh26/04/2020It is ready now If you tried earlier to setup it would not have worked they said ready after 6pm. All working well now. Support Australia getting back to normal by installing this app.
Bosko7326/04/2020Works on both our iPhones For those that had errors potentially was before the govt switched in registrations. Try again. Worked first go on both of our iPhones.
Ben Rae26/04/2020Set-up worked fine No problems with setting up the app. But the instruction to keep the app running when you’re out is ambiguous. Does that mean the app has to be open or can it run in the background while I’m using another app?
alexzro26/04/2020Seems to work For a first version 1.00 government app works smoothly and I didn’t had problems in logging my data into it. I gave it 5 star but we’ll see if it’s worth that much.
Domain1232126/04/2020Can’t easily search for app on AppStore If you didn’t know the name of the app and you searched for the term “covid app Australia” then you get a different app. Because this other app is from government I can see where a lot of people will download it and think they are done.
Whycantijustuseanon26/04/2020Works fine Works fine easy to register. Everyone who is saying it didn’t work it was because it wasn’t going “live” to enter your mobile number until 6pm EST.
Sammied8126/04/2020Don’t put in 0 for phone number For those having trouble registering don’t but the first 0 in for your phone number! Start with the 4 this is why you can’t complete registration
BijouAmira26/04/2020Great initiative Wonderful initiative by the Australian government taking us another step closer to being able to ease lockdown message and keep everyone safe. The more of us cooperate the quicker we’ll get this curse under control.
Tippys196326/04/2020Perfect I had no problems installing..many here did but I think it’s because they forgot to drop the zero when entering their mobile phone number..
head...........26/04/2020Mobile number needs the leading 0 to verify. Make sure you put the leading 0 in your mobile number when verifying. Besides from that it just does what it says.
Fearnzie26/04/2020Drop the first 0 when entering your phone number Because the phone number you enter is prefixed with +61 you need to drop the first “0” of your mobile number when entering it
Sac888198426/04/2020Mobile rego worked for me Great idea hope the issues others are facing have been quickly fixed. It worked for me straight away.
GirlPeta26/04/2020Very quick and easy. From previous reviews they have obviously made the updates to correct the registration issues
nrou569826/04/2020Fantastic Safe efficient effective way to help us to continue to lead the world in the covid19 response. Privacy concerns are silly encourage everyone to download this to do their bit to help us open up again ASAP
Psarrami26/04/2020Could not set in- solved This problem was solved after I tried again an hour later: When I tried to get the pin by mobile I got an error message that I need to check my details and try again.
elliebaba2226/04/2020Unable to access Trying to put my phone number in and it won’t allow me to saying there is an error with my details.
Littlelyn126/04/2020Phone no Please note that to enter your mobile number with +61 in front you have to drop the 0 I entered my number and accessed the app straight away. All done now and I feel a lot safer now.
Pbuff1826/04/2020Keep us safe! Easy sign up had no troubles at all. It’s great to see something like this come in effect to protect us all and help get our way of life back to normal and get the economy back up and going!
Rebecca Phillips26/04/2020Worked fine Downloaded and all worked fine. Registered my mobile without any issues
MorleyMadHouse26/04/2020Works well for me Lots of people saying it won’t accept the mobile. For me it was seamless and worked first time - so maybe a bug was fixed. Suggest people try again.
Absolutely A Musr26/04/2020Easy To Use Really happy to do my bit to help reduce communal transmission of this awful virus. Let’s join together to prevent a second wave that could be worse than what we have seen. Look at Singapore ..
easyreg26/04/2020Easy to register Don’t know what the others are on about easy to register. +61 is there use remove the 0 from your mobile number and enter from the 4 onwards
I_don't_like_ads26/04/2020Thank you Thank you for creating this app to keep us safe during these times! People are saying they can’t get past the phone number step but I did.
myangelmydestiny26/04/2020😌 I had no problems downloading this app verified number with no hassles. When you add your mobile remember to leave the number zero (0) out. Lets see how it works when I leave my house which is once every 10 days 🤣
Jolyon's Review26/04/2020Easy To Set Up Set this up in a few minutes. Had no trouble with registering phone number. Hope this technology helps keep the numbers down.
tricky darth26/04/2020No problems registering Simple multi step process to sign up. No problems. Looking forward to be able to go out of this app helps. Shared with family and friends.
Gherkin45926/04/2020Just install it You’ve given up your data to Facebook Google and other large tech companies for years. This is for the greater good. Just install it
Assassin038726/04/2020No Issues Registered without any issues hope the country does the right thing and helps us beat this thing!
expube26/04/2020Keeps on closing as idle I installed this hoping to recommend it but currently this is not really useful as it closes after a bit of using Facebook gmail and twitter so it takes too much clicking to keep it alive. Also died while I was just listening to podcasts. If you can update it to the tracking API thingo that apparently can solve this.
Agcousins3426/04/2020Working fine I was able to register unlike the thousands that said it’s not working. Perhaps the issue is resolved now. Anyway here’s to the government tracking me as I sit on the couch
AussieFan77726/04/2020Not a problem Worked fine for me. Got setup in under a minute. No idea what the others are going on about but they must be doing something wrong.
worked fine for me.26/04/2020Worked perfectly and only took seconds to set up! No problem with registering my phone number. Was easy and simple to register.
Bazinga7426/04/2020Easy install no problem with phone number Read the reviews and thought I’d give it a go... no problem at all verifying phone number.
Agent180426/04/2020Simple easy Was a simple process and worked seemlessly! Others unable to load have all tried at once - need to try again tomorrow.
nor506726/04/2020Drop the 0 from your 10 digit mobile number Had no problems signing up. Just drop the 0 from your mobile number
rovers200126/04/2020Simple and quick Downloaded installed and registered in seconds. To all those who can’t register their mobile number... remove the 0 if you see +61 prefix... 🤪
tryingtohelp🇦🇺26/04/2020Phone number To put your phone number in you have to remove all brackets spaces and hyphens when you automatically put your phone number in.
Charliejnrk26/04/2020Lets do this Worked perfectly for me. Enter your mobile without the 0. Here’s hoping enough people use this so we can come out of the house and get back to normal life.
Ffysjursd26/04/2020What about other phones in house As far as I can work out you cannot enter other mobile numbers to ignore as we have three phones and when they are in charging station overnight they all will constantly be recording and storing useless information
Matt-bot26/04/2020It working Logged in and working. Let’s see what happens next. I have given more personal details to business around the world that I trust a lot less than the Australian government.
JessicaQ26/04/2020No registration issues I’ve seen a lot of comments about being unable to register. The issue appears to be fixed.
hibbi33326/04/2020Turn off wifi Wouldn’t accept my number much like all the other reviews. I turned off Wifi and used the mobile network and it worked. If you’re having trouble registering too perhaps temporarily turn wifi off and try again.
Barnsy12526/04/2020Works fine! News outlets said to wait to 6pm to register. Predictably people ignored that advice and tried to register prematurely and then complained when it didn’t work. Go figure. Great initiative! Everyone get around it.
Noooky26/04/2020Works fine. You drongos just need to take the first 0 out of your number when you register. Privacy policy says all data collected will be eliminated at the end of the pandemic.
Bebingt26/04/2020Downloaded perfectly Had no issues installing and verified with my mobile number perfectly.
Stevie6374858595926/04/2020Seems easy enough Asks for name postcode age bracket and mobile number. Less information the google and Facebook. Seems like only once you’ve been informed you’ve been near someone should it ask for more data..
bgt243%26/04/2020Great Downloaded the app easily. I hope people that are having downloading issues remember to drop the zero at the start of their phone number.
Krummo26/04/2020Chill out it wasn’t active until 6pm Hearing lots of ‘it doesn’t work’ but the announcement was it won’t be active until 6pm. Now active and seems to be accepting the phone number registration
Alimajeed26/04/2020Phone number is fixed Earlier while entering valid phone number and it was giving error. It’s now been fixed and working.
Critta7326/04/2020Too easy Very simple to install. Make sure no full stops or anything when adding your name and it will then recognise phone number.
MZareripoffs26/04/2020Easy Sign Up Took less than a minute to sign up. Very user friendly. Not having the issue that some others have mentioned
soylentmeme26/04/2020THIS WILL SAVE LIVES If you seriously think this app will take more data to the government you have to be crazy. The fact you’re on a phone now looking at this review means they’re tracing you.
Henrysdndjdhf26/04/2020Quick and simple set up As an Australian we should all be doing all we can to flatten to curve and support contact tracing. I hope this app helps get us all back to our normal daily routine quicker. 🇦🇺
Dnzilla26/04/2020Follow the rules stay safe we we can all move on! If we all get this right we can move past this lockdown save lives and be free again. Don’t stuff it up for all of us. Please.
Mattispantone8126/04/2020Simple enough Straight forward activation. Privacy policy seems boiler plate. It’s not tracking my location and based on the information sites the legal security and privacy provisions seem solid.
tpgd13926/04/2020Not able to register Keep saying my phone number is invalid although everything is correct.
Ddddddddggggggg26/04/2020Works just fine. Seriously worried about the average IQ of some reviewers - works just fine...if you follow the instructions correctly and drop the ‘zero’ from your number 😐
Take 0 out people26/04/2020Works Fine People need to use their brains. App works fine. Don’t put the 0 in when entering your mobile number. It staggers me that people clearly have no clue. Well done Federal and State Govt for this app .
foxbat_au26/04/2020Worked well so far! No problems creating the account and verifying the phone number. If you are having an issue use +614... don’t put 04...
Rosie567426/04/2020Phone number verification Installed the app and verified phone number but maybe it should be more clear for users to enter their phone number without the first 0 because it has the country number +61 in front so start with 4 to enter your mobile number.
happy house of fox26/04/2020Less than a minute Less than a minute to set up- set and forget is the best way. Most of you negative review - you applied to early it up and running now
PlatinumChris26/04/2020No problems Just downloaded the app without any problems. Perhaps people who reported a problem didn’t follow the instructions closely which require you to turn your Bluetooth on BEFORE the last step.
cherryblossomontop26/04/2020Quick Was able to register in less than 3 minutes
JuJu Galore26/04/2020No issues (yet) Just downloaded and registered no issues (yet). Make sure you don’t include zero at start of your mobile number for verification.
Fozzy222926/04/2020Simple Registration Must have fixed the early issues as I completed registration in a few minutes with each step clearly explained.
new0011326/04/2020No problems No issues with registering Possibly all the problems others were having was a high demand issue
Syllabub196926/04/2020Registration only went live at 6pm If you had problems registering earlier please try again. It is working now. Please share with friends and family.
LightTHx26/04/2020Installed without any issues Early teething problems experienced by early adopters seems to have been resolved now. Quick and easy sign up!
angel_yonehara26/04/2020Easy to use!! Works a treat. App must have had an update as I was easily able to verify my number. Very simple to use and had no confusions navigating through the sign up.
Tygeray26/04/2020Works well If people were not so impatient they would find that the logon works and the app will do as directed. As far a privacy goes most people give out more detail on social media
Gadget Griffo26/04/2020Great idea...thanks I’ve worked in the tech industry for 20+ years and have no issue using this app...I figure it’ll help get back to our usual way of life. The phone verification step isn’t working though so can you please fix it. Thanks.
me_9999926/04/2020Does what they say Easy to set up looking good so far hoping I’ll never get an alert that I’ve been near a covid case but at least if I do I’ll be able to have a proactive reaction
Dianna30826/04/2020Works great. Those giving a one star clearly didn’t see that whilst the app was released today. You couldn’t register till after 6pm. Registered fine.
EO110326/04/2020Quick and easy Think they must’ve fixed the bugs as took me about 60 seconds to complete sign up
Naomib197726/04/2020Easy to navigate Quick and easy to download. Had an error message on first try but came back 10 minutes later and it was fixed.
Me_Y26/04/2020Reading the instructions helps There was a clear instruction not to register your phone number til after 6pm so pretty much every review can be disregarded and it’s working fine.
CBEECH0126/04/2020To get passed mobile verification Make sure you are using mobile data disconnect any wifi connection. Let’s all do our part in returning to a normal life!
Geoffstc26/04/2020Loaded no problem I had no difficulty registering my phone number which many people are struggling with. I left the leading “0” off when registering.
Pomykev26/04/2020Registered within 60 seconds. Expected difficulty in registering given the bad reviews. However is was really simple and I had no problems on my iPhone X
richie-a26/04/2020Straight forward Straight forward install clear instructions. No issues entering mobile number or verifying account.
dy22226/04/2020Easy setup Very quick and painless setup informative too. Didn’t experience any of the number registration issues everyone spoke of here - they may have fixed it? 9:00pm 26/4
Beonnybeef26/04/2020Unclear instructions... Registered mobile fine (without leading 0). Says leave the app running - unclear whether this means with phone on screen off or running in background. Video instructions would be sensible!
Penrith Peter26/04/2020So far so good All the bad reviews didn’t read the information that you couldn’t register until after 6pm. If you waited there was no problem. Anyway good on them for trying to get in early
Revs6626/04/2020Quick and easy Registration was quick and I had no trouble entering my mobile number like others have been reporting.
Leesh Peesh26/04/2020Very easy Simple to use. Doesn’t ask for much information - plenty of apps and sites would have more on me than this does! Do it people
Bella Huo26/04/2020Already activated! There is no problem connecting to the mobile phone number(IPhone users with 0)
You have 1 notification26/04/2020Do it for your loved ones. Downloaded app at 8:30pm 26/04. No dramas at all took 3 mins total. My understanding (could be wrong) is the app was available but registration wasn’t till after 6pm. Best wishes to stay safe!
j-b125626/04/2020Simple and easy To all those people having difficulties in entering your mobile number it only wants a nine digit number so drop the zero at the beginning
Musofreak26/04/2020Works fine Had no problem activating with my phone number. Make sure you omit the 0 at the start of the number.
KingMattyBoomBah26/04/202010 second installation no issues Not sure what the problem with the phone number was? Surely the ‘+61’ part wasn’t confusing people? Just drop the first digit idjits!
troydboy26/04/2020Can’t verify number??? The reason for this was the app was available to download but you couldn’t actually register until 6pm on Sunday night!!
Cookie monstor 223326/04/2020Mobile verification working Not sure if the error was temporary/has now been fixed but the mobile verification worked for me.
Greeninspire26/04/2020Mobile number verification You need to have the lasted IOS Software update installed on your phone if you can’t verify your mobile number.
Frds1726/04/2020Error verifying phone number Government wants us to use the app but I am not even able to register as there is error when trying to sign-up.
Goobertross26/04/2020Super easy Took less than a minute to enter everything and agree to the conditions. Anything to help reduce the virus and get our lives back to normal.
happyasrain26/04/2020Phone verification now working A bunch of reviews from 5h ago say the phone number verification doesn’t work but it worked just fine for me.
akaggssg26/04/2020Mobile number issues when there is a +61 you must drop the 0 before entering your mobile number.
Thomo tested26/04/2020Great initiative! Set up went super smoothly for me (6pm 26/4). No issues whatsoever. I can only assume those experiencing issues may be due to high demand. Don’t stress just try again a little later.
bigmickhere26/04/2020Easy as let’s get through this together!! Found it easy to install good information on what will be used to help Australia get through this together.
Their dreaming26/04/2020It went live at 6pm So if you have tried to download before then it won’t work. Operator error not app or government error. Try again it was easy. Stay safe
MariaFitzherbert26/04/2020Very easy to use Downloaded and logged on after 6pm super easy and very reassuring. If we want to get back to anything like “normal” everyone must download the app and use it!
Gazmol26/04/2020Works fine No problems with phone registration. Just be sure to enter the number WITHOUT the initial “0”. You’ll see +61....... and just need to enter your number starting with the first 4. Go Australia!
MsVixn26/04/2020All Working No problem to register. Everything worked as it should!
Hespera J26/04/2020Works fine Registration only went live at 6pm which is why so many have had issues registering. No problems here very smooth process. ðŸ'
Craig_00726/04/2020Downloads fine Installs and registers fine. Don’t know why all the -ve comments. Perhaps turn your Bluetooth on and accept permission requests. App works fine
sydneydos26/04/2020Easy as! Simple process and no issues at all - wouldn’t you want to know if someone with you had the virus? Play your part - help us reopen our country !
CanAussieMatt26/04/2020Phone number could not be confirmed When I set up the app it would not send an SMS to my registered number. Is this because it hasn’t become operational yet?
drgreg7526/04/2020Could not pass past verify phone number The app would not pass the ‘ verify phone number screen ‘. I changed my name to take out a number that was in there... I was supposed to be able to be anonymous. Then it seemed to work. The explanations of leave this on do this don’t close that are very ‘technical’ and not written for someone over say 50 with limited understanding of some of the terminology used. There should be a simple test to tell me that I am using it correctly. AlsoI should be able to see people around me who have the app activated. This would help me suggest uptake to those who I can see may not understand.
tomlikesbeetroot26/04/2020Working fine Registration worked fine for me less than 30 second process.
Chargig2526/04/2020Easy down load.. Remember to not put the 0 at the front of your number.. so drop the 0 and then you will register fine.
Elpoida26/04/2020Easy and quick Within 10 seconds I was up and running with no issues.
Ratatouille1226/04/2020Setup first go. Not sure if I did anything different but it worked straight away. Don’t put the first zero of your number. Will see about battery life.
Cristic12326/04/2020Easy to set up To everyone saying that they can’t verify their phone number - remember to drop the 0 when entering your number eg if your number is 0567 then only enter 567 âœ...
Sunbury star26/04/2020App now working well I suspect thousands trying to get in quickly to set App up. All good now. Simple to use. Hopefully this is a sign of our community wanting to participate in this.
PC195426/04/2020So easy to register!!! I can’t believe the negative reviews with setting up on this app. It took me less than a minute to set my mobile number and verify. So so simple!!!
RMtwentington8126/04/2020Works just fine Accepts my phone number. The media said it wouldn’t work before 6pm on the day it was released so I just waited until then to download.
SimonDig26/04/2020Works perfectly My phone number was verified in a few seconds. I didn’t have any problems works fine.
wesley1999999999558326/04/2020Easy download very little info needed Easy and quite download and register. Little information collected and very clear how the app would be used
Glabster26/04/2020Works fine To those who are having trouble registering your mobile number- you have to drop the leading zero of you phone number eg instead of 0409.... type 409... it’s in my international phone number format.
The_Blanden26/04/2020Worked perfectly It all worked perfectly. No issues. Very important app during these distressing times.
Lizabella26/04/2020Great! Let’s hope plenty people realise that they just aren’t that interesting for the government to track their every movement and get behind the app. Good on the Aussie government for using innovative solutions to track this disease.
Toddman8026/04/2020Downloaded and installed Since I downloaded and installed this app I still haven’t caught COVID-19 so it must be working 🤣. Seriously - happy to download it if it means Australia gets out of lockdown sooner and helps saves lives.
Buddy for PM26/04/2020Help your family and front line health workers This will certainly make it much quicker for public health to help crush COVID-19 when a case is detected. The more than download it the more it will protect us all.
congoblue26/04/2020Great idea needs our support Great idea but it needs everyone’s support to work. No privacy concerns why would the government want to track my phone for any other purpose?
James_12926/04/2020Not yet active Foolish to launch this when people can’t actually register yet. Having looked about online the ‘invalid phone number’ issue is occurring for everyone and ‘the back end services may only be properly switched on at 6pm.’ Well... here’s hoping!
Rifat Nabi26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Getting error verifying phone number even after giving a valid number. Tried with both 04 and 4.
danababy198426/04/2020Easy set up Was set up in seconds. No more data then what we give Facebook etc so don’t see a problem in using it
Proofreader26/04/2020I’ll wait for Apple/Google API Contact tracing is incredibly important but in its current form this app is likely to be highly ineffective because of the privacy features of iOS It sounds like it can only work if you don’t use any other app. Imagine visiting Woolworths and remembering to launch the app as you enter and not to launch any other app until you leave. In relation to privacy using the proper API will render the collection of every users name and number completely unnecessary. I do like that it’s compatible with iOS 10 meaning it works with iPhones from 2012 and later. I hope this compatibly continues once the government acknowledge and embrace the API
Bhumil Soni26/04/2020Great Initiative I was able to register it without any problem. If installed by EVERYONE then this is a really good initiative and can be very much helpful in keeping us safe and aware about anyone covid-19 positive nearby .
1bigfellafd26/04/2020Registration No problem with registrationall completed within a few minutes.
mjhoops26/04/2020Quick and easy Signed up in 60 seconds. No problem verifying my mobile phone number
DamoCarso26/04/2020Working Others have said it won’t go past the mobile number verify screen.. it’s all working now.
huurdy26/04/2020This could save my life. I’m happily using this app so I can know if I come into contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Hopefully enough others will use this app and we can relax our restrictions sooner.
ttmelbz26/04/2020Stay safe Good app to stop the spread of coronavirus doesn’t give the government your pornhub search history so don’t worry about your local member of parliament knowing about your search for muppet bukake party.
qwaqa10126/04/2020App error It says there is an error verifying my phone number yet all my details are correct. I have attempted to set up multiple times with no success.
Nesstacular26/04/2020Simple and quick registration Very simple registration process took no time at all. Did not experience any of the issues noted in other reviews.
Agamingratfan6626/04/2020Up and at ’em! On the first try the app froze most likely due to the high volume of people trying to activate it but second time it worked like a charm!
ChloeTheLaw26/04/2020sign up issues fixed! Able to register fine now. Thank you!
G00D D00D26/04/2020Help keep us all safe and get us back to normal quickly. Hopefully it helps us all stay safe. Strong privacy protection. Everyone should install it ASAP.
melj217$26/04/2020All good Took only half a minute to set up no problems despite reviews earlier saying that had problems (I’m using an old iPhone)
BeanyBear7726/04/2020Worked first time no problems I just hope everyone else uses it too so we can get back to normal faster.
Richmond Vic26/04/2020Easy Took 20 seconds to register. You can’t say that about most apps. People need to take a reality check on privacy concerns - particularly if they are on social media.
lbittneswuthlegs26/04/2020Worked fine and was quick Quick and easy
MLIGC26/04/2020COVIDSafe Eventually got into through the phone number section and now all good. Takes a little time to verify phone number but only first few hours of being available. MLIGC
Clive_dale26/04/2020Simple step to keeping safe Loading this was easy. Hoping many do the same to improve my prospects of staying safe.
Male sine26/04/2020Simple and Easy to Set Up Works well - took me less than a minute to register. Finally some technology that can make a difference!
smicko7726/04/2020Easy to setup Easy app to use. Setup simple. Hard to find the app though. The Australian government needs to advertise the app more so more people use it otherwise it’s pointless
RhinoInAdelaide26/04/2020Just download it Important for EVERYONE to download and use this app. You may not be sick but you might be in contact with someone. Wouldn’t you like to me the community safe?
Ashhhhhh2326/04/2020Unable to register Unable to put in my phone number to receive PIN. Deleted and redownloaded several times.
Bemused and bewildered26/04/2020No problems Registered entered phone number and received PIN. It works fine if you don’t try and do it before it goes live.
yes_matron26/04/2020The mobile error seems to have been fixed Working effectively now as I just signed up.
Snooze101826/04/20202 minutes Took me less than 2 minutes to download and register.
Mani848726/04/2020Easy setup I'm glad the government finally made this app very easy to install and use. we can beat this coronavirus if we can work together.
BeentoBerlin26/04/2020Registration worked fine A lot has changed in four hours it seems. Registration worked fine and it is set up. Straightforward and hoping I never get an alert!
Bob924226/04/2020Working Now It’s a pity the Government didn’t make a release saying the app wouldn’t work before 6.00 pm. However it’s working now and the good thing is that a lot of people are trying to use it. Hopefully it will get a large take up and assist us in getting back to normal Boba
Peter_W 194626/04/2020No problem with installation To those who had installation problems: perhaps you needed to include the leading zero on your mobile phone number ie: 0421 etc. Just supposin...
StevieTK26/04/2020Registration was surprisingly very quick Phone number worked fine for me. Left out the leading zero if that helps
anmaca7826/04/2020Need to drop the 0 before entering number Hi all You you need drop the 0 from tour mobile numbers. As it is set up as international standard. 61 for Australia. Then drop the 0 and start with your 4
Guitarnish26/04/2020Thank you! Glad we have followed suit from some other countries and developed this app. Should help greatly with contact tracing. Let’s hope this works well!
911-99626/04/2020The is not ready yet Looks like the app was released prematurely. Trying to complete the registration within the app and after entering the phone number to get the pin I keep getting the messages “Error verifying phone number”. Why release an app when it’s not fully functional. This will only put people off.
Graeme 96356326/04/2020Let’s get on board Installed this without any problems Registration easy and successful This is the next step in making Australia a safer place and helping lift restrictions Just do it
8765hhw26/04/2020Easy to register Most negative reviews are by folks who tried to register before the 6pm start time and wondered why the registration process didn’t work. Duh
Covid-go-away26/04/2020Keeping Us Safe Brilliant easy to install. Glad to do my bit to keep others and myself safe. The registration process was perfect after 6pm as announced.
Fokc26/04/2020Looks fine to me Seen all the comments about unable to verify but no issue here. Looks simple enough. If it helps it’s worth doing!
chickenpalmer26/04/2020Easy Installed quick and easily. Records minimal information. You give more personal information completing a tax return. Happy to get on board to help stop the spread of COVID and get back to normal
Tim Skylovski26/04/2020Phone number issue Phone number was not registering but then I realised that was because you couldn’t sign up till 6pm AEST. Was fine after
Jackthepizzamuncher26/04/2020Wonderful app You’ve probably spent half your life on Facebook being data mined - stop worrying about nonexistent privacy issues and download it.
#seemslegit#itislegit26/04/20205 stars Works perfectly and only a small app. If you are unsure about it- think of the health workers that you might just save by downloading this...
Scott Marsh Qld26/04/2020COVIDSafe app Mobile number not registering For those who are saying it’s not working the problem is you. Enter your mobile number with the leading zero left off. The +61 takes the place of the first digit of your phone number. Basic stuff people..
Aaronjc7826/04/2020Easy to install No problems installing. Remember to drop the first zero from your mobile number when verifying the pin came through in < 1 second
Aldo Mazzoni26/04/2020Well Done. We Need This Easy registration and setup. I checked this app out and it is secure. The government only gets access to the data if we ever get infected and volunteer the data.
JVPalace26/04/2020Let's work together to defend Australia It is simple and easy to install and register. I spent less than 5 mins to make it done and now it works for me well.
Covert18226/04/2020Working for me Read the previous reviews with registration issues. No problems for me. Was quick and simple.
Stager126/04/2020Signed up no problem. Signed up to the app after 6.00pm on day of release and everything worked fine. All registered ok.
nickswebtsv26/04/2020Be Safe Quick to install. Privacy policy is clear to read through. A very simple app that does only appear to have one purpose.
Dixonat26/04/2020Keeping us healthy. This is a great idea to stop the spread. If someone who’s positive comes into contact with me - this makes it easy for me to find out. I want to know this info.
Bob Sunkle26/04/2020Not recognising phone number I realise it’s early in the release of this app but the fundamentals aren’t even working. I can’t sign up because it doesn’t recognise my phone number. Many people who are willing to use this app will be discouraged by this fail straight up.
ajaxspray26/04/2020Phone number verification Phone number verification doesn’t work. Keeps coming up with an error message
Samchae26/04/2020Won’t let me register So I got all the notifications to say the app had been released and to download it. Downloaded it and second step of registration and it WONT verify my mobile number hahaha. Great app. Doesn’t even work first go!??? Ps: I tried with my full 10 digit number and without the ‘0’ at the beginning and neither worked!! Will you notify us when this is fixed?
RebeccaNSydney26/04/2020Easy to install and setup No problems setting up - took 2 minutes
breettt26/04/2020No more number issues People reporting number issues should retry as it now works simple and easy to setup
Premier user26/04/2020Works fine Just leave to 0 off the front of your mobile numberðŸ'
DSN326/04/2020Quick and Easy Took less than two minutes from download to finishing registration. Great job!
Kytch7826/04/2020Easy to install Downloaded and installed it is important you type your mobile number as +61 minus your zero. All set up and ready to protect my fellow Aussies!
easy to instal26/04/2020Drop the starting zero when registering your mobile No problems when registering.
Man8126/04/2020Works fine Not sure what everyone is complaining about. App works fine and registration is seamless. Such an important app to have right now.
now-broken26/04/2020Excellent experience to get started It was a really smooth installation and lots of explanations of everything. Hope it helps in this battle.
Grfr1234526/04/2020It works Despite some reviews saying otherwise there were no errors setting it up.
Mwadew26/04/2020Works perfectly - no issue with number entering It works perfectly no issue with number
Joshuah00626/04/2020Easy to use Easy to install and setup. Mobile phone number issue has not been activated so it works well!
lets be safe26/04/2020Easy to install Easy to install no issues entering phone number just knock the 0 off your number before entering.
Jeybsb26/04/2020Easy to register Some reviews mentioned problems with registration but I am using ios and I didn’t have any problems.
Livio regano26/04/2020Easy to use. When downloading do not put a zero infront of your mobile number. It won’t add your number if you put it as +6104... must just be +614...
LiabilityAUS26/04/2020Only leaving a review because People leaving 1* when they were told don’t register until after 6pm 🤣🤣🤣
DaveT135726/04/2020David Worked perfectly. Not sure why everyone is having so much trouble verifying number. I had no issue at all
Esther Getting fit26/04/2020Adapting to the times I think it’s great the government is adapting to the times and using technology to help us contain and control this outbreak. Thank you for making this possible.
roboh126/04/2020Verifying mobile number fails Can not complete the registration process on this release. Unable to verify mobile number.
Luca Staley26/04/2020Error sending pin There is an error sending the pin after entering mobile phone number so I can not use the app.
figjamgle26/04/2020Just fine No phone number issue Are your phones up to date?
Sophie-9326/04/2020No issues Signed up within minutes no issues at all.
Marshase26/04/2020Works perfectly Easy to install - seems everybody giving one star doesn’t know that +61 is followed by 4... so leave out the zero.
Brozy00726/04/2020Will be confusing with DTAs Coronavirus Australia App Suggest collaborating with DTA to integrate both apps functionality or retiring the DTA app so only this app is downloaded. There is the chance that users will download the DYA Coronavirus App thinking it is the COVIDsafe tracking app!
ChoonHunter26/04/2020It’s good I think it’s good. They don’t request location services so they aren’t tracking your location to anyone who thinks the government is watching.
malos.nagrand26/04/2020Worked perfectly Installed and registered without a hitch. Verified phone number no problems on both my iPhones.
S. M. A. Zaidi26/04/2020Good Work ðŸ' Quick n easy to setup within a minute and quickly verified my number as well. Hope it will be effective too. Nice work Gov ðŸ'
mattmj426/04/2020Phone number verification works for me! Just downloaded and installed the app not issues at all. Clean easy to understand design.
ttllcc199426/04/2020Took less than a minute to set up Worked perfectly
deckard3126/04/2020No problem A lot of people seem to be having an issue with registering. I’ve downloaded the app added phone no. etc with no issues. Check the app again guys. I’d say problem has been fixed.
vanzylf26/04/2020Great idea Be part of the solution Worked perfectly and smoothly no problems
mac_canberaa26/04/2020Easy to install and 1 minute to configureðŸ' Easy to install. It require your name and mobile number. Total 1 minutes
Sammy68gee26/04/2020So far so good. Note when entering your phone number you you need to leave the first zero off. No problems registering if you do this.
Birchy0526/04/2020Great idea! I have been able to install the app and it has allowed me to register my details no issues. This app seems like a great idea to help track the spread of Covid 19.
Jamesrayc26/04/2020Quick and Easy set up Really easy to set up let’s do the right thing to continue the good work in keeping Australia safe !
Fast food junky26/04/2020Easy done Done. Easy to setup. Can confirm it doesn’t ask for and therefore doesn’t use location information.
towil26/04/2020No problem registering The process was smooth and quick
not loui26/04/2020Review App works just fine for me was able to successfully register (as opposed to what some other reviews say.) Stay safe everyone :)
Technoandy26/04/2020Easy sign up No problems registering number. All seemed smooth. Seems like early teething issues are now fixed.
Laura@&7926/04/2020Installation easy Installed no problem maybe people are having trouble with the mobile screen because they are forgetting to leave out the 0 at the front of their mobile ?
Indy8705J26/04/2020Simple The app is simple and easy to use. Even the Privacy Policy is easy to understand. What else is simple? Downloading the app to help keep your fellow Australians safe!
Puttzz926/04/2020Recommend Very easy to use & very basic information only required
Mickey_838326/04/2020Don’t enter 0 at start of phone number Extremely easy to register. Don’t enter 0 in the phone number.... hit a snag find a solution it’s not rocket science.
nickname89724226/04/2020Works fine Entering my mobile number worked fine if your having troubles try typing it in without the 0 at the front.
k_lny26/04/2020Simple and quick Was really straight forward to sign up and quick to verify.
1313skip26/04/2020Happy to Alive Entered phone number no problems works great no issues takes less than 1 minute
WD14a26/04/2020No-brainer installation Took me less than thirty seconds to install and start.. don’t know what all the ‘invalid number’ comments are about. Took the housemate about 40 seconds to complete - this is not hard..
T3sle26/04/2020Easy to install No problems installing app on an iPhone. Hope it makes a difference
joeyreadsbooks26/04/2020Easy app I had no problems installing - hopefully the issues have been rectified for everyone
john deuce426/04/2020Drop the zero when entering mobile phone number No problem signing up. Glad that this will help contain outbreaks.
kittykatisthebest26/04/2020Simple took very little time to set up Very simple to use as there’s not much data to input. Verification worked immediately.
AJ Perth26/04/2020Works fine Didn’t have an issue with the phone number. Just drop the zero and all good.
Manovie26/04/2020Drop the zero Don’t input the 0 at the beginning of your phone number and it will a register just fine.
dave700926/04/2020Mobile number was accepted I registered after 6pm once the server was online and my mobile number was accepted.
Rooney_8126/04/2020Had no issue with number verification Number verification worked fine for me. See some other people having issues but with my phone it worked. Have 13.4.1 version of iOS installed on my phone.
GregBBA197726/04/2020Just install it Karen. The virus kills people. If you don’t install this app you aren’t doing “everything you can” to help save people’s lives. That simple.
Jimmy Grafton26/04/2020Question Does “keep the app open” means that it doesn’t run in the background? ie it must always be on as the active app on the screen?
Jeff51b26/04/2020Phone number not valid It will not accept my mobile phone number
Shuffle gods26/04/2020Set up errors Cannot get past the second step in set-up - mobile number verification
The Ogg Monster26/04/2020Not Private Claims your data is private unless you release it but they can contact you if someone sick walks past you... so they clearly have your phone number and location by that time. Current privacy legislation does not preclude changes allowing future data release or leaks. Not a reflection on the developers the product owner is untrustworthy.
KLoo7826/04/2020Straightforward installation and clear explanation Looking forward to seeing how this app works in the coming days. The usage is explained quite clearly.
bekind226/04/2020Registered no problems Both my wife and I registered without any issue. Hopefully the app will help us all get back to normal sooner :-)
Vard55526/04/2020You’re entering phone numbers wrong! Leave the zero off the front of your mobile number and it’ll let you in! It already punches in the +61 so just add the rest minus the first zero.
Fibi26/04/2020Registered Fine Anyone having issues downloaded before the 6pm launch. Just too eager!
neums6426/04/2020Quick easy setup No problems setting this app up. Easy and guided through the setup process
Clarky 2326/04/2020Worked fine for me x Easy to use worked fine no problems at all
CarolMx4226/04/2020Easy to download Very simple and easy to download. Completed in less than 5 minutes
Mands9926/04/2020Quick & Easy Downloaded quickly installed easily and was very quick to set up. Thank you
just.get.itðŸ'ðŸ»26/04/2020Just get it Quick and easy to install if you want to get out of this isolation just download the app so we can all get on with life
Anonymous Flamingo26/04/2020Signed up in under 30 seconds Very quick and easy. Definitely worth it! ðŸ'ª
Kalipciyan Family26/04/2020Nothing to worry about. I guess as long as you are not a crim you have nothing to worry about. App was easy to use download and forget.
FarleyMcFirefly26/04/2020Activated Easy to install potential to save lives and allow Australians some freedom to move about again.
adamch26/04/2020Faults already! I’m trying to do the right thing & register but upon entering my mobile phone number it won’t accept my number stating that there was an error & to please check that my details are correct. After trying to enter my mobile number that I’ve had for 10 years many times I can’t progress any further!
FreddieT1226/04/2020Can’t verify number Go to enter my phone number and says to check details. Can’t get past this error.
helloimalexo26/04/2020Was able to register I was able to put in my mobile and register just fine. It did flash COVIDSafe (the screen would do dark and COVIDSafe would pop up) while I was entering the info but that was it.
Benos199126/04/2020Very simple A monkey would be able to sign up to this with no problems
Shawclan26/04/2020Keeping safe Easy to install. No problem with phone number.
jkoi26/04/2020Works perfectly Works great installed and set and forget. Phone number is to be verified without the 0 in front
Chris Kurn26/04/2020Work ok with me I can registered successfully just enter your phone number without 0 in the front. Keep your bluetooth ON.
Lulu Tofupants26/04/2020Only took 1 min Easy to load and register.... now let’s hope this thing helps us get out of these restrictions ASAP!
Stan H1826/04/2020Easy to setup . I checked the location setting indeed the app does not use the location service . No security concerns for me .
KiwiNatalie26/04/2020Easy as Installed and set up within two minutes.
no wakkas26/04/2020Did not have a problem Do not have the issue most are reporting. My mobile number registered 1st go no probs
MissGrinch8426/04/2020Works fine For anyone having trouble registering try removing the “0” from the beginning of your phone number. It’s not needed with the +61 prefix
PuzzlesNgames26/04/2020Easy to set up I’m not sure how people found this hard to set up... it was very quick and very easy to do.
supersuperspeed26/04/2020No Problems Here Took 30 seconds to register simple to navigate with step by step process.
billbob1234567&926/04/2020Me Easy to use took me 20 seconds to register. Wasn’t hard at all. PS don’t put the 0 at the start of your mobile number.
parents home26/04/2020Ben K Was a breeze to set up If you don’t use it - then expect to pay on one way or another. Increased health risks for all more Isolation potentially and more economic pain for all. So get on board and spread the word
pk96926/04/2020Install went well. Easy to install. Put your mobile number without the 0.
JDOSBORNE26/04/2020Perfect easy to setup done in less than a minute Hope this can get things back to normal
christopher.ainslie26/04/2020Bogan Chris I love this app.. lots of fun features... and it gets harder with every level!!! I’m stuck on Level 7 but I’m determined to finish the game! I hear Sco-mo is the boss at the end! Can’t wait!!!
msavige26/04/2020Difficult to find the app Ok Australian health officials you need to fix this quick. You need to fix the search problems. Search COVID does not find the app Search COVID safe two words guess what doesn’t find the app. ONLY if you search COVIDSAFE as one word then it comes up. IT people often to clever for us common people.
justdownloadedcovid26/04/2020Easy to set up. No issues! App is easy to set up and basic. No problems with setting up and easy to navigate.
lukedok26/04/2020Overseas Apple IDs Hello can you please make this app available for all countries in the Apple App Store. Some people don’t have Australian Apple Store accounts and can’t download this app but they still reside in Australia.
Leighski8126/04/2020We’re all in this together The positives of the use around this app far outweigh the negatives. Let’s do our best to control this virus and not lose our sanity!
MDManga26/04/2020Need decent mobile signal Would not accept mobile phone number to send verification pin as only 1 bar signal. Worked fine thereafter
Telfie197026/04/2020Watch Support? Would be more effective with Wearable support for those that are active and don’t take there phone with them.
QwerTY012A-821973726/04/2020Excellent app This is one of those apps that is a must to download. In the interests of public safety everyone should be downloading it. Let’s all crush this virus together!
Cal456lum26/04/2020Doesnt let me verify phone number Not sure if other people are also having this trouble?
SMH10126/04/2020Learn how to write phone numbers When you see the +61 then drop the 0 from the front of your number :/
jayayenee26/04/2020Great initiative Quick and easy to set up Simple to understand Thank you for keeping our country safe
Drrandom26/04/2020Thanks for keeping us safe. Took my number just fine no issues signing up at all.
Pitters9826/04/2020Easy to use Had no issues verifying my mobile number in the first go. Downloaded and signed up with ing 10 minutes of release.
Bordie Bords26/04/2020Easy and quick Took me less than 2 mins to read and sign up...
Snakedices26/04/2020Michael When u put your phone number in you do not need the first 0 of your mobile number 🤞
MaWo7726/04/2020No problem registering Worked fine. Let’s see how this helps out going forward...
PATSEY10126/04/2020Installed without issue Doesn't appear to do much yet registration went well and no issues.
kjax44426/04/2020Phone number worked fine for me Leave the zero off the start of mobile numbers. As it’s a +61 you have to drop the zero then it works.
Demo1010126/04/2020Had no dramas signing up. The app doesn’t track your location like everyone was worried. Much ado about nothing.
emmas7126/04/2020Covid Safe Super easy to install and complete... no issues at all and accepted phone number no problems. Hoping that this will help ease restrictions sooner
bruhSE#226/04/2020Worked for me Phone number worked fine you’ve just gotta do 10 digits
TimmyButler26/04/2020Phone accepted fine You must enter your mobile number without the first 0. It’s standard when +61 is the prefix.
Robert 157026/04/2020Does it work? It would be good if it notified you of contacts it is registering. If I live alone and am watching TV and tomorrow morning it has decided that I have been in close contact with my upstairs neighbour then we have a problem.
georgie 🥯26/04/2020New COVID app This app is really great. I feel it will help a lot with tracking who you should stay away from. Hopefully it will help us get back into normal life sooner.
Albus Pawtter26/04/2020Would not verify my mobile number Installed the app and while trying to register my mobile number I’m getting an error message “Error verifying phone number. Please check your details and try again”. I must have tried at least 5 times with and without 0 at the beginning of my mobile number.
gef75re26/04/2020Top 10 seconds to set up. Released earlier than thought. Other countries still discussing design. Well done Australia!
LadyDoc8326/04/2020Brilliantly simple To all those people who tried uploading it too soon (before 6pm on 26/4) - try again. It’s a breeze.
W4754126/04/2020Didn’t kill the cat.. No reason to not install. And it’s probably good to be able to say yes rather than no when the health guys come calling.. âœ...
n1akou326/04/2020Working fine Phone registration now works. Easy to register Let’s see if that app does not drain too much battery and help in this fight against COVID-19
Nick.Moradi26/04/2020Phone Number entry is fine Just don’t enter the 0 at the beginning of your mobile number.
Trav Mc26/04/2020Don’t enter the zero of your phone number You don’t need to enter the zero at the start of your mobile number
Reuben Cheok26/04/2020Easy Registration Unlike some of the reviewers on here it was super easy to download the app register and verify my mobile number.
v8superfreak26/04/2020So far so good. After reading all the negative reviews I was a bit hesitantinstall and register all worked very easy for me.ðŸ'
George237626/04/2020Easy as Easy as to install even on a really old iPhone. Took all of 1 minute. Everyone should get it.
Badshah Khan Saab26/04/2020Working perfect Lots of negative reviews submitted here but i gave a try and its working fine. Registered in a first go without any hassle. Thanks to Health department for taking initiative steps.
Bretto_w26/04/2020Works fine for me Can register fine I dropped the first zero from the mobile number.
JohnArmatage26/04/2020Phone Number Needs to written out without spacing and if that doesn’t work try without the ‘0’
CMLawler26/04/2020Easy Super easy to activate took less than a minute. If it gets us through this sooner it’ll be worth it!
Lolcat7226/04/2020App is active now phone number works now If it didn’t work before it should work now
Aussie donga26/04/2020Thank you I am not a Criminal or a dumb Socialist whining about privacy issues(clearly they don’t understand how it works)so I have downloaded. I will help stop the spread.
JohnScottLaffey26/04/2020Stay safe If we all do our bit we can get rid of this virus and take back our lives.
Tietania26/04/2020Can’t configure app - invalid phone number error Won’t allow me to complete the setup of the app as my mobile number is being rejected even though my phone number with and without the leading zero has been entered correctly. Clearly a bug at play. May want to get that sorted out before on you roll it out to the masses.
NoNice26/04/2020Super easy to set up Very easy to set up all the complaints were from before the app was ready.
keza10126/04/2020Phone number It uses the international number drop the 0 at the front and mine worked first go.
Deirdre Chambers26/04/2020Working fine now Early error message cleared and downloaded fine. Great idea. Here’s hoping enough start using it.
edw12226/04/2020Easy to download No problems to download and register everyone should download it I want to keep safe
RHKALYGAL26/04/2020Easy fast Very easy and straightforward way to protect each other. Took 60 seconds to set up
yeyeyrye26/04/2020Easy no problems ðŸ' If you don’t get this app or you have been near someone who won’t then don’t come near me thanksðŸ'
Gza22226/04/2020Excellent initiative Works perfectly after 6pm at which point you could register your number. It’s secure private and non-pervasive. We’ll executed Straya!
m00n126/04/2020Amazing Installed the app. My ex girlfriend came back. My friend paid me the money he owed. My kids started behaving. My car is now running smoothly. I got covid 19 but still. Pretty good outcome.
dolbydix26/04/2020Great Initiative! I just downloaded it and didn’t find anything intrusive! I want to be safe and keep the community safe which is why I installed it ðŸ'
RMW181926/04/2020Easy to register Quick to download & easy to register. Information was clearly presented.
Porcbelly26/04/2020Can’t verify my mobile number Stuck at phone number entered correct number but it says error verifying number. Note that since the app included a +61 I just entered my mobile without the 0. Tried entering 0 too but just won’t allow me to get pass this stage. Will try again later to see if this will be fixed.
franadrian26/04/2020Issues in initial registration The app is giving an error message when entering the user's mobile number to verify registration.
pipidrew26/04/2020Simple to use. ScoMo are you in yet? Seems pretty simple to get setup. Registration not open yet so it tells me it can't validate my number. 6pm is go live. Will have to go hunt down the virus to test all features of the app.
TZK8826/04/2020Easy to set up Very easy to install takes about 1 minute to set up with zero issues.
Robert John Seven26/04/2020Stop worrying people this is a good thing Quick easy to install and register set and forget. 100% confidence. Stop worrying people this is a good thing.
HACCer500026/04/2020Installed and ready to go For those who can’t get past the verify mobile screen leave off the leading 0 of your number it’s covered by the 61
madelin.e_rose26/04/2020Excellent quick and Easy Took less than a minute to set up no issues at all. Very happy😊
tiddytiddy26/04/2020Works fine Works fine I’m not sure what problem everyone has
Lewkid26/04/2020App works fine No issues adding my phone number
Claire ~:26/04/2020Super easy works fine Try dropping the zero from your mobile number if having issues. . .
Sam012826/04/2020Super quick and easy setup Setup was way quicker and easier than I thought it would be. Nice work!
Marko99999926/04/2020No problems Registration worked fine battery life seems unchanged so far.
Hobbyco 126/04/2020Easy set up protect your community Took just 30 seconds to set up really important we all get behind it and help stop the spread of Covid-19!
Crapmagapp26/04/2020Working Installed details without issue and verified. Hopefully this works and we can get back to more normal life soon.
tdjusfhidxkjrxhid26/04/2020Easy! Takes less than a minute to download
Valacious26/04/2020Get on board people If this helps us with getting back to business it is worth it .
hopeless set up26/04/2020Phone number You mustn’t have tested this real well. It tells you there’s an error when you try to put your mobile number in. Also a lot of people won’t know how to enter there phone number without the 0. Confusing . I couldn’t set it up successfully . Disgraceful that such an important ap has not been tested properly
mh007526/04/2020Error registering details Won’t accept my mobile and send me the pin. Double checked all is correct.
LisouLizette26/04/2020No issues I have had no issues with download and set up contrary to lots of reviews
Dingo4nsw26/04/2020Worked for me...? Mobile phone number worked for my wife and myself ðŸ'
Nigelah26/04/2020Worked for me Downloaded the app and registered without a problem.
krapi6726/04/2020Great Can’t understand the negative feedback I had no problems following the instructions and registering
Reelinfish26/04/2020Easy Done didn’t go live untill 6pm registered and done in 1minute Everyone please get on board this will save lives and help us get back to normal life
NayNayJ26/04/2020Looks like everything is working now. Installed no with issues.
4ndt3w26/04/2020Simple and easy to register Installed and registered in less than a minute. Simple and easy
OzMoondance26/04/2020Help - mobile no is not registering I cannot find a support email address so writing this here. I've downloaded the app and started the registration process however I am getting an error message when entering my mobile number - I've done it several times both with & without the first 0. It's stopping me going any further. Help.
TasMarkie26/04/2020A Fantastic Initiative I’m so glad to see the Australian Government taking such a pro-active step towards monitoring this pandemic. The legislation and policies associated with the privacy controls of this app are very reassuring.
MickeyMouseabcd26/04/2020Working as intended! Accepted mobile phone number instantly. Fully registered. Fingers crossed this helps our fight against Covid-19. Stay at Home!
pinmankum26/04/2020Verification Please start your mobile number with 0 and your verification SMS will come as per normal No issues with registering the app
Mmmmwinsome26/04/2020Should be fine mate Set up as intended. Register phone number etc Let’s show this Covid where to stick it
Dmarie8826/04/2020Super easy sign up Sign up was fast and easy done within a minute. No dramas with phone number input.
Bulleaves26/04/2020Worked for me No problem registering. iPhone 11 Pro I didn’t use the 0 before my phone number.
Atko326/04/2020Easy to install Downloaded app & found it pretty straight forward to use.
G_Lebb026/04/2020Works perfectly It appears that any initial registration errors have been fixed.
kartikbhatkoti26/04/2020Great app The app works perfectly fine on my iPhone and I appreciate the step taken by our government to keep us safe.
Armcegm26/04/2020iPad use Good app needs to be able to download on iPad with multiple devices using same number so I can track my daughters contact as I have shared care.
CEagle8526/04/2020Error when entering phone number Error when verifying phone number
Janemacs26/04/2020Easy to use No problems setting up
jgw161226/04/2020Log in successful To those saying their phone number won’t work leave out the starting zero - start at the 4
Quirky411326/04/2020No problems On my phone and my husband’s phone easy to use no issues
padgal26/04/2020Easy to install Downloaded the app and registered no problems at all
mullLoo26/04/2020Works fine and we are saving Aussie lives Phone number works fine. I did not include the leading zero.
yetiboys26/04/2020Remember to drop the zero Registered straight away with no problem. Remember to drop the Zero on your mobile number as they have added + 61 already.
geek0126/04/2020Great. Seamless registration Easy to work through. Entered mobile number without the 0 and verifying text sent. Bluetooth on. App active. Smash the curve!
chrissygeorg26/04/2020Quick and easy Literally took 1 minute. No issues at all.
Chuppachup026/04/2020No issues I waited until after 6pm to sign up as was advised and had no issues at all seamless sign up.
Hotando26/04/2020Outstanding This app has privacy guaranteed and is a big step to us Australians returning to our regular lives! Thanks SCOMO. We’re on our way.
AppXidents26/04/2020Joined force in protecting fellow Australian Happy to join force in protecting fellow Australians from Covid19 virus spread. Please do your duty. It’s so easy to setup clearly not stealing any other privacy information.
Dikster5626/04/2020App smooth to use 30 secs to set up. Glad this is out and look forward to how it goes
S Rtss26/04/2020Easy Took less than a minute to register.
Boona126/04/ complaints Easy to setup. Get on board and do your bit. You may just save a life
madelinejy26/04/2020Worked for me.. My mobile number worked fine and I’m registered now
Wha8126/04/2020Easy set Up Very easy set up. Less than 30 seconds from start to finish.
Captainchassa26/04/2020Chas Worked fine for me. I did not enter a zero at the start of my mobile number.
WhatTheThisIsMyNormalNickname26/04/2020So far so good No issues with verification or registration which a lot of other people seemed to have problems with. Will be interesting to see what happens now
Ursem9426/04/2020Quick and easy Installed and set up within 5 mins.
kress7626/04/2020Able to verify phone number Easy to sign up after 6pm AEST tonight. Not able to verify phone number earlier but super easy once app was switched on after 6pm. Not sure at this stage how much app will drain battery.
Fongeo26/04/2020How to register Don’t input the first “0” while registering your phone number use last 9 digits only.
Hoooon Dogg26/04/2020Registrations open from 6pm! Registrations opening from 6pm comments from before this time should be disregarded get on board Australia!
jbygo126/04/2020Works fine for me Didnt have any problems signing up
Sanket Wankhede26/04/2020Easy setup Quick and easy setup. No issues with number verification
amecamec26/04/2020No issue to register Registered without any problems.
Sqwibble26/04/2020Not working. I’m trying to sign up but it keeps coming up with an error saying “error verifying phone number”. I’ve tried with the zero; without the zero; with the +61; without the +61. I’ve tried closing and restarting the app. Tried deleting and reinstalling. I also do have Bluetooth enabled so I’m not sure what the issue is.
bdn12378926/04/2020Cannot register - unable to verify phone number Unable to participate and register as I’m being notified that my number number cannot be verified. Frustrating that there’s errors in enabling individuals the opportunity to register on product launch.
Pat (Hobart)26/04/2020Thanks Scotty - I’m betting on you No one is perfect but I think you’re doing a pretty good job keeping us safe. If you think this will help then that’s good enough for me. Thanks Scotty. Pat
CamSki7326/04/2020No issues works fine iPhone 10 all good no issues.
Alexthehawk61926/04/2020Easy As... No trouble installing. Finally feel like I can do something towards getting life back to normal.
12283$;26/04/2020Working fine now No issues with verification very easy to download
in this together26/04/2020Works Perfectly Took 2 minutes to register. Was a breeze.
mymymypip26/04/2020Easy to sign up! Took 30secs to sign up! No problems with phone number at all! Easy!
shaddo26/04/2020If you couldn’t register you did it too early The app only started accepting registrations from 6pm AEST Sunday 26th April. If it didn’t work it should now.
gasvon26/04/2020Quick Quick and easy to install
britishcarfreak26/04/2020Easy and clear Set up with no problems. Small download too. Happy to do my bit for Australia.
Hoody5026/04/2020Simple Make sure you don’t use the first 0 of your phone number
Simon Levy26/04/2020Registration open after 6pm on release day If you gave up try again!
Jim In Isolation26/04/2020Help your community install now. Installed this App to help Health Care workers trace CV patients quickly and protect friends and family and the whole community. Easy to use. Well thought out.
Joolz505026/04/2020Simple Worked first time as advertised . Ignore all the idiots that tried to register before registration was open.
chrisdwm26/04/2020So far so good 😏 The app installed without a hitch. Hopefully it will help Australia to continue minimising the impact of the global pandemic. I’m prepared to share my info if it helps save lives.
U-23826/04/2020Quick and simple The setup process was very straight-forward! A simple app for an important purpose.
Hawthorn-Daz26/04/2020Still not sick I installed the app and so far it has provided 100% protection. I’m still not sick with Covid-19. It hasn’t helped with my flatulence though.
milc33126/04/2020Lets do this Australia! Easy to download took 20 seconds to set-up. Lets do this one small thing to move to the new normal.
Sullz7826/04/2020Was happy to sign up - it may save someone's life Pleased to sign up. Here is to hoping it works and we can relax the restrictions soon.
Ali tests26/04/2020phone number it’s not accepting my mobile number so I can’t finish registering neither the screen or the error doesn’t give the expected format but it seems to accept a number with or without the leading zero. I expected not to need the zero as (61) was there
Sevza26/04/2020Works Fine No idea why people can’t register their phone numbers. Mine’s working and active as of 8:53pm 26/4 - Good thanks
Thelaraking26/04/2020Installed Done and dusted was more nervous putting my details into my Pornhub account when I was setting that up ðŸ'ðŸ»
SCahill6926/04/2020Easy peasy Installed and registered in less than 2 minutes
Party Bee26/04/2020Easy as Nil issues with registration. Let’s do the right thing and get back to normal life again soon.
mw8926/04/2020Brilliant Signed up in 10 seconds and ready to go. Look forward to going to the pub 🤙🏼
Will Egan26/04/2020Absolutely awesome idea If this helps the country get back to work sooner then I’m all in. Thanks for making this app
Danwaterski26/04/2020Thank you I would like to thank you for making this app to keep us safe
Hav0k880026/04/2020Works as you’d expect Downloaded and registered in 30 seconds. Works fine.
samtalbot9626/04/2020Let’s beat COVID-19 together! Thank you Australian Government for all of your hard work and effort for putting this app together. I’m fully supportive of your efforts.
The big idea26/04/2020Easy to install Easy to set up. Let’s all get behind this and get back to work sooner.
TonyC4526/04/2020Register Won’t allow as keeps saying my details are incorrect when I input my phone number
BrettB7426/04/2020Mobile number error It’s not accepting my mobile number
Old Dobby26/04/2020Easypeasy Done in a minute drop the 0 from your mobile number.
Skyboarder123426/04/2020Works just fine Simple to setup. Let’s hope this will help get us back to normal.
Satina Cooper26/04/2020Download Simple All working well. Set up simple fast registered in under 60 seconds ðŸ'
AprilM8326/04/2020Easy to use Easy to download and sign up no problems
Sydney XYZ26/04/2020Very easy to register Not sure what is the issue for those who can’t register.
HelenR77726/04/2020EasyNo problems Apple phone Registered 30mins after app available (1830hrs)no problems. 😊
51CAZ26/04/2020Verified instantly 26th April Not sure if its a date thing or a network thing but my app verified immediately with no errors on Sunday 26th April. Optus network. Easy
Fisser126/04/2020No issuesRegistering People Have had problems registering mobile numbers for some reason but I had no issues. ðŸ'
Adbenturous198126/04/2020Sign me up Get me back a more normal life sooner? Sign me up! Was easy to register and activate and clear instructions on how to use.
Brockstar00426/04/2020Phone number Write your number slowly I had to try it. It works :)
qwertyuifh26/04/2020How to enter your mobile number Drop the zero off the front of ya mobile number
PrideKnight26/04/2020Did no one read the release notes? You couldn’t register because registration didn’t open until 6pm Sunday night. It was fine after that.
the loomp26/04/2020Better than a nollsy tune on Australia Day Downloaded smooth asks for minimal info let’s get Australia open again!
Zw979926/04/2020Official Goverment app This was super hard to find and If you don’t have an Australian number I cannot verify. This is an issue.
Schembri929226/04/2020Quick and easy Quick and easy app that will help save the lives of us Australians
Meps246726/04/2020Doesn’t Work Disappointing that this App has been released without a working registration process. It fails when you enter your mobile number. As someone who is keen to see this in place I’m very supportive of the approach. They would have been better to wait than release an app that doesn’t work
Avikaa_26/04/2020Works perfectly fine for me Simple registration and no map or anything so very safe
Barossa jewels26/04/2020No problems Downloaded without a hitch. Works fine.
KatrinaDce26/04/2020Registered on I was able to download and register my mobile. Worked ok saysit working and I’m safe.
Baby Bear 198026/04/2020Super quick to register Downloaded and registered in less than 10 seconds. #inthistogether. Let’s kick this COVID-19 into the curb!!
JonBadd26/04/2020Works fine No trouble installing and everything is clearly explained
Mimeshopper26/04/2020No issues with setup Quick and simple install and setup using iOS.
appleVgarmin26/04/2020Easy to download I was able to download & install first attempt
bbqmark26/04/2020Works fine Sign up to save lives and get Australia moving again.
Pickup problems26/04/2020Worked for me! Play your part Quick and simple
JD2846261(26/04/2020Working fine Works fine now. Apparently wasn’t open till 6pm
Oleksiy Fil26/04/2020All good. All works as it should be I suppose. Phone registration passed through without issues
Aidan 1126/04/2020Family is safe Just coughed in my room! The microphone picked it up and alerted my family downstairs! Now I can’t leave great.....
Not happy 142326/04/2020Thanks for keeping us safe A big FU to the Liberty Australia and everyone else who thinks this app was a bad idea. We care about our safety. You are leeches and lawyers
Buhie7926/04/2020Great use of technology to help us get back to normal. Thank you to all the health experts and leaders that have guided Australia’s response. Australian’s all thank you and trust you.
Blue_Ivy_0126/04/2020Constant error when entering phone number Requires you to enter a mobile. When I enter mine (tried with both entering the 0 and without it) BB I keep getting an error message. Can’t progress in setting up the app until you enter your mobile number. Tried closing app and reopening. Doesn’t work.
imbpau26/04/2020Cannot register I’m all for it! Currently it’s unable verify the mobile number for registration
rabidsumo26/04/2020Stay Home Stay Safe While I appreciate the government trying to get an App out as quickly as possible it pays to quality test before hand and have the server side infrastructure to support the influx of users. App continually crashes and error message for certifying number is not indicative of the error at hand.
Ellie-63168953126/04/2020Works Bugs must be fixed worked well for me
Mighty Hawks26/04/2020It does what we need it I just want to get my 100% salary back so if this app helps then it’s what I need. Get me money and beers with my mates
Psyducks Revenge26/04/2020Easy Registration Process Downloaded and activated without a problem.
MyChemGirl0626/04/2020Registered Managed to register with no issues. Looking forward to seeing if this lets us resume a somewhat normal life during this pandemic
Classy Es26/04/2020Worked fine for me It was great I had no problem
mkvwmv26/04/2020Went smoothly Easy sign up went smoothly.
kels_bro26/04/2020Easy Super easy to Download install - took less than a minute!
jude231026/04/2020It worked Verification worked for me guess just wait to see what happens...
revapet26/04/2020Easy peasy Takes less then 30 seconds to download and activate.
Katie N Fitz26/04/2020Working No issues at all easy to download an intuitive to follow
Lookman126/04/2020Proud of you Best innovative strategy to keep people safe. Wish other countries can learn from this
maggie gb 2926/04/2020Easy!! Worked just like it said. Installation took 1 minute. Support this with all your friends.
Michael Schepis26/04/2020Issue with phone number input. Issue with phone number input on an iPhone 7 Plus error states error verifying phone number please check your details and try again. My number I entered is correct. Tried without the 0 due to a +61 in front but still didn’t work.
Perth Party26/04/2020Won’t Verify Mobile Phone Number When entering mobile phone number (with and without the 0) gives error when trying to verify number.
Vivien15226/04/2020If it worked it would be nice Won’t accept my phone number. Brings up error message. Why should I bother. No way of getting in contact with the developer to tell them of the error. So I guess I’ll just not use it after all. Why? Because I can’t. It doesn’t work. I cannot register.
Jimbo000005526/04/2020Error verifing phone number Unable to get pin to register due to error verifing phone number?!
TashaWhirl26/04/2020Unable to verify phone number Unable to register. After typing in phone number following +61 I can’t “get PIN” as it returns “error verifying phone number”. This occurs whether including the leading zero or not.
Maria vh26/04/2020Great idea and was easy to setup Simple and easy to set up took less than 1 min
Alksdkjfg26/04/2020Phone number When entering your mobile start with 4 not the 0 it has started your number +61 so you start with +61 4********. I registered in 30sec
Squidman0526/04/2020App downloaded and setup no probs Mobile phone number setup no issues not sure what others are on about!
Tottrev26/04/2020Do the right thing Do the right thing Australia and download this app so that everyone can be safe and restrictions lifted.
Icmp10x26/04/2020No problems Downloaded and verified OK. App was easy to setup and looks like it’ll sit in the background and do its thing.
abc1344526/04/2020Registered first time no issues. Registration opened at 6pm AEST. That’s why it didn’t work before 6pm for many people.
BBFLUFF26/04/2020Working together The app installed like a breeze. Let’s all work together and save lives.
idontwantanixkname26/04/2020Registration easy and worked for me Let’s do our best to stay on top of this thing!
abw11126/04/2020Registration worked fine Registration worked fine.
helfa4726/04/2020No problem. People that are having trouble registering their phone no just drop the 0 at the start of your number. +614******* instead of 04********.
Clovermoore26/04/2020Takes less than 30 seconds to register. Go Australia Top notch
TwaddleM26/04/2020Remove the first 0 folks +614 etc Great idea. Cmon Australia get behind this app and tell COVID-19 to rack off. If lots download this we can get back to barbies and picnics down the coast.
RawRowdy26/04/2020Took 20 seconds to set it up Easy and the set up works fine. Drop the leading “0” from your phone number. ðŸ'
hayes8283021326/04/2020Number verification Forget the +61 you need to put your whole number.
JeremyWong0226/04/2020Title Screen Keep Showing (iPhone X) It was a bit hard to register when the title screen keep popping in and out. Please fix! Otherwise. Easy setup and we are allowed to use fake names.
mdnbfelrjgh26/04/2020Let’s all do our bit! Great initiative ! Let’s all get this app so we can get back to our normal lives ðŸ'ðŸ¼
ureallyare trying26/04/2020Easy to install It was easy. I was reluctant though to let it supposedly invite others via my mail list.
Ludw1gj26/04/2020Super simple & easy It took 30 seconds to sign up and no issues :)
Sam_e_d26/04/2020Does not let you sign up I followed the prompt steps however when you are asked to enter your mobile number the app does not accept. A message appears saying check your details. Which I did and applied different combinations with (+61) and without. Please fix this bug.
SarahA111226/04/2020Won’t accept phone number Downloaded nice and early to help out. Registration process won’t accept my phone number. Keeps saying “error verifying number try again”
Appen2026/04/2020App does not recognise mobile number I have tried 04xxxxxxxx and 4xxxxxxxx both numbers can’t be identified.
barryzetlar26/04/2020Easy to set up. Anything that will Help keep people safe and help us return to normality I’m willing to do.
ASDM6026/04/2020Works fine You have to READ the policy FIRST and then registration will happen successfully.
Ollybollee26/04/2020No problems I didn’t have any problem registering. I have an iPhone 7 Plus. iOS 13.3.1
Ricky Brownsound26/04/2020Works fine Installed and is working fine.
monkeyboy78926/04/2020Name title Actively looked for the app wanting to download it and couldn’t find it anywhere. Had to go to a news article to find it
CCO Nab Products26/04/2020Great idea - thank you australia Quick and easy to download. Thank you Australia for keeping us all safe
drjosephwaelchli26/04/2020Easy as... Quick and easy to download and install. Lets all crack on and get this done for the greater good. ðŸ'ðŸ¼
To boring to care26/04/2020Good app Quick to down load. Mechanics worked fine.
Condie8926/04/2020Surprised my card was charged $0.00?! Although it was a charge of $0.00 I don’t understand why my bank account had to be pinged . Other free apps you download without the app testing your account details. Makes me suspicious and I don’t want to be.
do-your-part-12326/04/2020Very simple. App works fine. Very straight forward. Very easy to help those more vulnerable.
Missy44woo26/04/2020No problem Works fine. This is a wonderful idea.
GMAU201826/04/2020Great app Very easy to download fantastic initiative. I suspect the phone number problems are user error
.pmnbjkloiu26/04/2020Upload Last 9 digits of your mobile works great
AdelaideTown26/04/2020Simple & easy to use Great to see a Government app that is simple and straight forward to use
StewartGamble26/04/2020Optional Phone number verification please I would trust this app more if verifying my phone number was optional. I don't want a phone number Bluetooth MAC address correlation ending up in the wrong hands. Having said that the rest of the security seems sound at this stage. Deleted for now waiting in hope for ver 1.1. Thanks for your hard and quick work getting this out!
jaustbo26/04/2020Simple and Safe Simple to install and clear interface. Independent privacy review makes this a no-brainer.
leolwso26/04/2020Anything to help the nation! Just doing my part & I have nothing to hide from our government!
SJAYM8826/04/2020Registration working instructions unclear It’s not clear whether you need to manually unlock your phone and run the app for this to work
Xxbarb26/04/2020It works Registration is the only thing you need to do and it’s simple. Please download it.
Mitch 831326/04/2020Easy to install Very easy to install remove the first 0 of your mobile number (+61 4** *** ***)
The Myth 198326/04/2020Works fine Registration was easy phone number accepted.
Matty TC26/04/2020No problems Phone number verified for me no problems
littlehedgehog30026/04/2020Easy and quick Super easy sign up and great method of tracking
The real Acheever26/04/2020Easy to sign up Signed up with no problem first time.
Bitboyc26/04/2020Bluetooth permissions not enabled correctly iPhone 6 with current iOS version doesn’t report Bluetooth enabled correctly nor register as an app for Bluetooth sharing permissions.
Bennyc199026/04/2020Onboarding was easy Very easy to set up. I hope this gets us one step closer to normal. Stay safe
Cooper S26/04/2020Needs to look more offical Only issue is that it doesn’t have enough Aus Government branding on it. Cautious about using something that doesn’t have enough official information
Duster D26/04/2020All in this together A small community service for the greater good of all of us. Done. Easy.
iPwn3g26/04/2020Awesome idea Great work I’m glad this app doesn’t track you and only uses Bluetooth happy to help
SomeRandomBl0ke26/04/2020Simple Signup The app was very simple to signup to explains itself clearly and asked for very little personal information.
AngelaLin47726/04/2020Please make it available for people with an overseas AppStore region My son can’t download the app because he has an international version of the AppStore please make this app downloadable in all regions
JoeyJoeJoe8026/04/2020Just use it Anyone who won’t download it over privacy concerns needs to get a grip.
pn71726/04/2020We are in this together Use it to keep your loved ones safeðŸ'
Digitalash226/04/2020Flatten the curve! Hopefully using this app for only a month or two will allow us all more freedom and mobility!!! Download and be free...
Zartulz26/04/2020Error verifying phone number The app will not accept my mobile phone number. I would like to download but if it won’t accept a mobile number I won’t try until it’s fixed. Having the +61 doesn’t help either as some will find this confusing.
dnz898926/04/2020Error verifying phone number FAIL Downloaded the app minutes after it became available. Couldn’t register because it couldn’t verify my mobile number. This may be a congestion issue (too many people registering) or a fault in the app but either way it’s a big fail.
RGarrod26/04/2020Easy as Works perfectly
Annod8326/04/2020Great idea bad implementation As usual system error on first go! Like everyone else is saying won’t let me register my phone number. All for the idea but if you can’t get the basic registration right it now concerns me about my data when before I wasn’t concerned in the least!
Solotimeyellow26/04/2020For everyone’s benefit. Easy to set up. Let’s hope it allows Australia to relax the lockdown faster.
Karen-10026/04/2020Downloaded No issues downloading.
ItsAboutWeNotMe26/04/2020Quick and Easy Easy Peasy. Took less than a minute.
Andy%%%26/04/2020Everyone complaining went too early App launched at 6pm. Try now
TheTodd22 Hawks26/04/2020Worked fine You don’t need I use the 0 at the start of your mobile number.
meiskra26/04/2020Registered with now issues I didn’t run into registration issues. Hope more people get on board
Danny in Aus26/04/2020Great App A lot of people had problems but it worked perfectly for me.
HeeHee😜26/04/2020Does The Job Thanks Gov for making this - it works it’s clean and it’s a great solution to get Australia back up and running. Get it!!
Alexander belts26/04/2020Doing my bit to stop the spread. Download and together we can beat the virus
Horachio26/04/2020Smooth as a baby’s (sanitised) bottom Smooth so far - took 1 min to download register and set up. Impressed.
Flynny M26/04/2020Big Brother is watching over us I a loyal member of the party of Oceania praise Big Brother and accept him watching my every move to protect the party!
Fornite is Beast26/04/2020Great Hope everyone downloads it so we can go back to normal
Rukala126/04/2020Can’t register Really want to help and use this app but not recognizing my AUSTRALIAN Telstra mobile number as valid Working now thanks!
Nick579726/04/2020Helps protect doctors nurses families and vulnerable groups! This app helps protect everyone and bring us closer to getting back to normal- a must-download for every Aussie ðŸ'ŒðŸ½
i'mdman26/04/2020Not able to verify my phone number Hi I have downloaded the app on my iPhone 6s latest software is downloaded. When I entered my mobile number it says can not verify my mobile number check your details. Please guide what to do?
tom__g26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number Doesn’t work
Aperturemonkey26/04/2020Cannot enter mobile number? I'm unable to verify my mobile number keeps saying invalid mobile number when it's correct. Unable to set up as a result pls resolve
sopie and abby26/04/2020Works now Works fine try again.
BlueMountainAu26/04/2020Hope it helps to stop the virus Whatever I can do for the country I shall do it
Ts mm26/04/2020Save lives - download! Doing my bit to help keep Australia protected from this horrible virus.
Long time user of aconex26/04/2020No problems with App App must be fixed as it worked for me
Izzyyee26/04/2020Works fine Installs registers and appears to work as it is meant to. No issues so far.
mike6173200226/04/2020Great solution by Aus Gov! Easy to setup and forget. Verification of phone number worked without issue.
PeterDeMoor26/04/2020Mobile phone issue Super easy to use.
m_poppins22326/04/2020Easy to sign up User friendly and easy to sign up
Whisky101AU26/04/2020Please get onboard people! The more people embrace these restrictions and new technologies the quicker we’ll see light at the end of the tunnel.
Ben Hoad26/04/2020Quick to install Initially wouldn’t register my phone number but is now working.
Emma.m.d26/04/2020Can’t get it working App won’t allow me to enter my number says invalid?
debs515026/04/2020User friendly and streamlined Downloaded and verified quickly. Streamlined registration process
Wabby 2526/04/2020Works fine No issues in setup
r45396126/04/2020No problem. Drop the Zero on phone number. Drop the zero at the start of your number: +61 4????????
Skepies26/04/2020Works a treat No problem registering the first time. Got my pin within seconds.
jimma1765899)26/04/2020Works well Easy to set up and nice interface
dev012426/04/2020Works fine Easy to register
Monkspark26/04/2020Let’s get on board! Fast and easy to download and register. Let’s got onboard and beat this together!
casper51426/04/2020Simple to download Very quick and easy to verify
jc_bigears26/04/2020Let’s do this together! The most secure app will help us keep track of the coronavirus leading to much quicker identification and treatment of cases.
Jason Notary26/04/2020Easy to use minimal info needed It is easy to setup only needs Name age range (not DOB) postcode and phone number. Help end lockdowns - get the app!
wardieward326/04/2020So far so good Easy seamless install. No crashes or hangs. The more of us that install this app the safer we’ll be.
Kai Lovel26/04/2020Registration errors Can’t enter mobile number as it’s displaying error notices.
Lethallawyer26/04/2020Can’t sign up I went to sign up to the app but I can’t get past where you’re meant to enter your phone number. Despite entering my phone number correctly the app rejects the number and says it’s not valid. I hope this gets fixed ASAP as this is such a valuable resource
simon livingstone26/04/2020Phone number Can’t add my mobile number
Lisarena6826/04/2020Simply doesn’t work Would love to participate but it literally doesn’t even get pas the register screen and won’t even let me put in my mobile number for verification. Probably rushed and will hopefully get resolved but this seems kind of obvious for testing before release...
jamesL9126/04/2020Unable to verify Issue with phone number verification.
EllaK12326/04/2020Works for me Easy setup. No issues with mobile verification. Support the cause.
ArtVandalei26/04/2020Simple and no issues Very easy to download
Rach8812326/04/2020Easy and user friendly Very easy to use and set up.
Sibpatro26/04/2020Everyone should use it Very simple to register
332135026/04/2020Covid safe Only too me 1 minute to load and register. Will see how effective the App is.
Str3tch7626/04/2020Seamless signup No problem for me. I think the other users signed up before registration was released at 6AEST
FrankDr DRE3526/04/2020It is amazing Everyone get this app to stop the spread and we can get out of quarantine quicker
AussieMB26/04/2020Easy to upload Follow the step by step prompts for easy upload - turn on Bluetooth
dtrsg26/04/2020Downloaded and no problem Downloaded the app and no issue.
WPSmithy26/04/2020Too easy Took less than a minute - all sorted
Brooklyn Pilgrim26/04/2020Why do you have to leave the app running? There shouldn’t be any reason to leave the app running when it could just use app background refresh. This app has been poorly designed and nothing is actually in the app rather online.
Myosotis.Ola26/04/2020Error on phone numbe page I couldn't go past the mobile number verification page it was showing an error even though the number is correct :(
Rossco10826/04/2020Cant register Tells me my phone number is invalid
Shahin Amirhassani26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Can’t verify my phone number.
frantsch9126/04/2020Verification error Can’t verify my mobile number. Error keeps occurring despite entering a valid Australian mobile number.
Rico Ricstar26/04/2020Easy sign up process No issue verifying number.
Cosmo7326/04/2020Can verify without the first zero I don’t trust my data with this Minister but any tool that can be used should be used
Blue Spider26/04/2020All good Activated perfectly - everyone needs to install this
Dunnazzz26/04/2020Works fine No issues registering. There’s nothing wrong with the app.
I_don't_have_a_cool_nickname26/04/2020Smooth install No issues at all. Easy.
GolfWhenICan26/04/2020Worked perfectly! When entering the phone number don’t start with ‘0’ start with 4XXX
ROFW26/04/2020Simple No issues. Took 15 seconds. Do it and we can go back to work sooner. Go Aussie!
TRoss-aus26/04/2020Two thumbs up Quick and easy. Works as described.
Scstarz26/04/2020Great Quick and easy to register. Worked first time.
4.85378E+1726/04/2020Download Now Amazing app. Hope enough people get it to finally rid these restrictions. ðŸ'ðŸ¼
zbilfree26/04/2020Easy to install Easy to install and understand privacy. Do it for Australia!!
Day On Green26/04/2020Can’t register Tried to do the right thing by downloading the app. Doesn’t let me register as it falsely says my mobile number is not valid and can’t be verified even though it’s correct. No way to feed this back that I have found. Fail at first attempt.
SDavid123426/04/2020Error registering phone number Cannot register phone number - error msg occurs
Chrissy J W26/04/2020Unable to enter phone number Am unable to verify mobile number
Shazzie6226/04/2020Super easy to use The app was super easy to install and get up and running. 😊
Mig-3126/04/2020Works now It had some issues seems to be working now.
CassieD2026/04/2020All good Worked straight away - you need to drop the leading 0 of your mobile number.
Richmond@1226/04/2020Stay safe App is now working and easy to register
Angel_of_Love26/04/2020Simple and fast It was an easy set up and now it’s running. Good stuff
Oh-ho26/04/2020Works fine for me & hubby Didnt encounter any issue could be the lucky ones.
bishwasholy26/04/2020Easy to register Done in a minute
Johnrotn26/04/2020Don’t put the zero in front of your mobile number! 61 4xxxxxxxx
Wellsie6926/04/2020Registered successfully Easy to download and register
will from crown26/04/2020Can we trust it ? No transparency of the data held Just can’t trust that this app does what the Government claim. It only has one feature which sends your data to the Government - there isn’t even a feature to allow you to see your own data !!! If trust is to be earned tra spare Xu is essential.
Zigjam26/04/2020PogChamp What the government is doing is rather PogU I would say. Coronavirus is a very weirdchamp situation and if downloading this app means I can omegalul with my friends sooner then that’s a lolW.
Navessa8626/04/2020Not allowing my phone number This app won’t allow me to enter in my phone number. Says there’s an error with my phone number. Can’t use the app without having my phone number attached.
dm42x26/04/2020Error ‘Error verifying phone number’ when entering all but the leading zero of my mobile number
Bazzarazzi26/04/2020Phone number Can’t use the app as it won’t accept my mobile phone number . Possibly me but I’ve had the same number for 14 years .....
jessay91026/04/2020Great App The problem with phone verification has been fixed and this is a great app to help protect Australians against COVID-19 please download!!
James O77726/04/2020Work well No problem with download installation and verification on iPhone.
Ant4Soil26/04/2020Very easy to install Simplest app to install with clear instructions.
Jay 45326/04/2020When press upload infor button Never receive PIN
Sydneyanton26/04/2020No issues It took my phone number. No issues. All good for us Aussies. 🇦🇺
gypsy303026/04/2020Question If I download the app on my iPad does it need to be near my phone to work.
Mike736896526/04/2020Quick and easy Super quick to install. Looks secure 😬
Amazon 226/04/2020Necessary Those with unfounded complaints about privacy need to seriously reconsider their priorities.
helloappuser26/04/2020Easy Took me literally 5 seconds to sign up.
gettingonwithit26/04/2020COVIDSafe Suspect a lot of people may not realise they need to drop the ‘0’ when recording their mobile number when it’s preceded with +61.
Arya Issac26/04/2020Installed in 20 seconds All worked great in my phone.
Rick Evertsz26/04/2020Works fine No problem registering. Perhaps server was overloaded early on hence problem for early adopters.
Aus-morgs26/04/2020Quick simple easy Download it now!
Joshwazhere26/04/2020Easy Easy to install and use for the safety of everyone
Tapthatzooman!26/04/2020Do your bit Do your bit to help Australia get over this rubbish
JeannieThePotter26/04/2020Let’s keep Australian Safe Again! All Australians should help the community and download the app
harrison clarke26/04/2020Stay home We are in this together stop the spread and stay home practice social distancing
ElfinShell26/04/2020Edited: Bug fixed Bug fixed can now add my ph number. Thank you!
Philo107226/04/2020Works great Installed and registered with no issues. Doing my part.
Shmacky_AUS26/04/2020Mobile Number Error Says my mobile number can’t be verified..... tried multiple times with and without the ‘0’.
Dcoom9926/04/2020Won’t accept mobile number Keep getting an error when I’m trying to sign up it won’t accept my phone number.
noswonky26/04/2020Doesn’t work “Error verifying phone number” I tried with and without the leading zero - same result.
Qdevries26/04/2020Easy as Works no issues. We should all download it for the benefit of all Aussies!
Frn573526/04/2020Works well for me No problem downloading to iPhone!! If I am exposed to Covid19 I want to know ASAP so I can be tested and treated.
chfyuv26/04/2020No worries Put on two iphones with no problems
nupey26/04/2020So quick and easy thanks Took about 90 seconds to set. Great peace of mind
ReviewChick 6726/04/2020Community Minded Super simple to set up. No problems. Quick & easy!
Mimi055626/04/2020Hard to find Very difficult to locate in the App Store if you don’t know the exact name.
Vidioto26/04/2020Pat Verified number without difficulty. Launch was at 6pm. Took about 10s to install and verify at 7.
ahshejdb26/04/2020Works great Worked great - Was easy to use hopefully will save lives!
concerned-citizen-1926/04/2020Download it now so we can end this in AUS! No problems registering. Very easy. We need this! Stay safe everone!
covid:-(26/04/2020Doing my bit Stay safe people!
No sleep till cup won26/04/2020Didn’t allow my phone number to register Tried to download app. Couldn’t complete my details as it keeps saying error to my phone number I’m adding. My number is correct. Tried it with the 0 prefix and without neither work. Shame.
Kassangel7826/04/2020Number verification I tried to register and have not been able to successfully enter my mobile number for verification. It produces an error and says it is unable to verify my number.
Chull21326/04/2020Great app Simple to register and easy to use. Also wondering how many of the negative reviews are legit or Russian bots?🤷‍♂️
JenniO326/04/2020Easy to install No issues with installation - very straightforward
robbo240026/04/2020Phone number not working App is fine. Remember to leave the first ‘0’ off your mobile phone number otherwise it will not work! Should have a note explaining that on the phone number screen
Art&Eco123426/04/2020Hassle free set up All up and running under a minute ðŸ'
Becskjdksgsk26/04/2020Happy 😀 Really easy to sign up! Can’t wait to see how it all goes.
bbbbbeeeellllllllaaaa26/04/2020No problems so far No problems so far no issue with verifying my number.
PHHobart26/04/2020PH Hobart Work well on my phone no problem register my number
Andx1926/04/2020Easy to set up Quick and easy to set up
Deeje2726/04/2020Easy Great initiative to help keep us safe. Easy registration. Took 30 seconds.
HenrysHelper26/04/2020End Covid-19 Worked first go. No issues verifying my phone number.
Andrew-ish person26/04/2020Set up was straightforward. I had no trouble setting it up let’s hope it helps.
julesthomas26/04/2020Easy set up Easy to set up and an essential tool in fighting this invisible Deamon.
Neethu V26/04/2020Registration was easy Install and signup was simple and straightforward. Good initiative if people get onboard. Even used a nickname to register.
Eviebug26/04/2020Cannot even register Can’t get past the “enter your mobile number” step in registration. Just says “Error verifying mobile number. Please check your details and try again”. Which I did - numerous times. Cannot proceed so cannot use.
Mgmcc26/04/2020Mobile Number Try entering mobile number without the initial zero (ie +61 international mode)
dwb12526/04/2020Nil issues I had no problems registering at all..
MikeOo.26/04/2020Works perfect Easy to register. No problems.
RyanCu26/04/2020Smooth and simple Had no problems entering my details. Nice app.
Good App17277:26/04/2020Works Great Works fine no problems
gt06wa26/04/2020Working Well Everything is working well for my app and I’m sure it will keep Australia safer from COVID-19. Great job guys ðŸ'ðŸ¼.
Genral6226/04/2020Life Saver Hopefully Australians embrace this. The life you save could be your own or that of an ill family member.
coriejj26/04/20205 Star Important app everyone should use
Lawind Ismail26/04/2020Please download this app stay safe! COVID19 is big danger stay safe with your families and download the app for your safety
caish8626/04/2020Won’t accept my number - is it a glitch!? Trying to be a good obedient citizen and the stupid app won’t even accept my phone number... so I can’t go any further 🤦🏻‍♀️ awesome. Hopefully many people are having this problem and it’s a glitch and they can fix it. Typical.
RobMorrish26/04/2020Fails to complete registration Tried to down load app stated registration but it fails to verify my mobile number. I entered the correct mobile number but the app does t work. There also seems to be no support button on the app. Terrible experience
GrumpyFrog26/04/2020Does not let me put my phone number in Went to sign up as I believe important but could not even register properly as would not accept my mobile phone number in any format. My husband also tried.
DaShadow_26/04/2020Time to get back to work It’s time to get to normal Australia bigger and better
Jqwertbtyre26/04/2020Won’t work Tried to put mobile number in and it isn’t working. Tried with and without leading zero.
emnow26/04/2020Won’t verify phone number It makes sense for every single person to download this app (why not if you’ve ever used Google or Facebook?) However the app would not verify my number to send the six digit pin to authenticate. Details were correct.
AnnabelJS26/04/2020Mobile number The app keeps rejecting my mobile number.
Biltong210626/04/2020Cannot register phone number Get to phone number registration and says “Error Verifying phone number” my number is correct.
Decarboniser26/04/2020Land of OZ Covid19 Track Working thank you. Here’s hoping this will nail down the virus in Australia like we all expect.
johncheno26/04/2020Easy installation Downloading App was v straightforward. No glitch recognising my phone number. Privacy policy reassuring. Looks good so far.
Lanie197026/04/2020So far so good Signed on fine no problems at all
nic___nic26/04/2020Easy and fast It took me 2 mins to set up with no hassles at all.
Ma1Dawg26/04/2020No problem Entering number The app worked fine for me? Maybe the servers were overloaded earlier?
Ren246826/04/2020Easy Simple. Took 30 seconds
Kb:-)<326/04/2020Easy Include the “0” in your phone number and it’s takes 1 min to setup and verify.
Dffgdfgefvrfev26/04/2020Easy Easy and quick set up
Great or Grate26/04/2020Easy Simple to set up and fast to download.
ugigcsdvgicasdgivoacsdgovi26/04/2020Love ot I just got it opened it up and can say that it works very well. Keep it upðŸ'
Filth211126/04/2020Easy the least we can do to help Get on board for the greater good Australia
Latino Bowman26/04/2020Just download it 4 Everyone’s Sake There’s social benefit here for everyone. The Sth Koreans used something similar with success. Now it’s our turn. Cmon 🇦🇺 Australia 🇦🇺
Blinded by adds26/04/2020Do it AUSTRALIA Do you care about others? Prove it download and start supporting our community
1337__jimbo26/04/2020Easy installation Simple design seems pretty solid!
Roger Tick26/04/2020Excellent app download and make a difference Download this and make a difference Australia
*#nim26/04/2020Register after 6pm as instructed and it works fine Let’s help track COVID.
Review pad 2 app26/04/2020Easy to install Seems to work well despite what the conspiracy theorists say lol.
Nic87826/04/2020Successful use Entered a number with a 0 and it worked first go
Morgan257826/04/2020All good Downloaded and all seems to be working.
sjlord26/04/2020Yeah Y Not What’s the worst that could happen do We want to end up Like America
whodoesntloveelmosworld26/04/2020I got infected dunno if it’s the apps fault but as soon as i downloaded it i felt sick! is this the app or is it just me????
B206526/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number Won’t let me register because it won’t accept my mobile number. Tried heaps of times. I’ve had this number for 17 years.
EL80WZ26/04/2020Fresh Air for all to breath!!!! Fast and easy to sign in please share and help stop this virus.
goby blenny dragonet guy26/04/2020Worked no problem Registered without a hitch. Great idea.
Dave Yates26/04/2020Everyone should be using this . Let’s kill this virus. Best defence we have to respond to virus spread .
Slammer6526/04/2020Easy as So easy. Just follow the links. 30sec setup- max. I’m using an iPhone 8 . Version 13.3.1 (I think).
Manka_star26/04/2020Mwats App registration was quick and simple no issues.
brad2008au26/04/2020Installed and registered without a hitch It installed without a hitch. Registration process went smoothly.
Foladii26/04/2020What if someone dont have the various ? I never been tested and i’m well. I don't have the virus so is it important to install the app? Or this is for everyone ?? Please let me know
wanderlustAU26/04/2020Simple and safe Easy to use and setup. Thanks for keeping us safe
sagar sigdel26/04/2020Slow the spread Lets help each other to fight this virus 😷❤️
Scottyscottyscott26/04/2020Had some issues with registration validation but now works Phone number initially failed to ‘validate’ but the app appears to be working now.
iambutterally26/04/2020Recommend Very easy to use
Mel19880126/04/2020Can’t setup as it won’t verify mobile number Installed fine and going through setup process but it keeps asking me to verify the mobile number even though it is correct - wondering if it due to having an eSim?
Michael.hyde26/04/2020Poor sign in The App provides no information about timing available for registration ! There should be a pop up communicating with the person on whose phone it is installed. Let’s hope it works better in the future.
Pedro209526/04/2020Well not verify phone number I have tried a few Times with 0 before mobile number and without. Says error verifying phone number
5607826/04/2020Wont take my mobile # Can register : took out the 0 then put it back but mobile number is not accepted. Registration wont proceed no helpline to call
Natalie City Beach26/04/2020Does not work Can’t verify. When I put in my mobile number it says can’t verify number and then can’t go any further. You would think this would have been extensible tester before releasing an app that has generated so much discussion.
Seeeran26/04/2020So Easy Literally took a minute to set up
NatePatatty126/04/2020Help save lives Download today. Easy. Simple. Works.
gizmo25?26/04/2020Great app Look great to me. Easy to download. No issues. Very easy. Download and stay alive
cj186422526/04/2020Done Easy to sign up no hassles. Get on board so we can ease restrictions
Flynn MC26/04/2020Good for the better A great app. Registered with ease and well this is going to be for the future of Australia.
Sven&Nay26/04/2020Won’t work with some numbers Great idea but would be great if it would accept valid mobile numbers.
rnkn26/04/2020Your data is not safe The data continuously collected by this app is not safe. It falls under the Australian government’s Assistance and Access bill effectively invalidating the safety of any use of encryption for data held in Australia. Situations like this highlight both why encryption matters and the foolish arrogance of our government.
Adellevdl26/04/2020Not accepting my mobile? Really keen to get downloaded this new app. Hoping it would help to get our life’s back to normal quicker however I’m getting an error message when entering my mobile number :( so can’t use it. Annoying
whosnicknameisitanyway26/04/2020Does not allow phone number to be verified Have tried on 2 phones to set up but can not as comes up error on screen saying phone number can not be verified and to try again.
zews2126/04/2020Unable to verify mobile phone number App constantly unable to verify phone number - comes up with “Error verifying phone number - please check your details and try again” message
west coast eagles suck26/04/2020Yawn worked as described Seamless very straightforward and hopefully will help the health care front liners keep us safe 🤗😎😎
Buzza6926/04/2020Download app please everyone Faster this lockdown/isolation is over
Piptot26/04/2020Easy to register Easy to use. Will do anything to support Aus.
Estaki26/04/2020All good Worked fine for me. Doing my bit ðŸ'ðŸ»
JohnnyTong26/04/2020Easy to verify and set up Simple and easy to use great initiative by the health department
Pasher696126/04/2020All good No problems encountered at all...easy process
SandSop26/04/2020#Freedom Download this so we can get our freedom back
BanjoPat202026/04/2020Come on Aussies Download this app so we can get busy with living
MickLee9326/04/2020Anything to help Excellent idea! I’m all for anything that’ll help stop the spread! Download stage safe stop the spread!
Xd noscoper26/04/2020Easy to install and setup Easy to install and setup
James - Sydney Australia26/04/2020Just do it...ðŸ' If it helps gets life back to normal then I’m all for it.
Saxon sports26/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number Keen to activate but won’t accept my number?
Smither's26/04/2020Error verifying phone number. Can’t get past the phone number verification as it comes up with an error. Tried with and without the ‘0’ in front of the number. Happy to set-up once error is fixed.
Swcodey26/04/2020Error message when signing up I keep getting an error message when trying to register. Says “error verifying phone number” when I click on Get Pin. I am Definitely entering my correct phone number
xXCPT CHAOSXx26/04/2020Works for me Not sure if fixed but works for me!
Jared (^_âˆ')âˆ'☆26/04/2020Seems good The app is simple to use and works well!
r1ckeee26/04/2020Lifesaving Easy to set up. Let’s show the world Australia can beat this virus.
URMYXTCSUR26/04/2020Easy to set up Easy to use easy to set up great tool to mitigate pandemics.
Locosnotions26/04/2020Easy to use Very easy to install and use.
shdienr26/04/2020Can’t sign up Tried to sign up and I get stuck on the phone number verification part. Comes up with an error message “Error verifying phone number please check your details and try again”
ConHKL26/04/2020For everyone’s benefit I trust the Aus government with my data. For the benefit for all please download the app.
strpswf26/04/2020All good so far Took 2 mins to get it set up.
Maddx :)26/04/2020Set up a breeze Downloaded and set up in 2min
Josh and his dad-2226/04/2020Phone number - don’t use 0 or spaces Enter the phone number without 0 and without any spaces should work
kimbahart26/04/2020Phone number works Phone number works if you drop the zero off the front
ricsbride26/04/2020Drop the zero before your mobile number As in the title
CJF202126/04/2020Easy to use Easy to use and download.
user1user2user326/04/2020Just worked Easy to register. Just beauty.
nicknsw8926/04/2020Thanks Great idea. This will help open up Australia if enough of us use it.
hussain shah para26/04/2020Health information Hi! Is anyone can add the health information through this app or just the COVID-19 effected people can add? Please assist me. Thanks
RichJN26/04/2020Make it compulsory If this allows restrictions to be lifted then make it compulsory to quicken up the process
scotty1982__126/04/2020I give up Entered my mobile number but it wouldn’t verify (tried it with and without a 0 at the start). The government really needs to make sure the app actually works flawlessly if they expect anyone to use it.
SallyTheWonderDog26/04/2020CovidSafe Fails to Install Found the CovidSafe app link (not yet searchable in AppStore) installed the app and did the initial setup. Finally entered my phone number to get my PIN ... fails because it ‘thinks’ my phone number is incorrect. For GOD’s sake test this properly before you launch it â€" it’s not rocket science!
brisvegasokddude26/04/2020Won’t validate phone number Why allow the download when it won’t validate the phone number? If it’s not operational until 6pm why not have an elegant error message?
The Flying Wharpus26/04/2020Works on iphone No problems installing on iPhone 6s
chameleon200726/04/2020Simple Very easy registration process. If it helps save one life - I’m in.
TG28101026/04/2020No problems Get on it.
ocallaghana26/04/2020Registration doesn’t work if you have an apostrophe in your name Registration doesn’t work if you have an apostrophe in your surname - will fail after you put in your phone number. Work around is to take the apostrophe out of your name.
BELBEL131326/04/2020Do it! It’s easy Great initiative. Well done Australia. Big data is the future.
Lovepreet04526/04/2020Safe Thanks for app it may help us saving lives
The Robbo's26/04/2020Easy to Install and Register Great App in fighting the curve! Easy to download and register.
uberrider0026/04/2020Doesn’t work It won’t let me get past the registration of mobile number. Tried both with and without the 0 for my mobile. Error message. Also my daughter got same error message.
fruju_juice26/04/2020Phone number I entered my mobile number with and without the 0 at the beginning and it simply would not recognise it. I kept getting error... I’d give it a better rating if I could at least sign up
Dojjie26/04/2020no hassle sign up accepted my phone number - how many people entered the 0 at the start of their mobile number i wonder?? if the +61 is already entered you don’t enter the 0 of your mobile number
bsf2026/04/2020Working g Worked for me. Give it a try everyone to end lockdown.
JPsriram26/04/2020Good initiative Good initiative and expect all would register and help themself and others
Ben139726/04/2020Perfect Installed without any issue.
看A26/04/2020App to save life It’s my first app review. Smooth installation and hope it will protect Australian people.
HerxxAU26/04/2020Fight the virus This is OUR ONE CHANCE to use technology to fight the virus and get our life back.
Diortz26/04/2020Done in 2 mins Easy to use
first time fail26/04/2020Not off to a good start Tried to sign up and will not accept my mobile number deleted and reinstalled app still won’t accept phone number... sooo until then unfortunately can’t use the app sorry AUSGOV
Red.Shoes31526/04/2020Error inputting my phone number Hi. Trying to register but when I input my mobile number I’m getting a message saying “error verifying your phone number”. I’ve tried it with and without the zero at the beginning. What now?
Kesa8226/04/2020Won’t accept phone number Won’t accept my phone and keep getting an error
BlueBlls226/04/2020Australia government usual digital fail Errors out when attempting to register phone number (presumably can’t handle the load) and the screen intermittently blacks out. Such a simple app to get right and yet the Australian Government digital efforts fail yet again. Shameful.
kiwisincebirth26/04/2020Can verify my phone number Not a great start . when asked for my mobile phone number was unable to complete registration. “Error verifying phone number”. Entered valid 9 digit mobile number starting with number 4
RosiePoodle26/04/2020Easy as Downloaded. It’s working.
Jodie W26/04/2020No problems Super easy to download and register. Working perfect.
Jkyriakou26/04/2020Easy No problems registering at all. Very straightforward
AdrianQ26/04/2020Installed ok Installed and registered no problem. So maybe it’s fixed now.
Jen/Divo26/04/2020No worries Registration worked fine for me. Smooth as.
s.mw26/04/2020Let’s help the contact tracers Let’s defeat this virus and get back to normal sooner.
Who took 2 fruits?26/04/2020Essential tool Love it happy to help in this fight! Let me know what else I can do!
Simowizard7326/04/2020Useless App crashes. Won’t register your number to complete setup. Constantly getting error messages stating that “your phone number could not be verified”. No help topics available on setup. Completely useless!!
nicknicknick9826/04/2020Great idea Great idea. Looks very streamlined. Hopefully this helps. Stay safe everyone
sarahinjuly26/04/2020Won’t accept number Downloaded and signed up but it won’t accept my mobile number to send me a pin to verify it. Frustrating.
jt•26/04/2020Works first go No issues
Jeffgibbo26/04/2020Let’s stop this Pandemic This is a brilliant way to stay safe and cut the risk of spreading this dreadful pandemic
Asonwallsj26/04/2020So far so good No issues registering here. Let’s see how we go!
Wiyld like to see26/04/2020Phone issue Won’t accept phone number to send pin on iphone - amended star as now working.
Used Chocolate26/04/2020Thank you aus gov! Every bit helps
Mel.M@rqu1s26/04/2020Brilliant! Thank you for keeping us safe!!
malachi425826/04/2020Amazing! Absolutely amazing! I feel so much safer in these tough times
YadhGupta499226/04/2020Not able to register phone number Hi M not able to register the phone number it is giving me error saying check your details even if I am sending correct number.
goloan26/04/2020Mobile number verification failed During the mobile number verification process my number could not be verified. I entered it correctly and the app wouldn’t let me submit for verification. The process failed.
myalterego_au26/04/2020Major fail Great idea but not much use when it gives you an error and says it cant verify your number so cant register. No support option. Same thing happened with a friend.
Chachala bourrique26/04/2020Hope this help prevent the spread Hopefully this app wont be needed next year
jimfree7326/04/2020Great App works well hope this helps the nation.
DTB8226/04/2020Worked Worked for me
Sheldon Gump26/04/2020It Works ðŸ¤" Worked fine for me.
mz2020040026/04/2020Good It will be useful if more people install it
Fletchma26/04/2020All good Easy to register. Now let’s eliminate this virus together!
Hawksman71726/04/2020Easy to set up. Very simple to set up and verify consent.
loui. m26/04/2020So far so good I had no problems whatsoever . I’m using the iPhone XR.
DannyBhoy8526/04/2020Worked straight away And was seamless!
justplanemad26/04/2020Easy setup Easy setup. No problems
davelewis226/04/2020Team Australia Easy to upload minimal personal details... get onboard Team Australia 🇦🇺ðŸ'
mumma big26/04/2020Issue putting mobile number Having issue with app accepting mobile number does not matter if i write 0417xxxxxx or 417xxxxxx app says cant verify number check details What going on
Ravo9926/04/2020What the. Can’t get past trying to get my mobile verified just advises an error verifying my details it’s my device my mobile number not sure what the issue is gave up after a dozen attempts.
NBAU202026/04/2020Unable to verify phone It does not accept my mobile number as a valid number even though it is correct. Strange to launch a crucial app with such basic details not figured out!
DigiScape26/04/2020Issues App region is set to US not Australia had to change my settings to allow install could not verify active mobile number with or without 0 could not complete setup
Peter @ SGB26/04/2020Setup worked for me Simply follow the prompts and get your app registered.
Jay1983!!26/04/2020Error seems to be corrected ðŸ'ðŸ'
Lucy LaStiq26/04/2020No prob logging in Logging in was a breeze. No problem at all.
Knows better by far26/04/2020Stay Safe Australia use this app Use this app easy to set up Stay safe
rrftufuküyutvutv26/04/2020I’m doing my part! Don’t get Wuhanned fight the bugs do your duty for the empire ;).
Antonyc12326/04/2020Works Great Let’s get through this together.
TiginAus26/04/2020Verification working for me Happy to help keep COVID contained. This is a small thing I can do!
a_snez26/04/2020Unable to sign up Just trying to do the simplest thing of entering my number to verify and it fails throwing errors that my number is wrong...need to fix this so we can all work together. And get life back to normal.
Chadb7626/04/2020Won’t verify mobile number Tried to register but keep getting the error ‘Error verifying phone number - please check your number and try again’
T8ers66626/04/2020Not off to a good start Just downloaded this app. Tried to register but it won’t recognise my mobile number so registration will not complete. Maybe this is just the servers overwhelmed by the rush. If so very poor planning. Quite pathetic really.
lancaner26/04/2020Can’t register It doesn’t allow me to pass the mobile number stage.. no clear error reason given apart from not accepting it.
tammythankyou26/04/2020Doesn’t work Trying to put my mobile number and it keeps telling me there’s an error. I’ve tried typing the number with and without the zero - doesn’t work
Diver Dan26/04/2020Easy to register Technology that enhances public health. Works for me.
Daemo26/04/2020Let’s join the fight Join the fight Works now
WendyMilly26/04/2020Brilliant safe app Easy to install and set up.
Kevinpng26/04/2020All good Seamless and activated without any problems
evie63627226/04/2020Buggy Kind of buggy
Pixelchicky26/04/2020So far so good Remember if entering your phone number do not add the (0) after the +61 then 43******* etc. not 043. You may find that it will work then.
kjhfxc26/04/2020Easy Easy to sign up to. Great concept.
Oppy5626/04/2020Easy and it works. No problems in registration. iPhone app is sweet.
Brad_S_198526/04/2020Saves lives Easy to setup
josop6926/04/2020Up there quite up there Up there
Khaaaalid Anwar26/04/2020Abomination Honestly I thought this app would make me safe from Covid? But when I gone out and licked a pole this app stood futile i’m now infected with COVID-19. I honestly do not recommend this app for other users. Misdirection and misogyny.
JJ Melbourne26/04/2020Easy to install Only requirements are Name phone no and age bracket
frankthetank37526/04/2020Corona Time The best app since Angry Birds it’s free and it could save your life 5 out of 5 potato mash pies from me.
Peej_AU26/04/2020Great idea! All registered! Let’s all help save the community!
Catkysydney26/04/2020Finally I registered Before it became error but now it is OK !
deanisgreen26/04/2020Doesn’t work Tried signing up in the app however could not get passed the verification step (step 2) An error message appears stating “Unable to verify mobile number”
Black Dog 123426/04/2020Unable to enter phone number I put my phone number in and press the button for a PIN number and it says it’s unable to verify the number and to check my details
shaz25/726/04/2020It won’t let me enter my mobile number I’m trying to assist and upload but it Keeps telling me my mobile number is incorrect
daddy-disco-6926/04/2020Worked well - engadine maccas a high infected area don’t go to cubicle 4
Newlz26/04/2020Only works on Aussie Apple IDs People who are here temporarily or who have recently immigrated are not able to download the app at all. That’s millions of Australians.
Yioda2726/04/2020All good Signed up with no issues ðŸ'
!!!JC&66!!26/04/2020Mobile number won’t load App won’t accept my mobile number. Have reinstalled multiple times - very frustrating.
Sopissedimactuallyreviewing26/04/2020No issues No problems registering on a Telstra/iPhone device 6:40pm 26/04
woolfie9226/04/2020Not ready for roll out Great concept if people could get past the verification of phone number. Will wait to see when it gets fixed
CMNsydney26/04/2020Now the app won’t send me a pin Very frustrating the app now recognises my mobile number but hasn’t sent me a pin to complete registration even though I have requested a new one multiple times.
gksbhir26/04/2020Can’t verify number There’s a bug where it won’t let me validate my number even though I type it correctly
kstanwell26/04/2020I can’t sign up coming up with error I can’t sign up it keeps on coming up with an error saying can’t verify phone number
September Jeans26/04/2020Can’t sign up. I tried signing up but keep getting “Error verifying phone number. Please check your details and try again”. My number is definitely correct.
DarrenJadams26/04/2020Doesn’t work. Does not accept phone numbers Downloaded. Failed to accept my phone number. Used both with and without a ‘0’ to start. Disappointed.
Aldrene26/04/2020Registered on 1st attempt. No issues with registration.
lollychocolatelollies26/04/2020The app works You guys arnt entering your mobile number properly . It’s +61 then you mobile number without the 0. Can’t really write a review until I can actually see the app work.
It's a review!26/04/2020Works! Working beautifully. Haven’t got Covid.
Disneychicka26/04/2020COVIDSafe No issues verifying phone number now. ðŸ'ðŸ»
waterspout7126/04/2020Working well Works well
Max34hhg26/04/2020Setup is easy The app is easy to setup no issues
ian g b26/04/2020Ian Let’s kick the virus and then we can get on with our lives
Mr. Industry 426/04/2020Very good initiative to flatten the curve We may stay apart but we will be together in this fight.
amandacovid26/04/2020Unable to verify phone number Tried to register but it tells me it can’t verify my mobile phone number. I put in with a 0 and without. Gave up in the end!
Hatchef7826/04/2020Unable to verify number Happy to use this app but it won’t verify my phone number. I have tried multiple times
Missyhp26/04/2020Needs to be fixed Won’t let you get pass the point or entering your mobile. I did it twice correctly and got an error message message
PatStarPatterson197526/04/2020Thanks!!! So easy to set up!!! Terrific stuff-thank you!
SeanoDirtyHands26/04/2020Hurry Up Hurry and download Australia so I can stop washing my hands!
DingoAU26/04/2020Great App! Very good app which helps save us from the pandemic!
Themenace6026/04/2020Will not verify mobile I have tried without and with 0 and get “error...
MSSSPP8926/04/2020Doesn’t work Decided to jump on early and support this initiative. Doesn’t recognise my phone number. Had the number for 20 years. Clearly the testing process was poor.
Cicada1226/04/2020Can’t add phone number Tried to help but it won’t accept my phone number keeps telling me it is wrong. I’m pretty sure I know my number after 20 odd years of having it.
Jzh-perth26/04/2020Would not accept my mobile number Got as far as inputting my phone number for the pin and it would not accept my mobile number.
Ross from Australia26/04/2020Gives me error when entering my phone number It’s not going to be very useful if it rejects my phone number during the setup process. The same thing happens on my wife’s phone.
reviwee1000126/04/2020Doesn’t verify mobile number Both my wife and I downloaded the app but when trying to get the pin it errors out verifying the phone number? Not a good start.
Ghost5142365426/04/2020Cannot register Installed the app but in the registration process it returns an error saying “error verifying phone number” - doesn’t even send a PIN to my mobile. Can’t use it past that point. It’s a brick...
coviman26/04/2020Error message I can’t register. There is an error message when trying to submit my phone number. Support the idea but it needs to actually work🤦‍♂️
Gggw202026/04/2020Easy Obviously they have ironed out the initial gremlins
Loch23126/04/2020Easy Registered in 1 minute. Nice work.
annietrichards26/04/20205 stars Worked perfectly!! Great job Aus government
Bmccl26/04/2020Can’t register Won’t accept my valid Australian mobile number. Problem with your validation coding! Plus you need to add note to users about first 0 in mobile number when prefix of +61
Neebags26/04/2020Poor Can’t use it as it won’t verify my mobile number. I’ve deleted the app and re-installed and have also rebooted phone. It still won’t verify the number - well done.
Honkandmash26/04/2020Needs a bug fix - can’t register I can’t register - it won’t accept my mobile number. Tried many times reloaded the app restarted the phone still no good.
Rainshine7426/04/2020Can’t verify mobile number I am trying to register via app on my mobile phone. It keeps giving me the error “can’t verify phone number” so I can’t receive 6 digit pin to finalise registration.
DavedO777726/04/2020Can’t get past mobile phone number registration? I have an Australian mobile number getting a consistent error saying I haven’t entered a valid mobile number. Can’t finish sign up. ðŸ'ŽðŸ»
Kendy7926/04/2020Can’t verify phone number Can’t verify phone number as says error
Jonframe26/04/2020Sign Up Fails Cannot complete the initial sign-up. “Error verifying phone number” for both full number and dropping the leading zero. Oh well. Not much use if you can’t get the very first steps to work..
Apang2426/04/2020It has a bug First time opening it it toggles between the registration and the word covidsafe with black background. Can’t get pass the rego as unable to fill up the fields due to constant quick toggles.
canberrachick26/04/2020Super simple Thank you Australian Government. Done and super easy.
CruisEzy26/04/2020Can’t complete signup Tried multiple times to complete signing up but keeps coming up error after I put in my mobile number...
Tasmanian_devil0026/04/2020Works great! #stayathome All good! No problem installing or using ðŸ'
Mr12dollars short26/04/2020Annoying Error While trying to signup after installing. An annoying image of covidsafe keeps popping it difficult to fill in details.
Tom Messenger26/04/2020Great initiative. Very simple format and easy to use.
dduraisa26/04/2020I support I support this initiative and we should work together defeating COVID.
DaveyinOz26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Finally it accepted phone number😲
NazHasanHuda26/04/2020Useless - doesn’t take my mobile number Can’t past the third screen (verify mobile number). And yes tried the number with or without the first zero digit.
appisreallybad26/04/2020Apple users - use the name registered in your ph It won’t recognise the ph number if you use a name different from that which your Apple ph has as its registered name for you You can’t use a dodgey name or an abbreviation or nick name
Padg6426/04/2020Phone number error This has just been launched today yet can not register as error when validating my number. Pretty important to get this right!
Abu4323426/04/2020Cant verify number. Getting an error saying ‘error verifying phone number - please check your details and try again’ my details are correct....
BHBus26/04/2020Cannot verify phone number Cannot get past the 'Verify Mobile Number' screen. It present an error. Have tried on multiple devices.
A.J.Bully26/04/2020Not allowing me to sign up The app sign up is not letting me sign up. It states when I input my phone number “error verifying phone number. Please check details and try again”
Phoenbiker26/04/2020Phone number ERROR!! Can’t register as app says my phone number is invalid. Why would you even put in the +61 prefix. Will confuse many. I have tried both with and without the 0!!!
pietrorob26/04/2020Doesn’t work - stops at mobile number Error verifying mobile number response when entering mobile number with and witho the ‘0’ in front.
probvv26/04/2020Not accepting phone number I’ve entered my mobile phone number - I know it is correct and it’s telling me it can’t verify my number - I’ve entered my number with and without the 0 in front
Kokinda26/04/2020Won’t accept my phone number Want to down load it but it won’t accept my mobile number I have tried it with and without the 0
Eryn197826/04/2020Error at phone number Tried to sign up and it won’t let me get past adding my phone number. It said it can’t be verified even though it’s entered correctly.
Ishka1126/04/2020Unable to receive pin I’m using on its first day so I’m sure this is a just a teething problem.
A_Fridge26/04/2020Easy enough to setup Easy enough to setup
dyhbrd26/04/2020Problem I too can’t get past the phone number request. Been trying for hours including deleting and reloading
Kevo199226/04/2020easy registration after launch 5 stars to offset against the users below who tried to register before launch and therefore failed.
Tiger AC26/04/2020Won’t accept mobile number Can’t get past the mobile number stage. Have even tried without putting the 0 in front.
briTyler0126/04/2020Can’t verify number Tried verifying two people on two different phones. Neither was able to verify. If an app fails before even reaching the start line why bother releasing it!
richgregory26/04/2020COVIDSafe black screen keeps appearing I’m unable to register as the COVIDSafe entry screen keeps displaying as I try to enter information. It’s not very reassuring to register my information with an app that looks to be faulty. Please address.
Lucky19761826/04/2020Boom Tings! Stay safe and keep everyone safe with this app!
Sliz77726/04/2020Good Idea Hopefully this proves useful and enough people use it.
Bob115577626/04/2020'Error verifying phone number' When entering my phone number I get the error above. So it doesn't go past this point
Sam1394950282!26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number The phone number verification step doesn’t work on my phone or my partners phone
JackWoodman26/04/2020Can’t even get in. Love the concept of the app - just a pity it can’t even verify my phone number to let me join. Doesn’t give much confidence for the engineering of the app if I can’t even get my number verified.
dontwantrona26/04/2020Works... just start your number from 4 Works... start your number from 4
PKMGH26/04/2020Works for me Downloaded and registered with no dramas
TheExpress26/04/2020This is just a tribute. This is not the greatest app of all time. This is just a tribute.
bowjam00726/04/2020Stop the spread Good idea down load the app help save Australia.
Bukkulla26/04/2020Downloaded Just do it!
bitcoin eagle26/04/2020Saving lives one download at a time! Love the initiative.
Dinglees26/04/2020Easy to set up Great concept to get these restrictions eased
lucaskowalski26/04/2020Fail - cannot enter phone number Already a fail asked to enter a mobile number enter the number and error message appears
m73625126/04/2020Phone number It won’t save my mobile and tells to check and try again
Shaheryar Ali26/04/2020Won’t recognise an active mobile number to send pin Good effort but app won’t recognise an active mobile number to send pin for registration purpose.
Lynne&Graham26/04/2020Cannot register The keeps telling me that the mobile phone number that I have had for over 20 years is wrong. How am I suppose to register?
Ben24654764326/04/2020Doesn’t work The app can’t even verify my mobile number and no support option. Not a great start!
Fnnona26/04/2020Fee I am unable to get past the mobile number section. Keeps telling me it having trouble verifying my mobile number Cant help out if i cant sign up
123buhuj26/04/2020Thanks Thanks for setting this up!!!
ducomatt26/04/2020It set up without a hitch It set up without a hitch
RRW10126/04/2020RRW Easy to download. Hope it’s effective .
The Galactic Phoenix 6926/04/2020Do YOUR part!!!! Keep Australia safe!! Works fine.
N8Boi198526/04/2020Easy Super easy to sign up.
Jessieej260926/04/2020looks like the mobile number is fixed! was able to put my phone number in and register fine!
2145marg26/04/2020Inserting age from the scroll! Touched wrong button trying to scroll for my age. Can’t correct no chance to correct!
triple5adam26/04/2020My taxes paid for this This app was garbage. I couldn’t even register. Full of bugs. I thought this app was designed to fight bugs. Not create more. Would not recommend.
KillerKamali26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Tried it with and without the zero. Want to use this but this seems like a basic error.
Abood1994Melbourne26/04/2020Doesn’t allow me to register Just downloaded it and it won’t allow me to register for some reason. Keeps saying an error has occurred.
appUserBrett26/04/2020Fails on registration Error verifying mobile number. Please check details and try again. Details are all fine for both me and wife.
Timtam7026/04/2020App won’t recognise my mobile number I just tried to do my civic duty and sign up and it says my mobile phone number isn’t valid. No error on my part. Can’t sign up.
ThatchBomber26/04/2020Error getting verification pin I keep getting an error after entering my mobile. Error is please check your details and try again.
A258726/04/2020COVIDSAFE Perfect no problems loading very simple!
Kym1234526/04/2020Not available on all stores If you are here on a visa from another country and don’t have an Australian App Store account it’s not available to download. Which is reaaally dumb. Please fix.
s.subhay26/04/2020Fairly easy process Install and registration without any issues. Lets keep AUSTRALIA Safe. STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19
MichaelFrew26/04/2020Phone numbers only no email Why can you not use email to verify and communicate with use. Why is it only phone numbers?
deltaferce26/04/2020JasonR Great app good to know it’s helping keeping you safe
DR087726/04/2020number verification is fine just leave the 0 off your phone number
cjb99988826/04/2020Can’t add my phone number? Says there is an error verifying phone number so I can’t actually register
Girlincanberra26/04/2020Error Giveback error when putting in mobile number. So cannot get the pin.
JonBoy6226/04/2020Can’t load... says phone number incorrect Can’t load... says phone number incorrect ... can anyone help please
dak-bne26/04/2020Will not recognize my mobile number. Despite many attempts app continues to reject my mobile number.. how can it not understand 10 numeric characters..?
Slideshowmissing26/04/2020Doesn’t accept phone number The app is not accepting phone number. I keep getting ‘error in verifying phone number’ message. Number is 100% correct.
Druboost26/04/2020Broken So you need to enter your phone number to get a PIN for the next step. Apparently I don’t know my own phone number. Using iPhone software up to date. Fix it
Aeder0126/04/2020Error verifying mobile number I can’t register because the shows an error message satiating it can’t verify my mobile number which is an Australian Optus number *shrug*
drives me flipping nuts26/04/2020Trying to do my bit App tells me my phone number can’t be recognised and therefore I can’t get a pin. Very annoying when you want to support an important initiative.
kick him and he will die26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Despite having the same phone number for the past 25 years with Telstra - I get ‘error verifying phone number. So can’t register
Seriously mojang26/04/2020This could save live no WILL Please download this.
Tribal pengo26/04/2020Trouble registration Can’t get past the phone Number info
jimmyjohnjohn26/04/2020Help - won’t accept my mobile number Help Won’t accept my valid mobile number Update Seems like it is fixed - Installed no probs
Gjm180626/04/2020Excellent Great initiative. Easy and problem free install.
StopCovid26/04/2020Signed up! Get onboard Australia Spread the word and save lives and livelihoods!
ShanR3126/04/2020Works great Worked well- easy to set up. Joining the COVID fight ðŸ'ªðŸ¼ðŸ¦ 
Kembo12326/04/2020I’m in Let the great tracking commence!
AiiZ1826/04/2020Worth it to help suppress COVID19 Happy to download and do what most be done.
Hobohome26/04/2020So far so good Smooth sign up
wisey202026/04/2020Error verifying phone number When you type in your phone number to get it errors can’t get passed. Not just happened to me.
Jen_star2626/04/2020Can't register I have downloaded the app and when registering my details I keep getting a message saying that it can't verify my number. Any help out there?
woodywoodpecker6426/04/2020Can’t enter phone number Tried with and without 0 in front of number and comes up with error message
Word_cheat_queen26/04/2020Doesn’t accept mobile number Won’t accept my mobile number so unable to progress any further.
AusJoshC26/04/2020Useless Can’t even register app appears slow. Not a great start if you want people to willingly use this thing
Jimmycornsssss26/04/2020Mobile number error The app has bug when you load your mobile number. Possible server overload . Thank you
dean88826/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t get past the phone number registration page put my number in get an error message does not recognise my number.
covidfail26/04/2020Error ridden and useless Tried entering mobile number on step two and get a can’t verify number error...useless if you can’t even get that right 😂
pete19383726/04/2020Worked for me Worked for me ðŸ'
Duiga0126/04/2020Civic Responsibility Registration activation from 6pm AEST on day of release. Get on board peoples... help me help you!
ala98765432126/04/2020Cannot verify mobile phone number Awesome... I’m behind this app as I think we should all be doing our bit. But it won’t allow me to verify my telephone number! 🤦‍♂️
Rambo 5926/04/2020Registration error ??? I’ve been trying to register my details on the new app & it won’t allow me to go any further than entering my mobile number
juliem6526/04/2020Flawed Really wanted to participate but when it won’t accept your phone number well it’s pretty useless 😫
LachieMC26/04/2020Cannot create an account. Downloaded the app and went to create and account. Cannot verify my phone number apparently not sure why?
Takeanotherlook26/04/2020Doesn’t recognise mobile number Tried to register but can’t because it won’t accept my mobile number.
hitchhiker5526/04/2020Hard to trust Govt won’t guarantee that security agencies won’t use the app to invade your privacy. Mobile Phone verification doesn’t work.
pveazbuusfmkvsw26/04/2020Won’t take requested mobile number; can’t finish registration. If you can’t register you can’t use it. Pointless until fixed.
Tanj0126/04/2020App Not working When I try to put my phone number in it keeps telling me the number is incorrect but it is not. Unable to go any further.
Nickelslol26/04/2020Tells me my phone number is wrong Can’t use app as it says my phone number is wrong
Melba Mei26/04/2020Will not accept my phone number!!!! Please help!
CDT_DEM26/04/2020Great App Easy registration process. Hoping to contribute fight against the deadly enemy!
Colormass26/04/2020Works well Works well
TimVeitch26/04/2020All good No troubles setting it up.
Hemmy9926/04/2020Good Initiative!! Installed and running fine. Let’s see how it goes. Great effort in designing such an app.
Pramod.K26/04/2020Well Done Australia! This is the best use of technology for direct benefit to Australian communities.
Josh from Melbourne26/04/2020Save the economy Use the app to save jobs!
•••trac••••26/04/2020Phone number registration not accepting mobile I cannot register an Australian telstra mobile number that I have had for years and years
braext26/04/2020Th App Doesn’t Work The app doesn’t work... you cannot sign up because of an ‘error’ with your mobile number even though it’s correct.
yourfather41926/04/2020Get behind this app Australia Greg Hunt and Stuart Robert promised they’d quit if this app stuffed up and we got hacked.
rockin26/04/2020Doesn’t work!! I’m really happy to be involved. Downloaded the app and it won’t accept my mobile number to send me a PIN!! Of course there’s no contact info anywhere....
Gayzzoli Fan26/04/2020Would not install Got stuck at Bluetooth and there was no information on how to resolve it. Deleted it off my phone
Kaylenegg26/04/2020Easy! Simple fast easy 😊
Burgs1426/04/2020Save us all. Great work stop the spread.
mia.......❤️26/04/2020🦠❤️ This has been so helpful 🦠❤️
LarVin11122255526/04/2020Keep virus out Does the job !
Alby526826/04/2020Easy to use Easy to use
avinawhine26/04/2020Bug on phone number entry “Error verifying phone number. Please check your details and try again” The app wont allow me past the prompt Iphone x 13.3.1
Lha400726/04/2020Not able to verify phone number Useless app can’t even verify my mobile number. No worries about privacy here it doesn’t work.
Cantbelieverthebias26/04/2020Phone Number not aaccepted Got to the third page and won’t recognise an Australian mobile number with or without the 0 in front. Can’t complete registration.
NicknameAD26/04/2020Not working I downloaded app.. and now I get a message saying error verifying number. I’ve tried a couple of times and is not sending me PIN number
Widger2026/04/2020Phone number verification Doesn’t seem to recognise a mobile number. Tried with many family members
EvanClark26/04/2020Fails to accept mobile number App cannot be setup because the registration process will not accept my mobile number.
YellowOlie26/04/2020Got error message It asked for my mobile number to send a PIN. It kept giving error message after that step.
Gffn427743326/04/2020App won’t take my mobile number so can’t send verification PIN Won’t accept mobile number
serpifeu26/04/2020Can’t register Another one with error verifying phone number I wonder if someone had actually managed to pass this stage?
udayaaaaaaaa26/04/2020Awesome Got no error while registering . So far so good .
obug198126/04/2020Glitchy No probs signing up but a black screen keeps flashing up.
FernSam26/04/2020Sleek! No issues with registration. Great concept privacy protected with no overreach.
damo7726/04/2020So far so good The registration was easy. I am happy to sign up to help reduce the spread.
gdoggg987026/04/2020A must install! A great health app! Get it now and help keep Australia covid free.
RamikeW26/04/2020Good app Excellent app keeping the public safe
Icosrusupphitxpjc26/04/2020Conspirators Can’t wait for the conspirators to blow up
Hazfun26/04/2020Not Smart Will not accept mobile number can only assume because it is a work less that cannot use.
TheFinMaster26/04/2020Data issues App will not accept mobile phone number. Repeatedly throws up an error message. Unable to get pin to authorise
Rogofire26/04/2020Anonymous Does not work when registering the phone number. Tried two separate numbers and neither work.
Mmjlw426/04/2020Won’t work The app won’t let you enter your mobile number to verify. Not a good start
peterzak26/04/2020Can’t register Unable to get past the mobile phone validation screen. Message reads “Error verifying phone number”.
DannyAtkins26/04/2020Does not work Won’t accept my mobile number with or without the starting 0 and no way to get support on it... why bother
Shinert126/04/2020Issues I started entering my details and cannot get past the phone number tried with 0 and without 😩
Brock0426/04/2020Protect everyone Protect our community
Kjz xoxo26/04/2020Problem setting up app App won’t recognise my mobile number tried several times to set up the up.. It’s no good if doesn’t work..
alex-c9126/04/2020Keep getting error Won’t let me get a pin when I try to verify my number. Just says check info and try again.
quancey_lad26/04/2020Can’t register Keen to help out get to the second step of registering and despite putting my mobile number in many times it’s telling me it’s wrong.
HYPHENSBACK26/04/2020Just get me out of Isolation Love it if ..... it will Just get me out of Isolation
dimsim207426/04/2020Great Easy to install. Great concept.
GodisaFish26/04/2020Unsecured The government can’t protect the personal information of our police officer’s. They’ve proven inept at keeping data secure in the past so why would you trust them with yours?
anotheredge26/04/2020Let’s do this. I am on board.
GeoffSchuil26/04/2020Too easy Hassle free setup
Ghgkdgyj26/04/2020Get it get it get it Get it and let’s stop covid
sean.s.chen26/04/2020Good app Thanks for the initiative. We need to make this app mandatory. on phone number This app does not support a mobile number. Must be a bug.
ajliwksnekke26/04/2020It’s for the health of everyone! It’s for the health of everyone!
Davros200926/04/2020Doesn’t allow for mobile number registration Absolute fail! Cant get past registering your mobile number.
RobbbbbBf26/04/2020Does not recognise mobile phone number to set up pin Come on guys !!!!! Need this step to at least be sorted before launching. Jeez.
Polly130826/04/2020Doesn’t recognise any phone number Well this is disappointing. It doesn’t recognise any mobile number in our home. Useless
not working for benjamin26/04/2020Mobile number not verifying Any one else seeing a error show up when entering a valid mobile number for Australia?
StruppiPumpkin26/04/2020Failed at first hurdle I fully support this app but it fails at I installation with “Error verifying phone number”. I hope it’s fixed soon this is too important to fail
GeorgeMcFly26/04/2020Can not verify phone number Attempted to register and would not accept mobile phone number
StillnotGareth26/04/2020Doesn’t work Ok this app doesn’t work. I couldn’t find any way to trace Peter Dutton back to the Ruby Princess. Also no in-app purchases for Franking Credits hopefully a future update will have this.
SeanWilliamC26/04/2020Error Registering I am for this initiative however unable to register as it says ‘error verifying phone number’
Lucky Lucy from the moon26/04/2020easy :) super easy to sign up. feel like i was one of the only people without any issues.
TerrysEvents26/04/2020Cannot verify mobile number Gets stuck and cannot Verify mobile
Parnikakgs26/04/2020Do download the app During this pandemic downloading of this app is the most imp thing. Thank Aus Gov!!
PoolDogE26/04/2020Lifesaver Hoping this helps!
'bladder26/04/2020Phone number check fails When I enter my phone number in the international format the verification check fails.
stu275026/04/2020Won’t except phone number No matter what you do it will not except you phone number Not a good launch unfortunately
nzer12326/04/2020Error verifying phone number Tried to get past mobile number step to get PIN but it fails. Two people in household have same issue. Tested 4.30pm Sunday 26th
aasfdd127we26/04/2020Phone number won’t verify Keep getting an error message when I put my phone number in for verification.
Jaz_Jensen_1926/04/2020Error entering phone number There is an issue entering your phone number on the app. ‘Error verifying phone number ‘ Which means I cannot install it.
livefromthe50426/04/2020The LNP and Australia’s police are unbelievably corrupt and violent Literally only installing this so they can track my incredibly boring personal information hopefully it’ll waste a bit of their time
Ssor459126/04/2020Great work Makes me feel safer already ðŸ'ðŸ¼
GihanR26/04/2020Verification is working now Looks good !
AN CONCERNED CITEZEN26/04/2020Won’t vertify my phone I think it won’t work because I have another device with the same info
Jem191526/04/2020CovidSafe is awesome Chill and Fun app kids love playing and good for passing the time!
jj_hum26/04/2020Simple 1 minute setup
faeboy26/04/2020Can’t sign up Sounds like a useful app if you want to be involved in Covid 19 tracing but I can’t sign up as it won’t recognise any of my phone numbers. Maybe I just don’t exist.
Brisbane Australia26/04/2020Won’t send a pin to my mobile. Stalled so long and now won’t even take my mobile number. I guess I’m not going to be allowed to be a user.
juderidley26/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile phone number Keeps saying my phone number is incorrect
MrPete7826/04/2020Not working Unable to enter phone number when registering. Returns an error when trying to verify phone number.
Zombiesmel26/04/2020Unable to verify my number Tried to sign up unable to verify my mobile it keeps giving me an error
johndw2026/04/2020Mobile Phone # Bug The app will not accept my mobile phone number. Perhaps it’s not ready for registration at this time.
madsmeditates26/04/2020Not accepting my number to set up The app won’t let me past the phone number step. I’ve tried with and without the leading 0
simonelecat26/04/2020Bugs already? How does one get a PIN? Error when I put in my mobile number. Without 0. Or with 0 it didn’t work. Back to the drawing board....
jxxn!26/04/2020It worked! For mobiles drop the 0 and type in “+614.......”
oigaib26/04/2020Number 1 I was first to review I win
meisyws26/04/2020Genius app This will definitely flatten the curve
Brian1972🇦🇺🇦🇺26/04/2020Error with phone connection Can’t upload phone number comes up with error.
Matthew Roberts26/04/2020It doesnt work. It doesn’t accept my phone number. Must be a fault with the app. Shame as I think it’s a great idea.
Fogging Bottom26/04/2020Error verifying phone number ...please check your details and try again.
Dipee7726/04/2020Enter phone number ERROR Have tried to enter mobile phone number numerous ways to send my pin and it refuses to acknowledge any format. So can NoT use
DamoH26/04/2020Can’t even sign up - can’t get past mobile number Not great. Can’t even get past the sign up mobile number screen.
We've been had26/04/2020First day fail Just downloaded the app. Failure to get past the send pin to phone number. Didn't accept my mobile number. Great start.
Bradleee1626/04/2020Cannot verify phone number The app says that my phone number is not valid when I attempt to sign up.
Willboz5826/04/2020Won’t accept phone number Every time I try to enter my mobile number it won’t verify and go to next step
nicholasdmb26/04/2020Easy Setup Too easy...
youngdot4126/04/2020Unable to register Phone number not recognised. Gave up after multiple attempts.
OzBulld0g26/04/2020No issues so far Let’s stop this virus together
Defender of troglodytes26/04/2020Won’t verify my phone number Tried to sign up but can’t because it won’t verify my phone number.
Geryesm26/04/2020Thank you .
Random outback guy26/04/2020ðŸ' Easy to use peace of mind
Just Dienloaded26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number Tried to register and app says there’s an error trying to verify my phone number.
magnum143026/04/2020Could not register Could not receive a pin to my phone number
Not working 19256726/04/2020Doesn’t accept phone number Won’t accept my mobile number that I’ve had for 18 years
Mackasssssss26/04/2020Can’t create profile It is saying my phone number is invalid but it’s not. Can’t continue without completing this step.
Puswa26/04/2020Error Message I get to the mobile number part and no matter what I do it comes up with an error message.
trishbk1526/04/2020Won’t load phone number Waiting for an update already
Andybisho26/04/2020Great initiative This should help reduce the risk of being infected.
Rana96626/04/2020Easy As - Stop the spread Download and stop the spread.
Robdownunder26/04/2020Yup Easily the best Australian Government funded covid 19 contact tracing app that I’ve ever downloaded.
Dfarmer 0126/04/2020Great app if helps save lives Great app if helps save lives
george23066926/04/2020Will not except my mobile # Will not except my mobile number says it cannot verify my number??
68Sharny6826/04/2020App won’t accept my mobile number App won’t accept my mobile number. I really want to help by doing this so I’d like a fix please.
Daquinx26/04/2020Will not register valid mobile number This app does not recognise my mobile number. So cannot even register!!!
Od190926/04/2020Cannot sign up As it’s impossible to get past the enter phone number section. Unable to rate past that. Sadly unsurprising circumstances.
mr_jrwin26/04/2020Error When entering mobile phone number : receiving error message “Error verifying phone number”
Megsssy26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Tried to register but stuck on verifying phone number. Error verifying phone number.
Dudley7649026/04/2020All good That was easy
loafy39826/04/2020Great app. Literally a potential life saver
Atalanta4426/04/2020Can’t get past the ‘enter your mobile number’ page Please fix this.
Arloout6726/04/2020New App Signed up with no problems at all
ronatime26/04/2020good idea this is a fantastic idea to help people once they have tested positive to tell people who have been around them to self isolate
keep me covid free26/04/2020Glitches The app is completely glitching from the main screen to the black covidsafe screen.
BilawalBilal26/04/2020Filled with bugs Practically unusable. Ripe with bugs. Expected something better from the government in times like these.
Kaiao8826/04/2020Big on sign up? Unable to verify mobile number with or without 0 at front
KAM10526/04/2020Can’t register I get as far as entering my mobile number and it tells me there is an “error verifying phone number”
Rappper26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Not a good start. I can’t set it up. When will the fix be available?
Deeepar26/04/2020Won’t verify mobile number No matter how the number is entered the app won’t verify a mobile number and send the pin
Kureus26/04/2020Doesn’t accept my mobile number Doesn’t accept my mobile number
Yoyoyoyoooyoyoo26/04/2020Bugs Keeps saying error with phone number. Even though I triple checked it was correct. Typical aus government can’t even get an app right 😂
codeinfront26/04/2020Error when confirming mobile number Entering mobile number results in an error.
NhiBui26/04/2020Unable to complete the registration. Not able to verify phone number to complete the registration. Please check
Yrinoz26/04/2020Mine doesn’t get past banner screen Reinstalled and problem still exists
fleetmac26/04/2020Flawed implementation As mentioned in another review I am unable to get past entering my mobile number. It may be that servers are overloaded? or that in the rush to get it implemented inadequately tested?
only11andapoopoohead26/04/2020it’s a good app! stop complaining even i know how to get past verefying my phone number
Lifestyle2255!26/04/2020Thumbs down Won’t accept my phone number which I’ve had for 30 years ..?
NicolleBR26/04/2020Amazing Thank you mr. Morrison for keeping us safe!!
TC_hammer26/04/2020Best App I’ve ever used Saving lives!!!
Vineesh.ghai26/04/2020Apple Watch app Please introduce Apple Watch app
Chrir26/04/2020Phone number entry Trying to set up but not recognising phone number with or without the zero at the start
Joel Fagin26/04/2020Doesn’t Work It doesn’t seem to like my phone number and as such I can’t get the PIN required to get it working.
Liykh00126/04/2020Says my mobile number is not recognized when trying to sign up As above
petegredvgncsdcfg26/04/2020Can’t enter my mobile number I can’t use the app because it won’t accept my mobile number
Bchakk26/04/2020Another app from govt cannot be registered Useless app was unable to register my mobile number. Another debacle from govt
ghendo26/04/2020Couldn’t sign up Tried to sign up but couldn’t verify my correct mobile number
Coopercr26/04/2020Can’t enter phone number It will not accept my mobile phone number so can’t get it to work
StiffUpperLens26/04/2020Error verifying details when entering phone number The app throws an error when I enter my phone number. As a result I can’t complete registration.
K8Raff26/04/2020Glitchy I downloaded this app but I couldn’t progress past the mobile phone registration.
Gfdsat26/04/2020Error registering phone number I keep getting an error registering phone number. I have tried with and with out the leading 0.
Marj12345677926/04/2020Mobile Number Error I can’t register as my mobile number keeps promoting an error message
pbh6326/04/2020Error message Tried to sign up but it can’t verify phone number. Same error message on my son’s phone.
3429au26/04/2020Can’t install it Errors on confirming phone number no matter which way you enter it.
Lostmywork26/04/2020Can’t even verify phone number Seriously. First bug
Vincent Vega-1926/04/2020Awesome app thanks ScoMo!! Just what we need to beat the Chinese corona virus! 😀ðŸ'ðŸ»
bus & train of aus26/04/2020Thank you Australian government Amazing application
atmccauley26/04/2020Cannot get past ‘verify mobile number’ Can’t even set the thing up.
Norm Douglas26/04/2020Simple Perfect install. No troubles
Bill_bob26/04/2020Just do it! Great app. Ignore the tinfoil hat brigade and just install it.
Hm53826/04/2020Pity it doesn’t work Was prepared to put my qualms about privacy aside for the greater good but the app doesn’t recognise my mobile number so I needn’t have worried
RHORUS26/04/2020Doesn’t working When I try add my mobile number for verification the app crashed
Itzyitz26/04/2020Error with mobile number Won’t accept my mobile number
GraemeMc26/04/2020Can’t register Can’t register it won’t accept my mobile number with or without a leading 0
ozihobbit26/04/2020Doesn’t work Once you get to registering your mobile number it says it can’t verify it
Rowdier126/04/2020Phone Number not verifying I have tried on my phone and iPad and it won’t accept my phone number!
Psyche Park26/04/2020Tech Epic Fail After all that hype on television they haven’t got the phone number registration validation process right! Thank goodness that nobody needs to pay for this app!
Meerkatknows!26/04/2020Can’t enter phone number App won’t move past Step 2 as will not accept valid phone number.
Cazemoto26/04/2020Can’t enter phone number Can’t error my phone number keep getting an error message
Scorp6969696926/04/2020Bugs Won’t let me get past the mobile phone verification stage. Looks like someone forgot to test it properly?
Steffer6926/04/2020App doesn’t work The word “COVIDsafe” along with a black screen keeps popping up and I can’t even register my phone number.
AzzDav26/04/2020Works great I can smell the ISO freedom already.
DoubleDover6926/04/2020EZY peezy Easy to install. Works first time.
Australian Flyer26/04/2020Phone Number not accepted All good until I get to the Mobile Phone section where it will not recognise and send me a pin.
Vickyî"26/04/2020Number verification Will not verify my mobile number tried with zero and without after the+61
Mersinas26/04/2020Cannot register Will not accept my mobile number.
Kateyoung726/04/2020Can’t register Won’t accept phone number tells me to check details
Laccgqhqhd26/04/2020Fav app Can’t wait to go to the pub!
Census 2.026/04/2020Doesn’t work You’d think they’d rest it first before releasing it. It’s like the last Census - Fail!! Can’t get past the phone number stage!!
Kathperth26/04/2020Not working Does not allow me to enter my mobile phone number to sign up.
Markyb7526/04/2020Can’t sign up Will not allow me to verify my phone number so cannot complete the registration process.
hsiuabebka26/04/2020First Move manufacture back to Oz
Petsinwater26/04/2020App does not work How are you supposed to sign up to the great weapon against the virus when it won’t accept my phone number?
lsx_australia26/04/2020Not working It keeps saying “Please check your details and try again”
aarnold198726/04/2020I can’t even register I’m trying to register and can’t get past the mobile number verification.
Itsjimjam78126/04/2020Not Working Won’t verify my number. Also why have +61 number? That’s only for international numbers and will confuse some users
Jim K 555526/04/2020Excellent Great app that meets all my privacy concerns.
AndrewHarward8526/04/2020Couldnt be easier Fantastic App ScoMo Happy todo my part mate
Lulu_08626/04/2020Glitch Can’t get past first few steps as it won’t recognise my mobile number in set up. Please help.
Mattybonas26/04/2020Phone number issue.. Won’t accept mobile number.
J.ay.B26/04/2020Mobile can’t be verified The app cant/won’t verify my mobile number so I can’t complete the registration process
BO49$26/04/2020Phone number won’t accept Won’t accept a phone number. Can’t get past that page.
mobile entering26/04/2020Mobile number It won’t accept my mobile number
funkshwae26/04/2020Registration not working Hi team error when trying to enter phone number
ted2245326/04/2020Verification of phone number creating error Please re-test the app. Phone number verification isn’t working.
MJR1899999926/04/2020Unable to verify number Could not get my phone number verified. So seems can not use the app
Edelrob26/04/2020Error verifying mobile number Error verifying mobile number can’t even get it setup
Lyndabel26/04/2020Trouble with phone number Won’t accept mobile phone number.
mchambers12326/04/2020Can’t register my mobile number The app doesn’t work It just doesn’t work.
Lachy Norms26/04/2020Cannot Verify Phone Number Number is correct but app continues to say there was an error verifying phone number.
nonicknamesleftstill26/04/2020Phone number error Not recognising phone number.
3485 Farmer26/04/2020iPhone 4 I am 62. I have an iPhone 4. The app will not work with the OS on my phone. Shaun Micallefe & Judith Lucy have the same phone. A vulnerable section of the population are being excluded.
Fredericoooiiii26/04/2020Fred Registration worked alright here.
james_ieueieirhehbdhhd26/04/2020Registered good to go ðŸ'ðŸ½ Keep safe!
Fool !26/04/2020Didn’t work! Given no time to set verification number-..2nd attempt failed also 😡
Hud280526/04/2020Doesn’t let me log in The app won’t accept my phone number. Tried 6 times
Hebulonicus26/04/2020Can’t enter phone number Can’t enter my phone number keep getting error message.
Rabbit0h26/04/2020Error verifying phone number I get “Error verifying phone number” when I enter my mobile number - what now?
Couta Sailor26/04/2020Can’t verify mobile Completely useless. App will not let me verify my mobile so cannot register.
paulm202026/04/2020Can’t register phone number Can’t register phone number to receive the 6 digit pin
Franjiappannii7626/04/2020Didn’t work Doesn’t like my phone number! Typical government app up there with my gov app. Glitchy can’t even sign up.
Cody785626/04/2020Error This app keeps saying the mobile number has a error
s.a.m.ll26/04/2020Mobile Verification Doesn’t Work App won’t accept my mobile number to register.
JayBhas26/04/2020Error confirming the mobile number Can not proceed to register
cjd_8526/04/2020Mobile phone verification failed Can not verify mobile number. Please fix this issue ASAP the health of all Australians depends on it.
watashiwajei26/04/2020Cannot sign up Can’t sign up. There is an error when trying to get PIN number sent to you.
RJQuigley26/04/2020Useless app Doesn’t use the new Apple frameworks that would make this app actually useful. Rewrite it with these in mind and I will use this.
Nzbankboy26/04/2020Great idea! Let’s go Aussie! Let’s give Covid the boot!
phoozle26/04/2020Says my phone number is invalid Can’t seem to register says my valid phone number is invalid and I can’t proceed.
Swazi7026/04/2020Really? Good cause and I’ll usebut need to keep the app running? Really...
The bloomin' vet26/04/2020Great initiative. Sign up now. Great stuff
hashtagluks26/04/2020Error Literally can’t get past the home screen. It keep flashing back to the black covidsafe screen.
anaz5426/04/2020Trace Works fine
Daisy115826/04/2020Doesn’t work on iPhone XS Tried to register but won’t accept my mobile number.
123Jocat26/04/2020Not working. Can’t get past the phone number section.
Swinndogg8426/04/2020Lol Won’t even let me sign up. Doesn’t recognize my mobile number I’ve had for 30 years lol.
Mattycode26/04/2020Phone number I enter my phone number correctly and it says can not verify it. Useless
Willytaur26/04/2020Hopeful. But false start. I am fully supportive of this new app however I could not get passed the phone number verification. Not impressed.
Joelko26/04/2020Easy to setup and working Hoping this app genuinely help managing Covid spread efficiently.
ken white 14926/04/2020Works well Works well
PopperJuicee26/04/2020Works well Great
pcswfrth26/04/2020Phone number input doesn’t work Phone number input doesn’t work
Sam brown_reviewer26/04/2020Phone number Will not let me verify my phone number during sign up
chrishawkeye3326/04/2020Unusable Can’t even register says it has errors verifying the phone number.
iantoday26/04/2020Glitches Can’t sign up due to phone pin not working. Black screen keeps flashing up with COVIDsafe while using the app.
How do you unsubscribe26/04/2020Registration Can’t register on a company mobile it appears if that’s the case you just blew off a big chunk of the population
MessyWitch26/04/2020Can’t sign up Can’t sign up as it won’t accept my correct mobile number
KayeJayde26/04/2020Error when inputting mobile phone number. Won’t let me go any further. Poor
+++++++++++++26/04/2020Problem with mobile number App says it can’t verify the number.
GG_AU26/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t sign up it doesn’t accept my mobile number.
Pookey-9426/04/2020Mobile number wrong?? Apparently my mobile number is wrong? Fix it the app!!!
Gangways26/04/2020COVIDSafe Quick to install no probs.
LunioRyder26/04/2020Can’t verify phone I try with an 0 and without. Still says there is an error....
pgags26/04/2020Can’t click the first consent box App is unresponsive on some screens. “I agree” button greyed out because the consent checkbox cannot be tickled.
Antony Jijo26/04/2020Ticket back to normal... I m in
Roooomiki26/04/2020Waste of taxpayers money You have to run this app in the foreground to make it work. It won’t work in the background.
Tangled Fox26/04/2020Easy enough to set up Aa
expressrose26/04/2020Doesn’t recognise my mobile number It says my mobile number is invalid
luke7737826/04/2020App not recognising phone numbers The app will not recognise phone numbers resulting in not being able to register
Theworstappinhistory26/04/2020Can’t even get past registration Keeps saying wrong mobile number. Not surprised though typical aus government.
MukundGuruji26/04/2020Won’t let me register I downloaded the app but the app couldn’t verify my mobile number. Does this app. Or work with eSIM?
mike6792304726/04/2020Can’t even use it Won’t verify my phone number or anyone else’s in my family. Useless.
Mctag0126/04/2020Problem Won’t accept my mobile number
Baileipiper26/04/2020Doesn’t work Won’t let me past phone number section!
sam1936226/04/2020Good app Good way to get aus back to normal !
Mghammer11326/04/2020Doesnt work for me Phone number won’t accept either with the 0 or without.
Davidmoyle26/04/2020Mobile Won’t take mobile number ... error message
coshermi26/04/2020Problem It won’t accept my mobile phone number so I can’t sign up.
Captain Jonah26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number I can’t get my phone number verified. Great concept here but I’m unable sign up...
foofyb26/04/2020A+ Easy set up. Great initiative
Hugger87)(26/04/2020Registration quick & painless Good
Sami Comparte26/04/2020Wrong work I tried to enter my mobile number but it didn’t work
jamie_depalma26/04/2020Mr Jamie De Palma Excellent App. Well compiled. Easy to download and implement. Highly recommended.
Sanwal Sansi26/04/2020I hope this app will help stop COVID-19 spread in Australia! Great initiative by Australian Government.
Jalati26/04/2020This app works! So far no covid.
Sar72bear26/04/2020Can not Setup Gives error ‘can not verify mobile number’
$1ck R1ck26/04/2020Broken Doesn’t let you register a mobile so doesn’t work yet
DM_403126/04/2020Sign-In issue Unable to verify phone number so unable to sign in to get required PIN number
Angry birds addict26/04/2020Won't accept my mobile Great app - maybe you should do proper testing before releasing it to the public - another great govt blunder
Matt-Michalos26/04/2020Cannot add phone number. Will not allow me to add my phone number when registering.
Peterbyrne26/04/2020Can’t register Tried but it won’t recognise my mobile number
ufueiehxfh26/04/2020Does not work I tried to sign up and it keeps telling me it can’t validate my number.
bearwinta26/04/2020Phones number problems I’m trying get my number on your app but error
benjaminjam26/04/2020Mobile Number is not recognised Mobile number does not recognise when inputting.
NothAU26/04/2020Can't even sign up I can't even sign up the app won't recognise my mobile number as real
Hugbugman26/04/2020Covid app useless Doesn't accept phone number neither does google play app my husband downloaded.
Klancie Star26/04/2020Error I’m trying to download when I enter my mobile it won’t accept it
agreysiren26/04/2020Verification Can't get past the phone verification. Not receiving SMS
erno1626/04/2020Error verifying your phone number. Not working. So you know no point in downloading it right now.
Judyw15526/04/2020Not working The app will not accept my mobile number
dplongden0826/04/2020Won’t let me sign up Won’t accept my mobile phone number
scouserabroad26/04/2020Not surprised! Not even able to verify mobile number so not a great start!
Ajhiston26/04/2020Can't even finish set up Says my mobile number isn't correct. 🙄
krisvanston26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number???? Not sure why but the app does not allow verification
Dnathan2826/04/2020Error verifying phone number Tried several times! Same message comes upðŸ˜" Taxpayers $ Ruby v1.2
4deboiz26/04/2020Great app Easy to use nice UI great app not work TXT verification is glitching to the extreme.
blake&rach26/04/2020Error verifying the phone number Error verifying the phone number. Can not go any further.
Xfryjeeryo26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number- silly error.... Impossible to verify phone number - so can’t use...
Dougie8226/04/2020Can not activate Downloaded the app however I cannot enter my phone number to activate
LukeyPooToo26/04/2020Can’t sign up Doesn’t recognize mobile number either in international or AU format. Useless 🙄
Fredbv26/04/2020Useless as expected The app won’t recognise my mobile number! Entered both with and without ‘0’. So predictable!
Ledda26/04/2020Can’t pass the verify mobile number step.......... Apparently testing is not mandatory before releasing software 🤷‍♂️
Jonathon L.26/04/2020Can’t register It won’t accept my phone number and the app design is gross. I can’t wait for the Apple/Google app.
gertbysea126/04/2020Gertbysea Unable to use as won’t accept my mobile number to enable a pin to be sent
xanderdesmo26/04/2020Error Verifying Phone Number It doesn’t even try to send me a PIN. Just doesn’t like my phone number...
Auspkrkid8126/04/2020Can’t use Will not verify my mobile phone number.
techimum26/04/2020Can’t register The app won’t accept my mobile number to verify.
ktnicholls123426/04/2020Doesn’t work Error verifying phone number message..
Batby5526/04/2020Can’t register. Keeps saying it can’t verify my mobile number.
cbillster26/04/2020Error verifying phone number Doesn’t validate my mobile
Saberecho26/04/2020Sign up Error Can’t active. Doesn’t recognise mobile phone number.
asdfvggtdc26/04/2020Phone number verification won’t work It won’t verify my phone number. Don’t know why.
Coelix26/04/2020Won’t take phone number ‘Error verifying phone number. ‘ it’s not actually working.
Superparadise26/04/2020Not working Unable to verify phone number and receive PIN
jesskchristo26/04/2020Can’t validate phone no. Won’t accept my phone number to validate! Makes it useless!!
perrt@apple26/04/2020Error in registering Not working error when verifying phone number
revvie22222226/04/2020Works well Working ok for me! 26/4 8:45pm
Blueice10126/04/2020impressive! it was a straight forward download and super easy registration
D: man26/04/2020Rubbish Just keeps crashing when I try and sign upuninstalled.
OmniiOMEGA26/04/2020Won’t accept any Mobiles Just keeps saying please enter in correct mobile?
UnhappywithMim26/04/2020Unable to enter phone number No working
GM270526/04/2020Fail Wont accept mobile # Says it can’t verify it. Might be load issue ? Dunno but not good start..
VIC parent26/04/2020Doesn’t work It fails mobile phone validation.... makes me think this is not a legit app
Vishal Mahajan26/04/2020Confusing At upload consent it says I am COVID19 positive. Not sure why does that mean?
amru3726/04/2020Typical Morrison gov IT Tried many times and will not recognize my phone number.
Olzo12326/04/2020Can’t get past step 1 Error - can not verify phone number
L not happy Jan26/04/2020Phone Number I can’t add my phone number to complete the registration process.
arangehkmonaro26/04/2020Won’t except my phone number Won’t except my phone number
rjhutch26/04/2020Not working Won’t let u register your phone number??
Chloe826/04/2020No PIN arrives! Can’t sign up because no PIN comes. Have had it sent three times - no joy.
OzOlive12326/04/2020Can’t rego Your app is bugged. Can’t rego because the app restarts after I switch app to check the one time passcode.
Boab7526/04/2020Busted This app is not working. Can not variety my own phone number.
aod195926/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t verify phone number - so can’t register?
guygtuggtyi26/04/2020Error validating phone number Can’t get past the setup. Please fix!!
DKT8626/04/2020Phone number won’t verify I can’t verify my mobile number
Slam Bonker26/04/2020This is Australia leading the world Great idea. I’m sold!
ohjackieo26/04/2020Not working Can’t get passed the phone number verification
Killerbunny25026/04/2020Orwell was right Was only a matter of time really. We will just sit here and swallow it then ask for more. The sheeple have spoken
AcieBear26/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number Not much more I can say really?
beeg202026/04/2020Registration problems Can’t get thru pass the phone number in registration
Kwood196626/04/2020Will not except mobile number The app is refusing the mobile number. Either 432 or 0432
Cfaaaara26/04/2020Won’t accept my phone number Hi this is rejecting my mobile number so I cannot register...
rachiifay26/04/2020Can’t sign up It won’t verify my mobile number
AdnOfLand26/04/2020Can’t register can’t verify phone number Good initiative if can register in the first place
dog1907426/04/2020Can’t register Get to phone number submit and returns error message
11114689426/04/2020Doesn’t work Wont accept my phone number so can’t register???
My Name Is Jeff 926/04/2020It’s good I like It’s really good
Shea-B26/04/2020Doesn’t work Someone didn’t test well before you promoted ??
JassieJ26/04/2020Can’t register The app will not register my mobile
BrianRWalkington26/04/2020Can’t register Won’t accept my phone number.
nic patman26/04/2020Doesn’t work Phone number doesn’t verify.
Aussiebroad26/04/2020Not accepting mobile phone number ??? Not working
Sorgy626/04/2020Works a treat! So far so good !
lennypicks26/04/2020Typical Doesn’t accept mobile numbers... you’d think they’d bet their app
Ended enchant26/04/2020Not working Won’t except my Mobil number
marie345432126/04/2020Doesn’t work It won’t verify my phone number
billnunners26/04/2020It won’t recognise my phone number It won’t recognise my phone number
Gerg H26/04/2020Awesome! Simple effective life saving...
kickoutscomo26/04/2020Bad idea You should not be tracking us
Han Tong-Ho26/04/2020Not working Won’t let me enter mobile number
Mikeyk26/04/2020Not sending pin I get a message of ‘Error verifying phone number’
tasibrett26/04/2020Dosn’t install on early iphone Won’t install on iPhone 4
Dsertred26/04/2020So far so good So far so good
qizt0126/04/2020Mobile verification not working.! Got error when trying to put contact no. for verification. Says” ERROR VERIFICATION PHONE NUMBER”
MattyBoth26/04/2020Can’t register The app refuses to accept my mobile number so I can’t register.....
Asi9dog26/04/2020Doesn’t accept my phone number What more can I say?
Alymae98765432126/04/2020Cant sign up Wont accept my phone number so I cannot sign up
danvder26/04/2020Does not work Does not recognise my mobile number
Ozzygirl8126/04/2020Won’t verify phone number Won’t verify phone number
JonnyO526/04/2020Great Initiative! Great option to eliminate the spread of Covid!
111111DK26/04/2020Can’t register Says unverified phone number
shanoodley26/04/2020Dodgy Keeps telling me there is an issue validating my phone number
Scomiloveturnbull26/04/2020Crashed Cant verify my phone number
hydey ton26/04/2020Phone number not accepted The app will not accept my phone number
nitecrawler326/04/2020Extreme power consumption Wow this app took down my battery from 100 to 30 in just 20min..
Nick1200rt26/04/2020Poor effort I can’t register - app fails to get past entering the phone number - FAIL
quick one.26/04/2020Can’t register Doesn’t recognise my number... tried numerous times.
Germanphile26/04/2020Failing at phone number verification The app throws up an error at verifying the phone number
KAV07726/04/2020Does not recognise my phone number Can’t use it
azaxaz126/04/2020Aaaaa Can’t get past the verify mobile screen!
spaceistasty26/04/2020Great work Great Work
GooseGoogle2226/04/2020All good All good so far ðŸ'
antipodean_gourmet26/04/2020Could not register Refused to recognise my mobile number
Clydie6626/04/2020Karen Clydesdale Just tried to sign up it wld not take my mobile number and I cld not register
Siva Tharmalingam26/04/2020Siva Tharmalingam Mobile PIN option is not working..please further test
evilnat101026/04/2020won’t recognise my bluetooth no matter how many times i give it permission it won’t recognise my bluetooth and fully activate and my bluetooth is always on to sync with my other gadgets...frustrating
Honest.Feedback.26/04/2020Govt can’t do IT Can’t get past “error verifying phone number”..
Nu234677543114626/04/2020Will not download Can’t download it.
Nauticalnath26/04/2020Number verification This app refuses to verify my mobile number nice one guys What a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money ðŸ'Ž
NamTrakKid26/04/2020Won’t validate phone number Not working yet.
covid19ap26/04/2020New app Can’t logon. Won’t accept my mobile phone number
ICE-00026/04/2020Broken Can’t verify phone number?
Marcus the critic26/04/2020Can’t verify phone number Not a good start
Martykenny26/04/2020Broken Software testing is recommended before releasing apps. 🤡
jfsgcggc26/04/2020Good Amazing app first review
lambrill226/04/2020Silky Can register phone number
Jayhoward2323226/04/2020Not working App will not work says Invalid phone number
bmain100126/04/2020Error verifying phone number for PIN Not great start Error verifying phone number for PIN
19285!!;$26/04/2020Phone number verification fails.. Attempted multiple formats just keeps failing.
Michelles630326/04/2020Error Won’t recognise my phone number
BlG Tom26/04/2020Immunised me from coronavirus! Thanks Scomo
Macka4226/04/2020Coroners app If it gets us out of stinking lockdown then sign me up
Mrs A-P26/04/2020Mrs A-P Easy. Let’s do this Australia.
richie_colin26/04/2020Says phone is invalid Can’t sign up. Annoying.
Shamblowie26/04/2020Doesn’t work haha “Error verifying phone number” amazing
Harry195226/04/2020Heather Does not accept my phone number so can’t sign up ????????
Parky_12326/04/2020Can’t identify ph Can’t get past registration as it cannot verify my ph number
muho__6126/04/2020Can’t verify Can’t verify my phone number
Pattop226/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t get past log in stage
Br3nt0n26/04/2020PIN Verification Does Not Arrive Can’t use if number cannot be verified
lunayoshi26/04/2020Couldn’t complete reg Pin sent not working.
DJDarcy32126/04/2020Helps to stop the spread of COVID-19 Helps to stop the spread of COVID-19
Qwanza26/04/2020First Great app. Very happy.
TheAussieGeek26/04/2020Invaid phone number It will not accept Aus phone numbers
Peanutbuta26/04/2020Bugged Can’t register phone number
SaraLovesCake26/04/2020Can’t verify mobile Not a good start.
Huddo201026/04/2020Verifying Telstra mobile The app will not verify my Telstra mobile 419xxxxxx 0419xxxxxx Not sure if this is a bug or me?
Doha's girl26/04/2020it's....... not working somehow?? hello! i've entered my number but it keeps saying that it's incorrect ?!?!? something the problem??! that's my number tho??
Mr-Man98726/04/2020Usefull A very good app for tracing and stopping coronavirus
64Marc26/04/2020Marc Won’t accept my phone number.
lizxie5826/04/2020Sick of living in Oz Won’t accept my mobile no matter the form...really!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bumbledim26/04/2020Err Works fine
painfulparking26/04/2020Can’t verify mobile number Nice work guys 😂
Sherrianns ipod26/04/2020Great idea! I’m in!
Shsnsshzns26/04/2020Downloaded at 6:56pm 26/04
@matrix0126/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t be install great app NOT
ROM-00026/04/2020COVID SAFE Won’t load When installing it won’t go past 60%
covidsafe fail26/04/2020🤣🤣🤣 Was ANY testing done? Doesn’t verify mobile number COVIDSafe fail
mfactor726/04/2020Installed seamlessly Installed and activated by sms seamlessly ðŸ'
Amy Tominfigiur26/04/2020Meh... Scmo told me to download it
Pessem26/04/2020Install fail. PIN failing and unable to request new onw
River27826/04/2020Very nice It’s very nice
Bus_Traveller26/04/2020Great app! Works best on 5G
fredtheconquar26/04/2020Pin Won’t send me the PIN to my mobile
marvin122445626/04/2020cant setup i cant even get past the mobile phone number registration screen....
GrumpyOldMAJ26/04/2020Well Done NOT App doesnt recognise my phone number.
yoninaz26/04/2020Not open sourced Not open sourced
Bsg66626/04/2020Don’t download This App is a invasion of privacy! The Government can’t be trusted.
Kishacat26/04/2020New app Won’t verify my noble number
Alex Padula26/04/2020Yolly yolly yo he who Boo hoo it’s a good app
Tom16526/04/2020First First
mj jack 2326/04/2020Phone verification failure Phone verification not working
Drayto3026/04/2020Useless Wont let me verify my ph number?
boid6926/04/2020Boid69 I’m good to go :)
kiropun26/04/2020uh corona virus isn’t real it’s israel
JoJoDevine26/04/2020Jo It wound recognise my mobile so can’t proceed
Digweed4lifes26/04/2020error during signup could not register
Dazili26/04/2020Issues with phone registration Stuart Robert design this app? ðŸ˜'
Wong-1926/04/2020+61 phone numbers only Obviously overseas folk are not a threat...
Ben Macintosh26/04/2020h walk past me to be arrested
Tejr77726/04/2020Ok Works now.
LuckyChappy26/04/2020Great Good incentive
samuelorourke199626/04/2020Great Great app
Bradqirst26/04/2020Christos Not as good as angry birds but not bad
Impressed79926/04/2020ðŸ'ðŸ¼ Great idea.
shbdbfbtnt26/04/2020Dodgy as Developed by the Chinese Communist Government in partnership with the Australian government to help trace and track citizens
Piemanzzz26/04/2020Mr Mcmain Won’t recognise my phone number
twohandedbowler🎳26/04/2020Read below Stalkers.
nickhohnny26/04/2020First First review KNEGARRRR
mabland26/04/2020Solidarity Scotty ðŸ'
ang101 reviews26/04/2020Not working Good start Aust Gov
Sekbangsaen26/04/2020G’Day Sir! Cheers! G’Day Sir! Cheers!
DanJames12326/04/2020First Hey Jordy
Milo487826/04/2020Great! ..
lescbl0926/04/2020Cheers Scomo Xx
skjdshshsjaurbeiwhdh26/04/2020idk idk
nickarme26/04/2020Love it SUCH A GOOD GAME!
JackJage26/04/2020ðŸ' ðŸ"¥ðŸ"¥ðŸ"¥ðŸ˜ŽðŸ˜ŽðŸ˜Ž
DW10973026/04/2020Great! Excellent app
GapingRim26/04/2020Very good I like turtles
catpna26/04/2020Mrs Cosier Can’t enter on details ?
jaffa177126/04/2020Error message Can’t register as keep getting an error verifying phone number message
BlueEyedGirl8426/04/2020Error verifying phone number I can’t even register.
AP742026/04/2020Not verifying number keeps saying error verifying number to get pin
Wonderwomanjane26/04/2020Easy Worked without a hitch. Just make sure when prompted to enter your phone number to leave out the first 0 otherwise it will not work. (Standard when asked for your phone number and our country code +61 is already entered.)
gerald_of_rivia26/04/2020Ignore the bad reviews the app is fine You can register your number fine people just ignored all of the instructions and didn’t wait until 6pm when registration opened. Your data is safe there’s a 5 year gaol term for anyone who accesses it for any reason even through a court order and you can use a fake name if you want (I have) no other private details are required other then a post code and a phone number. Pls download this app. The eyes of the world are upon us to witness the first major country to beat the virus we’re almost there.
Paparooster26/04/2020All loaded Ok - hope I don’t need it See people having problems with phone numbers - entered mine minus leading zerogot message with 6 digit code entered - all seems okðŸ'
KidCovid26/04/2020OK Boomer Have trouble with your mobile number? You tried to sign in before 18:00 26/04. Have another go...
disappointed-99326/04/2020Privacy protection is too notch. On hearing the conditions put on the data collected and the fact that the code is open source I really cannot think of any extra steps the government could take to protect my privacy. I am an app developer and definitely no supporter of the current prime minister.
Rthumma26/04/2020Successfully registered Guess everyone typed 0 as well for phone number where as should have started with 4 as the country code prefix is already part of the app.
TashaaGoddess26/04/2020Had no issues Anyone reading this leave out the 0 at the start of your phone number and see if that works. So mine would be +61 412345862 or whatever instead of 04..... I had no issues verifying my mobile number at all.
Ajc41198326/04/2020App works For all those that say it does not work after the county code (+61) that is already entered out your mobile number in but without the first zero. This is standard practice when entering a mobile number after a country code!
Duzntmattr anyways26/04/2020Really? I read here that many people can’t get past the phone registration. Here is a helpful reply.. drop the “0” at the beginning of your mobile phone number. For example if your number is 0415 123 456 Then enter- 415 123 456 Done easy peasy.
KSil9426/04/2020For everyone commenting on the error! You must be entering your phone number incorrectly. It needs to be entered by dropping the 0 - as you would if you were calling an Australian mobile from overseas. For example 0412 345 678 would become 64 412 345 678. I did this and I got the pin within 4 seconds of hitting submit.
Dave42.Zip26/04/2020Initially Verification Issue but Sorted Now :) Initially it could no recognise my mobile number to send a verification code. Obviously teething issue which they have sorted and all registered no problems now :)
GGW6526/04/2020Me Hardest part was finding covidsafe in App Storelucky I went in through Aust covid virus appno problem registering when it asked for mobilecode was sent straight awaylet’s hope it saves lives .
DJR7226/04/2020Registered Flawlessly When registering your phone number you do not need to enter the first 0 when entering immediately after a country code. Ie +61 4*******
akmor9926/04/2020Installed and registered quickly and without issue Process was very quick. Got my verification code which was accepted and I am done.
S2F9726/04/2020Easy registration Simply looked at so many registration fails. Do not put zero at the start. It will send a pin code to your mobile. Insert the code and you are ready to go. The Wrong Number in blue is simply if you have entered the wrong number. Otherwise ignore it.
Voods983226/04/2020Don’t put a 0 at the start of your phone number For everyone saying your number wasn’t working when it prompts you for your number you DO NOT include the zero at the start. If you number was 0412 345 678 then you should put the following after the 61.... 412 345 678. Hope this helps.
kaz619326/04/2020Signed up Signed and verified in about 90 seconds - just had to walk upstairs for phone signal to get the verification code.
myles<26/04/2020Drop the 0 from the start of your mobile number eg the number 0455 555 555 should be entered as 455555555 (drop the zero)
nickjs726/04/2020Sign up works Enter your mobile number without the ‘0’ at the beginning because the ‘+61’ area code is there
Morphkurt26/04/2020Worked perfectly Took me 10s sign up and successfully received the verification code.
Crispy000126/04/2020Works fine. The app works fine. Just don’t put the 0 in from the front of your mobile number. 61 0141 should be 61 141
Adza126/04/2020Can’t Verify phone number I want to use this app but I can’t be sent the code to verify my phone number
pingudownunder26/04/2020PIA not released neither is source code More broken promises ... also this app doesn’t use the APIs being delivered by Apple and Google so for Bluetooth to work you have to have the app running and in the foreground? How useful is that ...
ant1993n26/04/2020For those at phone verification stage Since they have included the +61 you don’t have to enter the first 0 of your mobile phone. So if your phone number is 041234567. It’s actually +61 41234567. So enter 41234567 and you will get the SMS to verify.
doitforall26/04/2020Verifying phone number This is for those that have had trouble verifying their phone number.... drop the leading 0 it use international code (+61) so I think the 0 isn’t necessary. I did it and had no trouble.
UK_Merlin26/04/2020Piece of Piss Easy to set up register and use. Simple and intuitive. Won’t need it I am keeping away from everyone...!
DaveoAU26/04/2020Works fine. Registered fine. Works fine. Registered fine.
Derberty26/04/2020Error I’m getting an error after entering in my mobile number and trying to get the code also.
DJandyJB26/04/2020Rego works fine Had no issues a text code within seconds...didn’t use a ‘0’ in front of number.
Kye Fenton26/04/2020Works fine... Easy to setup got my verification code once I entered my phone number and together we can beat this beast...
DaneDuFer26/04/2020Don’t put the first 0 of your mobile phone number..... Easy to install saw a few reviews saying they can’t proceed past the mobile number’s got the +61 Australian country code so you don’t need to use the first 0 of your mobile number.....
safteythird26/04/2020Easy to register Used my mobile number without the 0 (due to country code being added by default) and it worked first go.
YokaV26/04/2020Can’t verify App does not recognise my phone number. I did my husband’s phone for him and there was no problem.This needs to be fixed urgently as many potential participators will be lost.
Ddownes26/04/2020All worked perfectly Downloaded and installed fine. Registration was straight forward and worked without issue. Some other reviews suggest not being able to register their mobile numbers. I think this may be because they are not dropping 0 off the front of their number as is the standard when using the international dial code +61
san-against-covid26/04/2020Works smoothly Installed easily- did not face the problem of the phone number verification. It took about a minute to get the verification code though.
Eli-shaw26/04/2020All good App works fine. Added my mobile phone number without the 0 my wife added the 0. It worked both ways. Got the text and entered the confirmation code. Accepted all questions. Up and running.
useyourbrain202026/04/2020Works fine to me To all those people who can’t understand how to enter a phone number properly then listen and learn. +61 is our region code. So all you have to do is drop the 0 from your number and enter it in. Eg. your phone number is 0412 345 678. In the app it would be +61 412 345 678.
LukeMcCallum26/04/2020If you use Facebook Google or Amazon don’t pretend. You don’t care about privacy. Despite the negative press I’m happy to install the app as I am out and about seeing clients so anything I can do to help myself and clients I’ll do.
Luketoh26/04/2020Easy to install and activate Simple app to install and activate. Those having issues should not include the 0 in front of their mobile numbers because when the country code is already included you drop the first zero in the number. App developer should automatically check for the zero and drop it for the users.
jenarch1626/04/2020There are NO set-up problems with this app All those people giving this app 1 star as they were not able to complete their registration - i.e. could not enter their phone number tried to register too early. They did not bother to actually read or listen to any information when the app was launched. Negative reviews written early on the 26/4/2020 referencing contact number issues should simply be IGNORED.
Stevie767726/04/2020Easy to use! The Australian International Dialing Code +61 is part of the mobile phone number registration therefore don’t include the 0 at the beginning of your mobile number that is the reason why so many of you are having registration issues.
jennisunhappy26/04/2020Working It’s working for me 26/4/20 20:50AEST Apple IPhone 6
LKL registered26/04/2020Improve information The following information “ When the app recognises another user it notes the date time distance and duration of the contact and the other user’s reference code. The COVIDSafe app does not collect your location.” should repeat that phone “nor records the phone number of a person in Bluetooth vicinity” You should as well inform clearly what is recorded at the central server during registration (unique ID allocated during registration and other data provided at that time: phone no name post code of normal location) Public announcements should warn about multiple similar application (one from Abu Dhabi seems to allow register Australian phone number) and clearly promote to look for Australian Health Dpt as owner/supplier and make icon of this app visible through whole promotion
hangs and crashes26/04/2020Worked immediately No problem downloading and registering. Code came through within seconds. Easy process (for me anyway)
Dan08926/04/2020Easy sign up Are the people getting a sign up error dropping the zero from their phone number? It has the +61 so don’t include 0 Like 404 123 123
DynamiteComet26/04/2020Quick and easy Simple to install SMS message with confirmation code came through straight away. So easy.
Btegcl26/04/2020Easy to use The easiest app to download. I understand that some people are having trouble with the mobile phone number. Given the mobile starts with the Australian international prefix (+61) you then need to enter your mobile without the first 0 e.g. (+61) 400 000 000.
Young Tully 😙26/04/2020Easy install No problem installing. Accepted my mobile number straight away. I dropped the first 0 as country code was in front
it worked first time26/04/2020Works perfectly Assuming you remove the first ‘0’ from your mobile number - as when there is international code the first ‘0’ isn’t needed - it registered straight away and was up and running in less than 30 seconds
Convenient App....9626/04/2020Use the international code When entering your mobile number the app shows the Australian international code (+61) so type everything after the first 0 for example if your number is 0412 345 678 you only need to input “412 345 678” because the international code is at the start
Debdu4426/04/2020How to fix mobile verification When u put your number in drop the first 0 in your number. The app has +61 which is Aus international prefix you need to drop the first 0 then you will get the code ie if number is 012345678 you enter 12355678
docfrommelb26/04/2020Works fine Download installed OK registered easy - reminder to omit the initial zero since it prompts with the international +61 code. Works fine after that. IOS inserts the pin code automatically making it easy.
Th3_M1CR0WAV326/04/2020Phone number verification now works. Phone number verification now works.
D127377326/04/2020Works for me! I don’t know why so many people have issues registering their mobile numbers. When entering your mobile number don’t enter the leading zero (0) of your number (as your number is preceded by the country code). Hope that helps!
Hushles26/04/2020All good right now When typing in the numberdo not put the first 0. Everything is good right nowhope it will help.And making Australia great again
Katrinastrat26/04/2020Verify phone number I think the app is a great idea and for those who can’t get past the phone number verification question ensure you DON’T include the zero at the start of your mobile number. After the country code of 61 add your mobile phone number without the zero at the start. Wondering if this may have been your problem as mine went through easily first go.
Calypso Lulu26/04/2020Mobile number For everyone saying they cannot enter mobile- Please omit the zero at the beginning of your mobile number as it’s a 61 area code entry. Then it should be fine. Stay safe everyone. This will help us contain this virus....
ffffffftttttyyyuu26/04/2020Verification Code Didn’t initially send verification code out but when I turned off wifi and re-started app installation it worked perfectly
Shaggy196426/04/2020Major accessibility issues with this app Thisapp has major acceessiblity issues. Buttons not label correctly the verify button was not detected by VoiceOver labels of edit fields are not correctly labelled and more. Very disappointing for such a simple app and from the government. As Covid-19 impacts everyone and some care should have been done to ensure everyone can access the app.dor
janpel26/04/2020Cannot verify mobile Can only access code by exiting the app but when I return the app sends you back to the beginning of registering therefore unable to register.
Ibsn26/04/2020Who wouldn’t want to know if they have been near someone who tests positive? I hope people get on board. I have no issue with privacy concerns. The code has been open sourced to public scrutiny and found to work as described. Using google or Facebook is FAR FAR more intrusive then what this does. So anyone complaining about privacy is ignorant. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE BEEN SITTING NEXT TO SOMEONE WHO SUBSEQUENTLY TESTS POSITIVE CORONA VIRUS!? Good work to the devs. Just hopefully all your work was in vein and we crush the virus. Let’s hope Aussies are smart enough to all get on board protect each-other with Bluetooth and don’t listen to idiots like Barnaby Joyce who literally have no idea.
Bumlegs26/04/2020Keeps crashing during registration Keeps crashing during registration
bfsmi26/04/2020App fail App isn’t working - it tells me my details are not wont accept my phone number which is correct
Good Aussie26/04/2020Happy to do my part As Aussie’s we have to do our part. I have no issue with privacy concerns given I use google Waze amazon and various other apps that monitor my activities and movements in a much more invasive and less worthwhile way than this potentially life saving app!
matt09812326/04/2020Simple install Impressed by ease of install. As it’s Australian only remove the country code and allow ppl to put in their typical mobile number (prefix with 0 instead of +61)... this will save some ppl from claiming it doesn’t work
jasethame26/04/2020The screen keeps flashing and registration cannot be completed Serious problem The screen keeps flashing and registration cannot be completed Serious problem
AmericanAmbrose26/04/2020Community equanimity First let me start off by saying I’m an American as such liberty and privacy are deeply important. But there is one idea that underlines all of that and that is the value of the community itself in general the community must be safe or individual rights and freedoms mean little. Can I having this data be abused! Absolutely in many different ways. However I think we have to trust for the sake of the community as a whole and accept the risk to the individual. It is said that those who give up liberty and rights in fear do not deserve either liberty or rights. That’s not what’s going on here at least not for me. It’s about safety I will give up some of my freedom to keep the community safe as a whole. And maybe just maybe we can come out the other side of all this as a better community one that actually looks after each other in the world around us. I’m grateful to be in Australia 😌 Ambrose covid19 - 2020
Thecrawf7326/04/2020Phone number Mmm I think I know my mobile phone number to get the verification code sent.
larrylaffer11126/04/2020Doesn’t work How poor a developer or engineer must you be at coding apps to not even be able to code it to send a verification code. And not know it does not work beyond the second screen before releasing it. Wow!
Avocasign26/04/2020Won’t except my details Keeps saying my details are wrong I know my name how old my post code and my mobile number so couldn’t go any further
B2_Bruce26/04/2020Auto fill for name post code and phone number not enabled. This is standard functionality on apple apps and would ensure faster and more accurate registration
Chrysalid197726/04/2020Won’t accept my Australian Mobile number Won’t accept my Australian mobile number. Just gives error code and stops
aushonest26/04/2020Trying to install Doesn’t accept phone number 2 send code
imperialism 74726/04/2020Error phone number verification Error phone number verification
Marvin HHGTTG26/04/2020Registration... Cannot get past entering my phone number. System tells me there’s an error verifying the number. There’s also an inconsistency with the country code being shown. When the code is used it’s normal to omit the 0 of the mobile number but no the app allows the zero. Wait ! I have just realised what the problem is it’s probably made in China.
Satisfied 2526/04/2020Doesn’t work Will not accept my phone number in any format so I cannot get the code to use it
Paul.mckinnon26/04/2020Can’t register phone number... App not working 26/4. 515pm
DopeyBear68126/04/2020Error verifying phone number Error verifying phone number
Mrenton26/04/2020Issues with registration The app will not go past the mobile pin code part of the registration process.
actron-user26/04/2020Cannot get registration code I’m stuck on the step where I enter my phone number. Entering with or without the leading zero results in “error verifying phone number”. Edit: so it seems the app was release before the back-end was ready. Looks like you have to wait until 6pm to register.
ReidPurvis26/04/2020App registration with SMS Code not working App registration with SMS Code not working
Mickphoenix7626/04/2020Phone number entry doesn’t work When asked to enter your phone number to receive a verification code it doesn’t accept my number.
jc?!26/04/2020Hmmm. Doesn’t accept my mob ph#.
Greg 1132426/04/2020Goodbye Private Data How refreshing to see the liberal government doing some of their best most corrupt work in the name of public safety. Why give a big contract to a local business in desperate need when you can send it offshore for the cheapest price having our data stored overseas and the US government being legally able to seize it. Bravo Scotty from marketing. New heights.
Edutechead26/04/2020Rego failed Submitted pound number. No code.
NerfShudderwock26/04/2020App keeps giving me error message when I put mobile phone number in I am trying to install app - I get to the screen where I have to put in my mobile number in order to be sent a 6 digit code. Despite multiple attempts I keep getting an error message asking me to check and try again. Can you advise?
opensourceorbust26/04/2020Not open source as promised They didn’t release the code open source as promised. No idea what they are actually doing with our data
Grendels26/04/2020Registration process not yet activated Registration process not yet activated
Mattc197126/04/2020Fails on mobile number App fails to recognise my phone number to send a pin code
Taradb27/04/2020Let’s work together and do what it takes When so much is at stake in terms of lives livelihoods all aspects of wellbeing and quality of life I feel that downloading this app is the least that I can do. I am confident the limited data collected will not be misused and I found the app itself to be really quick and straightforward to download and set up. One of the other reviewers said to omit the ‘0’ when entering mobile numbers to fit with the international dialling format. Maybe this is why I did not experience the same issues as a few others. In any case it is great to see so many people being proactive about downloading this app. Please let’s all work together and do whatever it takes to beat the coronavirus look after our communities and help restore health to all aspects of our beautiful nation.
Guy Aus27/04/2020Doing my bit to Stop the spread. Easy Fast Reassuring. I’m a sceptic when it comes to government apps but I read the Privacy Policy and felt reassured that I could use a fake name only asked for my age range postcode and phone number. I was reassured my location is not tracked or recorded and it’s deleted every 21 days. The app only works on Bluetooth signal strength vicinity to record distance from potential infected people. Reassured and feel like I’m doing my bit for my friends family and country co I can be contacted ASAP if I came close to anyone who ends up infected. Brilliant bit or technology actually. I turn off at night when I’m sleeping into ‘Airplane Mode’ so it not emitting signals while I sleep. If you’re an Aussie and care you’d download it too and delete this app in a month or so when this all blows over! 😜🍻
Ally_K8727/04/2020Let’s save lives! Less than 30 seconds to install and register. If you have ever had anything to do with Aus Gov they already have more info than this app provides them with. I used a pseudonym no problem. It doesn’t ask to use your location services (so no it’s not a ‘tracking app’) it only uses Bluetooth signals to ping off other app users (that’s why it asks you to keep app running in background and Bluetooth on). You enter your mobile number so if a user is diagnosed and they upload their data which has used Bluetooth to ping other users (in close proximity for more than 15mins) by putting our mobile numbers in it allows the health dept. to be able to contact us not by using a location service. If you have any app on your phone that uses location services it’s more invasive than this one. You have to upload your data for it to be accessible otherwise it is kept on your phone. Even if it did use location services (which it doesn’t) I’d rather give access to the govt of my location for a couple of months than potentially be in ICU or be responsible for someone else being in ICU.
AndyAdminFlys27/04/2020Drop the leading zero from your phone number It worked without issues on an iPhone XS. to those that espouse issues around privacy just remember that your decisions have ramifications beyond just you. If this fails then it’ll fail because people like you are choosing to make it fail. Let me know later if privacy is that important while passing away from COVID because we as a country couldn’t trace the person you caught it from due to oercieved privacy issues. For those that have highlighted technical issues around the software you are letting perfection be the enemy of fit for purpose. I want this now not in 4weeks time. I’m not employed by the Federal or State Government's directly or as a contractor. I am an IT guy.
Kvishal27/04/2020A really focused contact tracing app Just installed this. If you are in Australia please install it too. For anyone with concerns about privacy from a technical perspective this saves Far Less data than Facebook or Google Maps. It also only saves nearby phones if you have been together for 15 mins. And without GPS it doesn’t provide hotspot data. It also does not continuously send data instead doing a download of positive cases. Overall it’s extremely limited compared to what’s being hyped. Still some mechanism to be alerted to being at risk is better than nothing. Please install.
AconnectJS27/04/2020Save someone’s life I think this app is a great Inititive. For the fearful...If it proves to take away your privacy delete it. Ironically this APP will give back some freedoms. By the way; I have an IT company. If you own a device that can download this app than you can already be tracked but there is not a big computer in the sky trying to figure out your every move they only want to sell you google androids and apples terms and conditions. You have already given up those rights before you downloaded this APP. But this APP will save lives! Get behind it. Support each other.
Julie in FItzroy27/04/2020Very simple to download and quick to register I’m all set up ... whoo hoo🥳. This marvellous app was very simple to download and quick to register. I hope EVERYONE downloads it as it will keep us all safe AND ALIVE. I am satisfied the Australian Government has diligently built in all the checks and balances to make this site secure - even though we only have to enter the most basic information so we can be contacted if we unknowingly come into contact with a ‘carrier’ of the deadly virus. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. ðŸ'ðŸ'ðŸ'ðŸ™ðŸ™ðŸ™ðŸ'ðŸ'ðŸ' * I would not be surprised in the least if other countries struggling to stop the carnage adopted this app.
itsrenatak27/04/2020Great App for COVID tracking Doesn’t work on an iPhone in the Background I downloaded this app but soon deleted it when I read online that for it to actually work you need to have it open all the time on your iPhone and you need to have your iPhone unlocked and have the app always on and it apparently chews up battery life on an iPhone leaving it open. It is easy to register to get in the app and it gives you a PIN number over text message to verify in the app for it to load your details you submitted. I read it will notify you when the pandemic is over to delete the app on notifications or maybe text message.
SelonQui27/04/2020Needs to be a little clearer The government’s contact tracing app seems fine but there’s a hiccup with the blue button at the bottom you can press to send your data to the health authorities when requested. The app designers have (I assume) assumed that you will only press this button if you test positive to covid-19 so the first thing it says is “you have tested positive for covid-19”. Facebook is already awash with misunderstandings about how the app works and what it does so I’ll be curious to see whether there are edge cases wherein people see this and assume that there’s a database somewhere showing them as infected.
Saxford27/04/2020Easy way to make everyone safer Easy to install and sign up on iPhone. Does not seem to drain battery. I’d personally like to know if I’d been in contact with a positive case so I can protect my family and my workmates. Significant effort has been put into maximising privacy the government know they will be strung up if there is a breach. I imagine 99% of the apps on your phone have worse privacy vulnerability than this. Do your part and protect everyone around you! Australia is winning this fight and you can help!
ArleneMC27/04/2020Doing what’s needed to control CoVid19 This app is safer than I originally thought. It’s crowdsourced information and not invading personal information. I already use several crowdsourcing apps. After reading the privacy information I happily installed it. I have literally far more invasive apps installed! MyGov google Social networking banks. As a nurse .. I would have installed it regardless as anything to help Australia fight this virus is important. I’d expect all HCW and first responders to have this installed. #justdoit #fightcorona
peteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee27/04/2020Let’s Do It Australia No issues. Signed up and running. Easy. Great info on the registration screens. Just a name a phone number required. No GPS. Excellent. Much better than Facebook and google who ask you for your first born and track your every search keyword date of birth every travel-movement your friends your family .... etc. come on everyone - get on board. Such a simple low risk thing to keep us all safe. Stay safe everyone.
sparky_rat27/04/2020Doesn’t Allow non-AU mobile numbers! I am an AU citizen. Who normally lives overseas. Came here and got stuck (blessing now) when Corona broke out across the world. I want to do my part as I am living with family and 2 are essential workers. But my UK phone plan is better value than an Aussie one so I’m not interested in getting a Aussie one (and having to pay twice for phone sims) - i don’t understand why it’s necessary to have a AU number only. There will be so many people in Australia for any number of reasons who don’t have an AU number who will still want to download this and do the right thing. So please Australian Government please open this up to any phone number.
Mikecwwww27/04/2020Brilliant idea This is a brilliant idea. It’s something everyone who has a comparable mobile device can do. Our medical front line have been doing so much now everyone else can do there bit. If your worried about the app tracking you the which it can’t . Why do you have a mobile phone. Your already been tracked by your phone manufacturer service provided and other apps you’ve e downloaded.
GiJov27/04/2020It’s absolutely the right thing to do! It’s absolutely the right thing to do. It’s for the common good. We are in a public emergency. We need to take the context into consideration this app could keep our family and citizens safe. This app could keep the community safer as is safe distancing. The risks introduced by the app is balanced to potential benefits it could deliver; which could be ‘saving a life’! Delete it when the pandemic is over...
Cluelessplayer27/04/2020If you have trouble getting PIN number. Had trouble getting past entering my phone number and getting pin. Kept getting a message to say they couldn’t verify phone number! Yes I did delete the 0 from the beginning of the number. 😊 If you find you have problems too.... the trick is to turn off your wifi. It works using the mobile data!!
darazz27/04/2020I’m Okay - Privacy All seems good to me other apps and web sites know more about you anyway so many other apps out there that trace you! If this app reduces the current lockdown we are all in then it has to be for the better. My concern is remembering to have the app running in the background and my battery life if it reduces my battery quickly unfortunately it’s gone.
zeafer27/04/2020Bluetooth limitations on iPhone The app currently only works when you have it open and your iPhone unlocked. Apple does not allow app developers to access Bluetooth from the background - so as soon as you open a different app or lock your phone this app doesn’t work. There is a change coming but not for another week or so. Hoping this app is updated to take advantage of the change ASAP!
gordino7927/04/2020Quick and easy I’m usually a bit sceptical about using certain government apps. It says on the news it’s encrypted protects your details and you don’t have to give your real name. Only People who can contact you is the health professionals and NOT even the police can access it. If you want to get this epidemic done and over with get the app. It can also protect you too.
Geoff_za27/04/2020Happy to download but only urgent notifications please! Happy to provide less info than most common apps ask for but please... I don't want notifications unless there is a problem... I don't need to be reminded to keep my bluetooth on when it is in fact on... A notification just popped up and my heart rate spiked! I want to keep notifications on to be responsive... But your app is going to get deleted if you continue!
Maddy Noble27/04/2020Very Easy And Simple Signed up very quickly. I’ve seen reviews saying that the word CovidSafe keeps coming up on the screen. This happens when you tip your phone upside down so the screen faces down it is to safe power. So when signing up just try to keep your phone level or screen pointing upwards and it won’t happen. Hope this helps.
Suzem1327/04/2020Finally managed to get Pin I gave this a one star after being unable to get past the “error verifying phone number” message and I was unable to get a pin after several attempts. Then I switched off my WiFi and just used 4G and it worked straight away! Maybe they need to include that in the instructions.
VoxP27/04/2020Error verifying phone number App will have an error during registration process when you submit your mobile phone and you used an alias name with a number in it. The error message will say “Error verifying phone number” which is not a helpful error message. To fix this simply change your alias name and remove the numbers or possibly any other special characters in it.
midlap27/04/2020Great app It has a rough launch but has a easy set up and is simple to use. While on the topic it’s pretty entertaining to read the conspiracy theories in the other reviews. One guy was upset that it would send you a message if you came in contact with an infected person claiming it an evil invasion of their privacy. Little by little I’m losing faith in people.
•_• ;)27/04/2020I’m confident! iPhone 11 Max Pro super easy required far less information than other apps. Didn’t even ask for e-mail address. I work in construction and believe that this app gives me the best chance to keep those at home I love safe by alerting me of any risk that I should be concerned about that I would otherwise be unaware of.
TuckMasterFOS27/04/2020If you have the mobile number issue / error If you having the issue that it can not verify your mobile number error. Make sure that you have wifi off! In other words be on 4G / mobile data. Hope that helps and stay safe
Scooter Bigglesworth27/04/2020Possible solution for phone number problem Tried numerous times to register mobile number. Failure after failure while connected to wi fi. Tried disconnecting wifi to use 4G and verification number was sent instantly. Fully endorse the purpose of the app. The herd needs to work together
heath195527/04/2020Appears to be a problem installing on wifi I couldn’t get the thing to accept my phone number (yes it was in right format). Scrolling thru comments and saw a comment about wifi. Turned off wifi and voila! It worked. This looks to be a bug that needs fixing. Or give people a hint on the app would avoid a lot of frustration. Otherwise great initiative.
RobyK27/04/2020Thank you Australia Every little bit helps. Easy to download. Set and forget until the time comes that you get diagnosed or called to say you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed. Then the magic of contact tracing becomes so much easier. Who knows this could save someone elses life.
Kirstenaaa27/04/2020Still can’t verify phone number : ( I have not been able to verify my phone number through this app yet to get it working. I’ve deleted & re-installed dropped the 0 tried many times. Anyone have any ideas?? I’ve left 4 stars as I don’t want to de-value the app but it is a bit frustrating as I don’t know who to contact about this. Thanks
Gaz in WA27/04/2020Doesn’t work on my IPhone 7. I can’t get past the stage when I enter my phone number. Turned off wifi. Closed all other apps and did a hard reset on the phone. Restarted phone and clicked on the COVIDSafe App. Registration only took a few seconds and it appears to be working fine now. ðŸ'
dsut100027/04/2020Phone number verification error fix If you see this error check to make sure you’re not on a wifi connection. You need to be on a mobile data connection to complete the verification process. Just thought I’d share what I worked out as a fix after seeing the same error as many others.
Tonners418427/04/2020Would be great if it worked! Have now tried to enter my mobile number at least 20 times both with the 0 at the front and without and it keeps giving an error message! I would hope that this gets fixed quickly because I’m a willing participant and I’m getting frustrated if anyone was a reluctant participant and this error happened continuously I think they would lose a lot of people and those people would just say oh well I tried and it didn’t work! Sort it out!
MofoJonathanJo27/04/2020Please download This app is all about saving lives so please install on your iPhone. I did so immediately when it went live and it works fantastically. Your privacy will be safe but please think of everyones health and safety first as a priority. Think of your family your friends and what you can do to help.
Australasia My Thoughts27/04/2020Turn WiFi off to register!!!! Wish that was instructions!!!! I want to install this app for all that it supports. However the app won’t accept my phone number and says I need to check my details ... I’ve entered both with the 0 and without multiple times ... i have now also deleted the app and retried multiple times. I hope they are basing their registration count on successfully registered numbers and not app downloads!! Imagine how many registrations there would be if this was smooth sailing!
Fhgcvg27/04/2020Download if you want to get back to the pub As I was trying to fill in details the screen would fade to black and say COVIDSafe in the centre randomly and frequently made it really difficult to fill it out. Might be enough to stop a lot of people from completing so maybe fix that up soon
shadykins-au27/04/2020To the team ... I’d like to thank the PO BA designer content writer developer tester QA architect etc who know doubt worked some long nights to get this approved and out the door in such a small timeframe. I’m sure navigating it through risk compliance and legal while still making it understandable was fun. From one who know what’s involved - I thank you!
TeejayRyan27/04/2020No details needed - it’s perfect You just put your name (don’t even have to use real name) and your age range (20’s 40’s etc). It doesn’t “track you” it just keeps track of all the people you go near then if someone has it you find out right away not weeks later. Perfect!
Syd Harbour27/04/2020Well done and thank you A lot fail to understand that the likes of twitter and Facebook already take so much data and sell it or use it to target you. This app saves lives and Data is only released if you authorise it. Easy to use no fine print. Well done.
brett said27/04/2020Would a watch app be better? It’s a good initiative and the app is well considered and designed taking into account the turn around time required. Not an expert would a watch app be better considering the limitations of Bluetooth on a phone? Locked screen background processing etc.
Monchi7127/04/2020Availability for visa holders Make the app available for all country iTunes accounts because any person visiting or a visa holder probably has their home country iTunes and if you don’t make it available to them it will limit the info. 1.6million temp visa holders are currently in Australia so it’s worth doing
Sharu14327/04/2020Easy to access I find it easy to access. Definitely recommend it to others. Good friend of mine sent it to me and I shared it with my family and friends. Hopefully soon this will over and we’ll be back to our everyday life😊 Thanks for creating this app😇
WOPA00827/04/2020USELESS Needs access to functions that I don’t use. Pointless for me as the app would never work. Better option have an app that tells people that face masks won’t stop you getting COVID and if you’re wearing a face mask then obviously you should’ve be out and about as you’re a risk to everyone else because you have COVID. Of better still an app that tells you which local supermarkets have the types/brands of pasta rice flour hand soap toilet paper and tissues in stock do you can actually get what you need.
ITDirectorUkOx27/04/2020Protecting Each Other 🤝 As an Australian Permanent Resident but UK national I am extremely fortunate to be in this beautiful country during such a globally challenging time for all peoples. This app is testament to the Australian government exercising its primary duty to protect its people. The more of us that download the quicker we can all get back normal and back to work.
Z1mb027/04/2020Found the problem For those getting an error "Error verifying number" try turning off your wifi and use mobile data instead that solved it in my case and of course no leading zero on your number.
Kellieja27/04/2020Turn WiFi off to verify phone number I installed on both mine and my mums phone. No issues installing on my phone and once we turned off wifi on mums phone she was able to verify her number and install it with no issues.
waggers0527/04/2020COVIDSafe I downloaded the app with no dramas and hope that most Aussies do so too in order to help the the country get back to pre COVID conditions. One suggestion I’d love to see would be extending the app to smart watches. On many occasions I leave my phone at home as I can also use my watch as a phone.
My cat is plotting...27/04/2020Easy decision. Hints for those worried.... * The government has your details already through our tax and Medicare - just download the app. * The app isn’t using location data just Bluetooth to see if you came near someone - just download the app. * No one in the government is really interested in your personal conversations with your cat. The app doesn’t record them - just download the app. Be a part of something to get Australia back up and running. Just. Download. The. App 😊 If you’re still scared/paranoid then don’t. But never complain about isolation or restrictions again.
MalcolmThe Golfer27/04/2020Easy to load and register then just let it run Straight off the App Store enter a few easy details and a couple op settings to accept. It doesn’t get much easier to help the country to get through this and once it’s going you need to do nothing.
K8tie7527/04/2020Error verifying mobile number I had the above error but found if I turned my wifi off and then put my number in it worked! Then went back in and turned wifi back on again!
Therodster2327/04/2020What’s the problem? The Government have your name phone number and postcode anyway. So why not use the app to help everyone? People seem ok to give these details to Facebook and dating apps but not an app that can save lives? Hmmmm makes you wonder. Do it for it for you’re community.
jenniferc110427/04/2020do your part Stop being paranoid of the government being able to track you that should be the least of your worries right now! The faster this is over with the quicker we can recover from this pandemic
Coconut Icing27/04/2020Use different colour scheme if app is inactive Is it worth entertaining the idea that when the app is installed but a user has not kept it active and or the Bluetooth bit is not running the app turns from its green colour scheme to another ‘alerting’ colour as part of its notification to the user?
stt845727/04/2020Error verifying mobile number The app looks promising and could prove to be very effective in controlling the spread of virus using technology. As a responsible Australian I also wanted to contribute to the community in helping contact tracing however i gave up after trying for the whole day to register my mobile number. Every time It throws error: error verifying mobile number.
alec mack27/04/2020No privacy concerns I’m the suspicious type but their Privacy Policy explains you don’t need to use your real name. Doesn’t use GPS. No address information. The only accurate information required about you is your phone number.
G-Fru27/04/2020Join the fight If you are lying in bed trying to use this app with your phone above your face then you might only see the splash screen... tilt your phone up! Looks to me like the devs switch to a low power image when you tilt the phone.
alittlebitdifferent27/04/2020Cyclists often only have smart watches - just a thought. The app seems straight forward however outside of grocery shopping we only leave our home for exercise - When exercising we often only carry a smart watch. Are you missing low hanging interactions ( eg: grabbing a takeaway coffee at the end of a ride ) by only having a phone app.
Corbaisru27/04/2020Not recognising number - turn off wifi Update: worked once I turned off wifi. ”Same problem as others the app will not recognise my phone number with or without the 0.” One star
TammyBee27/04/2020Fix for mobile registering problem I had dramas getting it to register my mobile number. I tried several times but in the end I turned off wifi on my phone & it worked straight away. Doing my bit to help Australia’s economy & get us out of self isolation sooner.
anon_@&$27/04/2020Technology clash Constant Bluetooth search by the app for nearby devices severely interferes with performance of other Bluetooth technologies in vicinity eg computer peripherals. Have to turn Phone (and therefore covidsafes) Bluetooth to be able to continue to work. This then requires me to actually remember to turn it on again when leaving the house. Not a great user experience
patschwarz_27/04/2020I trust them I trust the government in trying to stop the spread - in full support of this app and thankful that they have released it so soon it works well and uses bluetooth to locate you - not location services!! stay home save lives and stop the spread !!
Rater 012327/04/2020Easy to register obvious privacy concern It’s simple to setup and explains everything well. Obviously there is a privacy concern to the app but if handled well it shouldn’t be an issue. It appears that many of the negative reviews here are due to people trying to register before verification opened causing errors.
Tahnei3127/04/2020Help! Want to have the app; but unfortunately I do not do the ow have a mobile number but I do have an iPhone that I carry around.(self funding issue) without verifying a mobile number I can’t get the app? Maybe add an email option ðŸ'ðŸ½
loveandsunshine27/04/2020Expiry of verification number needs to be slower Happy to help elderly family with the installation of this important app. My feedback is that the verification number expires too quickly and they were unable to get it entered within the time limit. Can the expiry be extended or can a different verification be used so that all Australians who want to do their bit are able to participate. Otherwise well done!
Mariobrother201227/04/2020Useful app My only gripe is that the upload my information button should have had a few steps/warnings before allowing to press the button. I can lots of people clicking that button accidentally and then being told they are positive.
Smythe9927/04/2020Must have iOS 10+ Fine for me but my mum in her 70s uses an old iPhone 4 hand me down and can’t download it due to software limitations. This has to be a common situation for the older generation by whom this app should ideally be used. Please bring out a version compatible with earlier versions of iOS!
feher4427/04/2020Finally got it working For anyone getting the error saying invalid details when entering their phone number. I was having the same troubles (yes even when I didn’t put 0 at the front). I tried using my mobile data instead of wifi and it work first go! All fast and simple apart from this weird glitch
Ruby Guthrie27/04/2020Very good! This app is one of the best ideas the government has had so far! It is easy to download and once you have done that You don’t have to do anything else! Stay safe! Ps. Everyone wash your hands and only go out of your house if you need too!
KJRPerth27/04/2020Works really well so far Nothing to lose only things to gain by using this. I develop this stuff for a living so I can tell you it's safe. The government isn't going to know more about you than they already do.
Pennoze27/04/2020Works fine Some issues at initial launch but it works fine now. Reassured by people who have decompiled it particularly that my contact details aren’t being sent to the other people I am in range of.
Magnamum27/04/2020Easy to set up / lets do this Aussie It’s only keeping details of your proximity to any other mobile with same app need blue tooth on. We need this technology to quickly respond to any new breakouts - but like the disease we need the majority of aussies to be using it.
Brizman27/04/2020Well done! Brilliant install but may need clarification on two points: Drop the first 0 when adding your mobile number Keeping the app running...? I presume it runs in the background as long as I don’t delete it.
JP Monck27/04/2020Great Initiative to Stop COVID-19 Contact tracing is one of the proven methodologies to actually track the spread of the virus and isolate it’s progress. This is critical to saving lives and well worth everybody doing their bit to participate. App works well and without a hitch now. Thanks for making it happen.
jykgaykg27/04/2020Well done To the developers of this app and Aussie government brilliant initiative! Let’s keep us safe and keep our privacy safe. I was a bit of a skeptic initially but feel assured my privacy is being protected. This is the best way for us Aussie’s to kick this virus and get back to our normal life - because this lockdown life is ultra boring!
Bdnstn27/04/2020Easiest thing you can do to reduce the spread of Covid-19 Easy to install and use. Installed in less time than it takes to properly wash your hands. Do something good for yourself and your community by installing and using this app.
Matthew Meharg27/04/2020Greatest App I will download this year Will the challenges around the world we have faced in 2020 this app helps health professionals in being able to stop the spread of the dreadful coronavirus. Easy to register with just a name age range postcode and phone number.
MilesyR27/04/2020I Give Up I can’t get the six digit pin and have tried 10 times or more I read up on all the info about the correct phone number format but still no joy! I’ve tried turning the Bluetooth off and on and no luck I’ve deleted the app and tried again and you guessed it no luck. I’m taking offence at being told there is an “Error verifying phone number and please to check my details and try again”.........really!
logro427/04/2020Verifying phone number issues If you are having issues verifying your phone number switch off you wifi and register with mobile data. It should work straight away then.
BoBo 300027/04/2020Works now Had error verifying phone number and then started to glitch with black screen with Covid safe logo. I just removed numbers from my name and had no issues at all logging in.
JTango1827/04/2020Not effective on iOS While I applaud the Governments attempt to get this app in to the hands of Aussie citizens the technical reality is that in its current state this app is useless. The technical constraints within iOS mean that this app must be open and in the foreground to function. The second that you do something else like open another app take a phone call or lock your phone; this app no longer works at all. A disappointing false start.
maddie32323227/04/2020Fine From a UX point of view I wish they had of led with the why and not the how to begin with when installing the app. An overwhelming amount of information at the beginning and having to swipe through all of that didn’t make the key message clear or incentivise installation. It’s an important tool at this time and should be simplified for those who aren’t patient or tech savvy.
Peter357927/04/2020Read the fine print. I was under the impression the data this app generates and my personal information would only be used for COVID19 tracking. But the fine print tells a different story. Pretty disappointing. In the Privacy Policy it says: We will also use or disclose your personal information to: ensure the proper and lawful functioning of COVIDSafe if it is necessary prosecute a breach of the law in relation to contact tracing under the Biosecurity Determination and the Biosecurity Act 2015
El qwerty27/04/2020Finally worked Read the reviews and saw one that removed the number from their name to make it work. Did the same and Hallelujah - worked immediately. Why can’t that simple rule be explained at the point of entry? When I tried at 6pm there were nearly 1000 negative reviews - all having their mobile rejected 🙁
Fghjjhgx27/04/2020No worse than social media Anyone suggesting this is an invasion of their privacy should consider the benefits. Funny how we’ve got nowhere near as many objections to social media tracking our every move...
Dissapointed Plant27/04/2020Protecting others & protecting myself Participating with that app is for me a no brainer. If I can protect others my friends family and mates then I’m IN!!! People can get tested earlier and the spread gets stopped earlier. That’s how Germany does it and they have a very low death rate!
MuHoney27/04/2020Black screen The only problem it that the screen goes goes black when the phone is face down if you’re using the phone in bed for example...
Mish020227/04/2020Works fine Let’s all do this WA. Other apps you use every day track more info about you than this one does. No problems down loading was quick and easy.
The Adjudicator27/04/2020I’ve given more info for other apps Lose the hysteria. All the big corporations have way more information and I’m sure they sell it on. This app will help us get the jump on COVID which is exactly what we need
Bijiboy200827/04/2020Easy install Easy install but not sure whether it needs to be running to work. The app is not clear about this. I don’t like apps running in the background so I usually kill off any non current apps. More information required.
Miss kaz27/04/2020Too easy The app could not be easier to set up. Great initiative by the Australian Government to help keep us safe through this pandemic. It’s like an insurance policy there only if you need it. No privacy concerns. Help the community and get it on your phone.
Bobjaan27/04/2020Doesn’t lock the screen The app seems to work but it doesn’t lock the screen. This can be a major security issue. The advise is to “keep the app running”. This will not be a good user experience to be forced to keep this app on the foreground let alone remember to do it whenever we go out shopping.
LetsGetOutAustralia27/04/2020Download to end the restrictions Easy to install. Asks to send notifications. OK. Asks to use Bluetooth. OK. Does NOT ask to use location services! Please Download and leave running in the background so we can get back to normal Australia!
GregWS27/04/2020Clunky. Needs fixing. Want to be a pandemic contributor. Easy download. Easy signup using Alias. Can’t read Privacy Notice as app keeps darkening screen as I read. Did not finish reading PN. Red flag 1. I use other apps a lot during the day. Do I need to open this app after each use? Who knows? The app won’t tell me. Wants to be open 24/7? Red flag 2. A clunky app. It has one week on my iPhone then it’s kaput.
random name hdhfhftggdggdfhhg27/04/2020Do it for everyone’s safety The more people who download it the sooner we can get back to normality. Most people give way far far more personal details on social media. This app asks for very little info.
Frisby donut27/04/2020Do your part to stop this virus Loads easy don’t worry about your location privacy it’s a little price to pay for such a huge benefit ( savings lives livelihoods and our beautiful country)
Raaaaah?!27/04/2020Raaaaah?! If you are having trouble getting the app to verify your phone make sure you are not using wifi calling. Wouldn’t verify for me until I turned wifi off.
AminB27/04/2020Easy to save a life Very easy to install only took a minute and all work without issue. Something so simple to help protect my family and I and hopefully get us out of lockdown sooner is a no-brainer!
horizontal0727/04/2020Lets Make This Work Great idea. It will help you get an early warning of contact with a confirmed case so you can warn your family fellow workers friends and health workers. Encourage and help everyone to install this app and to keep it running.
Ptc195027/04/2020Good app I read the privacy information and quite frankly sounds more secure than most of the apps I have on my phone. Quite frankly if ASIO CIA NAC. or any other spook outfit want to know how many tines I go to woolies or Coles in a week they really need to get a life!!
Lobotto27/04/2020Great but I think the 15min is too long Great but I think the 15min is too long would be better if it was 5 or 10 min. That would be more than enough time to catch the virus from someone.
Kazzsam2227/04/2020Trouble signing up with phone number I have been trying for four hours to log in and when I get to entering my mobile it comes up with error recognising phone number. I have tried turning phone off tried entering mobile number without the zero and still nothing. If this type of error occurs at the beginning then how can we trust the app to give true readings. Very frustrated.
Kalifire27/04/2020Shares nothing not already known Don’t be put off by the fearful and ill-informed. For all the paranoid conspiracy theories the fact is this app shares nothing not already known. This will help Australia get back on track. I’m happy and confident to use this app.
jayhua27/04/2020improvement wish it can turn off Bluetooth while staying home or alone to save energy
Hashman-8427/04/2020Works perfect Worked fine on my XR. Very easy setup. I particularly liked that I can put a fake name. I guess the Govt only need to know location and other app users in my radius when I am out and about.
aff199327/04/2020Clunky The notifications about whether the app is active or not don’t seem to be consistent. In the first hour turning off Bluetooth set off a notification advising that the app was not working but several hours later after toggling it it doesn’t do anything. The inability to work in the background is just poor too.
accel1227/04/2020Very safe and privacy focused Data is stored on your phone encrypted and can only be accessed by a health professional with your permission. Also it doesn’t record personal information.
MACA200027/04/2020Ruby Princess Imagine if we’d all had this app when those people were allowed off the ship. Or before it went through the nursing homes or the entire country.
octapus.727/04/2020Gets stuck verifying phone number I support the app as I want to know if I’m exposed to covid-19 and I’d like others to know if I exposed them so we can stop its spread. It wouldn’t verify my phone number though and gets stuck on the get pin screen.
MattJBrown27/04/2020Coming up with an error When I try to enter my number it comes up with an error “Error verifying phone number. Please check your details and try again.” I’ve triple checked my number and have tried about 5 times including closing app and reopening.
ShhaMfna27/04/2020Bit glitchy Relatively easy to set up however had errors verifying my number.. had to turn off wifi and also enter my mobile number without the zero
jorrman27/04/2020Do it for your country!! Install the app and use it. It’s the fastest way to get out of this crisis. Happy with the safeguards put in place by the Government to protect data and not use the information against us. Well done ScoMo/Hunty
Clarke-Smith27/04/2020Dave I’m not really in a position to rate the app but I have downloaded as I want to band together and get our lives back to something normal. Let’s look out for each other.
A talking goanna27/04/2020Works great easy setup Easy to set up the app only takes the information you give it which is name phone number postcode and age range. Download it so I can go to the pub!
Madcap6627/04/2020Apple Watch please Easy to download and simple to use but would like to have it linked to the Apple Watch. Don’t need to carry a phone most times as my watch can make and receive calls. It would make sense that when the watch is in range of your phone that it refreshes the new data just like your health apps do.
logan coolum27/04/2020Great app Very informative and inspirational. Gets somewhat political near the end and you get sick of hearing the blokes point of view when he keeps butting in and talking over the Coronavirus app. We’ll done guys keep em coming!
davidbrewster27/04/2020Working well. Easy setup Like this idea and happy to help but wasn’t working. Stuck on splash screen. Half an hour later it was fine. A temporary glitch obviously
Damnation18227/04/2020Easy The app permissions deem this to be safe app despite giving data to the government. Whether it works or not is another matter but for the most part it’s well designed.
bigbadmillow27/04/2020A little TOO easy to install Took barely a minute to read the last few reviews followed them to a “T” and it worked like a charm
Hgosborne9227/04/2020Works as intended. Privacy concerns aside and long term those will be exposed - both good and bad but fixed. I’m happily using this app. Would never normally install this but given the times it is needed.
Donhesh27/04/2020Your privacy is protected Download it now.. Download the app ASAP. Don’t worry about your privacy you don’t have a privacy when you dead anyways. So don’t be an idiot. Just download the app and help to stop the spread.
Nisus27/04/2020Cannot register - unable to validate number I know that a lot people have successfully gotten this app to register however both my wife and I do not receive any sms pin. She is using Telstra and I am on Vodafone. We do not use the zero in our mobile numbers. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled rebooted the iPhones etc. no luck. I also cannot seem to find a support number or email.
G.Coops27/04/2020Notification error Continual notification about Bluetooth possible not on as the app is not pinging any other bluetooth device cause I’m keeping my social distance. If it keeps happening I will delete. And why release before safe guard legislation is in place that was a dumb mistake
Rod31415927/04/2020Show stored data? Thanks for the app... It would be nice to see some form of activity on the app once it is running both as interest/encouragement and as a way too show that it is working. Maybe some form of chart?
AussiePazzle27/04/2020Do your bit and download this app. Setup was quick and easy. Ignore the ill-informed conspiracy theorists and download this app. It has great potential to save lives and keep Australia’s coronavirus cases under control.
B12345qwerty27/04/2020Works fine Works without a drama just had to wait till the registration went live a few hours after app hit stores
John Holmes 6927/04/2020Let’s do this Come Australia let’s do this. The sooner we have a way to quickly identify those at risk and need of isolation the sooner we can get back to work and play!
Tim from Maribyrnong27/04/2020Tim Easy to install look forward to the protection it provides. Look after yourself your family friends and community.
bbbrruuf27/04/2020Solved stuck on splash screen Could not get past the splash screen. I had a dozen or more items in my Bluetooth list. I removed a few unused items and could then get past splash screen and register OK
Mad Coder27/04/2020Valuable antivirus system. Awesome. Just amazing that this is even possible. App works well and is stable. I made a small error when entering my details in a rush and there is no obvious way to correct it otherwise solid.
TGZSYDNEY27/04/2020Great app and easy to install Yes doing my bit to get Australia moving again until someone develops a vaccine for COVID-19 No problems installing the app and the battery life on my phone is still good.
Covidfreesince7127/04/2020Easy to setup So easy to set up and use. Everyone’s worried about privacy but it asks for the absolute bare minimum of information. Everyone should be downloading.
Petethepet27/04/2020Save your friends If this app helps to save lives why would you download it. Come on everyone let’s help each other
pjc_au27/04/2020Simple and easy setup With all the talk about security I’m comforted knowing that the app does not track my location only my proximity to other users with the app activated.
Roybles27/04/2020No worries Quick easy install clear instructions no problems registering. Top work on short notice. Will be an important tool for tracing work of our health professionals.
CCAA9227/04/2020Do your bit Works fine. Easy to setup. Looks like those who had issues verifying mobile attempted before the app was live.
carlagai27/04/2020Quick and Easy Very quick and easy to install. As I always have Bluetooth on I don’t need to make any orher changes to my phoneðŸ'
Stevekeen12327/04/2020Invalid phone number After getting frustrated being told phone number is invalid......I turned off WIFI and hey presto....everything worked:)
Dan N..27/04/2020COVIDSafe app This app is amazing. I would strongly recommend all Australians download it. Set up is easy and does not eat into battery. Anyone of any age can download and use it. Younger children will need a parent's consent.
Danico198327/04/2020Do your part Might not be perfect but more downloads will lead to faster easing of lockdowns. Any social media app had more on you than this app every will. The privacy argument is null.
Pommiewise27/04/2020Easy to install on iPhone 6 Why wouldn’t you download something that gives you peace of mind and protects yourself and others?
Peacokle27/04/2020Quick easy and secure Super quick and easy to get going. Only took a minute. Hope everyone else gets it as well.
rigsales27/04/2020Very easy setup I have had no issues with installing this app and registering took 20 seconds. There has been no impact on the phone battery life.
Aj5678827/04/2020DOES NOT TRACK YOUR LOCATION Great app works well it does not track your location.. it tracks the people who have been in contact with you in the last 21 days.
Adolf99927/04/2020Great app This is a great way to use your blue tooth signal to tag other users for 21 days in the event there is an infection everyone can be notified and get a test. Together as a country Australia can beat this
claudecat127/04/2020Twinkles Have loaded app on both my phone and my husband’s. Phone number accepted on my phone but not my husband’s with the error message that his number is unable to be verified. 0 or no 0 at the beginning of the number does not make a difference.
Mell_ss27/04/2020Doing it for the health care workers! Downloaded app. I would like to know if I have been close to anyone with virus to keep myself and family safe. Thank you
WCSutto27/04/2020Buggy but important. Couldn’t get my verification PIN until I disconnected from my home wifi. Try this if you’re having trouble.
The real ballchin27/04/2020Not paranoid It doesn’t track you just bounces your Bluetooth. Plus the gov really couldn’t care less about tracking you Karen. So just instal the app. It’s 30 seconds.
Julio_Mel27/04/2020Cannot update information Had no issue with registration done in 30 seconds. However tested the tap of updating information it required a pin from text message to proceed tried several times never received a text then the app got frozen This needs to be fixed ASAP
kab8327/04/2020Phone number error Very frustrating to have an issue entering my phone number. I did not add the zero at the beginning (just went straight to 4......) and still had an issue. I updated my phone removed and reinstalled the app and still had the issue. Really annoying.
SydneyMan_zzzz27/04/2020Please clarify if the app needs to open on the screen? Does the app have to be opened on the screen all the time for it to work? Or can it just be running in the background?
Kanfruns27/04/2020Thank you To everyone who has downloaded this App. Thank you so much for being a responsible Australian citizen and caring about our nation’s health. You will make a difference!
floridiculous27/04/2020Mobile number? Not sure what the app needs my mobile number for so I stopped at step 2 of the sign up form. If I need to be notified the app can just send a push notification. I don’t understand why it needs any personal information instead. Waiting for a version that’s based on Apple’s/Google’s privacy-focused exposure notification system.
Ash Tiwari27/04/2020Do your bit Cmon if you worried about your privacy first delete your Facebook and then stop using your gmail. Ohh wait even this wont work they already profiled you... . JUST DOWNLOAD THE APP
jkat927/04/2020Battery drain Great idea but in less than hour my iPhone XS battery has drained 44% with no other use. Makes having the app and leaving Bluetooth on unfeasible. Need to remember to turn it on when likely you come in contact making its efficacy questionable.
Ross13827/04/2020No battery problem - iPhone 6 Left it running in background overnight on my iPhone 6 without charging. 82% at 11pm 67% at 7am. I can’t see any difference to power consumption.
Mattchewtee27/04/2020Worked fine Worked fine fast download and easy sign up. Let’s all do our park to help stop the spread. Paranoid conspiracy theorists are the enemy of the rest of society.
CelinaBieber5627/04/2020Cant register my mobile number For some reason I’ve tried to enter my number and even tried a family member’s phone number i still couldn’t get the pin. Also know someone with the same issue
Louc577527/04/2020Doing my bit Would like to get the bans and restrictions lifted sooner. Would like to see more Australians downloading the app. My recommendation is that comms from telco to download the app might boost numbers.
sholtom27/04/2020Works fine Had some issues yesterday but all fixed now
foxj2327/04/2020Working well There was an initial problem with verifying my mobile that has now been fixed.
CaroReviewer27/04/2020Turn off wifi to register If you are getting an error message not verifying your phone no switch off WiFi and try it again. Very important initiative!
Daynzey27/04/2020Difficult I saw this app and thought that getting it would be a good idea but when I tried to sign in but I couldn’t it said there was something wrong with my phone number and I know there is nothing wrong with it
himyff27/04/2020Fix frozen screen Turn off all over apps and try a couple times
Weather please27/04/2020Very easy Downloaded read the privacy policy registered. Took all of 5 minutes. Hoping this enables life to resume some sort of normalcy.
Bdapples27/04/2020Can’t even log in? I get to the part where I put in my phone number and it comes up with an error after about 4 minutes saying it cannot verify my phone number? I’ve tried the number without the 0 with the +61 and it still won’t work after trying 3 different ways 3 times I gave up! Frustrating!
RachelofUltimo27/04/2020Why to down load Do it now. Delete it next year. Let’s get Covid out of our population so we can go back to normal. Yes it is invasive. But it is necessary for now.
Rezo K27/04/2020Remove the zero for your phone number! Otherwise works fine.
Aus_Citizen27/04/2020Fight the bug together Let us do our bit to help the government to fight this bug. Well done so far . Let’s finish this together. (Pauline Hanson & Barnaby Joyce needs technical assistance !)
gaulshow27/04/2020Registration issues I think due to the immense number of people attempting to get onboard... the app is not coping with the pressure… Have been trying since released to have my number registered and have waited at different times up to an hour waiting on the pin to be sent to me... have given up now
Who needs a nickname ???!27/04/2020Works fine Just follow the simple instructions! I see there were a few had trouble earlier/ I guess that was ironed out- it’s a 1 minute task.
bghjkjhbg hghcvg27/04/2020Why not ? Just install it ! Guys government is doing the right thing support them ! rather than supporting instagram and fb with all your deep personal data.
e m m a 8927/04/2020Very easy I have downloaded app extremely easy I would recommend Take 10 seconds
LewisB198627/04/2020Easy Signed up without any problems in under 60 minutes. Doing my bit! Get on board Australia!
Jjkkoo27/04/2020Easy to Install Very simple even for us oldies! Once you sign in you don’t need to worry about anything! Just set and forget.
Rachel L27/04/2020Hopeless Have been trying all day to get this app to work. When I tap next to verify my phone number (yes I left off the zero) I get the wheel of death - I don’t even get to the error message others are getting - just the white-line wheel that spins and spins and spins. I was so keen to get this app to help get C19 under control but can’t even get past the verification stage.....🤷🏻‍♀️
Natty09927/04/2020Error Couldn’t register my phone number error message. My info is correct (including the lack of 0) Tried multiple times then tried the turning off WiFi and it worked.
Old Nadine27/04/2020COVIDSafe Easy to set up. Got my message this morning to tell me it was working properly that was good for me as verification that it was setup correctly. It will do that daily.
Juggie3127/04/2020Can’t get pin to phone Keeps telling me I’ve got wrong phone format. Trying lead zero and without. iPhone 11. Very frustrating.
ActionPete27/04/2020Play your part. Help save lives. Play your part. Help save lives. It’s a necessary app to help us collective take #PublicHealth action to defeat this Pandemic. Download turn on help us trace this 🦠... 🙏
Mathias Thompson27/04/2020Showing my support Helping the rating out people download the app and help the gov understand the full picture
ThomasWilding27/04/2020Working fine Works fine! Let’s get this done together so we can all go back to our normal lives!
super eazy27/04/2020Super easy It hardly takes 45 seconds to do everything.
PriyaRosh27/04/2020Super easy to do It took less than a minute to register very easy to do. Come on Australia let’s beat this thing!
firemin27/04/2020Bugs already I have no problem with the tracing side of things. After signing in and verifying the app indicating it was working. Next morning I got a notification that took me back to the app to enter all details again which I skipped and deleted the app. Can we get an update?
DryMonkey27/04/2020Won’t Let Me Sign Up Sign in process is trash its not letting me sign up everything works until i try to put in my phone number and it says error please check your details when i’ve checked them and there correct but it still says error
dilligafyoumoron27/04/2020Glitchy as heck Why so glitchy? And what’s this about leave the app open? Does that mean that I can’t close it from running in the background? This will chew my battery 🙄 But... I do wish to know if I come into contact with anyone who tests positive
Coolbeeeeeens27/04/2020Downloaded with no issues App download was easy. Let’s get through this pandemic together!
emmacim27/04/2020+61 limitation Hi I’m still using my overseas mobile number and can’t register as the app requires an Australian phone number. Most grateful if this can be updated 🙏🙏
Schnazzygal27/04/2020Thankyou Have been waiting patiently for this app that we the people have been asking for. Thanks for implementing it with the safeguards you have.
howie737227/04/2020Easy as Takes about 30 seconds to set up anyone can do it even my 72 year old dad
A little slow27/04/2020Quick and efficient sign up Easy to sign up. App appears to take privacy seriously
Aussie_Fan27/04/2020Simple and needed to keep the cure flat Simple to install and activate. Clear details on how data will be used and privacy protections in place.
Lost_in_Ideas27/04/2020Cannot get a pin I have downloaded this app and then tried and it has said many times there has been an error then I deleted and I repeated those steps and it still occurred I was happy to get the app and play my part to stop the spread but I am now sad that I cannot do that
SaniSwiss27/04/2020Overcome Phone Number Bug Simply turn off WIFI on your phone so it’s just 4G mobile data on. Finally it worked. Phone now resumed using WIFI as well as 4G. All good
mitch46995527/04/2020Excellent App runs in background People who are so worried about privacy Should delete there Google and Facebook accounts 😂
Kumar Arik27/04/2020Stay Home Stay Safe. Easy. No issue for Ip8. Hope they sort out the low power mode issue if there is one.
blueberries3527/04/2020Works fine Not sure what technical difficulties others are having but mine was smooth from start to finish. Good UX.
aarryy27/04/2020Too easy! Used mobile number without 0 and you are on highway!
Did_it_easy27/04/2020Easy as Easy to find and download. Took less than a minute to set up.
tobster111127/04/2020Great initiative This app is easy to use and enrolment will hopefully help us get things moving in the right direction. I hope the tin foil hats let us get on with it.
jcmelb_27/04/2020Get it now Easy takes 30 seconds to install and will save lives. Get it now
ChrisAus0127/04/2020Easy Quick and easy. Let’s get out of our homes by downloading this app.
Shainzzz27/04/2020Small contribution in doing my part We can get back to normalcy sooner. Just do your little bit.
leithken27/04/2020Feeling Safer Worked perfectly very simple app easy registration privacy factor thought out well I am grateful to have it!
Azza30327/04/2020Easy to install & register App is simple and affective. Let’s do our part to keep our community safe.
Kwaza827/04/2020Number verified. Phone number verified successfully. Thought people should know that it works now.
MackaGeeves27/04/2020Easy to use Easy to sign up and easy to use. Minimal personal info required too!
jkdoom27/04/2020Update next Maybe the next update you can use apple watch
hhfdhjuj27/04/2020Background running. I’m happy to have the app but it needs to run in background so we don’t know it’s there. I don’t need messages telling me to be safe etc.
Gordrog27/04/2020Can’t register with VPN Error verifying phone number when using a VPN. Tried both with and without the leading 0. I have read the commentary and though sceptical of the government’s goodwill and competence (which is why I use a VPN) I have decided I want to use this app. Couldn’t register until I disabled the VPN.
Veridette27/04/2020Glitch with phone number Have to remember to turn wifi off - it’s the only way it finally accepted my mobile number- thanks to other reviewer for highlighting this.
Nuzee127/04/2020Easy to use. Well designed app. I could install this and easily register. Well designed. Great work!
Thermoplastic27/04/2020iPhone 11 Pro running hot after install Installed this morning and iPhone 11 Pro running hot after install. Turning off the app stops this issue. Within minutes the phone goes back to ambient temp.
non tech older person27/04/2020A non tech older person I have no idea if I have registered for the conavirous app It sort of appeared on my phone (I am not sure what I actually pressed to )BUT I have not downloaded any of the data said to be required such as phone number date of birth etc So am I registered and if so how do I check this and if not what do I need to now do?
CocoBlackdog27/04/2020Hard to find in the App Store After that it was smooth sailing. Happy to do my bit for Team Australia.
白河ホシノ27/04/2020An electronic version of vaccine Would be better if you have an Apple Watch version
Kuranol27/04/2020Easy to use Straight forward to download voluntary to use stay safe everyone #protectingourcommunity #beinformed
RolandoDeVir27/04/2020Grateful Our numbers are down compared to other countries because of the government 's effort such as these..
pharoahsanderson27/04/2020Excellent Easy to set up works perfectly in the background
Sharonemmy27/04/2020Turn off wifi to register! Once you do the above app works.
NKC7327/04/2020Won’t recognise and verify phone I have tried multiple times the error message ‘Error verifying phone number please check your details and try again’ continues to come up when I press get PIN. I have tried uninstall and reinstall same issue now husbands is doing same thing.
HezzieHorror27/04/2020Need work. But smart idea. Had trouble trying to sign up. Couldn’t get past inputting my mobile number. No matter how I tried entering it ( with or without the 0) it wouldn’t work! Even tried rebooting my phone and it still wouldn’t work. Decided to try doing I again without being connected to my home wifi and instantly got the verification text. Maybe make the set up wifi compatible so people don’t get annoyed.
Ice cube lolie27/04/2020Can’t load When I put my mobile number in the app keeps saying the number doesn’t match. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but same thing happens. A friend of mine in another state is having the same issue. I have tried it dropping the zero and it still says error
Boerie boy27/04/2020Quick and easy! Stop trying to find faults - this is for our greater safety.
Huraboi827/04/2020Easy as. Works great! Update your phone if you’re having issues.
Selz132627/04/2020Works fine Download on IPhone XR easy and works fine. Both wifi and network. All good so far.
coviddays27/04/2020Error registering I have been trying to install since yesterday. As I enter my mobile number(I did not add zero at the beginning) it keeps on “getting pin” for forever. Not sure what happened. Tired restarting phone uninstalling and installing again. Nothing is working. And my phone is iPhone X.
VT Sydney27/04/2020Essential A great move in public health. I really want everyone to download to help each other and Australia manage Covid19 x
Shahab qamar27/04/2020Screen goes black every few seconds Like others have mentioned the screen goes dark with text “COVIDSafe”. You have to minimise the app and launch it again to view the actual UI but it goes dark again within 2 seconds. In its current status the app is practically useless. 10s Max iOS 13.3.1
Jay__See27/04/2020We all can contribute by using this app Easy to setup. I have nothing to hide so what’s all the fuss about.
S ireland27/04/2020Simple The easiest of apps to sign up to and the best way we can help each other!!
I♥️gengar27/04/2020Keeps Saying error verifying phone number Trying to download this app as I want to help but it keeps saying error verifying phone number! Have tried numerous times both with and without the zero at the front. Really frustrating gonna have to just uninstall it and give up.
philipw5827/04/2020Mobile number error App won’t accept my mobile number have tried leaving off the first 0 like others have suggested in the reviews. My wife is also having the same issue! Therefore app is useless as you cannot proceed without a mobile number!
Dylan477643527/04/2020Great App Wonderful initiative by the Australian government to help slow down the spread of the virus. Will definitely save lives and allow for restrictions to be eased sooner!
garrytaulu27/04/2020Pointless unless running in the foreground This app requires your screen to be unlocked and the app running to even work which means reduced privacy and battery life and an inconvenience if you need to use other apps. It’d be much better to use the Exposure Notification API from Apple than rushing this out.
CWGB27/04/2020Easy and effective Super easy to download and will help us all get out and about sooner!
Kram195827/04/2020Kram1958 App needs to specify to leave ‘0’ off mobile phone number.
Masaba.Gof27/04/2020Great Idea! What a way to keep us all safe! Hopefully this can save many more lives!
ufhostqdjbkst27/04/2020Problem registering phone number I cannot progress past the phone number page (like many other reviews) as it won’t send me a pin. I have deleted the app until this technical glitch is fixed. It’s a great idea for tracing so hopefully this is fixed soon.
haaylo27/04/2020Doesn’t even work Won’t get further than putting my mobile number in then comes up with an error. I have entered my number beginning with 0 and have also entered it without the 0 due to the +61 already being there. Doesn’t really surprise me though.
LindaMirror27/04/2020Error message! I too have been getting an error message saying my mobile number is not valid. Have been trying for two hours to complete the registration and still unsuccessful.
Del818427/04/2020Can’t sign up I have been trying to sign up. I get to the phone number part and can’t get past it. Keeps saying error finding phone number. Blue tooth is on. I’ve deleted and re downloaded the app and still same problem. Same as on my husbands phone. We have an IPhone
Kt_sports27/04/2020Doesn’t work Cannot get the pin and verification of phone number. Needs to be fixed no point downloading an app if you cannot register. It is just timing out. Maybe too many people trying to verify at same time. Really want to get on board but it just is not working.
mitch552527/04/2020Happy to help Happy to help with early detection and all the hard work the government has done to minimise the transmission makes it worthwhile.
Chaise Star Fan27/04/2020Easy setup Very easy to setup less than 1 minute. Let’s keep Australians safe. So glad we have this app.
Tone193027/04/2020Pin not sent to my phoneapp not working smoothly The app is stuck and keeps trying to send pin not working. Deleted app and reloaded it and still not working for me.
MASSIVE ITUNES FAN27/04/2020To fix error message turn wifi off Lots of people including myself had issues verifying their mobile number. If you turn wifi off and try again it worked and sent a pin straight away.
Zander888827/04/2020Gov fixed initial errors Working fine now keep Bluetooth on for it to work.
$43fff27/04/2020Easy to set up Fast and easy to set up very user friendly. Only issue is that it drains battery life very quickly.
Skater223327/04/2020Easy setup I’ve got a 11 pro max and it’s easy and fast no hiccups or bugs app works fine.
Fathhead 129027/04/2020Easy Absolutely easy to install and use. Grow up and download it !
GazNuk27/04/2020Error verifying phone number Both my wife and I downloaded this app and both got a message saying that it failed when verifying the phone number. We tried both with and without the leading zero and got the same message each time. Great start...
smuffs3527/04/2020Can’t sign up. Pin issue Put in a valid phone number. App says error with phone number after a long delay. We’re all trying to help but seems to be some issues with this app or the process
Tommyaustralia27/04/2020Necessary and easy to use Easy to install register and confident it only does what it is intended to.
andesmiracle27/04/2020Easy to download If we all download it we will help protect each other
Gr8AppILikeIt196627/04/2020Get on it Do your bit and help us all get back to work
Ecstewar27/04/2020Black Splash Screen fix You can get passed the black COVIDSafe issue by tilting the screen or laying the iPhone on a flat surface. As soon as you do this the black screen disappears and you can complete the registration process.
Rob Duca27/04/2020Thank you Thank you Australia for providing this app and allowing me to play a part in combatting this terrible disease
Antatthebeach27/04/2020Download it for Australia Do the right thing. Download the app. Let’s get on with our lives sooner.
Manon Blacbeak27/04/2020Quick and easy! Quick and easy to register the FAQ’s are super helpful and nicely formatted.
Ginnie227/04/2020Very easy to set up This app is very easy to set up on your phone. Download it to help with contract tracing
Aaron19929227/04/2020No Dramas Installed and signed up in a matter of minutes. Easy to use.
BrigidOfOz27/04/2020Great initiative Quick and easy to sign up. Instant phone verification. Stay safe everyone.
james_whatsit27/04/2020?is the server overloaded Keying in my number correctly (tried with and without an 0 at the front) and getting nothing but a loading wheel...
duanepmiller27/04/2020Seems legit All the safeguards seem there for privacy. Easy setup/sign up. I’m keen to know if I’ve been exposed
paultingcs27/04/2020Easy to register. Great initiative! Very easy to set up. Glad to see this sooner or later
Stirlo6027/04/2020Don’t make it difficult Happy to register and have tried several rimes but doesn’t recognise my phone number (tried with and without the zero). App seems to have some problems....
lachyone27/04/2020Lorraine Aus After entering my phone number I received an error message saying “unable to verify phone number. Check details and try again.” Unable to find any information on how to troubleshoot this. Thus I can’t use the app even though I wanted to. Disappointing
stuckathomeavidreader27/04/2020Just download it Be safe and be safe for others
Jogecko927/04/2020Works Fine Set up on my iPhone X in less than a minute.
Canberran Dave27/04/2020Very happy to use Health authorities in Australia are doing a great job. App seems to use little battery so no trouble at all.
greyRider227/04/2020Not a good start Won’t accept my number. Tried with and without leading zeroes. Poor effort. Programming 101: putting out a message like ‘error verifying your phone number’ is sloppy lazy programming. A well written app would tell you why - number is in the wrong format should be XXXXX server is too busy etc.
notlikingios27/04/2020Works Easy to install and register. Hope this helps to relax restrictions.
Ben_508227/04/2020Not working! I downloaded then started setting it up. After entering my phone number it just was just spinning for ages to send me a six digit PIN. I tried multiple times in the end I just gave up. Will try again tomorrow. It would be nice if this thing works the first time.
YeYeah10127/04/2020Not able to use When asked to put my phone number in I get the response “Error verifying phone number. Please check your details and try again” I have tried several times with no success. How am I supposed to use?
LOVEFLIES27/04/2020Stop! Keyboard warrior Hey keyboard warriors Can you guys just shut up and go work for government if you can make it better?
20Kj1027/04/2020Easy setup on iPhone 11 No issues easy install setup. Keen to support the community together
trjack127/04/2020Works well Does what it’s supposed to do. Works well so far. Download it and help Australia get on its feet faster.
Keen for more BTN27/04/2020Failed at the verify number screen Like so many others my phone number failed to verify. Tried turning off wifi as suggested by others but to no avail. Will affect uptake if they release a glitchy product. Can’t be that hard right????
onesimpleclik27/04/2020Broken & buggy App is broken can't even progress past the 'CovidSAFE' splash screen most of the time and during signup if you're able to get that far the the splash screen keeps popping up when trying to enter information.
AlfredoSven27/04/2020Ok; it is working in the background Let’s hope people use it; little to loos lots to gain...
lordskinner27/04/2020Dull so far Pretty boring app so far not as fun as Facebook or Instagram but let’s see how it goes
Ex fitbit lover27/04/2020Good thing Better be safe than sorry.
TomTheKiwi7427/04/2020Apple Car Play no longer works. Please fix Apple Car Play no longer works. Message says ‘The device can no longer be used as a source in “Media”. ‘ I want to do the right thing to help the community so hopefully the developer is reading this. Please fix ASAP
hater 🤘🏽27/04/2020Good Works like a charm. People need to stop giving 1 star reviews this will save lives.
Mike2222222tfrtgc27/04/2020Easy Very easy to use. If you’re concerned about privacy you can use a fake name. It’s legal.
Bevan68327/04/2020Bevan No problem here quick set up let’s ease the restrictions
Phyllisbird27/04/2020Easy Took all of 20 seconds to register. Too easy.
Minn8327/04/2020Not able to use At enter your mobile number it just buffers and doesn’t send me the pin to continue.
zacoolkid27/04/2020Not available in US App Store. So you cannot download the App if you do not use Australian App Store. So for all the internationals here and those who are locked into say the US App Store you cannot download. That needs fixing right away. Particularly as people one day start to travel again.
JonnyMetro27/04/2020Set up is easy App is really straight forward to setup and use.
/;$&@!27/04/2020Keep app running Keeping the app running is not ideal at all it should be able to run the the background. Otherwise a fantastic idea
tb48830227/04/2020Help control the virus Hope more people install it
Eddie22M27/04/2020Protect our health system Help save lives ! It’s in our hands Australia let’s do this.
Toepfer27/04/2020Quick and easy. Super quick and easy setup. No dramas at all.
Splilidd27/04/2020PIN number It’s taking ages for it to send me my pin. But hoping to get up and running soon. 🤗 Great idea. ðŸ'ðŸ'
kmoz627/04/2020Too easy! Thanks for helping to keep us safe
Yahyah72a27/04/2020Easy Easy to setup. Thank you for looking after the community. Great initiative.
Free maybe???27/04/2020Easy as! Super easy to register! Let’s work with it together!
hoin196627/04/2020Easy to install Very necessary for the current situation. I am glad to help to fight this virus.
HeyScottyBoy27/04/2020Let’s defeat covid Easy install and doing our bit for the nation
Malcolmbusby27/04/2020Turn off Wi-fi to register your phone number I don’t know why. I just know it works. Over to you devs. Put a notice on the front page.
Canozzie427/04/2020Test your stupid app people!!! Try to do the right thing but the app just spins and spins when I ever my phone number. Have tried with and without the 0 and have also deleted and re-installed with the same problem. Ridiculous!!
Tkem195927/04/2020Cannot register Both I and my wife have downloaded the app and when we attempt to register it doesn’t recognise our mobile numbers..tried several times but sorry not working..
Trepidations27/04/2020Taking a leap of faith. I don’t like this government so I’m trusting they will do what they say- this time... Privacy hasn’t been a concern of mine - as yet - so I’m willing to take a risk for health if others and hope information won’t be used against me. No glitches for me. Used 1% of battery so far. Apple’s unique methods of hibernation of aps in background helps.
Sir Jasper27/04/2020Team Australia Let’s do this and then quicker for all of us to get out of lockdown.
the lamb man27/04/2020Stay safe! Alleged privacy concerns are trivial in the face of our safety and economy. Please encourage others to load.
Aloenix27/04/2020Fast Set-up Took about 1 minute to set-up easy and fast.
andrewpaol27/04/2020Fantastic Quick & easy 10/10
Kaz6195727/04/2020TRYING to do my part Downloaded the app trying to do my part in the fight against Covid 19 but it won’t accept my ph number and yes I dropped the zero also tried with the zero 🙄hope this get fixed ASAP
PD5327/04/2020Faulty Will not accept my mobile number after multiple attempts. Not sure if this means the app won’t be doing its thing????
craigo!@!27/04/2020Stalls on verifying phone number Trying to do my bit but can’t get past verifying phone number. Phone number is correct. Shut down and rebooted but still the same message. No tech support available
NellyL198227/04/2020Fast and simple Very fast to download and set up. Only took me a 1-2minutes
Kalpine27/04/2020“Error verifying phone number” I keep getting this same error message after pressing the “get PIN” button. I’ve tried having no leading zero then tried with the zero. Also tried deleting and reinstalling the app.
teganwilliams27/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number Keeps coming up as an error with my mobile number have tried putting it in differently closing the app and trying again ect. But can’t get it to work
Elephantofanaddiction27/04/2020Frustrated Oversea Wanted to register while overseas but consistently getting an error message saying to check my phone number (entered correctly) Want to support but unable to register.
DNArmstrong27/04/2020Bugging out I can’t get past the mobile verification page - just freezes on trying to send me a pin. I’m in an up to date iPhone 11. Hope this isn’t happening to millions of others. That would be awkward.
Beck001!27/04/2020Won’t work It keeps telling my mobile number is wrong. I’ve tried with and without the 0 at the start. Pretty pointless app if it refused to acknowledge that I do infact know my own phone number and I’m typing it correctly ☹️
onlywayisup9027/04/2020App keeps flicking to a black screen Terrible time trying to register the app on my phone. The screen keeps flicking back to a black screen that says covid safe app. I wasn’t able to read through the information.
Pretzel197027/04/2020Frustrated Can see the benefit but can’t register as my phone number can’t be validated for some reason. Have tried numerous times. Giving up and deleted app now.
Fourthtimelucky27/04/2020Won’t accept my phone number Easy to load until I had to record my phone number. Then it all stops there. It doesn’t recognise my number despite repeating the process a few times.
Nick$$$@@##27/04/2020Super easy useful Awesome app easy to register Everyone please download for the benefit of entire Australia Cheers!
Rudetourist27/04/2020Working fine Just do it.
Harz50427/04/2020Easy installation Took a minute to register. Very easy.
LilWillow35627/04/2020Expansion? No issues with privacy however only taking Bluetooth links when within 1.5 meters of someone for 15minutes doesn’t seem wide enough parameters considering speed of spread. Might lead to more ignorance on both sides government and general public.
kye😊😊8227/04/2020Great idea Well done the best thing that has came out of this virus 🦠
hellokarl27/04/2020No activation pin Downloaded and run it but it never sends me a pin to activate and use it. Help please.
Way too expensive - Rip Off27/04/2020App failing to verify my mobile number. Trying to signup but the app is failing to verify my mobile number. Have tried multiple times. I turned wifi off and then it worked using mobile data.
matt niko27/04/2020Issue registering I have an issue registering. When I enter my mobile number and press “Get PIN” it gets stuck loading.
Godzer027/04/2020Essential step Recommending everyone to download
ChilYogi27/04/2020Bug???? The app appears to be linked to internal sensors. As when app is open if you tip phone past the vertical it blacks screen with COVIDSafe watermark Ie Upside down. So laying down looking up at phone
wesleyong27/04/2020Bugs Hey guys keen to see an update as this app will help our country a lot. Keeps reverting back to black splash screen randomly. Can’t complete registration. Can you please look into this? Thanks and keep up the good work!
Nftwest27/04/2020Covidsafe Worked fine too easy Let’s give this Kung flu the chop!
kajja7127/04/2020Something is wrong It won’t let me put my mobile in. Says error verifying phone number.
MR. KWEL27/04/2020Happy to help There’s no reason you shouldn’t get it
dragonborn5127/04/2020I wish that it had a iPad layout .
Narinder..27/04/2020Not registering Seems goodSo tried to download it but couldn’t verified my details. I don’t know. I put all the details correctly still giving error while sending 6 digit pin..
William T. C.27/04/2020Protect You and Others This App is intending to protect you not steal your private info.
LUANKEA27/04/2020Easy setup Easy setup! All the 1 star reviews must be user error
average aussie joe27/04/2020As Easy to install and register good app! Well done feds! Keeping all safe!
Jayr327/04/2020Registration fails I’ve tried numerous times to register. However at the point of providing my phone number the app fails. I’m aware that you drop the zero when adding the phone number. Big fail from me.
Jjohh2227/04/2020Phone number Was ready to do my civic responsibilities but the app in no way would accept my phone number even after several restarts Not happy jan
R_usty27/04/2020Invalid Phone number Tried to setup many times and keep getting invalid phone number - Ive has this number for over 25 years ... I can’t hey past point so can’t install the app... will Jager to wait into it gets fixed...
tswoolf27/04/2020Not working My phone is compatible but it’s not working. Every time I put my mobile number in it comes up with an error. Error verifying mobile number. It is not an overseas phone either.
Jono_50027/04/2020‘Error verifying phone number’ ‘Please check your details and try again’ Using an Australian number and have tried the phone number variants (+61)04xxxxxxxx and (+61)4xxxxxxxx. Quite frustrating really. Cannot even register.
Serge Mal27/04/2020Not working with Wifi The app won’t start if the phone connected to WiFi
AppGeorge27/04/2020Limited OS support - critical issue I can’t believe that an app for-the-masses only support iOS10+ what about all the millions of older phones. With such a high number of iPhones in Australia such a limit is unwarranted. Unjustifiable laziness. Please sort this out ASAP
review17488227/04/2020Best app of 2020! Unbelievable how well it works. Definitely a must for anyone wanting ScoMo to expedite the lifting of social distancing restrictions ðŸ'ðŸ¼â€â™‚️
DK160527/04/2020Error Error when I enter phone number with a zero or without it I want to join but it won’t let mehow many others are like me... hope the bug can be fixed. Using an iPhone 7 thanks David
Tempo197427/04/2020Error verifying phone number I’ve tried my phone number with zero and without as the first digit the app will not let me verify my phone number. So I can’t use it because I can’t complete the registration process.
hottydoccy27/04/2020Problem Not an actual review as I cannot get passed accepting my mobile number and I can’t find anywhere to find a reason as to why it won’t accept my mobile number
_-_MN_-_27/04/2020Doesn’t run in the background This does not run in the background. So how can it work? I have apps that do this monitoring my health but this app doesn’t show up as running in the background. Seems like a dogs breakfast release
slunkett27/04/2020Glitches Every couple of seconds the screen goes blank except says COVID safe. Makes it difficult when filling out information because it does this glitch.
lovethefooty27/04/2020Easiest App Ever Very easy to register great idea thanks for helping to keep us safe.
Alephone27/04/2020Doesn’t work if you don’t have an Australian Number An an Australian Citizen that is an expat returning during this COVIT-19 period on advice from the Australian government. I use an international number on roaming and can’t use this app as it only accepts Australian mobile numbers. It’s a shame.
test app properly27/04/2020Wouldn’t register my mobile Tried to register but wouldn’t accept my mobile number and gave error message. Many others using the app do not sure why
helloranga27/04/2020Great initiative Easy to install privacy documentation straightforward and clear.
jye12327/04/2020Easy to setup great idea High hopes this app allows Australia to open sooner
hh10k27/04/2020Turn WiFi off to verify your phone number There is a bug with verifying your phone number when on WiFi. I could pass that step as soon as I turned WiFi off!
Siriusharry27/04/2020Can not verify mobile number Can not verify mobile number. I tried to restart my mobile/ re-install this app/ different mobile number/different name. Nothing working
5sos2782827/04/2020Phone number doesn’t work? I want to get on board and do my bit but for some reason my completely fine phone number won’t be verified; very frustrating
Barry Savva27/04/2020Track Test Treat - = freedom Look into the theory. I trust our medical experts. This is NOT political. Its science for a better future.
berlzkai27/04/2020Phone number won’t recognise It won’t register my Australian mobile number to get my pin
Tupilak8227/04/2020Easy A piece of cake to register and go operational. No problems whatsoever. Easy!
Be a part of the solution.27/04/2020Be part of the solution - download the app Grateful for the ease to download the app.
Paul.tgx27/04/2020Broken It does not like my phone number It takes it and goes off to get a pin number (for who knows why) then takes ages to get back with an error message.
AhmetOzkaya24K27/04/2020Health and Safety No:1 Priority Im sure developers did the best for protecting Australians. Protect your family and colleagues from this virus.
ManojY8727/04/2020Great app Great app easy to use and quick to register
Largea27/04/2020Comms blunder First reaction.. who approved the copy?!! When clicking through to the “upload my information page” please PLEASE change the copy to: “If you have been asked my a health professional to upload information related to your coronoavirus test please continue. This will help us with tracing. Unless you consent...”
Faylorr27/04/2020Grr 5 hours trying to get it to accept my phone number. I give up. Can’t understand how so many have had no problem. Tried with zero in and zero out nothing works.
The Instructions27/04/2020Can’t get the pin to install App I’ve tried 5 times to get this thing to send me a pin so giving up and deleting - useless - Australian Gov can never do effective tech - it always fails at the first step - the entry point!
Colette_l27/04/2020Kept saying can’t verify phone number Regardless if I tried 04xxxxxxxx or 4xxxxxxxx.. tried a couple of times all failed so can’t finish the registry.
Puffy wanderer27/04/2020Stay safe Australia Do your bit
son20000027/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number. IT’S NOT WORKING! When I tried to enter my mobile number... tried every option with & without 0 in front it doesn’t accept mobile number.
Ginny_2327/04/2020Covid Safe review Why not make the app available on Apple Watch?
Jhb10475627/04/2020Good public health tool Easy to download and set up.
mrpurple2127/04/2020COVIDSafe Well thought out and easy to install. Great job ðŸ'
Gpelvin27/04/2020Data Input Glitch App would not accept my phone number until wifi and VPN were switched off.
thomqos27/04/2020Easy enough It Installed & setup with no problems.
HarDCorE+KiD27/04/2020No Verification Message I didn’t receive an Verification Message to access which is very disappointing I want to see an update of the app to fix this glitch as soon as possible
101JM27/04/2020Disappointed This app keeps saying there is an error with my mobile phone number but my number is correct. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app on numerous occasions.
Geoff888827/04/2020Battery drain App seems good but it is a bit of a battery hog!
BDS202027/04/2020Can’t login in Tried to but it keeps rejecting my phone numbers. I also tried deleting the app and reinstalling plus putting the zero in front of the number.
Humpty0127/04/2020Doesn’t accept phone number! After so much hype about this app it’s disappointing that it won’t accept my phone number. Tried with zeroes and without zeroes just get an error message!
Swetha Voleti27/04/2020A way for citizens to contribute to the betterment of public health Super easy to use consent is two-fold and a great measure to tackle covid-19.
jon tumeke27/04/2020Just do it Just downloaded it you can take ya tinfoil hat off.
hhhhggftgdfhkifdhjkfdth27/04/2020Can’t register Can not enter a mobile number as will say it can’t verify so can’t register
marcuslacy8727/04/2020Dude where’s my pin? I wanna do my bit to help but I can’t get your app to send me a pin. I enter my details then my phone number click next and it just wigs out. The old spinning wheel of death. Better luck next time ScoMo.
Amrahsud27/04/2020Lets make Australia Safer Doing my bit to ensure my and community’s wellbeing.
Madelaide2527/04/2020Doesn’t work. I have tried numerous times to get the app working but it keeps coming up with an error message and can’t verify my mobile number. I use an iPhone.
RP999999927/04/2020Can’t get it to work When I try to register it says my phone number is not valid. But I’m using my correct name and phone number. My wife has the same problem.
ZacMcaZ27/04/2020Needs a bug fix iPhone XS keeps flicking back to the loading screen. Other than that easy set up
The serenity27/04/2020PIN You receive a PIN text to you and have to enter that as a verification. I entered it and it states “not valid” contact health officer for another PIN. Couldn’t find anywhere to contact for this so not wasting time stuffing around with it.
medi8all27/04/2020Ezzy Pezzy No problems. The sooner we all do this the better!
schiznick6927/04/2020Error verifying phone number Can’t get passed confirming my details. Have tried all the obvious things like number with 0 first then without. Tried different personal details.
jmit6127/04/2020Trust in Gov Want Australia to be set free from lockdown? Digital CV19 contact tracking is essential to do this...
Koolski10127/04/2020Pin error I am keen to download the app but I can't as I'm also getting a pin error. Have tried 3 different times of day. Am leaving a review as I don't know where else or who else to report this to.
sokkongcj27/04/2020Enter your number Got stuck in the enter your number part. Tried putting zero and no zero but still can’t access the next part.
BM Stacey27/04/2020Can’t get PIN number Entered my information but the app tells me there’s an error in my phone number. Assuming the provided “+61” is the leading Zero I entered the rest of my mobile number. No luck. Can’t finish the registration.
Oldy123456789027/04/2020Get the app So we can get to the pub quicker
OzCent27/04/2020Awesome App Works well and protects us all. I am impressed. Well done.
Mary in Australia27/04/2020Keep downloading Aussies! The more who download the safer we are.
Likkie27/04/2020Straightforward Simple to set up
nandojab27/04/2020App doesn’t work Been trying to do my part but unfortunately the app doesn’t work. Unable to verify my phone number which makes no sense.
Man without Covid27/04/2020Garbage app Like a lot of others the app can’t verify my phone number in the registration process. I’ve tried with and without the leading zero but it makes no difference.
PhucVan27/04/2020Bluetooth and App on all the time while outside?? best way to drain your phone's battery. best way to get fined for looking at your phone while crossing the road best way to lose your data
Soccernic27/04/2020Really Easy - Good Idea Easy to download and enter info.
Rodney Ellis27/04/2020Melbourne Anti Vaxxer Took me a while to set up because I'm a boring dum dum with no sense of humour.
Dazza64!!27/04/2020Would not accept a valid address and phone number. I tried 4 times to register and have now deleted the app and given up.
AmmazTRap27/04/2020Get Pin isn’t working Trying to add my mobile number but the get pin wheel just keeps spinning. My friend tried and got invalid phone number error - for a correct number?!
Scott 1983198327/04/2020Headphones If you’re using Bluetooth Headphones then COVIDSafe probably won’t work effectively. In fact there are hundreds of possible and like scenarios that defeat COVIDSafe due to multiple design flaws. But hey it’s only version 1 build 10.
Dee480227/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number I’m happy to use the app to help protect the community. However the app won’t accept my mobile number so is currently on my phone but useless
todius27/04/2020Can’t verify mobile number How do I activate app when it wouldn’t send me a PIN to activate. All the information provided is correct but it still says can’t verify mobile number?!?!
Parismodel27/04/2020Can’t sign up It won’t verify my number or details so I can’t go past putting my telephone number in. What else can I do as I’m trying to help the stop of COVID:19. Disappointing after all the hype about it.
Redsloth78627/04/2020Good stuff Make it happen!
Français novice27/04/2020Dismal fail Can’t even register - never received the sms containing the PIN. Tried many times even uninstalled/reinstalled. This is what you get when these things are rushed for release. ðŸ˜"
Anji111122427/04/2020Suggest Doesn’t work if VPN is enable in your phone. So disable VPN first
disappointed 990990127/04/2020App does not install 5 attempts to install takes forever at “sending pin” then finally after 10 mins informs that it can’t verify my number
jmscgar27/04/2020Won’t verify mobile number Neither my husband or I were able to verify our mobile phone numbers so unable to use the app
helenwhan27/04/2020helenw I really really want to make this work but it won’t recognise my Australian mobile nos I have had for a zillion years so I’ll have to leave it for now - hopefully an update will address this
Kyle_Rob27/04/2020Not working. Will not except my number when registering Not sure why the app will not recognise my number. Tried to register but unfortunately can’t use this app
wazman:))27/04/2020Let’s do this App is easy to set up. Help save Australia
mattyd6927/04/2020Confusing messages... What does this statement actually mean - “app open in power saver mode"?
Dunny199927/04/2020Love the built in games Games are the best part.
Pudding002127/04/2020Can’t get it no how I have an iPhone X I took of the 0 updated my phone changed my name and I could not get it to work. I even waited until late night. Still no luck.
Gia 2019208027/04/2020Why does the app go black all the time? It seems they don’t want me to read the terms of use. Every 2 seconds it goes black and it tries to make me accept the terms.
Bettyscat27/04/2020Can’t get PIN Cannot get PIN. No difference even if leading zero is left off. What were the developers thinking? Could be more user friendly. Typical IT development without real world thinking.
Roseannn27/04/2020Can’t load it I tried to put this app on my husband’s phone but it didn’t recognise his phone number.
Angel Ceit27/04/2020Unable to verify my number The app is unable to verify my phone number. Tried several times. Nothing seems to work.
amontzergh27/04/2020No instructions No instructions on how to troubleshoot install. Does not accept my mobile number ??? Want to do the right thing but unable under the circumstances
eljohnston199027/04/2020All good Works fine for me.
Suzbry27/04/2020Error Keeps telling me there’s an error with my phone number. Have deleted app and reloaded several times it still won’t recognise my number
MariFias27/04/2020COVIDSafe I downloaded the app on my i phone. I entered all the personal details correctly and it shows my details are incorrect!!! I tried many times show the same error.
glenys59027/04/2020Won’t download I have an iPhone 11 and when trying to download I get an error message saying Error verifying phone number. Nothing wrong with my number so.????
kvd197727/04/2020Won’t recognise my number The app says there is an error verifying my phone number. I know my phone number so it seems pointless that an app thinks it know better.
ILMyiPhoneXS27/04/2020Good Cause Great App Very Well Done! Easy Set Up.. No Lag.. Works Fine on my iPhone XS..
Harryjatta27/04/2020Great Initiative Easy to download and Follow Info. No issues
Abu Jemaah27/04/2020Unable to register My Australian registered mobile phone number is not acceptable for some unknown reason. I have tried several times.
Cyclingdentist27/04/2020Impossible to register Tried to register wouldn’t recognise my number. Tried using all 10 digits and twice leaving first 0 off. No difference. So deleted app
enduser201827/04/2020Problems verifying phone number Failed to verify phone number after multiple attempts - with and without leading 0. Not a very encouraging start.
AnnASpaz27/04/2020amazing So easy to set up!
Karina$$27/04/2020Not able to get mobilePin Tried several times and cannot past mobile pin. Not sending me the pin!
LucyBub27/04/2020Brilliant Absolutely no problems. No not listen to the naysayers.
Ripped Off too often27/04/2020Bluetooth over-rides Having the app active means Bluetooth hands free in my car doesn’t work. I don’t want to risk a fine trying to do them right thing’.....
M.Mash27/04/2020SMS Verification not working The step which is supposed to send an sms for pin verification doesn’t work. Could be an issue with sms gateway & Vodafone. SMS never comes have tried 10+ times.
reecel27/04/2020Cannot register as wont accept my phone number - please fix! Cannot find link to raise support ticket. Please fix this - surely a common issue for others. Thanks
Roara 🦁27/04/2020Glitchy Every couple seconds the screen blackens and just says covid safe. Not allowing me to read/access or report issues with all its flashing
jim8a27/04/2020Pin doesn’t work Pin to verify was sent auto added but then doesn’t work - then won’t deliver new pin :/ It has corona virus.
geoffreysau27/04/2020Works I guess? Just runs in the background. I assume it works...
EJAAJ0727/04/2020Can’t load. Will not accept my phone number 😬 I have left the first 0 off and it will not load. Coming up with error. What do u suggest ?
AdzyV27/04/2020Doesn’t work I have down loaded deleted down loaded several times it won’t accept my phone number and yes I removed the 0 ☹️
Jogggg27/04/2020Can’t access I’ve downloaded the app and when I put my phone number in it returns a error - “Error verifying phone number” Annoying....
Bitcoin guy27/04/2020Good application This application is good! A very nice effort from the Australian Government to help stop the spread of the coronavirus!
Rebel Power27/04/2020Can’t Register Keep getting error message can’t verify number please check details. I think I know my name and phone number. It’s a work phone
LJTSK27/04/2020Covid19 I have been trying to download but it keeps telling me it’s having trouble verifying my phone numberdon’t know what else I can do.
jhfgkhdd27/04/2020Can’t verify my phone number I tried to sign up for the app and Cannot verify my contact number. So unfortunately can’t get to the next step.
BeegApple27/04/2020Do yourself a favour Just do it for everyone’s sake.
adamjamesw27/04/2020Faulty Login Was looking forward to using however can’t register passed entering my mobile phone number.. “Error verifying phone number” Using iPhone 8
jackxavierross27/04/2020Believe This app is to help us. Please download.
pabill5527/04/2020Cant complete install Cannot get past get pin. Times out. Have tried with and without leading 0 on mobile number
Cfraums27/04/2020Please fix Like many others it won’t accept my mobile number. I am not putting the 0 at the front.
Mickhall2327/04/2020Error verifying phone number I’ve entered my phone number correctly with and without leading zero and keeps returning same error. Bug to be squashed.
Kitesplosh27/04/2020Won’t let me sign up Hangs when you enter a phone number. It says it will send me a PIN and then just displays a waiting animation that doesn’t end.
chelesbels27/04/2020Problem verification App would not let me verify my mobile. I left off the 0 and put it on but still not able to verify.
Katscorpio27/04/2020Won’t verify my phone number leaving out the 0 I can’t use the app as it won’t verify my phone number and I am leaving out the 0 due to the +61
nickimc1327/04/2020Battery drain This sucked my battery dry within hours (and I wasn’t even out and about). Be good if it only activated when you weren’t at home.
Reset202027/04/2020Did they test this? Can’t register it because my perfectly fine mobile number is invalid...
Lizzie179727/04/2020Unable to register mobile number Unable to register my mobile to sign up for the app
GPeterD27/04/2020Error Error verifying phone number. With and without leading 0. WiFi on and off. Deleted and reinstalled app. Turned phone on and off. iPhone 11.
D.J. Chico27/04/2020Won’t work.... Gets to “we’ll send you a seven digit verification and fails with an error check details and try again” All details correct! 🤭ðŸ¤"
98736251738920;626)2(227/04/2020Does not recognise my phone number The failure of the app to recognise people’s phone number renders this app useless. I would give it no stars if I were able to!
GPJ195127/04/2020Does not show on my Bluetooth menu The app does to show on iPhone XS Bluetooth menu if you have other applications open. Needs work.
zebaneh27/04/2020PIN number does not work I cannot register as I cannot get the PIN number when I enter my mobile number. The app does not work.
Ambodive27/04/2020Will not accept Mobile No. Will not accept Australian mobile phone number - either dropping the leading ‘0’ or including it... totally useless as a result.
Benster2.O27/04/2020BEST APP EVER Only took few seconds to setup. Stay home. Save lives. Long live JACINDA ARDERN
a.k.zzz27/04/2020Bug The screen goes black for every few seconds making it impossible to use. I am on iPhone X.
Kibs7227/04/2020Doesn’t open Have tried to delete and restart but it still won’t open.
Akila Ravi27/04/2020Verification issues The app doesn’t recognise my mobile number at all and doesn’t give me a pin to verify and get started
tradey-127/04/2020Will not accept my Number Been trying for at least an hour and get verifying error. I give up.
KEW20227/04/2020Won’t accept my number I was keen for this app when I return to work although it is not accepting my phone number. Please fix this. Thankyou
Lulu_m27/04/2020Won’t send me a confirmation pin I’ve tried about 6 times to get it to send me a confirmation PIN number it just sits and spins and nothing is sent to me. I’m out.
lionsfan200527/04/2020Glitchy Can’t sign up and fill out the information as the screen keeps changing to black saying covidsafe.
playsport27/04/2020Ok Very buggy to start with please fix bugs
jsosoxmxnjwiwkwow27/04/2020Brilliant Works very well
cidiqi27/04/2020Stuck on splash screen Can’t get past the splash screen tried killing and restarting app multiple times
JJinOz27/04/2020Doesn’t work Just continuously says there is an error with my mobile number.
.=.=27/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number Downloaded but it won’t accept my phone number.
TryingToHelpWithoutSuccess27/04/2020Norman7777 Tried 3 times but each time rejected my mobile number. No help anywhere as to what could be wrong.
Xlamaxdio27/04/2020Nice Works great. Easy set up.
Deh lom27/04/2020Can’t register Keeps coming up with an error on 3 out of 4 devices in my house saying “error verifying phone number”
Jiffyham27/04/2020Error msg Have tried several times to register but keep getting “Error verifying phone number”.
Jonesystar121227/04/2020Phone Number Error Keeps saying my phone number is invalid and won’t let me continue
SN2017Syd27/04/2020Doesn’t accept my phone No. And yes I’ve tried without adding the first 0. I’ve deleted and retried 5 times. Think I’ll give up now.
PerthObserver27/04/2020Stuck on black splash screen. Stuck on black splash screen with COVIDSafe title. The actual app only occasionally flashes up so have not been able to set up.
sharednicknamesarereal27/04/2020iPhone XR Does what it says it will do.
HighFuelPriceHater27/04/2020COVID APP FAIL The introduction screen flashes up and is unable to be retrieved regardless of battery settings brightness modes or manual/auto brightness selection. Surely this App would have been Beta tested?
moosehead8527/04/2020Another Aus Government Fail! Enter phone number. Can’t recognise phone number. Check phone number. Enter phone number. Can’t recognise phone number....
Scott-tay127/04/2020Excellent idea Excellent idea!! Let’s stop the spread togeather
emily.colour27/04/2020Good initiative Download and help us to reopen.
Metro_trAiNs__227/04/2020Great app App works great on iPhone 6S. I like it. All good for now.
Amac3127/04/2020Screen keeps going black During registration screen goes black with covidsafe word and can’t continue process.
Saripp27/04/2020Would not verify my mobile number! Entered details and mobile number could not verify!
January Rose27/04/2020Activate Have tried several times to activate this app continues to come up with error verifying phone number so far I’d rate zero
Yajmai27/04/2020Not useful without proper API implementation Will not be using this until the Au Gov implements the upcoming Apple/Google ‘exposure notification’ API. I do not feel comfortable with the centralised data approach they are currently using.
0utofdate27/04/2020Will not install on iPhone 4s App requires iOS 10..... Must be thousands who would like to have the app but can't install it!
SexyNiLoveIt27/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t get passed the verification page. Says check details when attempting to verify.
Debbiwc27/04/2020Can’t get it to work Have tried to register twice but it keeps crashing 😡
ricko1974197427/04/2020Won’t accept numbernumber Tried with and without 0 after the +61. I run duel SIM (hardware sim and esim). Might have something to do with it????? Deleted app. I did try.
unhappy_chappy27/04/2020Error verifying phone number I’ll change the rating once I can activate just wanted to lodge the bug
pw@melbourne27/04/2020doesn’t work Doesn’t seem to work on iPhone 8 Plus. I just get the starting splash screen and that’s it.
pascal11112222333327/04/2020So far so good. Works well.
Moni_Angela27/04/2020Doesn’t send PIN to phone number; just stays with loading symbol Must be some glitch; can’t get anything
thepalmtree12327/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t get past number verification. Apparently doesn’t work on apple
Paulk19792127/04/2020Turn wifi off to register Seriously can’t believe this
Mr Pusskles27/04/2020Easy Peasy Installed and setup easily
fizzer11127/04/2020What a failure ! After downloading the app have been trying all nite to have it accept mobile number. What a dudd. I’m out of here !
Gwen_19627/04/2020App Doesn’t Verify Can’t get past the mobile number entry. Just comes up with an error and can’t verify. Won’t generate pin.
T Boy7627/04/2020Won’t accept phone number Downloaded but won’t Celt my phone number please fix
Cherry Ripe27/04/2020Mobile doesn’t work Can’t sign up - won’t accept my phone number.
namukutty27/04/2020Rubbish app Keeps saying my mobile number is invalid. Please don't release it if you can't perfect the registration process!
Joe the cameraman27/04/2020Five stars as soon as it works It’s a wonderful initiative. I want to take part. But it repeatedly fails on verifying my valid phone number.
dan 14727/04/2020Can’t verify mobile number Won’t allow me to verify mobile number
mvd6927/04/2020Phone number registration fails Won’t register phone number - gets error.
avaadore_27/04/2020Can not activate As per usual dropped the mobiles first number of 0 still can’t get through
shellzybellz27/04/2020Not able to verify mobile number??? It won’t verify my mobile number
RowieMcRowie27/04/2020Doesn’t work for me. I don’t have an Australian mobile number. The app doesn’t allow foreign numbers. Oh well
Lynne Ellis27/04/2020Mrs What happens if both married partners only use one telephone number? No one seems to know.
hutcma27/04/2020Pin won’t work I have tried several times and can’t get a pin. Useless app
Memyselfandi5527/04/2020No working It doesn’t recognise my phone number. I tried many times.
trying in the Hunter27/04/2020Can’t sign up Tried for 20 minutes. The App can’t find my phone number so I can register.
Sean from Perth27/04/2020Fail to register App just crashes on register unable to use
lol_wiki27/04/2020Crashes Just downloaded and the app blinks between the first logo screen and registration screen!!
MollyMoo7327/04/2020Didn’t work Can’t get past mobile number
15 minutes wont get back27/04/2020Couldn’t get it to work Does not accept my phone number
xxxcccjjjk27/04/2020App isn’t working App will not send me a Pin. Been trying off and on for over 5 hours.
One Horse Media27/04/2020PIN never arrived I want to sign up but need the PIN which I’ve tried to get multiple times but nothing happens...
Fonsie1227/04/2020App keeps flickering Installed on an iPhone 6S. Every few seconds the screen goes black with the words COVIDSafe in the middle of the screen.
Diva110527/04/2020Well done Australia ðŸ' Thanks🙏
djf b if dcj27/04/2020Trouble verification phone number Couldn’t verify phone number to get PIN number so I’m deleting it
Ukulele6727/04/2020Error The app won’t send me a pin then error pops up saying cannot verify your number.
Aaron13898927/04/2020Thankyou daddy Thankyou daddy for making us safer
Sjmchef27/04/2020Not working! Put on my details. Doesn’t recognise my phone number!
Cannotfindafreenickname27/04/2020Would not let me login Would not accept my number I guess I’ll just get corona then.
Laj394327/04/2020Phone number Cannot verify my phone number
vecevrbtbrvevrbt27/04/2020Bugs need fixing Very quick but the words COVIDSafe kept coming up. Bugs need fixing
Ajrthebadjr27/04/2020Broken Can’t even verify my number. Tried it 10 times. Useless app.
Jimdanaman828227/04/2020I love this app This app is truly great.
newsy9427/04/2020This does track you do not download Stop downloading this app if you want to keep your civil liberties fools
Scattrd27/04/2020Overreaction Haven’t we already slowed the spread and flattened the curve? It’s all just a massive overreaction. Give our lives back and stop this hypocrisy!
Klyvard27/04/2020Does not work It’s phone valid process is not functional. Useless
LeighNewton27/04/2020Register consent Doesn’t let me consent to registration. The tick box stays blank and I can’t move to the next page.
Dr. D.27/04/2020Unable to register Get to the registration screen and before I can enter details the screen goes black with grey lettering saying “COVIDsafe”
japick1227/04/2020Won’t verify number I want to use this app to help reduce social distancing restrictions yet the app reckons it can’t verify my number!!!!
RandomParent27/04/2020Impossible! How will it ever work if it refuses to accept my mobile number?!!
PossP2827/04/2020Won’t verify number Won’t verify the phone number and provides no means to assist.
xyxyabcd27/04/2020Does not seem to download on iPhone 5 Xx
Drkia27/04/2020Error message I am all for this app I have an iPhone X I am a HCW APP not registering my number. Where do I get trouble shooting support?
mmainame27/04/2020Can’t validate my phone number Can’t validate phone number
Wersula27/04/2020Sign on screens Leave them on for longer....... Keep turning off - iPhone 11
TMS23456178927/04/2020Very glitchy On the iPhone XR it is very glitchy. Hard to add details in and has a constant black screen saying COVIDSafe
Leatherrubberwetsuit27/04/2020Accessible sms It’s good idea for Deaf people and hard of hearing. ! If call by voice will not answer voice caller.
Trudi/234527/04/2020Can’t verify my phone number More app issues related to Amazon:Cloud scalability
RJ_NewUser27/04/2020Error in registration Getting the error “Error verifying phone number”
Alashnumagaj gayu27/04/2020Great job Australia Great steps against fight agaist covid19
oscarmcmc27/04/2020Can’t pass the number verification Can’t use
KAI.02020227/04/2020Great App This is a fantastic app developed by the Australian government!
Brigid 10127/04/2020Doesn’t work My phone number does not work!!! Why !!
ab13675324827/04/2020Not working Won’t even let me register
khmaalam27/04/2020Can’t register This is not letting me register. Is there any limitations for visa holders to subscribe it?
gabelish27/04/2020? great initiative just don’t like that the app has to be kept running.
HATE !!!!!27/04/2020Battery use. Drains your battery really fast.
Janiedeva27/04/2020Error message at PIN stage Unable to access PIN so can’t complete
wpstjs27/04/2020Can’t register Can’t register - get to getting PIN number and app just spins.
Xoxo bollywood27/04/2020Covid safe Why cant I remove the app from my phone
Marian Brisbane27/04/2020Can’t register. Says can’t verify my phone number. M Taylor
plamnarl27/04/2020Won’t install Spinning wheel of death on “get pin” screen
thebeastarshole0127/04/2020Hack I am safe now yay
LordModdy27/04/2020Does not work Does not work all I get is a blank black screen with COVID in the middle.
santalol127/04/2020great great idea everyone download thanks
Laksh2927/04/2020Good initiative Good initiative by Scott Mo good job so far
Beno1234567891027/04/2020Does not work App gets stuck on entering the phone number. Spins a spins.
Cikick27/04/2020Faulty app Will not send 2nd PIN number so you can upload ya information
Babak Dadvand27/04/2020Good app Good for contact tracing!
Selima Begum27/04/2020Faulty Won’t even let me register
Ramy8127/04/2020Can’t sign on Doesn’t send sms to verify pin.
Reonsan27/04/2020won’t recognise phone number tried to install multiple times but wont recognise my phone number no help contact to resolve.
belle94527/04/2020Amazing Get the app!!!
qwerty974127/04/2020Fail Cant activate - my mobile number isnt valid?
-/::456627/04/2020Mr r mason This is poorâ€" it won’t allow me to put in my Mobil phone number
I dontlikebuzzmusic27/04/2020Can’t get pin to verify number No pun received
Fritz Gimsteug27/04/2020Vundervale Gutten Tag iz za wokinz za fine
kkk1967ccc27/04/2020Covid Sade app Won’t accept my phone number
mu dog scooby27/04/2020Does not work Does not work
djlefevre27/04/2020COVID-19 Be a good citizen download the app!
hgfjyd gg k BBC dch27/04/2020Buggy Flicking on my iPhone X.
RoboElector27/04/2020pin keeps hanging when trying to retrieve pin #
Runnaln27/04/2020Did not accept PIN they sent me meh! Meh
bbc bbc bbc27/04/2020🍄 It’s a McDonalds.
Cabler5727/04/2020Access Unable to get PIN
aakjsjas27/04/2020App Best app ever
nuce aind27/04/2020Yes Corona
ericandmonique27/04/2020Let’s do our part! Very easy. Let’s do our part!
Sinner27827/04/2020I am me! Doesn’t work. Can’t get the PIN as it doesn’t recognise the phone number I’ve had for the last 9 years; or is it my name or my post code?
D Harpo27/04/2020Great app but needs a bug fix When I put my phone number in I still remove the zero from the front but it doesn’t do anything but show a loading circle and stays like that and It won’t send a pin code so if you can update it then I’ll be able to use it.
contented aussie27/04/2020Do your bit It seems to me that if you have an Amazon account they would have your real name and phone no. If you have Alexa Amazon can hear your conversations. If you have Google it is pinging your location. Even stores ask for your location when you go to their website. So how in gracious is this an invasion of privacy? Or a worry on security! Beats me. Come on Aussies do your bit and download this app
Unhappy cricket viewer27/04/2020Error with phone number and getting PIN code I have download the app on my iPhone but have spent several hours trying to get it to accept my phone number and get the six digit verification code sent to me to complete the registration process. I am 100% sure I’m entering my mobile number correctly but it just keeps failing. I have been unable to locate a help desk type number to get support. So from my perspective it’s just not working and hasn’t been thought through correctly
rsw196527/04/2020It is the right thing to do protect your mates. Use the app and help clear the country of this damn virus. You would not want your mates to get this virus and using this app will help stop the spread.
Straeng27/04/2020Please get this app folks To all those out there who are suspicious about whether you can trust the government about this kind of thing please understand that the entire source code has been made public. We can understand exactly how the information works and I'd encourage you to google and do some reading if you're worried and on the fence. This is going to be a really powerful tool to help us fight this pandemic and it's important as many of us have this app as possible.
eraserheadborgy27/04/2020Glitchy Won’t send me six digit code to register
Sari us27/04/2020Disgraceful The app works and installed easy. Computer nerds around Australia are wanting to get the source code for this app so they can dissect it and see exactly what it does and how it works. If the Govt really have nothing to hide why are they not prepared to release the source code. After all it’s just an app that supposedly doesn’t impinge on people’s privacy and civil liberties. Somehow I think there is more to it that what they say.
NikkiCatalano27/04/2020Feedback for developer I just downloaded this app and when asked for the code I flicked between the Covidsafe app to my messages and then back to the Covidsafw app. When I returned a black screen with covidsafe text appeared which didn't me to see the code I was trying to enter. Would be good to get these issues sorted and feedback helps which is why I am writing this review.
9rar grunt27/04/2020Wally Mcl Downloaded and deleted restarted phone and it still doesn’t recognize my phone number Turn your wifi off and you will get your code! Thanks to “bigglesworth” supplying the info!
Blind dan27/04/2020Will not activate TrIed to see this up on iPhone SE tried a few times reboot delete reinstall. Running IOS 13.3.1 I can’t get verification code to register the app..
Spotydog10127/04/2020Couldn’t get code Tried many times to get a code. With and without a zero etc and several restarts of the app. Decided to turn off wifi not sure why but text came straight after.
Guyufgftuf27/04/2020Won’t accept mobile number Disappointing to find the same issue that may other users have experienced with the mobile number failing verification. Appears someone wrote that bit of code on Friday afternoon... . However try turning off wifi and using the cellular network and it seems to fix the issue. Stay safe people.
Rish23727/04/2020Has a bug Stuck at Get Pin page.Stress Testing was not done well it seems.
janryan9a27/04/2020Can’t download COVIDSafe App I was sent the code but the app said it was wrong. I have been unable to get past the point where it says to download information. I tried several times but still can’t download it. Frustrating
Sumo san27/04/2020Needs work Some basic rules needed. 1) you need a name age and postcode. 2) need a mobile number to register. Big hint it will only send a confirmation code if you have mobile data turned on. It will not send the code if mobile data is turned off. 3) final step is to confirm Bluetooth is turned on 4) you have successfully installed and registered of sorts the covidsafe app. Thank you.
Emma177127/04/2020I really want it to work But it’s not sending my mobile a code. Just a spinny wheel of death.
Nicktwice27/04/2020Download it I was a little bit concerned about the privacy before I heard Sunday’ live by Dr. Murphy. You can use fake name the infos you need to input are age group and post code. Records would be destroyed after 21 days. Hopefully we can unstall the app sooner.
FiCam27/04/2020Flawed..: Sceptical but downloaded and began set up with a false name I was then asked for my phone number so I could be sent a 6 digit code to verify that phone number I entered my mobile number and hit “Get Pin”.... spinning doughnut for 5 minutes then an error message saying my number coukd not be verified please check details. All details were correct EXCEPT my real name... wonder why my phone number couldn’t be verified???? Hmmmm app deleted not going to bother
Davtacc27/04/2020I’m in All sorted in less than a minute. If this helps deal with outbreaks quickly and gets restrictions lifted it’s worth any perceived danger to my civil rights...and if the spooks want to follow me they are welcome to. It might even cure their insomnia...
/()$@27/04/2020Zapping energy Zapping energy
Adriné27/04/2020Fabulous work Australian Gov! #weareallinthistogether Dear users who have complained about the phone number not working Try using international format perhaps? eg: +61412XXXXXX
With God's blessing27/04/2020Asking for another code Please send me another code to update my information as the code you have sent me earlier had been expired. Thank you
frtyuiio27/04/2020Can’t register Just said error to send me code.
Cvickj27/04/2020mary extremely easy to use! Very happy with the privacy setting. If you use google facebook or any of those types of apps....they have so much more data on you than this app collects. Hopefully everyone will download and we can put a stop to this damn virus!
Planuum27/04/2020Here we go Worth doing to get the country back on its feet. Location data is not shared your privacy is kept intact (people have already explored the code to find out). Get this app and save some lives!
Stevo2501027/04/2020Stevo25010 Easy setup on iPhone X. More people that download the quicker we can get back to normality in Australia!
thenameskita27/04/2020Works well I downloaded the covid19 safe app on my iPhone 7 and it seems to work well. The only details you need to share is Full Name Phone number post code and age range then you need to make sure Bluetooth is on at all times when you are out and about. I am somewhat concerned about privacy breaches but hoping my privacy is safe.
Jordan39627/04/2020Wrong number After providing mobile number for verifications the words ‘wrong number?’ shows up. These words wrongly send the message to people that they’ve entered the wrong number but it’s only asking if you’ve entered wrong number. This needs to be changed to ‘didn’t receive code?’ I had to explain that to someone so that may be why people are thinking they can’t verify their number. If you receive a code it means your phone number is verified.
Fffhhhhssshjjaaa27/04/2020Nice For everyone who is concerned about the government tracking your location you gave up your privacy the moment you were added on a birth certificate. Stop wearing your tin-foil hats and giving yourselves so much credit that your data is even interesting in the first place lmao If you don’t want to have the government finding you live off the grid. ðŸ"¡ As for the issue of community tracing for the virus I think this is a great idea to make sure we’re all safe and let us able to trace something that is so difficult to do so beforehand.
Momentarydivision27/04/2020Simple and a tool to get us back to the new normal Simple registration and had it up in under a minute. It amazes me the people who get on their soapbox when they don’t or simply can’t be bothered learning how the app has been architected. A FB comment summed everything up as “it was built in America by Amazon they took our jobs and are storing data there!!” For those who want to learn.. Amazon Web Services provide storage.. but with a core data centre based in sydney that Govt as well as banks are other firms needing reliable but secure cloud storage. It’s not Amazon retail and the app was built here as seen by the various articles citing Govt hiring developers. I’m not associated with the app but I do build apps and it’s frustrating when ill informed user fear-mong those who genuinely want to make use of it and help fellow Aussies out.
frustrated:((27/04/2020Try a little harder Can’t believe the number of people coming here to rate the app 1 star because the phone verification “isn’t working”... have you ever signed up to anything before? When there is a country code at the start drop the zero off of your phone number do this and the verification works without a problem. Don’t waste people’s time writing negative reviews just learn to think for yourself or do some simple googling 🙄
Howdrive27/04/2020Easy to register Privacy looks good. Everything is encrypted not even users can see the information collected. When entering your phone number drop the first ‘0’ of your number as +61 has already been entered. Age range is to enable prioritisation of those to contact first and Post Code so they know which State should’ve contacting you.
AndyInOz18728/04/20206+ activation attempts WI-FI OFF solved it I am a fairly savvy iPhone user and app installer using an iPhone SE and it took me many attempts to get it activated. Firstly it refused to accept my 9 digit mobile number (leading zero removed) then after finally accepting it it would not send me an SMS message the first time then it would not accept my pin when entered in a timely way then it refused to resend me a new pin. I restarted my phone a few times along to way which sometimes helped to get a little further. Eventually I TURNED OFF MY MOBILE’S WI-FI to force it to use 4G then I re-did the activation steps and it all worked perfectly and very quickly. My gut feel is this app may be happier authenticating and activating when using the phone’s 4G connection (not Wi-Fi).
The Night Flower28/04/2020Do it for yourself your country and people you love. Easy to use and I don’t worry about security. I use several games and apps like Facebook and Google Maps Metromate etc which track my movements throughout the day so I’m not worried about a harmless Bluetooth handshake. My rights are protected by law so I used this app to protect myself healthcare workers and people I work with. It’s not a bit deal. Easy to use too I just have to remember to leave it running in the background.
BlueDynasty28/04/2020You’ve successfully registered for COVIDSafe And was told to... “Please keep Bluetooth and Notifications enabled.” No problems registering ensure Bluetooth and mobile data is active before the registration process. I used 0 preceding my number even though (+61) was indicated in the process. I think once I’m home that there is no point keeping it running as I think this will use battery life however I usually turn Bluetooth off when at home to save power unless I’m forwarding picture to my spouse via AirPlay. Just have to remember to activate COVIDSafe each time I leave home so... I’ve set a reminder when a particular location has been determined such as “Getting in my car” when my Bluetooth connects to my car the alert will remind me to turn on COVIDSafe.
Onapele28/04/2020Turn off Wifi Kept failing when trying to verify my mobile number after more than 10 attempts. Turned off Wifi on my phone so it uses my mobile telco directly and worked straight away. I think it fails when trying to submit my number via wifi. Given the short timeframes to create the app some testing/communication has been overlooked. Let’s hope what we are being told about the app privacy etc is the case and not a let’s hope it works this way and we’ll get the people to QA the app.
earlbking28/04/2020Simple It took less than 30 seconds to download get the pin and set up on my phone. To the double digit IQs that say they can’t get a pin remove the ‘0’ from the front of your mobile number. I’m not crazy about supplying this information to the government or anyone else for that matter but I think this is one of those times we have to use reason and work together to end this.
SayJayPop28/04/2020TURN OFF WIFI TO REGISTER!! After trying and failing a million times with no luck to register turning off my wifi meant I could verify my mobile number without issue. A glitch for sure but happy to have found a way to get past it. Fingers crossed it’s something the app developers are working in because not everyone has the time or energy to wade through reviews to find the fix tip.
Neil Hargreaves28/04/2020Dutton’s dreams come true. I have no faith in this current version of the conservative Australian government from bungled cruise ship entries to pork barreling sports rorts to dog whistling and politicising of asylum seekers. These are not trustworthy people. HOWEVER at this time I see no option other than to be as responsible as possible around community health. Extraordinary times dictate extraordinary measures so I have installed the COVIDSafe app a run it whenever I leave my own home. In time I will delete the app and with luck the data won’t have been needed. Now is not the time to be sceptical now is the time to think of the broader community and to act on behalf of public wellbeing. Downloaded and use this app the health of all of us may depend upon it.
Ktbgreat228/04/2020No problems from this Sceptical Optimist I’ve always been very wary of government taking too much power but I feel the current admin has been honest about what this apps capabilities are and I am confident it is no more infringing on my rights then any other day to day app. It’s voluntary and I can turn it off when I choose. Happy to see so many other people downloading it too
Karlos 00728/04/2020Fine to use Your mind should be at ease because you share info when you decide with a button with just the Aussie government health dept. Compared to ‘free game or social apps’ that constantly sync data in the background and don’t clearly tell you what they are collecting about you and only ever generally tell you who they shared with. The infamous ‘third parties’ phrase.
Eclipse girl28/04/2020Maybe it is too quick to rate but I feel safer It’s new but I feel safer knowing that if someone tests positive to COVID that I will be informed. It works via Bluetooth and to be honest I don’t feel like my privacy is compromised. This could change but I take the risk with everything online that I do so to save lives why not jump on the bandwagon!
Mairi W.28/04/2020Problem with sending pin I want to do my bit to help stop the spread of COVID but the app gets stuck on the get pin screen every time I submit my phone number a loading wheel appears on the button and won’t progress from there. Help! I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and rebooted it a number of times too.
Akae728/04/2020Small thing we do to save lives Its just some simple steps thats not taking more than 1 min to register. And phone number definitely necessary for us to get contacted if we need to be. I really felt we should sacrifice a little of our privacy to let us get back to our normal life faster.
Kastronoth28/04/2020No problems signing up To have no problems signing up you need to drop the leading zero to your phone number and also turn off wifi and use mobile data. For some reason this has worked on 3 phones for me with no problems.
OzTurtle28/04/2020Turn off Bluetooth wifi to register? If you’re having trouble registering try turning off Bluetooth and wifi. It worked for me - Before I did this the process was failing at the point where it issues a PIN. Turned off wifi and Bluetooth and registration worked. Turned everything back on afterwards and it seems fine.
Kit Mann28/04/2020Trouble with mobile number Easy to set up except for it not accepting mobile number. I left the 0 off the beginning of number as suggested below in a review but still didn’t work. I noted I was on wifi so I then changed to using mobile data along with leaving 0 off number. This worked. All the best everyone and take care.
megzyjeffs28/04/2020Can’t get a pin Two of us in our household are unable to get a pin. We have tried reinstalling app and have tried again early this morning. Want to do the right thing but can’t make it work. Can’t verify number is what the message eventually says. One is Samsung one is iPhone.
LeanneCrystalTiger28/04/2020Can’t get PIN I dint know why I can’t get pin they ask for it just keeps spinning and eventually sometimes comes up as error we can verify your number and I have tried both with and without the first 0 being put in. I even turned my mobile off and in again still didn’t help I think I noticed one other person having this problem on here are there any others? I really believe in the app but it’s not allowing me access 😪
User457428/04/2020Killer of my phone battery. 😱🦠ðŸ"‹ This is a great idea and I really want to use it I don’t care about all the tinfoil hat wearing people who want to complain about privacy I care only about battery life of my phone this app Is like a virus for your iPhone due to a bad battery I have the obsessive compulsive need to close all apps before putting the phone back in my pocket! 🤷‍♂️
Mr_Timothy28/04/2020TURN WI-FI OFF (solves verification error) I kept getting “Error verifying phone number”. Then I turned off wi-fi and tried again and immediately got my six-digit PIN and it all worked. Then I turned my wi-fi back on and it’s all working well. Hopefully this solves the issue for some other people....
Jatz crackers 2628/04/2020Took a bit of effort but got there in the end Took me the best part of 24 hours to get the PIN number to verify my phone but got there in the end. My guess is was just due to the volume of people down loading and trying to sign up. Hopefully we get enough people doing it and we can get back to normal sooner
i love builder buddies28/04/2020Parents talk to your kids It’s our 20-29 yo most likely to contract/carry covid 19! Yet this age group seems more opposed to being tracked. I suggest all parents really sit down and discuss what it means for the community and their family and encourage them to download - hey if it means we lift restrictions quicker better for all!
-Grant1964-28/04/2020Will only register if not on wifi Tried 30+ times over two days to try and register the app. It kept telling me that there was a problem with the phone number I was entering. Same issue for both numbers I entered (dual sim phone). As a last resort I disconnected from my wifi and tried and it registered immediately. The instructions need to specify that the phone cannot be on wifi to register.
Gettung really frustrated28/04/2020Can’t get past phone number (without the zero) I have been trying to set this up on my phone since it was released. I get to the screen where I put my phone number in (without the zero) then they only option I have is to click on ‘get PIN’. Nothing happens just the wheel keeps spinning. I’ve walked away and left it for ages and go back and it has either timed out or the wheel is still spinning. I have an iPhone 11 so phone shouldn’t be a problem.
AJ98628/04/2020Simple and safe Extremely straightforward to install. Very easily understood privacy policy. My RACQ app takes more personal and location data than this. Drop your mobile number ‘0’ per every other comment on here. It’ll save lives.
biggayjohn28/04/2020Let’s work together to get back to normal life It is a very basic app and easy questions to answer . They are not interested in your personal information . It is designed to help us all snd as Australians I’m sure we won’t our life back 🥇
GetSwanny28/04/2020Failed A really important initiative I support and encourage all to use however failed to be able to verify phone number of mobile I’ve been using for 10 years plus. Dropped 0 and added 0 (due +61) but no joy. Appreciate advice on issue or fix. Also if it makes a difference to loading app the + 61 will confuse those who haven’t travelled overseas previously which could delay / stop sign ups. Suggest ‘Help Tip’ on this point. Keep up the good work everyone.
BearBait201128/04/2020Turn WiFi off to register. We need good contact tracing to reopen society I’m very supportive of this apps purpose & keen that the target of 10 million people download this. To register turn OFF WiFi. Don’t enter the leading zero of your mobile number.
rasthasan28/04/2020Definitely the one to download! Media promised me that it’s for our own good! They said “the app won’t track you *it simply digitises where you’ve been and who you’ve been in contact with* ” See it’s totally different! They just want to know where you go and who you talk to. That’s all. Nothing to see here! Nothing fishy about that at all Guess who got the contract to “store the data”? It’s owned by the “wealthiest man on earth” and the company starts with A and end with mazon.
DavePook28/04/2020Such a good idea Just keeps a list of the phones you were near in the last 3 weeks using Bluetooth. Only uploads if you tell it to. If we can trace all the contacts of people who get the virus we can beat this.
BrockFlow28/04/2020Doesn’t recognise phone numbers if WIFI is on. NEED TO TURN WIFI OFF TO REGISTER PHONE NUMBER! Why isn’t this on the instructions! Have a multi sim iPhone with one an E-sim and the other a conventional sim. Doesn’t recognise either number using the international format (+61 and leaving out the 0).I thought it would have been tested or at least some technical troubleshooting directions could be supplied!!! After several attempts turned WIFI off and it worked.
Ayalin Hyden28/04/2020Please help stop the dementor on our world Please do this? I have 3 very vulnerable people in my family. We can protect others and we will be better off sooner then others. Be the wave of love and be the country who remains a n their heart space.
MeetupUser12528/04/2020Great initiative needs some work This is a great initiative to see from the government. As a developer I know that there are tools from Apple being made available to make sure this app can run in the background this app really needs to make use of them to make sure that this app is as effective as it can be
wantohelp28/04/2020Can’t get PIn Re install the application twice still can’t get PIN for the mobile phone. Try both with and without leading zero for my phone no. Disappointing! At the end I noticed my phone is on WiFi call as my mobile carrier is the same as the NBN at home. Do I turned off my phone WiFi and ask for the pin again. Then it works. May be the software needs to work with WiFi phone at home.
Kkaiah28/04/2020We’re all in this together! Great App! Wouldn’t let me verify my mobile number at 1st. So for some of those having same trouble... I turned off my phones wifi then it worked ðŸ'
Blackyshark28/04/2020You must turn wifi off to get the pin Happy to do my bit but that instruction would have been handy rather than spender three hours trying to get the pin
covid preventer28/04/2020Anything to help stop the spread and protect Australians This is one step to reducing the spread of covid -19 and I am happy to use this application knowing the safety of my data and l knowing I am working with many other Australians to prevent the spread that will undoubtedly safe lives.
BenB.au28/04/2020Easy to install - happy to use this app Works well. Happy to use this and help watch the Covid numbers go down. Let’s do our bit and save lives and get the pubs open safely again!
AddsyO28/04/2020Stuck on phone number entry Found that I needed to turn my wifi off for the pin to come through and get past the phone number stage. Just for anyone that may be having issues.
ViktoriaAnneD28/04/2020Unable to sign up due to error sending pin I was unable to sign up for this app due to the fact that it says “error” when attempting to text a pin to my phone. However when I turned my wifi off and on again it worked!
Dboychocdude28/04/2020Don’t be skeptically about getting this app! It’s for the good of you and I Don’t see the reason why I shouldn’t download this app! Some say the government are going to monitor what I do and I reply I have no fear for that unless I am dodgy
lkfitz28/04/2020Turn off wifi to verify mobile number I couldn’t verify my mobile number until I was using mobile data. Others in my household also had the same issue until wifi was turned off on devices.
Bonav3ntura28/04/2020Battery life Over past 24 hours no noted issues with the battery levels if this app saves your life worth while downloading it
Ando3528/04/2020Not letting me sign up Unfortunately the app won’t let me sign up due to my phone number ‘being incorrect’. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app but it still shows up with the same message. I’ve tried inputting my phone number as an 04... number as well as a 4... I’d be more than willing to download the app to save lives but unfortunately it’s not letting me download it properly :/
Nickyb100328/04/2020Perfect app ... If ?!?! This app will save lives IF and only IF the government adds EVERYONE who tests (or has already tested) positive to it. Without this information it won’t work. Please make it law punishable by a large fine.
Jon Tirsen28/04/2020Works well now It had some issues when it launched but it works fine now. It’s not perfect but it’s what we got. Let’s try to make this work.
Reece_sp28/04/2020Easy setup! Setup took less than a minute. The app itself is very polished and I haven’t noticed any loss of battery with it running in the background.
Ladybeetle8028/04/2020Registering issues. Turn wifi off. I kept getting an error that my information couldn’t be verified. I tried about 10 times. Then I turned my wi-fi off and it registered straight away.
buthurapi28/04/2020Apple Watch integration? It would be so much more effective if it worked on Apple Watch. I don’t always have my phone with me when I’m out usually because I forget it but always wear my watch.
Perinatal 7228/04/2020Great ideaused all my battery in 6 hours at work As a supermarket worker I thought this is a great ideastick phone in my pocket on silent and leave it downloaded and set it up with no problemswent to work and it used all my battery :( I have Had iPhones for a long time and have NEVER EVER had my phone go flat. Sorry scomo deleting nowlet me know when it’s fixed
wrfdth28/04/2020Buggy This app won’t install properly. The splash screen keeps popping up during the registration process and then the process stalls when trying to get the PIN. I entered the phone number without the leading 0 no improvement. I’ve reinstalled restarted and waited all with no effect. For me this app is currently unusable. And yes I’m using a current phone with an up to date OS...
oldgrumpyguy28/04/2020Works great Haven’t noticed any problems or battery drain. The whole family’s got it. Anything we can do to on top of COVID we’re in!
forwardsteps28/04/2020Great and no problems No problem. Easy to install. No privacy concerns. Glad to do my bit for ridding our country of this virus. :)
Burntbear28/04/2020Not verifying phone number Turn off your phone wifi and it will work
TroyDT8428/04/2020Number won’t register I’ve downloaded the app which is fine but why can’t I register my mobile number? Yes I’m dropping the first 0 and tried adding the first 0 but to no prevail. I understand 1.8million people have downloaded the app but how many have actually registered successfully? Any assistance would be great to register as I want to do my bit!
macpatrol28/04/2020Let’s all do our bit to help. Install was easy and the app really explained itself well. Great job trying to keep us all safe.
MingMZ28/04/2020From the same government that failed NBN All your location data are uploaded to central server there’s no anonymity there’s no privacy protection. Remember when people opting out MyHealth in large numbers because there’s no guarantee third party will not have access to the data. We need a contract tracing app that do the job while protecting individual’s privacy this isn’t it.
Trashnetter28/04/2020Help What happens if I change my phone number after it’s installed and activated on my old number.
corinneof328/04/2020Other apps now not working effectively It’s been just 24 hrs since downloading this app and so far I cannot have another app running properly with on average it shutting down within minutes. I want to do the right thing having this running but it’s driving me nuts!
Katie_Adele28/04/2020Fix / Update this app - Mobile Bug After several attempts I’ve decided to give up and write a review in the hope someone will read this and then fix the app. When I add my mobile number in (yes without the zero) nothing happens I’ve deleted and downloaded the app 4 times over the past 2 days. Please fix right away.
h cui28/04/2020Easy to install easy to register Help each other help our community.
bungee_5428/04/2020Turn off WiFi and exclude “0” from phone number. Promising app. Great to see 2.4 million people have downloaded.
DP/1328/04/2020Won’t accept mobile ph number Have tried several times over past 2 days at various times night and day to complete registration without success. It will not accept phone number even though putting in number without the 0 even tried with zero all failed.
.daniel.feo28/04/2020No issues signing up Great app. Works well. Get tracking and tracking so we can go back to work!
Pa230228/04/2020Covid tracker. Australia Gov We are senior pensioners. My husband cannot download this app because he only has IOS 10.3.4 which is the max his IPhone will take. I’m sure he won’t be the only Australian with an older phone which we have no need to replace
Neesie1728/04/2020Can’t get it to work After downloading we cannot log on to either phone. Have updated the phones used the phone number without the zero turned the phones on and off deleted the app and reinstalled but still can’t get past the phone page. What am I doing wrong??????
11vidakn28/04/2020Simple Easy Secure This is one of the easiest things Australian’s can do to secure our nation and prevent future outbreaks. This will allow us to start easing restrictions.
Daniel_R28/04/2020Save your life and someone else’s too How important is the life of you your parents your children your partner? Is privacy more important than potentially saving a life? Is privacy more important than getting Australia back on its feet and saving people’s jobs? There is a reason I am using this app to save the life of myself and others
dex0000028/04/2020Could not verify phone number The registration process could not verify my phone number and there are no instructions about how to troubleshoot. Have deleted and reinstalled the app and restarted my phone but with no success. Turned wi-fi off and worked immediately- should be in the instructions!!!
woftam7228/04/2020Won’t accept phone number Tried about 30 times to register. Tried without the 0 at the front of the number and with it. Deleted the app restarted the phone and tried again. No support number. Obviously testing was not a priority. Just wasted hours of my time.
LotroFanatic28/04/2020I give up I have tried entering my details and phone number multiple times. Always cones up with an error. MyGov uses this number. All my banks use this number. But this so called simple app is failing yo do so.
ellybella12328/04/2020Having trouble registering Unable to complete registration despite following instructions unable to go back to see if information entered correct unable to request new PIN number to verify phone number
Tuong do28/04/2020Background running Does app still work if my phone has turn off background refresh and this app is runining but run in the background?
TheCloudGallery28/04/2020phone error message I’m running latest version of iOS apple 8 phone. Tried every variation of my number and tried and waited a couple of times (congestion) still could send pin to verify my number. Sorry fellas the easiest part seems like the hardest. Good luck getting to 40%
ClareBear2020:)28/04/2020Phone number issue SOLVED Turn your wifi off when registering so it is running off mobile data worked for everyone in my household who was having the same issue
Awesomeeers28/04/2020Turn off Wifi You have to turn off Wifi to get past the phone number verification step. Then it works
Benito22228/04/2020Helpful App Easy to download and there is no risk of privacy. Please install it on your phone with peace of mind and support Australia simply!!
Parnianx28/04/2020Wonderful Idea and a Great Initiative Such a brilliant idea. I’m very keen on this app. I just hope that it‘s working well with apple phones.
Bvdshkcf28/04/2020Won’t verify phone number This is not an issue with the 0 at the start as I have been trying without it. Even tried with it to be sure and it comes up with a different error. Lucky I have no job at the moment so I have time to waste on it 😏
Leka7728/04/2020Doing my bit Doing my bit to help all of us.
Jb03328/04/2020Has issues with Bluetooth App keeps telling me that Bluetooth is off even though it is switched on and active. My other Bluetooth devices are working fine so it isn’t a phone problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail.
Steve_02328/04/2020Clearly has bugs Went to download the app to do the right thing and have now been waiting over 24 hours for a 6 digit pin to verify phone number.... guess I’m not the only one so can only imagine how many COULD be registered if they had a working app
Akko5428/04/2020Background operation Why must I leave the app open? Other Bluetooth applications work in background mode. Too many pop up messages makes this app very annoying
Shamus McDuck28/04/2020Battery drain on old phone I was happy to comply with health department efforts but I think my phone is too old; the app seemed to drain the battery on my ancient iPhone 5S from 50% to 0 in about 10 minutes. I had to delete it.
mummasar28/04/2020Doesn’t accept my mobile number The mobile number I currently have is the first and only mobile number I’ll ever have. Why isn’t it being accepted and who puts +61 in front of a mobile number unless they’re calling from overseas?
Fat Judy28/04/2020Can’t register This app is junk. All I get is "error verifying phone number”. I’ve tried turning wifi Bluetooth and mobile data off and I have a valid phone number. Disappointing that such an important project has been implemented so poorly.
SalvoDan28/04/2020Don’t use your phone for *anything* else This app will not work as intended if you use your phone for *anything* else. Take a call? It stops working. Check your messages? It stops working. DHHS need to support Apple and Googles Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing ASAP if they really want to protect Australians from COVID-19.
nicolh728/04/2020Problems registering Have tried multiple times to get this to work but when it comes to putting in my phone number and I click on “get pin” nothing happens (the little wheel spins to tell me it is thinking about it 😜 but that’s it)
Treasure060828/04/2020Turn WiFi OFF to register Turn WiFi OFF to register and leave out the leading 0 for your phone number should load straight away. Just imagine how many installations have been missed out on because of this issue.
Christopher Blackman28/04/2020Error verifying phone number I’ve been trying multiple times to verify a mobile number. It’s ridiculous! There would likely be 10M people using the app if the mobile verification process actually worked!
!Natski!28/04/2020Can not register my phone number I am unable to pass the point of registering my phone number hoping this issue will be fixed soon. I have an iPhone 11 I have read there seems to be more issues with iPhones.
James Australia28/04/2020Needs more thought Understand the need for this app but it is a killer on the battery. Can’t be doing a whole lot of tracking if your battery is flat on the way home from work. Needs to be revisited by app designers.
Slippery Ride28/04/2020Can’t Verify PIN Downloaded it after 6 pm dropped the leading zero but still spent two hours trying to get a PIN to verify my mobile number. Deleted the app and reinstalled but same result. Disappointing.
wirelesslyalways28/04/2020Does not like Australian mobile numbers .....will not accept number as valid Finally figured it out This error message is returned if you have not read the privacy disclosure
aaamazed28/04/2020Turn off wifi to register your number Tried many times (apple phone) but it said 'unable to verify your number'. Finally found the solution - turn off wifi registers instantly.
EdnaEverage28/04/2020For those who can’t get a pin Turn off your Wi-Fi enter details and get a new pin - worked straight away then turn your Wi-Fi back on..
chalie shane28/04/2020Charles Mitch Everyone should download and install immediately!
About2fail28/04/2020Liberty is a luxury during a pandemic Personal freedom and liberty is only up to the lowest denominator. Don’t be the lowest denominator and download the app.
Phorozan28/04/2020Great job! Everyone needs to install this app.
91Craigy28/04/2020Still some bugs Great idea great simple concept for the app however at this stage for my phone the app will ask again for my details / ‘sign up’ after a day or so.
Matthew Allworth28/04/2020Notifications Keep notifications to a minimum: no political or nagging spamming please. If you exceed your limits I’ll switch notification off altogether.
Far from28/04/2020No luck I have repeatedly tried to download this app every thing is fine until I try to put my mobile number in tried with the 0 and without will not recognise either so it’s a no go for me I’m afraid.
Friendlycitizen1028/04/2020Bug Would not let me get past the phone number stage. Tried 5 times incl. delete and reinstall. Need Application Performance Monitoring so these issues don’t happen.
Kipakikka28/04/2020Error verifying phone number Cannot get the pin at all. Not without a zero in the number or with it. It says error verifying phone number. Also there is no support contact who do I contact to get this done with?
Berilac128/04/2020Valid mobile number This app keeps suggesting I have an invalid mobile number. I have used two versions the international version and the in country version. Both have been rejected by the sign on for the app.
Polly Waffler28/04/2020Drains Battery Very easy to setup but drained the power very quickly. Have turned it off while at home until it’s fixed.
yogabobby28/04/2020Doesn’t work - error verifying my phone number Have tried three or four times uninstalled and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. Will try again if they update the app.
loubect28/04/2020Can’t even register The app won’t recognise my details phone number and can’t send me a pin to register. I’m trying to do the right thing by registering but when you get error messages makes it hard.
FeeJayBee#5-46128/04/2020Can’t get a pin Disappointing! Have tried to do the right thing and download but wheel just spins at the “get pin” stage. Have tried many many times. Have deleted and loaded. And there seems to be no way to get support for this. HELP PLEASE!
Covid prepared 10128/04/2020Glitching can’t install Really want to do my bit by after repeated attempts to download and install can’t get required pin sent and now app itself flashing. Please fix!!
josh_bear28/04/2020Let’s get our lives back to normal Download this app to help stop the spread of COVID-19
Jen42947428/04/2020Also have issue with validating phone # I want to take part but like others I can’t get past the validation of phone number screen. Have left off zero deleted app and retried....still no joy.
HighL0w.28/04/2020Won’t verify The app is not verifying my number tried it without the 0 because of the +61 and tried with the 0. A little bit frustrated with it. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and still not accepting.
AW52628/04/2020Won’t verify mobile number Sends me an error message when I enter my mobile phone number (in both normal and international format). Have tried deleting app and reloading but still no luck.
Roh8728/04/2020Not Working I tried to use app but it just gets stuck trying to send a PIN to my phone. Tried different combos and deleted app and tried reinstalling and same problem. Waste of time.
Cinnamon1028/04/2020Only works with iOS 10+ Sadly the app ‘for the country’ does not work on phones running older iOS versions. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest phone on the market.
Joshua59528/04/2020Just do it! Download the app. It could save someone’s life.
isthisnametaken????28/04/2020Unable to accept mobile phone number I would like to download the app but the registration process will not accept the mobile numbers of both my husband and I.
prathishankar28/04/2020Can’t get past phone number screen No matter how many times I try can’t verify my phone number and can’t get the app to work. There doesn’t seem to be any error reporting and support for it.
JP 9126028/04/2020Useless for older phones Sadly this app will not work for those who have an older phone. If it’s running on less than the iOS 10 you can not install it. Disappointing.
400540028/04/2020Resistance is futile So try to help. My mobile phone number nor my wife’s could be verified. So out of the 2+ million Aussies who have downloaded as of this mornings news how many are actually ’using’ the app?
johndoejanedoe28/04/2020Won’t recognise phone number Downloaded the app Tried to register - says there is an error with the phone number; phone number is fine so must be some error somewhere...?
Rambo1_#28/04/2020Seems ok Anything that can help is a positive
Ecd20428/04/2020Can’t register My husband and I have tried loading the app on numerous occasions over the last two days - we cannot get a verification number. This is useless!!
Sshezza28/04/2020Number Verification I’ve tried numerous times now and the app is unable to verify my mobile number. I am not the only person having this problem.
JustJeansy28/04/2020Freezing on mobile number and won’t give pin My app is Freezing on the mobile number section and won’t give pin - and yes I don’t have zero as it is an international number entry
iam_wonderwoman_28/04/2020Great Initiative Smart fantastic way of keeping us safe !
Jaime_C28/04/2020Not working I can’t get this app to verify my mobile number. I swear I’m Entering it all correct. Keep getting an error message. I’ve installed / deleted / installed still get the unable to verify error ðŸ'Ž.
paatlo28/04/2020Good app This app is really helpful and easy to use
Shazzabam00428/04/2020Can’t verify my phone I tried last night & again this morning. Just sits there trying to send a pin....
JJJJK128/04/2020Black Screen Downloaded the app on iPhone8 but when I open it the front page appears for 1/2 second then goes to a black screen with COVID-19. Cant even get to the questions!
litespeedBS28/04/2020Pathetic I entered my mobile number and it refused to send me a PIN I tried again removing the zero at front and eventually got the PIN entered the PIN and it timed out over the 5 minutes not accepting the PIN. Please try harder.
peeeeettteeeerrr28/04/2020Turn wifi off to initiate the app Tell people upfront they need to turn wifi off to initiate the app
E-Bay1th28/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t even sign up because you can’t get past the page asking for your mobile number. Looks like I can’t help 😂
phone112233445528/04/2020Phone number error Each time I enter my phone number an error box comes up. Also the screen keeps going black with a Covid sign.
tucky016428/04/2020Can’t get past phone number verification Tried many times. Deleted and reloaded. Waited until this morning. All attempts failed
Kitty not happy28/04/2020No PIN received. Tried to install on iPhone 8. Provided mobile number but App hung on sending PIN which we never received. Deleted and reInstalled but still does not work 🦠
Intrepid00128/04/2020POS won’t send me a pin Will not accept my mobile number. Have tried on 2 different numbers across 2 days and different times of the day. Fix it.
$Lyn$28/04/2020Phone number problems Tried several times. Does not recognise my phone number. I’ve left off the leading zero. Looks like this app is not for me.
sarahoojo28/04/2020Buggy Downloaded it worked fine for a day. Then started to flash on and off. Then it froze along with my phone. Deleted it!!
shpo22428/04/2020No faith This app doesn’t even recognise my mobile phone number. I have no faith the app will work. Plus app would let negative reviews through
kerkehkerkeh28/04/2020Not working Great idea but despite repeated tries deleting and reinstalling verification of my phone number hasn’t worked.
Decenarro28/04/2020Won’t work I can’t get it to verify my phone number regardless of which format I use. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kayzed28/04/2020Can’t register Error message when I put in my phone number for a pin so I can’t register. I am definitely using my phone number.
Justin fp28/04/2020Disappointed Won’t allow me to activate it and get past the loading of the phone number to generate the pin.
Benny127828/04/2020Won’t verify my phone number The application just hangs and won’t verify my phone number I tried multiple times.
jennifer eckles28/04/2020Disappointed I was so willing to help but I downloaded app 24 hrs ago and cannot login. Keep getting mobile not verified. I’m in my 60’s and at risk. Want to do eve to help but app not works for me
PDad8928/04/2020Great idea Great idea. Glad to play my part.
Jangi 457428/04/2020Not identifying phone number Have entered mobile number multiple times without the 0 and is not recognising .
Tynnad28/04/2020Interface crashes! Downloaded but the constant black “CovidSafe” screen flashes prevents anything else happening! Can’t move to next screens. Very rushed job!
graccos28/04/2020Useless for iPhones. This app will only work if the phone’s unlocked and the app is running. It does nothing if the app is running in background mode.
Lady_Angelcake28/04/2020Doesn’t work Wouldn’t accept my phone number. I thought it was just me but then it wouldn’t accept my wife’s as well.
MauzieC28/04/2020Phone number Get as far as muting my mob in but do not get a pin yes tried leaving off the Zero at the start and leaving it on! Still nothing
Daggster28/04/2020Why develop an application without any support Tried several times to upload name & phone number using the zero and without the zero even deleted the application as well. Still couldn’t get it to work. I am definitely entering the correct phone number. Total waste of time.
Unhappy user 66428/04/2020Doesn’t work Will not let me register keep getting phone number error. Sorry I cannot help fight covid
Chriscatblue28/04/2020Mobile phone Will not accept my mobile number so I can’t use the app without the verify pin typical
Kobecody28/04/2020Keeps saying my mobile number not verified I don’t even get a PIN texted because of that issue
Tomfox8328/04/2020Really slow I’m disappointing Would not recommend
VVulch28/04/2020Daily sign in?? I have to reregister every morning?. Was it designed to do that and not save my info? Will quickly tire of that!
DesiAussie28/04/2020Unable to validate phone number Get an error. Able to download The app fails to send an OTP sms to validate my number.
Diesel - Coyote-Doyle28/04/2020Problem app Doesn’t work I’ve tried on 2 phones
Yianmaro28/04/2020Phone number verification. Needs improvement with SMS confirmation
Squidlydid8028/04/2020Error! Anytime I put my mobile number in it tells me it cannot verify. Help!
Aitape28/04/2020Can’t get the pin Easily downloaded the app. But does not acknowledge my name. & Mobile no and won’t give me a PIN
Andrew in oz28/04/2020App not working I’d like to register but the app won’t accept my mobile number. Pity I work in a high risk job.
Macc80828/04/2020Number won’t verify Won’t verify my number and yes I have left the zero off the front.
Terrew1228/04/2020No good Requires a phone no.... tells me my number is an error. Same for my wife
Merristar28/04/2020No pin sent I can’t get a pin sent to be able to use this app.
Nick Angry Orange28/04/2020Can’t get the pin No PIN number Does not work
18sheep28/04/2020COVIDSafe Cannot verify my mobile number!!
app_user_b0128/04/2020You’re an idiot if you don’t have it “ItS gOiNg To TrAcK mY lOcAtIoN” “I dOnT wAnT tHe GoVeRnMeNt FoLlOwInG mY mOvEmEnTs” - said every halfwit on Facebook comments section. I’m still waiting for one of these armchair tech geniuses to tell me how an app that doesn’t even request location services can track me. Furthermore why are they so paranoid? Have they seen government spies hiding in their front garden lately or something? Look Karen I don’t think they could care less what you do so why would they want to track you. This app is great. Uses little battery and mobile data. The more downloads there are the faster we’ll get out of our homes and the sooner lives get back to normal. It’ll tell you if you’ve bumped into someone with the virus to protect you and your family too. Just download the damn app.
fbzjxgskdbfbgjc28/04/2020Turn off wifi if mobile registration won’t work. Turn off wifi to receive activation code.
The Madame of MW28/04/2020Super easy to download Super easy app to download but the verification code SMS took over half an hour to appear. Leave out the “0” when putting in your mobile phone number and be patient!
Cdtihdryvkdb28/04/2020Battery suck Great app important but it’s hammering the battery.
CountSwagula28/04/2020Still no official source code released We still haven’t seen the official release of the source code of this app. Concerned about the horrible track record of this government on digital privacy violations.
Sir Chudwell28/04/2020Too many notifications! If you need us the users to leave notifications turned on STOP WITH THE DAILY SPAM NOTIFICATIONS!!! Don’t piss off your users!
managerKieran28/04/2020The App Crashed I am a community RN and were asked to download app. Accidentally type my personal number instead of my work phone where I downloaded this app. The code was sent to my personal phone and absent mindedly used the code to verify. Realising my mistake I have downloaded the app on my personal phone. I went through the “enter pin” and would not send me one to verify. Clicked resend but nothing happened. Maybe an issue with using multiple device.
Boo dog cat28/04/2020Can’t send sign up text. Can’t seem to text me the code to sign up. Would love to help. But app doesn’t work.
Mohave sig28/04/2020US Data Leak - Why not use Australian Servers? All data is subject to US laws under the CLOUD Act - Which allows them access to our data since it is stored on a US based companies servers (Amazon) Would of made more sense to have this hosted securely on an Australian Network. Deleting the app and letting everyone know.
DeadlyGMacK28/04/2020Good idea but it is buggy. My wife and I both have iPhone 8’s on the same iOS. Downloaded the app on my phone first go worked like a charm. But when we subsequently tried to download it to my wife’s phone every time we typed in her number and requested a verification code we got an error message. Tried rebooting phone deleting and reloading app all to no avail. Then found a clue on line. We switched off wifi on wife’s phone and were able to complete the installation process. Anyone like to explain this problem?
fc_appleuser28/04/2020Issues signing up Can’t get 6 digit pin code when I enter my mobile phone number... saying there is an error after it thinks for ages.
bsifjfhxghsjwkjheiso28/04/2020Unable to receive PIN App telling me my phone number is incorrect. It isn’t 246810
surfonmarsvideo28/04/2020Cannot get “verify” code Tells me my mob. no. Is wrong 1000’s have this problem so it’s useless
GCBoi28/04/2020Just do it! If you’re worried about being tracked start by deleting Facebook Amazon and google apps. This uses Bluetooth which carries no location data.
Slippery Jim.28/04/2020Keeping Australia safe Pull your fkn head in Australia and download the app. If your an anti Vaxer this is not a needle so you can also download it.
mattdrew28/04/2020Can’t get code Trying to set it up but unable to get past ‘get pin’ screen. Several restarts and reinstall made no difference
paulsugis28/04/2020Phone is not recognized Just letting you know we have tried multiple times waiting for a code but it does not seem to work. This also happened to my wife. I guess is the amount of people trying to do the same thing. After trying all last night and this morning I still do not get a phone code. Cannot activate the app.
CoffsLass28/04/2020Doesn’t Work Has Bugs I downloaded this app as it was announced on the 5 o’clock news. On the first attempt it said there was an error in verifying the phone number and it never texted a verification code. I tried it again and I got through. BUT my husband has never been able to set it up. Despite many attempts including deleting the app and redownloading he has never succeeded in getting it set up. It’s the same problem over and over again ... error in verifying phone number and verification code is never sent. All details are correct. I hear other people are having the same issue. Is it a bug or an overloaded system or a phone company vs phone company issue? We’re with Telstra. Sure wish the government could get it sorted out. My husband is a healthcare provider and this app would give us great peace of mind. Help!
pppppppoyihdhdjxkdjndjd28/04/2020Can’t get the confirmation number My wife and I tried on both our mobiles and we can’t get the confirmation code. We’ve tried with the zero and without the zero in front of the number
xmkgtr28/04/2020Unable to verify mobile number Tried for an hour last night an hour this morning. My mobile number is unable to be verified. Tried deleting the app and downloading again. Tried doing a variation on my name. Tried restarting my phone. OBVIOUSLY did not include the 0. I have the most recent operating system downloaded. Not sure what to do next? Edited to add: after reading another review turned off my wifi and then it worked. I think this should be made clear as I’m sure I’m not the only one this is happening to.
coner9128/04/2020Do your bit The source code has been thoroughly looked over. Nothing to freak out about. Even if it constantly tracked your location you’re all too boring to be constantly surveyed. Stop thinking you’re interesting enough for the government to “spy” on you whatever that entails.
JDoveton28/04/2020Why is Amazon hosting this site? This site should be hosted by an Australian company. I do not want my data accessible under the USA Cloud Act. I will probably delete this App if this isn’t addressed. The Government should be supporting Australian ingenuity and protecting its citizens.
Holforks28/04/2020Won’t recognise number Have been trying since last night to register. Keeps returning a message that the phone number isn’t recognised and no verification code gets sent. Tried all combinations of my phone number. App says phone is comparable. iPhone 7 iso 12.4.6. Update. Fixed by turning wifi off.
Chooka berry pie28/04/2020Stupid Won’t send me the code
Diggles junior28/04/2020App does work - turn off wifi Had trouble getting app to verify my phone number so I checked some of reviews and found the fix. Turn off wifi and try using without wifi This worked immediately for me. Hoping they fix the code glitch soon
wartermalone29/04/2020Let’s do this! Installation and registration fine / no issues on iPhone X. It would be good if the user themselves could get stats / feedback such as number of interactions with other people with the app / how close you were to another user and how long. Just so you know it is working properly and can also make sure you can adjust your social distancing if required etc. apart from that everyone should download privacy reasons touted by some are nonsense. Google Apple FB and the ATO have way for info on you so stop worrying
North Sydneysider29/04/2020That’s a Fail! Downloaded the app no problems. Today I received a notification so I opened the app to see what it was. The notification said I had tested positive for COVID-19 and asked me to tick a box to consent to the release of my data. Lol. I haven’t even been tested let alone tested positive. Nor do I know anyone who has been tested. I searched around for a phone number to report the problem but all I could find was the Coronavirus hotline number. I called this number to report the problem but they didn’t have an answer. All they could do was give me an email address for app support. So if I wanted to report this problem I would have to send an email thus giving them more of my data. I just deleted the app instead.
VenixAU29/04/2020So far so good I’m feeling a little bit safer for having this app as I travel on public transport to and from work - providing the people I’m travelling with have it too... Good job on the government getting this going it’s a great initiative if we’re wanting our lives to return to normal. For all those people concerned about the government knowing where you are it doesn’t track your location!! This is proven by the app not asking for access to location services. I’m an IT professional and fully support it. Everyone should do their bit and get it.
kazzamays29/04/2020What a Great Use of Technology We need to encourage as many of our friends and family to down load this App and as responsible Australia’s it’s all for one and one for all.... I have seen the best and worst in people during this pandemic we all need to accept that the world is going to be a different place when this is all over and realise that our government is doing this to keep us safe it’s not espionage it’s not some sort of conspiracy...Take Care Everyone and Stay Healthy
Invictus196929/04/2020Sadly.... I really want to do my part in helping the community recover/move past this horrid COVID situation but our furry friends in the federal government have half assed this app. Requiring it to be permanently open defeats the purpose of facilitating contact tracing (a critical element of from being safe to reduce the need for social distancing). By all accounts there was a better more functional and to be frank socio-literate app platform which was rejected for reasons only the government boffins know. Making it harder to maintain useful functionality ain’t the smart move.
Ajn8529/04/2020Works fine on iOS13 No issues to date with this app. Drop the leading 0 on your phone number if you’re having issues with setup. No noticeable difference on battery either. Works fine with a locked screen. It’s pretty much set and forget just leave Bluetooth on. If people are having issues try turning your phone “off” then “on” again.
hwe2020onwards29/04/2020Useless - DEVELOPERS READ URGENTLY I really want to download to do my part however like I’m sure many people (and everyone IN Australian territories with a smart phone should be using this atm) I don’t have an Australian mobile number. It is essential that you update this app so it doesn’t have to be a +61 number to active it and it can be activated with ANY mobile number attached to a smart phone. You are failing the full potential of this app and the health of everyone in Australia if you don’t do so. Please amend ASAP and release an inclusive update. Please also release an immediate statement addressing this.
Anthony Lewis 876523429/04/2020Remembering to activate is a hassle I really want this to work well. I really do. But there are 2 main issues. 1. Remembering to activate it when you go out. 2. You then can’t use your phone to answer calls reply to messages use Wallet to pay for things etc. I realise that having an app with BLE running in the background is not allowed with Apple but this really needs to be escalated quickly to ensure this app can be used effectively.
NIH15629/04/2020Thanks to this great initiative. Great to see the app has attracted over 2m downloads within 3 days since the launch. Given it has passed the Privacy Impact Assessment and received full endorsement from OAIC I’m encouraging everyone to do our bits in securing the wellbeing of our people and communities by installing this app. #We’reAllInThis2gether
Boogaslot29/04/2020It’s fine but... Can you please stop the annoying ‘We need you..’ message that comes up every second day. I get it - the app is working in the background as requested and I take my phone everywhere. I just don’t need the reminder telling me to do what I’m already doing.
Rosé Dinks29/04/2020Download the app If you want to get out of lockdown quicker and get back to normal life quicker just download the app. You are helping not only yourself but other people. If you are worried about being “tracked” you are likely being tracked already from the social media apps you use
Channi7629/04/2020Bluetooth dropouts So I like the idea of this app but it sends you a notification if your Bluetooth happens to drop our reminding you to check that it’s connected! Kind of annoying especially if it happens daily. Also it would be great if it linked with the other gov one so it recognises that you already have the alert app active!
Kiwi brisvegas29/04/2020Serves its purpose to a degree I think 1.5m doesn’t seem enough. If you put your phone on a bench it’s not going to be very accurate. It’s ok if you have your phone on your body all the time. Still confused on when the app works or not if the screen is unlocked or locked and whether it’s just the app remaining in the background 🤷🏻‍♀️
Soprano#29/04/2020Moi Today there was a msg on my screen when I opened my phone saying “We have reset you..” but blinked off before I could read the rest. The app is now not operating properly and not showing info long enough to read anything. I deleted and reinstalled it but no success. It was fine since installing initially until today. NOW its wanting a nickname and telling me all my choices are taken! Surely the review is more important than a nickname!!!
Mr Setek29/04/2020Stop notifying me for no reason Notifications every morning at 9am that are what “friendly reminders”? It’s already on and in background. Only notify me if something is wrong or I need to do something. The annoy factor is huge if you’re just notifying me for nothing. I leave it on in background 24/7 (same with Bluetooth) so is it having a problem or just being a bother?
Hungry APPetite29/04/2020Please do your civic duty... Never has there been a more important time or technological tool that can make a real difference to your community. Whilst it is reasonable to ask questions about privacy and security these have been answered comprehensively in the affirmative. This is not a time for ideology or a contrarian view merely for the sake of it. It is a time for practicality and pragmatism. Do your civic duty; DOWNLOAD IT enter your details and you’ll be helping to protect yourself and your loved ones and potentially helping to ease social restrictions ASAP.
Annoyed as well29/04/2020The Lucky Country How lucky are we to live in Australia And to have an App like this for the health and safety of all of us is amazing. We should all be grateful that we don’t live in the USA or anywhere else at the moment. 🇦🇺 Thank you 🙏🏼
Navidehs315529/04/2020A question regarding how this app works I have only one issues with thie covidsafe app. So if you are driving in your car and behind the red light others have this app in their cars and you know Bluetooth on phones can pick each others even from different cars in 10 m distance. If one of people in other cars gets possitive result Am I gonna get notifications to quarantine myself? Especially gov claims that they don’t use your location so they don't know you were at a road!!!
AurBnb host.29/04/2020If you cant verify Phone Number Turn off WiFi and the app will verify. It would have been nice if the app developers had advised of this problem. App works well.
Doomadgee0129/04/2020Thumbs up For once it’s great to see all government agencies working together here to provide information across the board. There is information from the ATO Centrelink health people experiencing hardship etc etc Good work!
kipster4229/04/2020Doesn’t activate Been trying for two days to activate but get continual error about being unable to verify phone number. No other detailsno support contact so have reluctantly had to give up
cogunn29/04/2020Daily alerts I willingly downloaded the app I’ve kept it running in the background and I have Bluetooth on. Please stop sending me alerts every day asking for my help when that’s exactly what I’m doing. The quickest way to make me delete the app is to keep these daily alerts. Give me the option to turn them off!
Rusty RustyNails29/04/2020Why no phone or contact email address to report problems or get advice installation etc I am trying my best to get people on board to install this App but for the life of me I cannot see anyway to ring an expert etc
joeStealth29/04/2020Stop the paranoia. Just download it and stop being paranoid. The sooner we do everything asked of us the sooner we can get back to normality.
Jesus66629/04/2020Hey idiots stop with the useless notifications I enabled notifications so I could be notified in case I have C19 but notifications pop up to tell me to turn Bluetooth on and it’s already on So I’m turning off notifications I might as well delete the app - let me give you a heads up people DONT want useless notifications on their phones popping up interrupting !! Knock it off bozos !
Pd200029/04/2020Doesn’t work :( I was really looking forward to helping by using this app but for the third time this week is is asking me to sign up. I did and it forgot - so I did it again and now it’s asking again. That 3 times in 3 days. Twice it also reminded me to open it even though it was running in the background. I don’t think it’s working.
Mattyforsyth29/04/2020Love it I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Doesn’t even ask for location services so it truly is just a Bluetooth handshake.
CJBingham29/04/2020Technical difficulties registering I tried downloading and registering but when I open the app the screen just keeps flashing from the register screen to a black screen that says covidsafe. It’s making it hard to read and put in my details as it just keeps flashing between two screens.
darrodri29/04/2020Easy to download. No glitches. Was Super easy to download and register. Hope all individuals download the app for the benefit of all!
AKBEXL29/04/2020Download is stuck at the start The download of app has been stuck at a point for me. I started download of app and it got stuck due to no disk space on my phone. Now I have cleared some files to make space but it won’t start downloading again and is stuck. I can’t stop and restart the download
jordaann.j29/04/2020Good idea but it doesn’t work I like the idea of this app however I had it open in the background and it only ran for 1 minute before stopping (according to the log in settings).
Longlive Australia29/04/2020How many people has installed It is good to know how many people has installed this app so far.
Willy627429/04/2020Re registration required everyday Every morning I get a notification to register my details and create a profile. Not sure if this is because I turn my phone off over night but it’s very annoying!
Bursting the bubble29/04/2020Stop the stupid notifications. I keep getting notifications for no reason with no value to them. I’ve already downloaded it but it seems it wants to keep sending me notices for no reason
Cprepairslab29/04/2020Just do it Just download and use it - Save our health system and your love one
Kuerguan29/04/2020Nope don’t work with my number Have tried this app on my phone with and without the leading 0 and it declines my number every time. It’s a case of i can see the need for the app and want to use it but my number just does not work. 1 star till it’s fixed
Ronson rouble'29/04/2020Australia Australia won’t be bullied. Big local economic recovery coming soon thanks
R8chme29/04/2020Sign up page shows every time I open the app?? Sign up details required every time I open the app? Giving up using it as its like I have to sign up as a new user every time!!
PayAPremium29/04/2020Stuff the poor punters Bravo! An app that only works only on the latest phones running latest OS. Whoever put this together is blind to the lived experience of the elderly and the not-so-well off. Even in a pandemic our governing elites are happy to leave 20% of their fellow Australians behind.
Sostybona29/04/2020Thank you Australia 🙏🏼 A bit confident now to get outside home.
kyte5029/04/2020Will not do what it claims Shuts down even if left in the background after a few hours. So if you are out at work or wherever you have to keep checking on it. Its ridiculous.
@Janos4youtubers29/04/2020Battery Drained This app drained my battery so quickly my phone only lasted a few hours before the battery was flat.
Belinda 1234529/04/2020Not everyone in Australia has mobile phone reception! Tried to set this app up but can’t activate because we do not have mobile phone reception.
Bartley Boy29/04/2020Won’t work! Have iPhone X won’t verify my phone number have tried numerous times. Have deleted app and reloadedturned off wifi etc NOTHING Works!
Tormead5629/04/2020Iphone failure to register Unable to register iPhone 5 & 6 running ios12. Unable to verify phone numbers. Let’s compare #downloads with registrations.
dwgm1929/04/2020Not working on iPhone screen goes dark After starting app the screen goes dark with COVIDsafe text in the middle.
Nopiley29/04/2020Ok Yeah the fourth level where you use the sniper rifle on the terrorist is tough
AWSMCD29/04/2020Battery life I am finding the app is running my battery down very quickly.
Kay Pea Dee29/04/2020Doesn’t save signup info Have to sign up every time you start the app. This will get tiresome quickly.
KS45329/04/2020Doesn’t work Can’t get pass verify stage because of the same issue assent others
halcrawford29/04/2020Failing to register I cannot get the app to recognise my phone number - tried everything. Hopeless.
timmcmahon8229/04/2020Excellent Works as intended. Recommended!
Wenchbags29/04/2020Interferes with mobile hot spot Mobile hot spot not available or interference while using this app forced me to delete it.
Mataoe1234556729/04/2020Good app Works the goods
Mercedes clk50029/04/2020Govt spying Dont trust em dont download violating ur rights as usual
talos_soulhunter29/04/2020Details are’nt safe No
JessicaAUS29/04/2020Save lives Install this app is less about me more for others it’s about reducing risks to my family and friends. When I get informed being under the risk I can immediately avoid meeting others to make sure they are safe. If I do it for you can you do it for your loved ones. The app itself only requests phone Num post code and age range. This is less than any services I sign up these days. I’m sure Gov knows more about me than these 3 things. It’s not tracking location either it only cares about if any identified case around you so they can contact you. The virus is so aggressive without using technology what’s our way out?
Bonzo54329/04/2020Bluetooth connectivity Downloaded very straight forward. Having trouble with blue tooth as keeps disconnecting when phone goes to sleep.Allow Bluetooth remains off with no ability to switch this on via app. So don’t think my app is functioning. There is no real help/troubleshooting available for the app. So have given up. I did give high rating because the concept is good!
jumblybum29/04/2020Notification spam. Lack of transparency. Keeps spamming the same notification telling me that ‘we need you’. So I disabled notifications rendering the application useless since I used a fake mobile number. Despite how terrible the app is. The lack of transparency is atrocious. I can’t trust the security of this application if they aren’t releasing the source code. Some of the claims are technically questionable. How can it measure distance from Bluetooth signal strength that can vary between device. It is stupid to spend so much producing this application which hardly anyone will use. Rather then just enforcing masks in public like other countries. The only reason I can think for the existence of this app is is that it is either: - Intended as a safety blanket for those getting ‘anxious’ because they lack any mental resilience and can’t handle just staying the hell at home. - Some high level government tech illiterate thought this was a good idea.
evie.evie.e29/04/2020Good Even if you can’t find the app if you get someone to send it to you it works just as well but you have to have apple store or google or something else play but really good and easy
mrs pike29/04/2020STOP with the message notifications If you keep pissing off the public with your spam notifications they’ll just uninstall the app and you’re back to square one.
AQ4/4830/04/2020Seems working OK but needs Apple Watch Capability I installed the app it was easy to install and seems working OK but since the app doesn’t give live feedback to the user due to the privacy of other users there is no practical way to know if it is working as it should be. My main concern and suggestion is that it only works on the phone and not on the watch. Phones are not easy to sanitise each time you go out and come back that is why whenever I go grocery shopping i only have my Apple Watch with me since I can have my calls texts and payments with it and I can wash it while washing my hands when I come home. Therefore my phone shows no contact with anyone.
leftHandMennace.30/04/2020Allow opt-in GPS This may turnout to be pointless if you don’t allow for additional tracking. Many people would gladly give their location details if you let them. Appeasing the privacy lobbyists is fine but obviously if the modelling shows 40% of the population need the app to be effective then over 70% of smartphones users need the app 3 million is nowhere near enough. Allowing people to volunteer their information will make it more effective it wouldn’t be a difficult program change. Please let people help.
nata32323230/04/2020Good app but issues with iPod connection Overall works fine but keeps disrupting my AirPods when listening to music which is annoying because when I’m out it’s the only time when I use them and at the same time it is critical that the app keeps connected. Please look into it as others are also experiencing the same issue.
ksquigs30/04/2020Not hard to do your bit! This is a great app. The more people download it the sooner we’ll be back to normal. My only issue is that it’s only available in the Australian App Store. I have friends who are expats living in Australia who want to download the app but are unable to because they still use the global/another country’s App Store. This is much like the people in Australia without Australian mobile numbers. If both of these things could be fixed that’d be helpful. I wonder if the developers could maybe just geofence Australia and then open the app for everyone to use? Just a thought.
Winner74330/04/2020App restarted after 3 days I downloaded and set up the app about 3 days ago and it was running fine but this morning it made me set it up again. If this happens every few days it will get annoying and also is a risk that the app can’t fulfill its function properly if users have to re-enter their details every few days. Hopefully it was just a one off!
RhiRM30/04/2020Needs to be open to work This is a great app with a brilliant concept but I’m unable to multitask on my phone and still have it tracking; it doesn’t track while the app isn’t open. Would be awesome to have as a constant background tracker and be able to work with my phone locked in my pocket.
Eddie85230/04/2020Less notifications please Easy app to install but I am getting a notification every day telling me to keep it open and running in background. Issue is - I am receiving this notification when it is open! Please only trigger this when it isn’t open if you can!
Maxdownunder30/04/2020Enough with the alerts! App open and running and twice a day I’m getting an alert to open the app and turn my Bluetooth on. It is open and it is on. An important app we should all have but stop beating us over the head with it when we’re already doing the right thing.
miladaraujo30/04/2020Glitches & glitches! App doesn’t work I have downloaded the app and all I see is the black screen that says “COVIDSafe”. When I try to switch apps the screen with the explanations appears but when I go back to the app the black screen is still there and it doesn’t let me select any options or proceed. Basically I cannot use the app. I have tried closing and opening the app but still the same black “COVIDSafe” screen that doesn’t let me do anything.
Ajhsndndndnsn30/04/2020App doesn’t save login Titles says it app will make you sign up again every few days. Unsure wether it’s actually doing any tracking while it’s offline but seems a bit pointless me needing to signup again so often. If the app developers can’t figure out how to save a login token on a device I doubt their ability to securely store peoples sensitive data.
FuzzBot12330/04/2020Unclear if ‘open’ means foreground or don’t kill The Singapore version of this app requires it to be kept in the foreground and says that. This version says ‘open’ and the minister has said it has fixed the problems that require foreground. Can we get an answer as to if it needs to be in the foreground to work?
WallyWoofWoof30/04/2020COVIDSafe Will help us all get back to normal soon if all Australians download this App without worrying about battery life privacy issues I found it has very little battery drain and certainly fell safer shopping DOWNLOAD TODAY
Brad Yogi30/04/2020Daily Notifications Had to disable notifications because it kept sending me daily alerts telling me to use the app... Which I was. App now won't work with notifications disabled so thinking I may as well uninstall. Now won't show anything but a prompt to enable notifications again.
Phillip fr Aus30/04/2020Can’t Register - Now Just Annoying Sunday: Error verifying mobile number! Number was entered correctly (with and without leading 0) Monday to Thursday: A couple of times per day I’m asked to run the app in background Today it asks me to turn on Bluetooth. I must have amazing AirPods because I had been and continued to listen to podcasts before during and after this alert. I hope the next iteration addresses this annoyance. Also I’d like some indication it’s functioning as designed either by being able to list detections or a display of the detection count.
MickV1530/04/2020It Works Easy to install and it seems to work as it should ðŸ'ðŸ¼
St kilda30/04/2020Doesn’t work well ... It asking me to register every day I enter my details... I’ve emailed you as to what you mean by keep the app open when out WhT do you mean???? Load it and leave it on the screen? It’s installed surely that’s what you mean when I’m out I’m using my phone I emailed this question to you 3 days ago and just had a generic useless reply on the quick reference guide which doesn’t clarify this question I don’t see the point of it currently it’s not working until I register my details again 4th day in a row I think I’ll just delete it...
Gryfsrtgffhb30/04/2020Seems ok Why do I need a notification every day to tell me to keep it on. I have now turned off notifications so hopefully it still works. I do shift work so a reminder at 9am is a fail.
GWEN01010130/04/2020Cuts out This morning I was using my iPhone 6 and Apple ear buds on Bluetooth to listen to the radio. Of the ten people who passed by my buds/phone cut out five times as we crossed. Could only put it down to app pinging?
chantellestap30/04/2020Won’t let me in The idea of this app is great. But only if it can actually work. I’ve spent 10 minutes on this app already and haven’t even got to the “I consent” button because it keeps glitching out to the “COVIDSafe” black screen...?
quickgold12330/04/2020Doesn’t seem to be working in background App doesn’t seem to be working in the background as I keep receiving reminders about it.
virajosLV30/04/2020Glitches and returns to the home screen Won’t go past the home screen - quickly flickers to the next screen and then crashes. iPhone X with updated iOS
LenAngela30/04/2020COVIDSafe App Not impressed with the app when u have to keep the Bluetooth on and if u turn it off it keeps reminding you to turn it back on. Doesn’t really tell you where or whom who has it
Samuel Chileno30/04/2020Eating through my battery I went out to the shops yesterday and my iPhone 8 was flat by the time I was having an X-ray. So the issue is battery life.
zyzygig30/04/2020App cannot be used by older Iphones This app can only be used by Iphones 6 and newer. Any one with an older Iphone cannot use it. If you want more people to use the app create an app for older phones.
Deckers730/04/2020Mobile phone number won’t verify I’ve downloaded deleted and downloaded again on a number of seperate occasions and I still can’t get past the mobile phone number verification stage
Amila_Bandara30/04/2020Asking to login every day I run this app in the background. And my bluetooth is always on. Why do I need to login to this app daily? Do I need to stay logged in to be able to tracked or is it fine to stay logged out?
kokalche30/04/2020Spammy notification Look I really want to help stop the spread and I really don't mind having the app installed and running but I've uninstall coz I'm fken sick and tired of the spammy notifications every single day. Get rid of this bloatware.
Irish33330/04/2020Upload info approval process Download app ok register details ok but the approval to upload info won’t work. It states that a sms with number would be sent to my phone but does not happen. What to do?
Greg Robertson30/04/2020Works now... After some install hassles it now appears to be working.
Splatcat30/04/2020Have to Signup again every morning Asks me to sign up again every morning. Gets tiring after a couple of days. iPhone 11 Pro 13.4.1 Why can’t we simply use the Apple/google developed API Goodbye app. Delete.
ThisIsGrant30/04/2020Easy and perfect! this is a perfect app and safe to use!
Lans630/04/2020Won’t accept my mobile number I’ve tried with and without the “0” and deleted an reinstalled the app
kipade30/04/2020Unable to register. App won’t accept a valid phone number when registering. Cannot use app at all.
Ran out of gas30/04/2020Absolute junk It continues to ask me to re-register. Have submitted a support email and just get automated responses. One more useless app destined to be uninstalled.
Jeff350630/04/2020Good app More reliable than Barnaby Joyce’s condoms in the secretary’s office.
Bingo blitze30/04/2020Needs fixing It keeps asking me for my information eveytime I open the app
Bobo261730/04/2020You have tested positive message My wife and I have loaded the app OK it seems. When we goto the UPLOAD CONCENT page it says “You have tested positive to Covid-19”. What the!!!!!!
Ds-wife30/04/2020COVID reporting /tracking system Unable to register onto this app. It has constantly rejected my access code -037086. It referred me back to the system administrator. I have been trying to do so. Every time I try to reregister I don’t get a new access code number. When I use the only number applied I get rejected and told to try again. Just too too frustrating.
Frank-Sydney30/04/2020Small App 12.5MB For the non-tech ppl it is a small app only 12.5MB 🧐I hope our small contribution here truly helps us all. Also note you cannot add an emoji to your ‘Firstname Surname’ field when registering your details in the app you’ll get a false error that your number couldn’t be verified.
Andro11/05/2020Keeps asking me to register every day I am using this on my new iPad as I don’t use a smartphone. Not sure what the problem is but every morning the app is asking me to input my information and register again even though I successfully registered and got the screen saying I do not need to do anything further. I am not sure how but eventually if I close the app a few times and reopen it it gives me the screen showing I am already registered and the pulsating shield screen. If this keeps happening I will delete it in a few days. Can’t find anywhere to send feedback to directly or get any support so I hope someone is reading these feedbacks. The APP SUPPORT BUTTON just takes you to a faq page with no contact details re: the app so that is useless. Also the frequent notifications about running the app are pointless and really annoying. This was obviously a rush job stupidly.
timmalone1/05/2020Good idea but... ...not very clear how it’s actually implemented. The notification sent every morning implies you need the app open on your screen to be effective. Why not take a little extra time to develop something that works in the background? Sure millions might download but if it’s a requirement to keep it open and few do it’s not gonna help much. Also the daily notification is annoying. When I turned notifications off the app implied it would no longer work without it. Want to help but do I really need a notification every morning to do so? Minus one star for each of the above but 3 stars for: a simple on boarding process; a clean design; and for getting it out quickly. Hoping it still works in the background!
darkDancer821/05/2020Needs "Background App Refresh" I've deleted this junk app. It doesn't function correctly. I don't want notifications on period! Bluetooth Sharing is a security risk like writing your password down on paper and putting it on display in a public place. Other apps have been able to successfully implement "Background App Refresh" without the app having to be open or running in the tray. Many times I've left the house or gone to the shops I always forget to make sure it's running mainly because it's not an app I actively use. Set and Forget would be best for this app to function. Apple have integrated Covid-19 support in an upcoming update which therefore make this app redundant. There is a slim chance you will find this working when passing another person with it running as you've designed.
San13041/05/2020“We need you” EDITED Every day! The app annoys me by saying “We need you” I downloaded the app so I’d be advised if I’d been in contact with someone who had the virus but the daily message is really annoying especially as when I go in to the app it says “you don’t need to do anything else”. Developers please note- if you continue to annoy me I will delete the app. EDIT - ok I get it now. You open the app & leave it open. The Bluetooth is only active if your phone is unlocked & by opening the app your phone won’t auto-lock after 5 minutes (or whatever your setting is). But if it sends me another message tomorrow ........
robdae1/05/2020Seems kinda pointless I understand the need for this app but it seems a little pointless. As I’m as hearing to the social distancing regulations the only people who I’m ever in contact with for more than 15 minutes are the people in my house. The most likely place I’m going to contact this virus is while shopping and the people I pass in the shops won’t be registered. The serving problem with it is Bluetooth which I need to remember to turn on when I leave the house but turn off at home or my phone automatically connects to random home devices.
Madwife41/05/2020iPhone user If indeed the contact tracing works best (or maybe only) when the app is open on the screen and the screen unlocked (and my phone did not automatically lock after the set time when this was the case and I wasn’t holding it) then the battery will drain very quickly and it’s also a major security risk if we lose sight of our phones for a moment or more. Running as a background app would make much more sense. Also conflicting information has been given re running the app in power saver mode or not.
zottles1/05/2020Some issues The only notifications the app sends me seem to imply that I’ve turned it off. But it’s always on except in one situation. When I’m with a client trying to take a payment using the Square payment app I have to close COVIDSafe because it causes the Bluetooth card reader to lose contact. And that’s about the only situation when I’m anywhere near anyone outside my family so it loses its usefulness.
Chibibible1/05/2020A glitch or app feature? I just downloaded it and everything but I found that anytime my phone is close to me the screen for the app blacks out and just has “COVIDSafe” in the middle. I moved the screen away and then it went back to normal it’s like every time it’s facing me it’s “COVIDSafe” but then I tilt it slightly and it has the app working. Don’t know if this just glitch or feature of the app.
ndlehrse1/05/2020Too many reminders Notifications keep popping up telling me to turn on Bluetooth and have the app running in the background - when I have done both already and am using the app correctly. This is annoying and may result in people deleting the app from frustration.
soleil323231/05/2020Please open to other App Store locations The app is currently only available in the AU store. However with the many international students and migrants in Australia who are still in their original country’s store there is no way for them to access and download the app even if they wanted to. Might be worth making the app available in all international stores.
Andy987s1/05/2020Tried and uninstalled Whilst the app is an excellent idea the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. The daily ‘alert’ messages which are just advertising were distracting and annoying. I disabled alerts for the app and then the app said they are required. There is no explanation why and of course the government has gone back on its promise to open source the app and release an independent security audit report. So thanks but no thanks.
nugme11/05/2020Must have app for all in Australia. There has never been a scenario like this since tech played such a part in our lives. Please get the app and make sure people who may get infected know about it!
16331181/05/2020Wifi problem Wouldn’t send a pin at first because I had the wifi on using my home internet but once I turned wifi off the setup was easy.
Shutts131/05/2020Paul Shuttleworth After researching privacy protection and against my very strong distrust of big government monitoring systems I decided to download the app. The installation was very easy n quick. Hopefully my decision was a correct one.
s_mcleod1/05/2020Doesn’t run in the background properly Pretty sure it needs to be running in the foreground or at least reopened frequently to work really annoying pop ups would be better if it used the Apple API
NiklausC181/05/2020Shut up and get it I want to see my friends and family hurry up and download.
Zebrarto1/05/2020Where can we go for APP support from a human being? I am getting logged out every single night as is my mother who lives miles away from me. We both have left it running in the background with Bluetooth turned on and are finding each morning asking use to use the APP. What are we doing wrong?
ancogk1/05/2020Smartwatch coverage If this app can be installed on smartwatches it would be better. Some places don’t allow phones like certain workplaces. It is also better to run this app on the background in smartwatches.
brontebeach1/05/2020Needs to be always-on iOS implementation is poor - the app needs to run in the background once installed and not shut off when inadvertently closed down...
Blakus 261/05/2020Not available in other App Store regions? My partner is from Canada but cannot download the app. I'm sure there are thousands of other people in the same boat. Any way of making it available to all App Store regions?
PerfectlyPerth1/05/2020Useless. It has made me re-register a new account every day this week so clearly its stats about users are way out. I got fed up and deleted the ap. There is no place myself and my phone is going to be near anyone for 15 minutes so it's never going to measure anything of use.
here for a good time1/05/2020Not sure this is actually working in the background Looks like the app is sleeping and/or switching off if it has not been in the foreground for a while.
dbella21/05/2020Notification overload Why does the app keep sending a notification 3-4 a day telling me to keep Bluetooth on when is already turned on? Very annoying. Now turning the notifications for it OFF!
Woody_net1/05/2020Use it and stay Safe Australia Everyone get on board
Benjamin28561/05/2020I should be able to use the app anonymously I don’t like that I am asked to provide my name and contact number to sign up. Why can’t they just alert me through the app rather than contacting me via phone?
TangBaoJustin1/05/2020Stay home stay safe Stay home stay safe
Brockmcfaggingtonella1/05/2020Bluetooth notifications are non-stop Are you looking into the API from Apple and Google so that the app can work more natively with iOS?
Sonza2301/05/2020Needs to be properly tested This app isn’t developed properly it has flaws such as black screen popping up ever few seconds saying covidsafe text messages not coming through logins constantly.
Stiffx1/05/2020Absolutely useless An absolutely useless app that doesn’t work unless you walk around with your phone unlocked and the app open. Counting download rates doesn’t count the apps effectiveness.
Gloomy K1/05/2020I just want my normal life back I just want to go back to school and if this helps I’ll do it.
David1971cross1/05/2020Download Download and protect Australia - it’s as simple as that!
M@Lutwyche1/05/2020easy download no problems with download and install to iphone 8+
Woody1211211/05/2020Stop the reminders Please STOP sending daily reminders to leave Bluetooth on
Whathsppen1/05/2020Useless What good is the app if someone is active with the virus and they don’t use the app then the app is useless
Mr NumNum Bug1/05/2020bad bad
raiden3371/05/2020Seriously held back by iOS As reported by and within the app itself the app must be open with your screen turned on to track Contacts. I can’t leave my phone unlocked whilst I’m roaming public places as this is specifically the time I want my phone protected by security. The app constantly sends notifications asking to open the app and leave it in power save mode for your reference power save mode is when you open the app and place your phone either upside down or face down. I’m really sad that iOS users aren’t able to reliably do our part to help!
maxrat901/05/2020Pretty good. Hopefully helps smash the rona! Although I’m not sold on this helping as much as they claim but we gotta try. I mean we’ve all sold our backsides to google Facebook etc already. This app collects less data that those so although Im big on privacy I can’t argue against this whilst still using google and Facebook. Which I do. Let’s beat the damn rona!!!!
RebeccaPerth2/05/2020The spinny wheel thing How come the wheel up the top of my iPhone screen is spinning for a while sometimes since downloading the app? Is it because of background data being turned on? Also is there any way to have this app running and still have my low power mode setting on? I like saving battery power. Cheers
prdaniels2/05/2020Possible glitch Great initiative but a possible glitch: when I’m streaming music over bluetooth to my wireless headphones I wonder if this app makes the music cut off periodically - it appears to disconnect the headphones entirely. As I’m quite a heavy user of these headphones unfortunately I can’t use the app at the same time. This issue with the music/headphones cutting out periodically (every 20mins or so? Sometimes more frequently) seemed to only begin when I’d installed the app.
knpviap2/05/2020Option to view stats? I think it’d be very handy if there was an option to view or check stats on “contact” data collected by the app. This would allow users to check for themselves if the app was actually working and/or how well it works with their iPhone locked in their pocket.
Pistashio_lord2/05/2020Essential This app is essential. It is not foolproof but it is better then nothing. There is no reason not to download it and many reasons that you should download it. It is a must and more people need to use it this app is no inconvenience but it is saving lives.
JK007-2/05/2020Doubt this works on iOS I’m very doubtful this works on iOS. My understanding is the app gets suspended when your screen locks or you press the home button. The prompt “leave the app running“ when you open it seemed ambiguous. Are we expect to open the app and constantly unlock our phones when we are out in public?
Fergie3902/05/2020Enough with the notifications It’s the like boy who cried wolf. I’ve got the app my Bluetooth is on I don’t need reminders everyday to keep it on. Keep the notifications only for when you need them please or at least let people opt out of different types of notifications.
cmascord2/05/2020Interferes with hands free and other Bluetooth devices The app is simple enough to register but the Bluetooth keeps preventing my phone from pairing with hands free in car and other Bluetooth devices. I generally have to either shutdown the app or go into my phone settings every time I get in the car to pair with hands free. Not only is this annoying but could be a safety issue for people driving.
Tinsanta2/05/2020No issues This app works fine on my phone no battery drain and to be honest most times I forget it is there. If this helps end the lockdown by even 1 minute then it is worth it!
adnan_tanveer2/05/2020It’s an essential app but has some errors Love the idea and the government’s proactive approach in rolling this out. But has a few errors that needs fixing kinda ASAP. 1. I keep getting random notifications throughout the day to open the app again and again although I have never closed it. It should just run in the background. 2. Sometimes I open the app and it shows me the registration screen all over again. I am already registered so I gotta kill the app and open it again and then it’s running fine. Hope with updates the app improves and these errors get taken care of.
Monique.19002/05/2020Doesn’t work on iPhone 6 Downloaded the app followed all instructions and continuously shows my Bluetooth as off (although it is on) and does not allow me to consent to “Allow Bluetooth” at all. I’ve deleted and reloaded app and tried all suggestions. Nothing had worked. Total fail for me. Idea was good but execution for iPhone for me was a complete fail. Here’s hoping other iPhone users have better success.
bartholomew 24682/05/2020Good theory bad in practice Look it’s important I get that but the principal is fundamentally flawed unless you religiously carry your phone on your person which a lot of people don’t. Coupled with its ability to zap 50 percent of phone battery over night and zap the battery of other Bluetooth devices asking them who or what they are. Constant Bluetooth handshakes if you want them or not Flawed idea and poorly executed
elDamo1122/05/2020Is it signed in? I have signed up twice now? Every time I open it it’s asking me to register and sign up... when I do it says there is nothing else to do and the app is working .. then open it again to check it and it’s offering for me to sign up. Perhaps if that isn’t required and it is working then don’t prompt it - instead have a holding page saying the app is working
mioannickname2/05/2020Updated to IOS 13.4.1 had to reinstall COVIDSafe Updated my phone to IOS 13.4.1 (iPhone SE old). COVIDSafe displayed errors for Bluetooth settings which I couldn’t determine why ( all settings correct). Deleted and reinstalled the app. No longer getting errors.
Alicesharlene2/05/2020Not deaf friendly In the info it says if you’ve been near someone who has been in contact with coronavirus you will get a call. That shows a big lack of ensuring all of us are put into consideration. Not just those who are deaf but also those who are unable to communicate verbally. Please consider an alternative option for those like myself.
mirsyf2/05/2020Does not work properly on my iPhone Every now and then when I open and use the app on my iPhone Xs which runs 13.3.1 the black screen appears showing grey letters of “COVIDSafe”. The screen would either stuck there forever or fades back to normal interface and then shows black again. Newest version of the app no storage problems. Someone get it fixed pls!
Kinkv2/05/2020Bugs You need to fix an issue that logs you out when the iphone turns off.
AnOpalCardUser2/05/2020Notifications Can you stop sending me notifications everyday asking me to keep Bluetooth on?
Gregorydesign882/05/2020Pointless notifications I keep getting a notification every morning to let me know it’s on! People will turn off notifications if you keep doing it then when you really need to notify them about something important you won’t be able to.
nae_6542/05/2020Ok App was fine other than chewing through my battery I have deleted it atm as I’m not leaving the house so when I do go back to leaving the house again I with activate again
Carenly kutter2/05/2020Buggy I downloaded the app and tried to put my details in but every 5 seconds the screen goes to black and it says “covidsafe” I tried restarting my phone and even deleting the app and re-downloading it but nothing worked. Probably just a glitch but it’s stopping me from registering.
Mark Olsen2/05/2020Wake up Sheeple!!! As soon as I downloaded this Bill Gates appeared and tried to give me a vaccine without my permission. Luckily my 5G protective suit saved me.
Gwizzz212/05/2020It doesn’t even work Stop trying to use download numbers to say how successful this app is. It doesn’t even work. No one is leaving it open and phone unlocked while going out. It’s actually useless and totally impractical
unhapoy with app2/05/2020Unhappy with app Downloaded the app Can’t get past the initial page except to Report that I do have or have been tested positive for the covid 19 infection which I haven’t . Deleted the app if I have to report I have something I don’t have I’m not interested now
alw2312/05/2020Smashes the battery Right idea but smashes the battery. Need to charge phone twice a day.
Dr PDB2/05/2020Hungry Really chews the battery on iPhones. It pushes the ‘brightness’ up to maximum. Very few users ever have the brightness up so far. Fix this and it will be less hungry.
Tazzam82/05/2020I want to use it Great idea. I wish to use it on my Iphone 6SPlus. But even with the zero off my phone number the app will not recognise my number. Am unable to join. My number is correct and Im not placing the zero at the beginning.
DJC3272/05/2020Doesn't work in background on iPhone I keep getting messages to keep the app open even if it's on in the background. Clearly doesn't work properly on Apple devices.
hey mate2/05/2020Bug with phone number Unfortunately can’t log in due to bug with phone number even though I am using the correct format the second time.
NRuxton2/05/2020App for iWatch Any plans to extend the app to iWatch? Normally don’t take my phone exercising.
Xitrus2/05/2020App won’t load When I open the app it flashes back and forth between the black screen with “COVIDSafe” and the welcome screen too quick to click the button.
j i m b o2/05/2020App keeps logging me out App keeps logging me out and now I couldn’t be bothered to re-register.
help me onmy ipad2/05/2020I can’t get the app to download I have a mini iPad that I take with me everywhere. I can’t receive the pin there is no help to contact very frustrating.
lilmcgiff2/05/2020Can’t fill in my details Whenever I open the app a black screen saying Covid safe keeps popping up. I can’t even fill in my details
___graygray2/05/2020Reluctantly downloading Don’t snitch on me guys lol
alexxmc772/05/2020Add Apple Watch app Pls add watch app!
578479062/05/2020Battery prob App drained my iPhone SE from full charge to empty in 3 hours. Doesn’t work!!!
Longjin Zhong2/05/2020Flashing black It’s okay but there’s a black screen every few seconds that says “COVIDSafe”.
Kepler-1862/05/2020Not good enough! 1. Ok it’s installed but how do I know it’s working properly? 2. Why can’t the Government find a data store of its own that is secured either owned by an Australian based company or at a secure Government location? 3. Why hasn’t the source code been published so that it can be peer reviewed. 4. Why is there a need to enter Registration details when this information should only be entered when required? 5. Why has this been fast tracked when Apple and Google will provide a framework which would be interoperable internationally and will be implemented in such a way that data is decentralised and a external data store is not required. 6. This app will have severe limitations as it needs to be running in foreground the Apple and Google framework does not require this. 7. Is there’s any evidence that this will provide an effective solution to contact tracing?
Fuzzeu2/05/2020Can’t register I’m using an iPhone 7 with the latest IOS. I cannot get the pin code to register. Sometimes I get an error message re verifying the phone number. Other times nothing but I don’t get the code. Tried turning phone off and back on rebooting the phone switching off wifi deleting and re-downloading the app inputting phone number and without the zero. Very frustrated.
kk ola2/05/2020Not working at all Can’t getting through second time code very frustrating
AD17053/05/2020Is it actually working? I have no qualms with having this app more info is shared through the other apps I use daily and want to stop the spread. But is it actually working though? The daily notification tells you to make sure the app is running when out. Does that mean actually having your phone unlocked with the app going for it to work? That’s impossible and even if you do the other people around you don’t have it open so it’s not tracing anything? There needs to be clarification on this.
Lulu-19613/05/202015 minutes of proximity required? False sense of security Is 15 minutes of proximity really required to transfer the virus? If you had close contact with someone eg shook hands coughed spoke without a mask used a shopping trolley without wiping it down etc couldn't you catch/spread the virus? But that contact wouldn't register on the app because it only took a few seconds. Keep a diary: Every evening record where you've been and who you've been in contact with during the day.
DJJoshuaGames3/05/2020Lets stop the spread Download this app to protect your fellow Aussies. It’s easy to register and you don’t need an email account to register. Just a few clicks to stay safe from coronavirus. It’s also pretty dang useful if you are near someone who is diagnosed with COVID19 because you get notified. I Recommend downloading to stay safe. 😄
Zoota20003/05/2020Keeps forgetting my details Downloaded the app put in my details left it running in the background but then a day later I start getting messages from the app that I should sign up etc. Did this three times now and the same thing keeps happening! Very annoying.
Hussein Nur3/05/2020Help us to go back work and schools Please let us tel our family and friends to download this app because I am sure if everyone in Australia download everything back to normal. Thanks.
wwwazzzz3/05/2020Great idea let’s all sign up but turn off daily notifications We want all Australians to use this app but many will delete it if you keep up with the annoying daily reminders to have it switched on.
Hermaayjr3/05/2020Only updated phones can download this app .... Poor elderly! I downloaded the app but when it came to my husband.. The app did not download because his version of iOS was not enough!! Can you imagine how many elderly people cannot download this??? Stupid stupid stupid!!! Do you think app developers that this app only needs to keep YOU safe? Many elderly people carry old phones... Keep it simple so ALL can use it
A_Laureti3/05/2020Please encourage two others to download This is the kind of exponential growth we want. Encourage two others to download and ask them to do the same
Buzzbuzz053/05/2020Stupid notifications When installing the app. It asks you to turn on notifications so they can warn you if you come in contact with some with COVID19. But what they don’t tell you is that they will continually send you notifications to “stay home and stay safe”. I want the app. I just don’t constantly want my phone going off with stupid notifications.
MKamilM3/05/2020Download it !! Privacy Concerns? Should’ve thought before taking Facebook quiz to find what frozen characters you are
Cameron_BR3/05/2020Registration issues? Every day I get a push notification telling me to keep Bluetooth on and the app open - when I click on the notification it asks me to register... I’ve had to fill out and submit the registration details every day for the last four days it doesn’t store the details?
nbnbnb783/05/2020Apartment Living False Positives The app has not addressed possible false positives from apartment living. My phone Bluetooth can pick up neighbours at least 2-3 apartments left right up or below.
Lisa_a_h3/05/2020Can’t register? The app won’t accept my mobile number. Tried keeping the 0 and dropping the 0 it says there is an error with the number and to put in a correct number. Clearly I know my phone number. Please fix your app if you expect people to use it.
Bill from OZ3/05/2020Should be in other languages and compulsory. Would get more community support if it were available in other languages besides English. We are a multicultural nation and we should do everything to stop the spread in all communities. If we follow guidelines to keep social distance then there should be no contacts recorded. Voting is compulsory in Australia so why is this app not compulsory? What about people who do not own smartphones? So many have downloaded but it still has not gone live. That will be the test that it actually works.
mum_r3/05/2020I am unable to enter my phone number I’m on an iOS device with the latest system version and am unable to enter my phone number. I get a verification error. I’ve tried multiple times with and without a preceding zero.
DJ Tommy Cat3/05/2020Great work ADH This app is such a brilliant idea. If everyone jumps on board and be responsible we'll put a stop to this virus and save lives.l
john83626386282723/05/2020Turns off This app is constantly turning off by itself. Each day I get the reminder to turn it on even though I’ve not turned off the app or the phone
technolagger3/05/2020Not everyone has iOS 10.0 Some of us dinosaurs still have our old iPhones which can’t be upgraded to iOS 10.0. Would love to participate in this but can’t download the COVIDSafe App.
Stace_863/05/2020Unable to register Downloaded after a lot of deliberation yet I can not register as a black COVIDSafe screen keeps flickering on my screen
tmecht3/05/2020No Pin sent ever after 10 tries I gave up 🙈 For all my family members the app dis not woek simply because no pin was ever sent ? And yes we did reinstall and yes we omitted the leading 0 in the mobile nr .. Anyone who can help is welcome!
Mad Mickey 20113/05/2020App Doesn’t work Tried entering all the details. But it comes back with an error saying it can’t validate my number. A waste of my time.
Hawkwind1333/05/2020I phone Doesn’t work on I phone unless open on front screen. Needs to be fixed to be effective
Liveitup3333/05/2020Won't work!!! Downloaded the app ok. However when I tried to use it It dose not work. Keeps going back to opening back screen.
Assassin creed fan 20013/05/2020Stop with the unnecessary notifications Stop with the unnecessary notifications in the morning at 9:00am. We aren’t idiots. It’s demeaning and annoying. Remove or I’m removing the app.
Cat.....3/05/2020Requires iOS 10 or greater ! Requires iOS 10 or greater ! I cannot use it on all my family’s phones so it’s useless !
Nane2143/05/2020Bogus I can’t even open the app to set it up at all and my phone is iPhone 11. Disappointed.
Jarmadbea3/05/2020Info upload Will not except pin
Frizz 873/05/2020So damn annoying I deleted it This stupid add constantly send notifications telling me to keep it open. I already had it open and got fed up with constant notifications so I deleted it.
zugaj3/05/2020I’ll keep it but... Stop sending a message telling me to keep the app running and Bluetooth on. The app IS OPEN and my Bluetooth IS ON. Such a pain in the ass!
hsiebsjisbsksnbdnansbxjjsbsbsb3/05/2020Can’t receive verification code Tried a few time but still wasn’t able to receive the code to make an account
jahejebbd4/05/2020My personal review I agree to many Australians that this app is fantastic it doesn’t use up battery it does locate where you are but it’s for our safety which I hope you all completely understand. This app will locate where you are so when they find someone who does have COVID 19 they will see who they where close by to and have a look at the location but that is all. I hope that many Australians get this app so that our lives can go back to normal soon the more people getting the app the closer we get to a healthier and happier life. When everything was our everyday life!
LucBut4/05/2020It’s fine but maybe fewer notifications? It’s fine and it’s great it’s available so quickly - that would have been a lot of effort :) But getting daily notifications that ‘everything is ok and remember to keep your Bluetooth on’ is a bit much. I’m not going to fiddle with notifications in settings because having them on is the whole point right? But there’s a risk of notification fatigue/blindness if we get them every day then if we come into contact with someone we ignore the most important notification...
Adam_0074/05/2020Great easy to use but only one thing Only one thing is that below the question “Has a health official asked you to upload your information?” there should be two buttons. Either a “YES” or “NO. If the user select “NO” the message which says “There’s nothing else you need to do except to leave the app running and keep Bluetooth on.” appears. If the user select “YES” then “Upload my information” button should appears. I hope they fix that soon. Thanks.
Lizeymon4/05/2020Does the job - no issues The app is working well without any battery drain issues. Note that an individual has control over whether the app is running and gov’t needs permission to access your phone data so that should alleviate any concerns re privacy. I think everyone should use this app so we can get back to normal-ish life.
Cenakhoa4/05/2020Bluetooth conflict with other accessories Thanks Australian government for your initiatives to get this application out. However when the app periodically use Bluetooth to check surrounding area already connected Bluetooth devices like headphones and speakers experienced light glitches or complete disconnection based on my testing. This could discourage people who commute/working by cars (connecting with Bluetooth in vehicles) or people who worked in professional service industry (who are always on Bluetooth headphones) to install the app
ubervizion4/05/2020Needless notifications My only issue here is the overuse use of notifications. I’ve needlessly had the same messages come through a number of times telling me how to use the app which is kind of irritating. I feel notifications should only be used for important communications not onboarding. I’m turning them off for now - hopefully this changes in a future update.
Dust dream4/05/2020Need of the hour Responsible citizens should take extra step to make the community safe . The least we could do is download the app. We living in history during this unexpected times - let’s be selfless and do what the govt. says . Questions about privacy is secondary when you have a smart phone in your hand .
Mat 1234411364/05/2020Runs fine Low battery drain. Would be great to show details so I know it’s working and more importantly show others the info it collects on screen much easier to explain that it’s a good thing. The log of my tempids so I can see they change. The log of contacts to see what info is being broadcast and stored.
Mesipisian4/05/2020Choice as! Works well does what it says on the label. I have my phones gps turned off and COVIDSafe still works so it does not care about your location and does no even ask for access. Easy to setup. Negligible battery usage does not even show in my top 10 battery users. A+++
ghhftjuthj bikd4/05/2020Notifications? I think it’s a great idea however all the notifications are alarming. Eg daily messages saying to have your Bluetooth on etc. just now I got a text saying to download the app I already have. Worried I won’t be paying attention when a real notification occurs.
Jamesk8114/05/2020Does not work on iOS unless you leave app open in foreground Useless on iOS unless you change your display settings for the screen to constantly stay on and also make sure the app is always open in the foreground. If you don’t do this After a certain amount of time of running in the background Bluetooth stops working. This is a purpose built safety feature of iOS devices.
xxxLisaReviewxxx4/05/2020Doesn’t work on my iPhone I have deleted this app as it does not work on my iPhone. I leave my Bluetooth on and the app open in the background but it keeps telling me I have turned my Bluetooth off or they need me to keep Australia safe and to open the app. This happens even after a few minutes. Seems to only be happy if I have my phone unlocked and the app open on the screen which is unrealistic.
1980KC4/05/2020Bluetooth messages The Bluetooth message sent out every morning could possibly lead to people ignoring messages from the app in the morning deeming it’s just the same message when it could actually be a health warning.
trent1234/05/2020All fine. No issues Totally fine and no issues with battery life or anything else. Might as well have another tool in the toolkit.
LavenderJadeRose4/05/2020E I installed the app and as soon as I entered I went into where I upload information or something and it said I have Covid-19. I never got tested I don’t think. I had a blood test 2 days ago but for something else. Did the blood test pick it up??
Flippnlorry4/05/2020LOCK SCREEN PROBLEM The app works fine and normally uses little battery. BUT if it is being displayed it prevents the Lock Screen from working causing serious battery problems and security risk if phone is lost.
Awesome Paris Lover4/05/2020Should Download Y’all should download it bc when they hit their target of downloads they’ll open pubs again
Nels34559224/05/2020Great idea If all Australian had this app we could make a real difference strongly recommend.
Leachim74/05/2020Not visible in App Store if you Don’t have your region set to Australia If the app is intended to be installed by „all people” in Australia there shouldn’t be any obstacles in installing it. I had to change my Credit card and region to an Australia. There are many people who use foreign setup in their phones due to business reasons.
Joecooolest4/05/2020Keeps asking to enter details The app keeps asking to enter my details. I have done this more than 5 times since downloading on the first day of availability.
Frog Godbee4/05/2020i dont want your germs Just download it and keep it running
JakeyboyAU4/05/2020Keeps logging itself out Useless it logs itself out all the time and doesn’t stay open in the phone memory for long. Sure there was a better way to do this
Richard Silbers4/05/2020I keep getting messages to load it but it’s loaded App is fine I guess but every day I get a message encouraging me to install it which I did a week ago. It’s very annoying. Why do they keep pestering me?
Eyes iPhone4/05/2020I had to delete it last night The app was flicking between information and the covidsafe title. I couldn’t control it. And couldn’t fix it. So I’m about to download it again.
gazfaz654/05/2020Dont work App won’t accept my mobile number and NO I’m Not using the zero at start of number! Did try once with zero but same result. Keeps saying error verifying number. iPhone 10 so not old technology. Poor effort
ashmery4/05/2020Cant verify phone number It seems to be having problems with iphone . I have put my number but doesnt let me verify it as i dont receive the pin
Fygic4/05/2020Error message Not able to registerit keeps giving me the message: error verifying phone numberplease check details and try again
Tonygtg4/05/2020Stop every day push notifications Stop every day push notifications or you are forcing us to delete it. We know when to use it.
M Al-Banna4/05/2020Question before I consent? What happens when my Bluetooth is actually off and I come across a COVID+ person?
Essay_234/05/2020Only available in Australian App Store Would it be possible to extend the app to other app stores to enable foreign students and nationals to download the app.
SimonDG_764/05/2020Can not use App! Downloaded it twice and it just won’t open. Comes up with main screen then just keeps going back to black screen and nothing else 🤷‍♂️
Sharlize4/05/2020Crashes other apps This app crashed other apps on my iPhone 8. When I removed the app the other apps stopped crashing.
Drimmelen4/05/2020Run in background not available Have to have the app running and open for it to work? No thanks... use the run in background tool - that’s what it’s for.... deleted.
Tsa4nd4/05/2020App is great This app is great so more people need to download it
elaamm4/05/2020Doesn’t load at all I can’t access the contents of the app only the initial display reading “COVIDSafe”. No functionality beyond showing the logo obviously renders it useless for all purposes.
Geckofli4/05/2020Stop txting me I’m in already I don’t mind having the app. I got the app for the txt that tells me I’ve had a contact not a daily txt. What I do mind is the daily txt.
MidnightStar054/05/2020People are dying Stop the spread. Download the app.
courtnjaxon4/05/2020Battery usage It drained my battery so quickly that I missed out on an important phone call
ðŸ'—ðŸ'—ðŸ'"❤❤❤ðŸ'šðŸ˜£ðŸ'™4/05/2020Annoying Now that I have downloaded the app I keep getting annoying messages to download the app.
TraceyMatthews4/05/2020Covid Safe Doesn’t want to work on my phone. Keeps telling me that my number & details are incorrect ðŸ¤"ðŸ¤"
blah blah blah de blah blah4/05/2020Doesn’t work for me Gives an error can’t sign up.
Levi pub4/05/2020Pub Get tha pubs OPPPEEENNNN ðŸ'¯
petersanad4/05/2020Error Laced Registrarion App refuses to recognise my phone number. Attempted to register with the usual +61 425 etc and also attempted with +61 0425 etc. Both to no avail. My mobile is a modern iPhone on a long-standing Telstra plan. Private industry would have sorted out a big like this in 5 minutes.
Studevery4/05/2020DATA STORED WITH AMAZON!? The data once you consent to it being uploaded from your app at the time you test positive will be held by the federal government on an Amazon Web Services server in Australia. - source: The Guardian Global tech giant Amazon may not be able to protect Australian Government data held in its Australian servers â€" including data gathered by the COVID-19 tracing app released on Sunday â€" from US subpoenas according to legal experts and crossbenchers. Data from the Government's new COVIDSafe tracing app may be currently obtainable by US law enforcement via the CLOUD Act. While COVIDSafe data will remain in Australia it is held by US-based company Amazon which can be legally compelled to provide that data to US law enforcement. Amazon was awarded the contract for the COVIDSafe app data storage over several Australian-based cloud services - source: ABC News
ZapNote5/05/2020I hope this app will be updated to use Apple’s upcoming API This app is currently kind of pointless as it requires your phone to be unlocked and the app to be actively open on your screen for it to function effectively (a limitation of iOS not the developers). I very much hope with the upcoming release of iOS 13.5 that there are plans to upgrade this app to use the native exposure notification api that apple and google have developed. Most other countries around the world have already conceded that supporting this is the best way forward. I hope we follow and get rid of the background limitations this app would currently have. Are there any plans to do this?
Ad735363935255/05/2020Glad to be part of the team I’m not the type to trust any government body but feel reassured by reading the privacy policy data deletion after 21 days and being able to use a pseudonym. I can give the Gov my phone number and access to my Bluetooth if it helps save lives. Feels good to know I’m assisting with contact tracing. Hopefully it allows us to move to a new normalcy ðŸ'
tomchard5/05/2020Surprisingly good app As always you’d expect the Aus Government to measure once and cut twice but in this instance they haven’t. The app is very good and very easy to register on. You can use you initials or similar if you’re worried about privacy and your data isn’t used or uploaded without you doing it. I just wish people would put their tin foil hats down and download the app!!!
Bradley.Williams5/05/2020I trust our information is safe The app installed perfectly on my phone no bugs or glitches as of yet solid app. I trust our information is safe in the governments hands. Great idea I would have implemented this app in the same way if I were in charge. 15mins of you being in the area of a COVID-19 patient and you will be alerted outstanding work.
Lilredone865/05/2020At first looked fine I thought this would be helpful for when I travel to do essential shopping as I live rural but realised after a few days that it wasn’t working and constantly giving notifications to keep app open soon as I had app in background or not actually open I would get notifications prompting me to open it today i delete it until further work has gone into the app as of right now not having the app is the same as having it either way it appears not to be working so for tracing purposes it’s useless
BogW5/05/2020If you have a tin foil hat It’s ok but it’s hard to know who else isn’t using it since the people wearing invisible tinfoil hats don’t. If you want more ppl to download load it add a game to it that shows how many ppl you infected or a gambling add on so you can bet on how many ppl you may have killed just a thought but if you stop Snot Moron pushing it will fly off the shelf.
billy.everyteen5/05/2020Runs fine in background and not a battery hog Have seen no change in my phones battery utilisation and the app just runs fine in the background with no interaction needed. Have had no issues setting it up and get the occasional notification that the app is working.
liongalahad825/05/2020Great and privacy is totally safe App is great and stores all data in the phone data is shared only if you get tested positive and you agree to share it. It was 3rd party reviews and they found it totally safe from a privacy point of view. Whoever doesn't download it because of privacy concerns is either misinformed or a fool.
2015JED5/05/2020Bug detected?? While trying to register myself I get an error msg which says - Error verifying phone number. Advice please. Also in the Apple App Store there is no contact email or phone number for app support - not good Scomo - so I had to resort to rating the app to communicate with the developer - sigh! â€"â€"â€"â€" 5 May 20 Now running perfectly. Even like the gentle reminder each day if the app or Bluetooth are off. Well done developers - you might even become legends if the Govt mandates this app as part of AUS lockdown restrictions easing - personally I think it should be mandated in pubs - clubs - cinemas - restaurants etc so I become aware of any CV19 infected ppl near me ðŸ'ðŸ¤˜ðŸ'
Weetah 201J5/05/2020WHY 15 MINUTES? I’m puzzled that authorities believe it takes 15 minutes to catch COVID-19 off an infected person. Shouldn’t this app be registering contacts of shorter duration for it to be effective? I certainly won’t allow myself to remain within 1.5 metres of another for a lengthy 15 minutes but could have the misfortune of someone passing me in the grocery aisle as they sneezed.
abtecleejen5/05/2020Breaks Bluetooth 1. Since installed cannot see Bluetooth devices near me therefore not able to able to connect. iPhone 5s. Intermittent. 2. Writing very light on white therefore difficult to read when reporting issues. 3. Installed it on wife’s phone and app looks different to my iPhone5s hers iPhone 8.
ticket connection5/05/2020Message everyday Why am I being asked everyday to activate the app? I leave it live and the check each day to ensure I have registered etc. The app says it is active. The daily message is annoying. Please stop it otherwise I will turn notifications off and therefore might as well not have the app. A deluge of unnecessary notifications is annoying not helpful
Joans girl5/05/2020Joans girl Easy to download but can’t be used on iPhones? I’ve downloaded it and applied latest update but I’m not leaving my phone unlocked all the time. I thought maybe having app open and phone locked helped but reading a lot of articles this is not the case. So basically it’s useless on iPhones. That’s sad because it’s a great helpful app for department of health in Australia.
moyzie015/05/2020-1 star for Bluetooth blocking This is a great idea and hopefully saves live but unfortunately if it is running it blocks other Bluetooth devices from working correctly. If the app is running in the background on a apple device running ver 13.4.1 your watch will not connect and vehicles do not connect properly.
Billy'smum5/05/2020Vivid-19 ap Had it on my phone since day 1 No problems Battery life on phone the same. Occasional messages send regarding the virus. Good feature it reminds you of Bluetooth is off. Download it make a difference 😷
rybornacnud5/05/2020Save not just your own & family or friends lives I have got a lot of people to come in to close contact with the virustot
MAMelb665/05/2020My phone keeps crashing Since downloading the app our phones keep crashing (3 phones several times a day). Also annoying that I keep getting notifications to download the app when I already have. I check the notification and it says I don’t have to do anything.
Gheelu5/05/2020Too many reminders Downloaded it the first day but have now stopped notifications as I keep getting all the same reminders. If I’ve gone to the trouble of downloading the app don’t treat me like an idiot and keep telling me to leave my Bluetooth on etc.
Flissk5/05/2020Drains battery and deletes data CovidSafe drains battery like crazy... my battery today went from 30% to 4% in the space of 10 minutes. Friends that work at Telstra have also had customers come in with lost contacts and photos. Rushed app the government needs to fix it for it to be useful.
great aunt maus5/05/2020Maureen smith It appears I cannot upload my information and is telling me to ask the health assistant (think that who it is) for help but I can’t find where he or she is!!!!! As you can tell I’m not terribly computer savvy.
Anarkii5/05/2020Doesn’t even work The app itself doesn’t even work as advertised. It only works if the iPhone is unlocked and the app is running in the foreground. If that isn’t happening then the app is 100% useless. There is proof of this all over Twitter. (@tomwarren being one account). See for yourselves.
Quietisbetter5/05/2020Annoying notifications The app runs fine but I’m notified daily to keep Bluetooth on and the app running. It is SO annoying. If I get one more I’m deleting it. No one enjoys being nagged by their phone.
tana_15/05/2020Great idea Great idea however it’s kept asking for registration repeatedly. Thus does it mean I will get a new ID and can’t track back my previous ID?
4006david5/05/2020Do the right thing download this app An important part of public safety. Download this app
Helen19645/05/2020Still waiting I’ve installed it but gotta say I’m not going to keep it open until they make it work Properly for iPhones. Leave a phone unlocked? Really? Not ideal for most users. My husband has an Andrei is and seems to be a much better setup.
Good day to be a duck5/05/2020I want me freedoms back This is how I get them
Daniel5935/05/2020Naggy If this view version continues to nag me at 9am every morning and if it doesn’t work with notifications disabled then I will have to delete it. What’s with the nagging?!?! Good implementation ruined by this stupid detail.
Ercwyne5/05/2020Ok but spams me to keep it running I really don’t need to be reminded every day to keep the app running. Make it stop!
mark0826367395/05/2020Daily signups The app doesn’t function correctly on my IPhone 10. Every 24 hours prompted to re-enter my Information.
Jake96'5/05/2020Had to create new account 3 times cause I turn my phone off while I sleep ^
😮bliss5/05/2020Doesn’t send pin I tried several times but don’t receive the pin
Critic_N5/05/2020Is the app on iOS doing what it suppose to do ? Hi how do you know if app on iOS is working or not ?
GBSA15/05/2020Turn off lock screen notifications Set up on IphoneX or 11 easy and followed previous reviews. Updated app has rotating symbol to show working. Once set up go to settings scroll down to COVIDSafe app > notifications untick notification to lock screen.Leave other settings as is. App appears to run normally in background but without annoying reminders. Assume they’ll contact if necessary.
LuckyAdam5/05/2020Well done to the devs .. from another developer Well done to the team that built the app. Battery drain is less than 1% per day (which was one of my initial concerns). Can’t wait to see the source code but bug free for me and privacy is spot on with what they have said all along.
kelvin_yli5/05/2020I prefer the previous app icon The latest update version of app icon on 05/05/2020 makes it less attractive to use.
Monroe-dresser5/05/2020Entering Information Bug Every time I try to enter in my information it says it is texting me a code to do so but the code never comes. I can't use the app to it's full potential.
Davidoyeah5/05/2020I have a iPhone 11pro not max iOS 13.68 It great app no glitches and works fine so suggest to get it
AnyonymousReviewer126/05/2020Suggestion I know this app serves a great purpose; but it would extend the functionality and greatly improve some people’s experience of this app if you (the developers) create an Apple Watch app; since I exercise frequently outside without my phone and always have my Watch on me. The Watch is always on Bluetooth which I know is the main method of connection to other devices. Also occasionally usually some mornings I have gotten a notification on my iPhone 11 that says I need to reopen COVIDSafe I’m not sure if that’s what it means but it may be an issue. Other than that all great!
TrumpMushroo6/05/2020Wayyy too many notifications!! Tone it down or it goes. Great app so far. Love the design and the idea. HOWEVER if the app doesn’t stop sending me notifications every day I’m going to delete it. I don’t mind getting notifications once a week if there’s anything important I need to know but don’t bug me every single day with useless information. Learn how users react to notification spam. When you annoy people you lose goodwill and they WILL delete it. That’s not a chance you should be taking with such an important app. The only notifications I should be getting are (A) if my Bluetooth is off and the app won’t work properly or (B) there’s important news that I need to know. That’s it. Please don’t make me delete this app. It’s not hard to fix!
gam9996/05/2020Work experience developers need more training While I support the need for an app it seems the HCI designers need to get back to their year 9 classrooms rather than pretending to build serious apps. The whole idea of having a smart phone is to use it for a variety of applications in quick succession. smart phones are not supposed to be dedicated data loggers that can only do one thing. While I would like to run COVIDSafe when I go to the supermarket how can I then check my shopping list phone my partner to check the brand of cheese on the list respond to an sms etc etc. A massive fail by the devolopers or maybe the government procurement officers/ ministers who have accepted a dud and foisted it onto public.
mudbloodandproud6/05/2020Great Just super annoying every morning I get a push notification from the app which is always the same thing. I would only want to be notified if I walked around and someone near me had contracted Coronavirus not just to open the app! And you can’t turn push notifications off or it says it’s not “actively tracking” me. Like what does that have to do with anything?? I’ve downloaded it because I want to get home to my family. But dam if it isn’t annoying
Espritlibreone6/05/2020Simple and to the point missing crucial functionality In kind of over the daily notifications to keep the app open. Which I appreciate is as a result of apple iOS design. However Apple has the same functionality in beta which this app should leverage the API for which would remove the requirement to keep the app open. Until then this app is actually kinda useless... I would also like to see what data has been collected. That way I can validate if it's collecting the right info or right amount.
yoshi7af6/05/2020Apps fine but why? What's the point in me having this if the people that are out and about spreading Mrs. Rona either don't care enough or don't trust the government enough (with good reason) to even download it. I've been using it though during exercise and drives to the store just in case I get pulled up on it as i'm not sure how any of these new lockdown laws work (as do all the police that have pulled me over during this weird time). I've yet to walk past someone with Rona.
Adtessa6/05/2020We’re all in this together Simple and easy to install. With this it’ll be so much easier to limit the spread and be able to go back to normal life... come on people- download the app. Do the right thing.
colhavek18376/05/2020App active or not Had downloaded the app on the night it was released and had thought the app was active with blue tooth on. Now nearly 2 weeks later while discussing this with my daughter we discovered that my app was not active. APPARENTLY the app needs to stay green on the whole phone screen. I’m very disappointed that this is not explained on the green screen and if you do close the screen there is no warning that the device is now inactive. I had been getting texts saying to keep the app on with Bluetooth however think is is a standard text sent to everyone. Also this review won’t allow a nick name easily says names are taken. Over and over again. Not Happy. 😡
bshaas6/05/2020Utterly useless This app only records handshake data from physical interactions if the app is open in the foreground and on screen. If the app isn’t on screen or your phone screen is off it doesn’t work. Obviously nobody is going to leave the app open and on screen everywhere they go which renders it utterly useless and obsolete. Total waste of time and immoral to spread false hope like this is even a solution.
Dezignz My Game6/05/2020Good idea but Great idea But the constant notifications/ reminder to leave Bluetooth on is abit annoying especially when my Bluetooth is always on
NewOptusHater6/05/2020Needs a symbol that it is active & running Download and activity should be mandatory until a vaccine is available. Needs a symbol that it is active (nothing fancy that wastes battery) but just a pulsating button (red??) that show Bluetooth is on and app is running
RHYS MUCCI6/05/2020Great app Please stop thinking the government is stealing your information. If you do you should probably see a doctor. Enough said.
WL10006/05/2020Easy to install and run Every data point is worthwhile. I have no concerns about privacy given the way the app works and the type of data collected. What I do get annoyed about are the self righteous idiots that are stumbling blocks to this app. Barnaby Joyce as an example. Just go back to your rabbit hole. All the tinfoil hat flat earthers (antivaxxers) can immigrate to another country and raise the IQ of this country.
starktheelder6/05/2020The internet already knows all about you. Your forebears has to fight for their freedoms all we have to do is chill. So chill download this app and let’s survive COVID-19.
AJBash6/05/2020Simple and Painless App registered in 30 seconds or less. If you are in a role for an ‘essential service’ this should be a no brainer.
John Noble6/05/2020It’s running â€" stop nagging me What’s the notification for? The app is running. Bluetooth is on. If you keep sending me pointless notifications I’ll just turn them off and now the whole point of the app is defeated. Leave me alone unless you have something critically important to tell me. Update: v1.1 still does this! STOP IT THIS IS COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.
Jennpf6/05/2020No confidence this app works I have had to re- register nearly every second day as the app seems to forget who I am. I get a text most days telling me to sign up. I really want this app to work and for millions to download it but my confidence in it actually working for me is very low.
kanony6/05/2020No issues So far so good. No probs with battery life etc. If it means easier contact tracing then I’m all for it.
Mark_Fennell6/05/2020You should get this app Do you want to go back to the pub? If yes: Download the app. If no: Other people want to go to the pub so download the app.
beejay936/05/2020KEEPS LOGING OUT I really want this app to work and play my part in this crisis but unfortunately I’ve been constantly logged out of the app - causing me to have to resign up almost daily. This app needs to be fixed ASAP otherwise it’s just another great idea that won’t help anyone...
Dropbear19746/05/2020COVIDSafe Probably would be a great app if it worked. After initial download and sign up it lasted 2 days then it seems to have reset and asks me to sign up again every couple of days I have done this 3 more times over the week so now I have given up.
whosaid6/05/2020Annoyingly you have to keep the app running I don’t have any complaints except that you have to run the app constantly - it’s easy to accidentally close when closing other apps.
Ronitram6/05/2020Doesn’t work on iPhones Why did I download it when it doesn’t work on iPhones? I keep getting messages that I need to keep Bluetooth running for the app to work? When my iPhone is in sleep mode Bluetooth is always switched off!
mister-ch6/05/2020Doesn’t work on Apple iPhones! I have been walking around this whole time thinking that I was connected and would be notified if I come into contact with someone that tests positive to Covid19... turns out I was carrying around an inactive app that is inactive 😞😞😞
symo0076/05/2020Great ideapoor implementation Issues on IOS. Constantly need to restart the app after a period of time or using other apps. Doesn’t really work in ‘ background mode’ so you can’t be sure that it’s recording as designed.
Rod6/05/2020Great Do your part for the country
Katina946/05/2020I have given up I really wanted to do my bit but I have given up using the app because it keeps signing me out even though I have the app open and Bluetooth on.
Gurglebarp16/05/2020Great idea but.... Great idea but needs more. • Should be able to run in background on iOS • Should be able to mark your home so it will send push notifications if you leave your home. • Should have a watch app.
Pironik6/05/2020Don’t bother It does nothing. Don’t bother downloading it.
Alexx00056/05/2020Support Apple/Google API Useless iPhone without using Apple’s/Google’s API. Please implement it. Won’t use until it’s implemented.
jrinfkehrindjdydjdjd6/05/2020Good Good
ArtXXXXX6/05/2020Source Code? When it’s publicly available then sure.
Loon-i-Tunes7/05/2020Remove pointless notifications Every day or so when sitting at home I get a notification on my lock screen but upon opening the app the notification is either a reminder to keep the app working in the background and Bluetooth on when in meetings and out in public or there appears to be no actual reason for the notification at all. I’m keeping the app and Bluetooth on so the reminder seems pointless and annoying. Please ensure if we get notifications from the App that there is a valid reason for us to investigate what it wants to tell us.
Faeryjane7/05/2020App seems to keep closing itself I have had to reopen the app every day sometimes several times a day because I keep getting notifications that it needs to be active. I have the app I open the app but I can’t be expected to constantly check that it’s running or have it in the foreground with my phone unlocked all the time. Please make it run better in the background and stop it from continuously crashing/closing and sending notifications. You’ll have people deleting the app you’re trying so hard to encourage people to use and once they delete it you might not get them to add it back
Agghtcbjuvj7/05/2020Just download the app Just download the app so we can go out to a cafe or a restaurant. The people not downloading are just selfish and only thinking about themselves. They are also on Facebook etc guess what you are traced more on google and Facebook than this app. So just download the app...
mtnsgirl7/05/2020Push notification Constant push notifications ‘We need you to help stop the spread of Covid-19...’ asking me to enable my Bluetooth while it is already enabled and the app is installed successfully and working are driving me nuts. Should be able to turn off the push notifications unless it’s an urgent one such as notification of Covid-19 exposure or at the very least let me select how frequently I want to receive push notifications.
HugeKhloeFan7/05/2020Room for Improvement Would be utilised more and more user friendly if the app could run in the background without always needing to be opened (as this drains a lot of battery and is just inconvenient). If users are able to just turn on Bluetooth and opt to have the app run in the background I believe more people would use this service. Good idea.
OzOwais7/05/2020Map It would be great if this app shows us the map and places we have been to in past few weeks. As long as it is helping all of us I am happy to keep it as long as we need it. We have to fight together to beat Covid-19.
scotia-thismonkey7/05/2020Cannot register my phone number Irrespective of the merits of benefits of such an app my poor rating is because for me the app is useless. I cannot register my mobile number and so cannot participate in the program. The developers also deserve a low rating because of the lack of detail in the revision history. Simply saying “bug fixes” gives me no indication that I should upgrade. It’s a lazy behaviour that many develops exhibit.
lamboperth7/05/2020COVIDSafe app Has anyone received a false notification that they have tested positive to the China virus ? I have and never been tested.!! Did writers of the app ever consider the psychological implications on recipients of a false positive notification?
Richiechinda7/05/2020Notifications The app only works if you leave notifications on so that you can be notified in the case that you have been in contact with someone who has the virus. But the owners of the app abuse this privilege by sending me notifications every day that have nothing to do with possible infections. So I have deleted the app.
thelastname7/05/2020Won’t listen I had the app but since have deleted it. They’re so insistent on sending a notification at 9am every morning telling me to turn Bluetooth on despite it being on. I don’t want to know anything about it unless I’m exposed. If I turn notifications off then I won’t know of any potential risk. Stop wasting my time!
JP75777/05/2020Could not register mobile number I am always prompted with an Error verifying phone number. As the +61 is already provided I only put my 9-digit phone number without the leading zero but it keeps popping the error. Also tried putting the leading 0 but still the same error.
Mamapixza7/05/2020Useless as iPhone has to be unlocked and app open on screen to work It seems to not work unless your iPhone is unlocked with the app on the screen. That is pointless and defeats the purpose of it. What a waste of our tax paying resources for a useless app that won’t actually assist.
Mug AFL subscriber7/05/2020Errors I have had to reload this app to my I5 & I7 Apple phones up to 11 between both phones as it keeps dumping the app. You want people to down load it but it keeps failing. So I now have not bothered to reload the covidsafe app. Cheers a concerned Australian who wants to use & do the right thing to others.
caine howard7/05/2020One two three One star for the government One star For the media One star for How dumb the media makes them look (even though dumb is singing in waves) as per usual. That is terrible
reviewaroo7/05/2020Suggested Improvement Hi Mr Hunt & developers. I’d like to suggest an icon at the top of the screen e.g. between the wifi icon & the time. The icon should indicate if the app is currently operating correctly (green spinning covid safe icon) or if it is off line (red spinning covid safe icon). I have an iPhone & I cant tell if the app is operating correctly without opening the app & having a look. Hope this helps. Cheers Brendan
Isabel Leith7/05/2020☹️ Would love to download but it won’t even take my phone number 😩😐
Bobboooogf7/05/2020Doesn’t open I chose to say no to certain questions and now it doesn’t want to work. Obviously I don’t actually have any control over the app as the GOV said I did
Jay$&@7/05/2020Draining the battery. Useless to me Tells me it won’t work unless open. My battery is flat in 4 hours. Had to delete
nicknamehjkk7/05/2020Fundamental design flaws Wish I could rate this 0 stars a waste of $3m for an app that wasn’t scoped effectively to be developed and released with known fundamental design flaws. It cannot do what it promises to do it’s a joke.
SimCodeFish7/05/2020This app is a joke. This app does not work! The concept itself has major fundamental issues.
huwr7/05/2020Doesn’t work! This app can’t work in the background. Doesn’t do what it is advertised to do.
cybercatgurrl7/05/2020Garbage Doesn’t work when the app is closed. How is it supposed to be useful then?
Farcu7/05/2020Doesn’t work I downloaded and deleted. Didn’t help in easing restrictions drains my battery so what’s the point?
roseires7/05/2020Rating Why is my rating only 3 star? No reason known to me why it is not 5 therefore worries me for no good reason I can think of..... Guy Pease 0419225619
BicDave8/05/2020Keeping my customers Safe When I first heard about this app I was not sure wanting to join. However once expecting my beauty business to be open again I realize how much I need to keep my customers safe. Had mine installed now and I’m asking all my customers to have it too if they are having appointments at my business. So great full to the App !
Stacebarinacd8/05/2020Would not allow me to sign up I tried multiple times on different days including reinstalling the app over 3 times. I read a review to turn of wifi and this worked for me. Unfortunately it would not work with my surname with the ‘ in it. Love the idea but needs to be easier to sign up because not everyone will keep trying when it doesn’t work.
tophersome8/05/2020Running counter Would be great if there was a counter to see how many people you have come into contact with over the course of a day with a running total This would help show just how quickly one person could spread or catch something when they are out in public.
phosking8/05/2020If it helps I see this is a way of keeping us all safe. Pity they need an app for it. But they gotta deal with some dumb public that thinks this app tracks you or something. It uses Bluetooth which can’t be tracked. Anyway let’s all do the right thing and download it so we can get back to our lives.
Bozmond8/05/2020Covid 19 I do not know why this is not enforced in Australia as legal requirement our data is trusted with apple google Samsung and iPhone.... but not the government When our data is leaked by these companies we go to the government to protect us through OAIC or lawyers who are enforced by government and Australian laws / constitutions
Big Crispin8/05/2020A wasted opportunity What a tremendous idea. To have an app running quietly in the background on our phones. A silent sentinel guarding us against potential spread. But it doesn’t work in the background on iPhones. The Government has still failed to take the correct advice and so the app is still failing to work. Time and time again governments fail by not listening. Come on SloMo pull your finger out and get this sorted.
george.osborne928/05/2020Persistent login issue Hey guys. Not sure if this a one off user problem or not but I’m having to re validate myself every morning when I open the app from the push notification.
everyonrwantstobelikeMikey8/05/2020An APP all Aussie’s definitely should have on their phone So simple download register leave running. A great to to help the nation through this crazy time.
jpixie888/05/2020Have to re-enter details daily Downloaded the app and set it up easily and seemed very simple to use however noticed that every time I open it I have to re-register. Does it work if not registered? As I’m sure I’m not going to remember to do this every time I leave the house and therefore makes it ineffective
Baoilan8/05/2020Switched off Bluetooth when in isolation When I’m in isolation like at home I switched off my Bluetooth to save data and only switched it on when I am out and about. Hopefully this COVIDSafe app developers should respect that and stop sending me text.
Buddy1eye8/05/2020Needs a fix I downloaded & set the app up on my iPhone. It was very easy to do & you are allowed to use a different name. The next day I read on Apple news that the app doesn’t work on iPhone’s when the locked setting is on.
Ralphmm8/05/2020Too many notifications Three times a day the app pings to tell me to not turn off my Bluetooth. My Bluetooth is constantly on. If the notifications continue like this I’m uninstalling due to thinking something serious is happening when it’s just a tech glitch.
Bombedybombombom om8/05/2020I like the idea but It chewed up 70% of phone battery in 4 hours.... The point is that it’s on all the time but how can you do that when your phone is dead? 70% usually lasts me about 10-12 hours. It’s just not feasible or reasonable for me to keep it running
Crazymox28038/05/2020And it’s name is korona This app is wonderful i would like to know how do you even make an app that detects human viruses? Thank you Australia’s government!
mickey moody8/05/2020Error message I get as far as putting my mobile number in & I just keep getting an error message saying my mobile number is wrong. I’ve deleted & reinstated the app. No change.
nicknamenueluat1238/05/2020Will not work I have tried to register on an IPhone 7 with latest software and gives me an error both with 0 and without in front of my number. Useless
FeeFee388/05/2020Spam Notifications are sent multiple times a day and text messages. You asked people to sign up to this and then spam them? Deleting the app until it’s fixed.
soberske18/05/2020Great idea The green let’s you know the app is running...
Scibidoo8/05/2020Not working The app has been released too soon despite developers providing feedback on this app before release it was hastily pushed out. This morning opening the app it asked to register!
TheObjectivist8/05/2020Stop the pointless notifications FFS! Stop continuously sending pointless notifications!!! Who designs these apps!?? If these don’t stop within the next week I’m going to delete the app.
DisappointedwithSBS8/05/2020Phone calls drop out with app notifications Every time a COVID app notification pops up on my phone if I’m on a phone call all calls suddenly drop out. Not cool!
aaaanndnjdjebjxbdjd8/05/2020Phone verification failing I dowloaded app and registered. Accidentally I deleted the app. Then re-installed app. But now phone registration is failing. Error verifying phone number.
Exasperated Doc8/05/2020HC The repeated reminders to turn blue tooth on even though it is on are very annoying.
kajinoz8/05/2020Interferes with Bluetooth in other apps using Bluetooth I noticed poor audio in Bluetooth earphones when Covid19 is running on iPhone 7
beanzz258/05/2020Covid19 This is a really good and trustworthy app
BeeMezzzz8/05/2020Shit Terrible app
jazzyM65459/05/2020A necessity but annoying daily notifications I believe in the concept of this app but the daily alert to keep Bluetooth and locations on is tedious. It’s also confusing for elderly who then think it’s telling them to do something and maybe they’ve accidentally turned it off so spend ages checking everything. Please please get rid of that it’s not necessary and it s really making me want to turn off notifications which defeats the purpose. You want ppl to keep the app with notifications on then don’t send repetitive unnecessary notifications to ppl trying to do the right thing.
Bespoke669/05/2020Too many notifications OK I downloaded the app because I thought it would help BUT I get sent a notification at least once a day. I don’t mind having the app running in the background like a set and forget app but I DO NOT WANT A NOTIFICATION EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just notify me if you need me to upload my info. I’m not a child I don’t need to be reminded that the app is on my phone and frankly I am so over all the advice and info on Coronavirus. I get it I am implementing all the social distancing and hygiene measures........ I just want to get on with life! STOP SENDING ME NOTIFICATIONS EVERY DAY. It is probably (at this time) the number 1 reason I will delete the app!
MSKelleyMS9/05/2020Stop the dumb notifications One person in my house has deleted the app because the notifications are annoying and stupid. Saying to keep it active is like having Karen explaining how to be “on the line” on the interwebz. Limit the notifications to maybe a reminder to have the app open in the background and Bluetooth on whenever you leave the house should surely be enough. Then maybe have a link/menu on the open screen to provide information to Karen about what it means to have the app “active”.
nitramluap9/05/2020Reasonable - bud need the proper API Due to the iPhone’s *very reasonable* privacy & battery limitations on developers this needs to use the upcoming Apple Exposure Notification API - and there is no excuse for it to not be ready the second iOS 13.5 drops as it’s been available to Developers for several weeks already. If they do NOT use the Apple API I shall be uninstalling this as it is totally pointless to require it to run in the foreground at all times. I’m not going to reward sloppy developers... so fingers crossed.
HiPPityHoPPditty9/05/2020Concerning... When I clicK “Upload My Details” on the main Page of this aPP a screen of text comes uP saying “You have tested Positive to COVID-19”. It then asKs if I consent to uPloading my info. I WOULD consent to this but I KNOW I have not tested Positive for COVID-19. I don’t Know if this is an error with the program or just bad wording but I am now concerned that if I do my civic duty and uPload my Personal details to the aPP that I will be incorrectly recorded as a Possibly contagious carrier of the virus. Honestly I’m now a little concerned about rePorting this issue...
Craig135799/05/2020Useless notifications The app produces daily notifications telling me to use the app - which I am already using. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of switching these off without switching off all notifications - which would defeat the purpose of the app.
EG19769/05/2020There’s a problem When I leave the app alone and when I get a notification saying to check if the app is still active it takes me to the screen where I set up my details over again. This happened to me like 3 times now. Maybe even more. Fix this pronto please.
Georgio0079/05/2020Needs a urgent upgrade This app only works when in the foreground if you minimise it it will stop using Bluetooth it may be in the background with other apps but doing nothing. Worst of all when it is running in the foreground and working it is chewing up battery life. Total a waste of time. Apparently this fail only applies to iPhone.
carecose_SB9/05/2020A must have with a couple of bugs To the developers: iPhone X iOS 13.5 app ver 1.1 -> when Bluetooth is off error message is “check your permissions” instead of “turn the Bluetooth on” -> no error message when the app is closed (e.g. accidentally) there could be an *optional* reminder connected to geofencing (e.g. remind to turn on the app when leaving home) -> hope you’re working on the background issue as you know that the behavior of apps in background is not always stable
James GeewhiZz9/05/2020Turn down the noise (notifications) I support the app and completely understand the need but please stop the number of notifications. Apps that constantly notify me are the first apps people delete. Please fix.
PrimaryTeachQld9/05/2020Annoying Happy to sign up and hope the app helps in the long term. But the non “notifications” are annoying. If there is nothing to notify why does it keep sending them? This could be counter productive to people’s cooperation.
Tony PAFC Fan9/05/2020Use it save lives Our doctors and nurses are begging us to use this app. That’s enough for me.
Smileykyls9/05/2020Getting frustrated!!! Every time I open the app to make sure it’s running when I leave the house the registration screen comes up!!! So frustrating!! If you want us to use this app then make it work or it will be deleted!!!
mstrcs app review9/05/2020Thank you Australia We really needed a good covid tracker app like this to save us great app
olas939/05/2020Great idea In all Australians interest to download
Sky Velleity10/05/2020Update: Technically Competent still unnecessarily invasive After testing the latest update I have found that it is at very least on a technical level functional. It still unnecessarily stores user data on a server uses keys which are not truly anonymous and transmits your device model publicly. Once decentralised key exchange replaces the current system either by an independent update or by the implementation of the system in production by Apple and Google I will update this to five stars. For the time being I would also like an update so that tracing can be temporary disabled from within the app without having to revoke it’s permissions or turn off bluetooth entirely as there is no point leaving tracking enabled when I am separated from my phone.
Pitabox98710/05/2020“CrapvidSAFE” would be a more accurate name... I dunno who the idiots were who wrote this app were are but they’re absolute morons! The fact that this app doesn’t even work unless it’s always open in the foreground and doesn’t run in the background like basically the majority of all apps designed for iOS just goes to show just how stupid the government’s developers have become; not to mention it’s a serious breach in in user privacy and uses so much of a device’s resources that your device needs to be charged every few hours is a joke! Well done to the government for making yourselves look like complete idiots deleted this app; I’ll trust my common sense over this thing...
daHarves10/05/202015 minute contact is too long We’re hearing that this app hasn’t collected data yet. Until health authorities / the CMO acknowledges that COVID-19 can be spread with contact a LOT less than 15 minutes and remember that this is not the flu... This app needs a custom sensitivity setting. To allow me to set my own time between 1 and 15 minutes. The app is ineffective otherwise. Privacy concerns are also moot while the app isn’t sensitive enough and collect enough data.
Blackweta10/05/2020Unfortunately doesn't have ntegrate with iOS 13.5 covid-19 tracing features Apple was already creating a similar feature in rhevnextviOS release. What m RUNNING IOS 13.5 Public beta 3 and the app does not appear to be an app that supports the new Covid-19 health feature. Hopefully there will be an update soon.
charliejaewilson10/05/2020Best App for COVID-19 This app is a great help for COVID19 because it notifies you when you come in contact with someone with or has come in contact with someone else with coronavirus. If we want to stop this we all need to download this app!!!!!
Mattd5710/05/2020Useless if just works running in foreground I consider this app could be really helpful in the battle against the the spread. But if the user needs to keep the app running in foreground it becomes useless.
DJ 200410/05/2020This app is trash Don’t install this app I’m trying to the battery uses your location and what happens if you had an Apple Watch or pair AirPods I would not connect
AndrewSharpe10/05/2020Bluetooth fail Stops apple watch connecting to phone. Kills the battery.
Lachlan_Cuzza10/05/2020Good I heard it was good I got it now what?
r_mtz10/05/2020It does what it suppose to do Hoping this helps to get rid of virus for good and ease restrictions. Clearly indicated everywhere app available to download early live and ready to register numbers till 6:00 EAT. Update 10.05.20: After bug fixes apps does not need to be open with unlocked screen and battery in save mode. Better functionality.
illawong6011/05/2020App works fine please remove daily reminder No issues installing or running since day 1 of release. Please though stop the daily reminder that the app is running when I have never closed it
jojomac1234511/05/2020Why daily reminders I understand it needs Bluetooth to work. I don’t understand why I need to be reminded of this daily. Daily reminders are not needed twice a week would be great. It seems to work fine apart from that.
Begaras11/05/2020I get why we need it but hasn’t been done well The constant notifications are making me want to delete the app. It’s open. It’s running in the background. No I cannot leave my phone unlocked 24-7. If those are the requirements for it to work you need to build a better app.
NoFreeNicknames100911/05/2020It’s ok I think It would be helpful if users can set their own time to remind us to use the app. Some of us start our day at 6 or 7 am so a reminder at 9 am is a few hours too late.
Shieldsy oy11/05/2020Sounds great doesn’t work I downloaded app and I am for the cause and love the idea but wow MASSIVE battery drain. After testing over a week on and off I can confirm the app uses huge amounts of resources. This needs to be fixed and then I’ll be on board.
Lethalsteve11/05/2020Make a difference Get behind this app and help save lives.
xtwrk11/05/2020Zero Update Notications For an app that is so important one would think alerts for updates would be sent to users to ensure all users are using the latest version. But no nothing. Another example of the inept inception of this tool by the developer and the government.
bluetooth question11/05/2020Will my hearing aid affect this app? I use Bluetooth to connect to my hearing aid on my iPhone. Does this limit the effectiveness of this app?
DEBRA_LB11/05/2020? Doesn’t work at all on iOS? Has anybody read the news.
TonyS0211/05/2020App keeps asking me to register Every 3-7 days this app asks me to register again.
Hsjxbet11/05/2020Baf D
The original Cary.12/05/2020Does not track you. For those saying this is another way the government can track you. Seriously grow up. You install it and it does not ask you anything about using location. If you are concerned about your data delete it. If you still think that this can be used to track you. Then you conspiracy theory nut cases better do a Google search on what Metadata is. If you've read this far on my review my weird tin foil hat wearing loo eyeing what the hell are you using an electronic internet connected device for? Aren't you being tracked right now? Better go outside and get some sunshine. But not too much don't want those satellites tracking you. LOL.
Jemshine12/05/2020Laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Doesn’t work in the background which is how we were told it would work. Endless notifications reminding me to use it - but none of them mention that the app needs be be running in the foreground of an unlocked phone to work. I downloaded this because I decided the greater good was worth the risk but it seems I’ve been running nothing but a useless app in the background for data for no reason. Get this fixed!
annoyed and blah12/05/2020App issues no way to tell them Hey Believe in the idea of the app! This app made all my other Bluetooth devices connect to the phone stop working. I tried it on three different days and times it’s 100% this app. Also I can’t find a way to tell the app developer other than this review?!?? Such a important time for This app and they fail to open communication
Fester195212/05/2020Needs a smart watch app I have no objection to using the Covidsafe app on my phone but why is there no Apple Watch app? I generally wear my watch when out and about more so than carrying my phone.
YarraDee12/05/2020Why the constant need to log in? I have had this app a week and it has asked me 4 times to login requiring a six digit pin being sent to my phone...4 times??
checkout doinstuff12/05/2020THANKS THANK YOU ! For looking after Australians & Our Aussie business’s.. & other Global countries.... AWESOME JOB Well done!!!STAY SAFE !
bookreveiw.com12/05/2020Cmdkdjs Dnejdjd did so jdbs
MyNameIs-URL13/05/2020It runs in the background Some people appear to believe the app must remain active on the screen in order for it to work. Just open the app after you've registered and leave it running in the background. You can use other apps without issue. You'll forget it is even there. As annoying as the morning notifications is just be assured it is to remind you to check if it is still open in the background and active. I don't always check each morning and neither do you just make sure it is open in the background every so often. No big deal.
Unity.Productions13/05/2020Great potential but needs more improvement So I’m not sure how to review this there’s nothing to show the user what’s happening. Just for the innovation of this to track diseases spread it gets 3 stars from me can be really helpful. However need to show status what’s happening? What’s the app doing? What information is it collecting? Also give user control setting what personal information is stored. Also every once in a while it gives an alert “check if coronasafe app is active” I’m sure this can be automated to check if it is active or not and only give alert if it’s not. Also run in the background to conserve power. But has a lot of potential.
A_Brisbane13/05/2020Notifications The app currently says it’s not active if notifications are turned off. My understanding was that the app itself won’t notify if any close contact with confirmed cases however that a phone call would still be the method of notification. I’m receiving daily notifications from the app that are annoying. I would hope these notifications are minimised OR the app is ‘active’ without notifications being turned on. Happy to have the app running on my phone but not happy to have frequent unwarranted notifications
Denzil TwoFathers13/05/2020App + Bluetooth are energy hogs. I downloaded the app the day it came out and I support it 100% but I’m finding that keeping the app running and requiring Bluetooth is draining my battery to the point where I’m only getting half a day’s use (iPhone X). I only leave the house for work but when I’m at work I have to turn off the app and Bluetooth or I drain my battery defeating the purpose of having the app.
lockedsquirrel13/05/2020iPhone capability limited On iPhones does the app actually work in the background or when my screen is locked? I often have to log in multiple times which makes me think it doesn’t or at least not consistently. That seems counterproductive and not shielding me or those around me. It needs a fix pronto. Otherwise super easy to use.
Cicada_Girl_12313/05/2020App is draining my iPhone battery!! I am very supportive of this app but it is draining my battery every day and I got caught short with no charge. I have tried stopping in t and then putting back on when I left the house but found that I kept forgetting to start it each time so have been leaving running.
CSafe Bsafe13/05/2020Let’s all do our bit I feel really strongly that everyone should download this app. Such an easy way that we can contribute to easing social distancing restrictions and tracing positive cases. Simple setup too!
brlo197313/05/2020Doesn’t work Every time I open the app after 20 minutes of the app being in the background the app needs to restart. It’s useless. I’m certainly not going to keep the app running in the foreground to make sure it works properly. And no I’m not using low power mode. The app is just poorly implemented. ☹️
Yazhad13/05/2020Amazing initiative This is a really great initiative and very easy to use app. I was wondering if a similar app can be launched for the apple watch for people exercising outdoors.
DP809713/05/2020iPhone does not like this App. I’m onto my 6th registration for this App on my iPhone (2 post “bug fix” upgrade last week). And yes I am leaving it open/running in the background with Bluetooth on. Lucky the government is not relying on data from the App for anything important....🤪
Msin1613/05/2020Way too many notifications - about to uninstall App was simple to set up but STOP sending me notifications to keep the app running and Bluetooth on. I KNOW! Going to delete the app as I’m sick to death of hear repetitive useless notifications.
Hugh52613/05/2020birthday wishes was the only notification i received on my birthday. thank you covidsafe
Sandywhiteangel13/05/2020Angel Be careful ♡
Zeus197414/05/2020Daily Notifications I realise that until Apple and Google release their contract tracing API the only way for COVIDSafe to work is to remain the active app. But sending a daily reminder notification in the morning will quickly make non-technical users ignore/discard notifications from this app. I am assuming COVIDSafe will use Apple's contact tracing API otherwise I don't know many iPhone users who will regularly use the app. If this is the case please use notifications sparingly at the moment because they will become critical in the future. Notifications should only be used to alert you to possible exposure that requires an immediate test. Please don't make us numb to notifications before the real contact tracing capability exists!
Hassnick14/05/2020Apple/Google decentralised COVID tracking API Embrace it! Understand the concerns about the lack of control especially for legality’s sake but right now the framework developed by Apple and Google is far more powerful and effective than the COVIDSAFE app. I can confirm with a simple Bluetooth listener that the app will not work on an iPhone 11 with the screen locked unless the app was opened and allowed to refresh its processes within the 60mins. This needs to be fixed.... iPhone users have a completely unusable app right now and if there are any claims counter this it simply isn’t true! We need the Aus Gov to embrace the new API and just get the app working properly.
Go ones14/05/2020Glad to be part of the fight against COVID19 I downloaded this app when it was launched and have since then updated it to the latest version. I feel I am doing something great to stop the spreading of this virus. Have never felt that this app is going to expose my privacy when there lot more apps and social media where privacy is out of the window. Good to use the technology to keep the bad virus at bay.
Mapdren14/05/2020Let us all work together to achieve our goal ! The app is for the benefit of all ! Let us be proactive use our foresight to guide us and not let hindsight be our teacher. Let us all work together to stop the spread of the virus and return to the life we enjoy. Let not selfish motives stop you from sharing your cooperation. If you have nothing to hide then there is really no excuse for you not to download it!
BNEtaxiuser14/05/2020Good but needs to be always on in background The app is an absolutely great idea and hope everyone downloads it. The only issue I have is you have to turn it on why cannot it not always be on even if the app is closed if google can always track me (by choice) why can this app not just work and make it safer for all as no forgetting to turn it on.
Hugefart14/05/2020I’m not going to forget a global pandemic. The idea and everything behind the app is great. Getting notifications every day is annoying and I have turned off the notifications for the app. Only sending notifications if it’s important would be a great upgrade. There is a global pandemic I’m not going to wake up and forget that so please stop with the notifications.
C@mb014/05/2020Thought I Was Contributing I registered using the app and activated left it active in the background... just happened to click on the app to see if there was any information being shared regarding local take up and I found that it requested me to register again. So now I’m not sure whether I’ve been contributing to my own safety and that of others around me?
di_sassy14/05/2020I support this app but battery drain is bad I hope they can improve battery drain. My phone used to last for 2 days on full charge prior to downloading the app and now i can only get 20hours out of one full charge.
NOOB79514/05/2020Update Latest update won't let me open app keeps closing continuously tried uninstalling it reinstalling still closes
FScoffield14/05/2020Older phones My husband has an older iPhone. It can’t update to the latest iOS and it can’t install the COVIDSafe app
BrissieRuth15/05/2020Now not working on my iPhone 5 I have today uploaded the latest COVID19 Safe App on my iPhone 5 - it was working fine before this update - but now the screen won't stay open as the front screen and doesn't appear to me to be operating. I could not find any where else to record request for technical support for this app
Geegina6515/05/2020Easy.......Thank you Happy to install it and happy to know if we come in contact with someone who has virus. If only everyone was as sensible as us. Too many people spreading dangerous misinformed conspiracy theories. Happy to be sensible and not paranoid ❤️😇
Hudson's mummy15/05/2020Apple Watch Hi there great App thank you! Can you please create an Apple Watch version so I can turn it on and not worry about whether I have my phone with me or not when I am out. Thank you 🙏
Farshid74915/05/2020Let’s do our part Must be downloaded to save our lives and loved ones
Zionde15/05/2020Stuck I had to delete COVIDSafe app as it would not open this morning & now I can’t re-register. Stuck. I was one of the first Australians to download it too! Will try after my phone is updated to latest from Apple sent overnight.
veechinosami15/05/2020So good Just wondering if this works on my Apple Watch as it doesn’t appear to show the app on there
WhiteKnight8615/05/2020Daily login required ðŸ˜' Requires a daily or Bi-daily login where you need to re-enter your details again. How is this tracking me if I’m having to log in all the time. waste of time - DELETED off our devices. So much for set and forget!!!
Dodokebab15/05/2020App is saying it’s not active but my permissions are telling me it should be. I can’t get the app to work. I have iPhone 6plus. It’s telling me I need Bluetooth on but it IS on. I can’t see why it’s not working. Notifications are on too. Can’t figure this out b
Inglehal15/05/2020No longer works on iPhone 5 Since the upgrade to version 1.02 this app no longer works on my iPhone 5. Very disappointing as I'm sure that this could have been avoided by the developers and Apple.
Lapin42615/05/2020Useless app I was expecting to have information relating to where those confirmed cases are. But this app said nothing about that. Totally useless.
grponline15/05/2020Any time I open the app it ask me to register again Its asking me to register again and again
tommyshaw4715/05/2020Pointless I have to re-enter my details every day. What’s the point in even having the app if my details aren’t reliably stored?
blah96907543215/05/2020Not working Can’t verify my mobile number.... what else to say....
BrainsTB615/05/2020Crashes on iPhone 5 with iOS 10.3.4 Latest version of 32 bit COVIDSafe app (1.2) does not work with iOS 10.3.4 (14G61) on iPhone 5. It crashes upon starting up. Please fix this problem ASAP and perform full app testing on latest supported versions of iOS on all iPhones to ensure proper working order.
thfzgbd16/05/2020Deleted to protest mandatory vaccination Deleted the COVIDSafe app to protest against the mandatory flu vaccination of the NRL players. While I believe that vaccines have their merits they are not as safe as made out by the mainstream media. I vehemently oppose mandatory vaccination for multiple reasons. Most importantly mandatory vaccination leads to reduced responsibility for vaccine manufacturers. Also mandatory vaccination forces the individual to accept all the risks while removing the right to compensation except in cases of blatant culpability. I am surprised that it isn’t mandatory to get a clean bill of health immediately prior to each vaccination. This way reactions would have to be attributed to either the vaccine or to an examination error. Either way an investigation would have to be carried out in every case of an adverse reaction.
Scheherazade8816/05/2020It is good but I’m wondering if it could be better First of all if this app helps us track and trace I’m for it. One way it could possibly be improved is if there was a way of including a daily count of how many handshakes had happened. I think It would be useful for people to know how often it has occurred so they can moderate their behaviour.
Amoz&Temba16/05/2020App stopped working today App will not send the pin to my mobile number cannot reactivate the app on my iPhone that up until now has not had any problems. Trying to do the right thing however when the app server appears to be faulting it is getting more and more difficult to maintain the app use that is constantly draining my phone battery. Please URGENTLY resolve the app issue!! Note - not a user error I have wifi off have not had issues up until today with using the app.
creatiu16/05/2020Doing my part to stop the spread! Despite all the misinformation going around about COVIDSafe I have no doubt this is the most effective way for each of us to contribute to stopping the spread and going back to normal. Join the fight and help our health authorities trace and contain future breakouts.
HP16816/05/2020Essential app Can’t understand the fuss about this. People download most apps without a thought and they track you much more than this one can.
Art 2A16/05/2020Do it now Works fine on iphonexsmax
mentat33316/05/2020Still doesn’t work in background The German and Italian tracing apps already work in the background mode for iOS. Come on Australian Government do your part and use the Apple API.
Wazr16/05/2020No verification sms received Not received the sms tried several times. Not much use if the front door to the app is locked 😆
Tania00716/05/2020No longer opens Worked initially but now won't open at all.
Miss Juliet16/05/2020Only 11000 downloads?? Come on Aussie! Download this protector 😉
girilang117/05/2020Covid19 Great App to keep us all safe. Would be even better if it could be used on Apple Watch . Here’s hoping this will come
Frankzing17/05/2020Great Initiative thank god they god rid of the annoying daily notifications lol As above lol
iiNetter17/05/2020An unfortunate necessity In addition to my previous reviews below I understand that Apple don’t approve apps that utilise undocumented/private APIs but I would have thought that given the current circumstances they would be willing to make exceptions so apps like this can better integrate with the security features of iOS. This would be particularly important for devices that won’t receive iOS 13.4.5/13.5 and therefore won’t receive the Exposure Notification API feature that has been jointly developed by Apple and Google in response to the pandemic. Update to my previous review: I’ve just discovered that the tick boxes I referred to are still there but you now have to scroll down from the green image it simply wasn’t obvious there was more below this screen until I accidentally scrolled upwards while the image was displayed. Perhaps the fact there is more below the image could be made more obvious with a downward facing arrow particularly when the app is unable to function or better yet the part of the screen containing the tick/crosses is brought up over the green image when the app is unable to function. In addition to my previous review below I think the update has lost some of the user friendliness that the first version had. The updated version no longer displays the four reasons why the app is unable to function e.g. permissions Bluetooth disabled etc. with a green tick or red cross and instead just displays text suggesting that the user should check permissions even if the reason is simply because Bluetooth is disabled. Also the updated version of the app displays a green image which is a universally understood indication that something is working even if the app is unable to function at the very least the image displayed should be red in colour if/when the app is unable to function. Previous review: Would it be possible to enable health officials to contact you if/when necessary and send the PIN for enabling access to the contact information through the app in much the same way as Internet banking apps send One Time Passcodes therefore removing the requirement to provide a phone number? This might result in a higher rate of adoption of the app by those concerned about their privacy and reduce the time it takes for our lives to start safely going back to normal.
Peter 135917/05/2020Keeps nagging pointlessly. Every single day the app tells me to register even though I already have done so correctly as well as telling me to have my Bluetooth on â€" it is on all the time I dislike being told to do things I already have done. If I want pointless nagging about things - I would get back with my ex! I do not watch / listen to annoying ads on the tv / radio (I change stations or watch a DVD.). There is no where on the app to send feedback about this annoyance. I am sure that if I sent e-mails daily to the Prime Minister berating him he would have police (& possibly ASIO) on my doorstep telling my to cease. Well...This constant berating to do turn the Bluetooth on to register to have the app has now resulted in me ceasing this app. I am deleting it from my iPad and iPhone. I would rather spend an extra six months in lock down than put up with another day of reminders.
&&&$$$???18/05/2020Should be compulsory They need to advertise how it works on TV more. Unfortunately there are still many people out there who think it’s tracks them and they don’t want the ‘government’ to have their personal details. They need a 1 minute commercial on tv that explains what it does and doesn’t do. Ignorance is letting us down.... come on Australia download and use it!!!
Phil Scott18/05/2020Design flawed The idea is great but execution is poor. The power use is crazy and it slows down all other apps in use. As taxi driver I need my phone active and power not getting drained like I live streaming. I can’t even use my google maps while this is running as they lag way to much to be any use which only happens while this app running. Maybe it’s because I on older iPhone but I don’t get why such basic app is a bigger power hog than running live stream vids.
Ellis Ellis Ellis18/05/2020Stop the daily updates! Developers take note: when users download your app updates the app is automatically closed. Unless people remember to open it it stays closed and is then useless. So please reduce the frequency of your tweaks.
oldfolky218/05/2020Only on the Australian App Store For a multicultural country with immigrants from all over the world it is exceedingly bone headed to have this app restricted to the Australian App Store. My wife and I have lived here for 7 years and still have US apple IDs so it took a lot of messing around to download this. Thing of the number of international student wants temporary migrants and people born overseas who need this app to be as simple to download as possible.
martchat18/05/2020Question Does it really work in the background. If not then it is of little use as we have other app in use in the foreground like Runkeeper email etc?
Beejaye5018/05/2020Faulty app I’ve had to re download this a number of times now - I’ll sign up and enter all my info and it will be fine for a day or two then I’ll be booted out and asked to submit all my info again! I’ve just uninstalled. What use is it if it doesn’t work!?
Hyoid Bone18/05/2020Works as advertised Really impressed I downloaded the app and haven’t caught the virus. Amazing how an app can do that.
Leasy123456718/05/2020Interfere with Dexcom CGM diabetes app It caused my type one diabetes blood sugar monitoring app dexcom’s Bluetooth signal to drop out and didn’t alert me to my dangerous low blood sugar event. As soon as I deleted the app after hours of tying to get the signal back it magically reappeared. Be cautious CGM users!
Tonythetiger189118/05/2020Makes iPhone emails crash Current version makes emails crash on iPhone. Happy to help the world but not if it breaks my phone.
aer003318/05/2020Disrupts Bluetooth connections App interferes with Bluetooth connection to other devices. My Phone now disconnects my Apple Watch multiple times a day. Only by turning Bluetooth on and off can I reconnect my watch.
Vigour6518/05/2020Disrupts Bluetooth Derails other Bluetooth devices. Had to uninstall the app. Will reinstall if they fix this.
samjarrett18/05/2020Cheap copy? The app sends a daily push notification mentioning putting the app into an internal “power saving mode” which isn’t present on the Australian version of this app. Did no one review the code they cloned from Singapore?
michaelmos10119/05/2020Where is Apple Watch version? For times when out exercising & don’t have iPhone but record my activity on Apple Watch it would be great to have this app on the watch. Especially now that outdoor group exercise is allowed for groups 10 & under.
GrannyJCforKL19/05/2020Drains battery on iPhone ...... Downloaded the app open it when I’m out plying golf drains the battery over 18 holes. Do I assume contact tracing can happen by tracking back through bookings and only use it when I’m in a situation where contact tracing is more difficult?
Rpyuras19/05/2020Rammita Pyuras All good but enough already with the motivational and self-aggrandising messages it continuously and continuously sends out. I had to turn notifications off to shut the thing up. That probably means I won’t get a notification if I come close to a risky patient. Doh!
immitch19/05/2020Interferes with Apple Watch Unable to connect to my Apple Watch over Bluetooth after downloading the app. Can be fixed by toggling Bluetooth on/off and reconnecting daily. Very frustrating.
Relley8019/05/2020I want to like this app... I think this is a great idea it’s really important for people to download it. However I’ve downloaded it twice and each time it has messed with my Bluetooth devices. This needs to be fixed!
daeh201219/05/2020Fail Tried to join. Gave phone number error. Both wifi and Bluetooth were active.
GregJ12319/05/2020Too energy hungry. Flattens battery in a few hours.
e3333819/05/2020Bad Styiped thing it is a kid hear don’t download it
DocDooom20/05/2020Just download it! I am a doctor- a GP The vast consensus of Australian GPs in this forum (currently more than 7000 members) agree that we should download this app. So please go ahead and keep us all safe. If we can suppress this deadly virus we can breathe easy and life can go back to near normal again.
Phatchants20/05/2020Stop WE NEED YOU! Notifications Pls don’t keep reminding me to keep the app on and Bluetooth on. It’s repetitive. I’m very happy to help and would like to keep notifications on in case something important needs to be communicated. But every two days or so is a bit much.
Tempogogo20/05/2020Doing my bit but... The app interfered with my other Bluetooth devices if left running in background for more than an hour. It disconnected wireless headphones several times. It unpaired Apple Watch entirely that I had to reset and re-pair my watch.
my name kristin lousie day20/05/2020Is ok hugs and kisses go back to normal Hi my name is Kirstin I want to know if you allowed to go back hugs and kisses I just wonder ing that all from Kristin 😇😀ðŸ˜...ðŸ˜...âœ...😇😃I got boyfriend Neville and I Neville Girlfriend Kristin Is ðŸ' with that ok ðŸ' from Kristin
Blissful Bear20/05/2020Works well Runs quietly in the background a good public health initiative.
Hayley's say20/05/2020dont download The government is stalking you just like Life360 so yep don't download this.
Socoolbeerch20/05/2020Corrupt-safe False security blanket with a dash of invasion of privacy
Sheptenqe20/05/2020Never Gonna Give You up We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give never gonna give (Give you up) (Ooh) Never gonna give never gonna give (Give you up) We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry
NUQUE UNLTD20/05/2020Next update... please add: Widget - to automate its function running in the background instead of manually opening the app most people tendency to forget.
ICMHo20/05/2020Other bluetooth devices disturbed The CovidSafe app disturbs connections with other bluetooth devices after the CovidSafe is launched just stay in the background or even after it has quit. I need to turn off my iphone and restart or I can’t transfer BGL readings from the Accu-CHEK device wirelessly. I can’t hear a sound while casting YouTube to a Google Home nor listen to music from my Aeropex bluetooth hesdphone.
Da Blokes20/05/2020Why you need my phone number? could you not keep it all anonymous? Everyone gets a unique identifier and the app keeps 20 days of contact with other identifiers. Then when someone gets a positive result they also get given an access code that only works once so prankers can’t pretend they have it to scare others. You punch that code in and if it comes up yes the alert goes out to your buddy phones. Maybe to get people to admit they have it and get more ppl to download the app you don’t even tell them the result but their code gives them the result. Just spit balling. Gov stuffed up with mygov and census. So I’m hesitantly caving.
MickaJA21/05/2020Lauded but seems practically useless! If this is meant to be the answer to opening up Australia then why is it so buggy and useless on iOS?! Does NOT work with the latest iOS that has COVID-19 exposure logging it does not come up as an authorised app. Frequently turns off and goes back to initiation registration screen. I have a relatively new iPhone and latest iOS so I can only image the potential issues on older phones. If it means that we have to keep remembering to open the app every time we go near people that’s so impractical and in reality frequently forgotten and likely not going to happen! The PM lauded it as a measure to opening up the country- now the developers need to get it to live up to the hype. I’m all for this to work! Let’s hope for a great update to this app!!
kai_h21/05/2020Well this app get an update to support the new Exposure Notification API from Apple and Google? This morning Apple released iOS 13.5 that features the new Exposure Notification API. In order to greatly increase the usefulness of this app it needs to use this API to protect users privacy and allow the app to run in the background.
f200821/05/2020Hurry up government!! Apple just released 13.5 to the public this morning to the world and it has its own integrated COVID-19 so it can work with our Aussie app. Hurry up and released an Update. Thank you!!
Mhano21/05/2020Good start - please update with Apple and google The app and legislated protections to our privacy are a great start. Please update with the Covid-19 Exposure Notification APIs from Apple and Google to improve effectiveness and privacy.
ataylor9921/05/2020Suggestion This app needs to give feedback when it collects data. Either an optional Ping noise or allow you to see a table of date stamped data. Otherwise you get the feeling it’s not working
Alana33321/05/2020Great idea but Great idea of the app! But it keeps asking me to turn my Bluetooth on...when it is on. I have to turn it off then on again for the app to be happy. A little annoying because then sometimes it isn’t actually on and I’m unaware.
wrexual21/05/2020Needs to support the new Exposure Notification in iOS 13.5 I’ve got nothing against the concept of the app but it was rushed out too soon. Exposure Notification API was released as part of iOS 13.5 today which provides a better solution. I’ll reinstall the app when they upgrade it.
Sound80y21/05/2020Bad on iPhone 7 battery I want to support thisbut I actually need my phone to work .. is it just me ? Since installing this it destroys my phone life and I get lots of messages re Bluetooth not being on when it is on
RangaBear21/05/2020Daily Notification Every day a a daily Notification just to let you know that the app is active and no further action is required. Then STOP the incessant notification.
Donny Preston21/05/2020Fave App This is my favorite app. It is great. I love it.
tynan16421/05/2020Good app Yep
Dinosaur6400021/05/2020TRASH TRASH
Jordanian2622/05/2020This app doesn’t work without being open in the foreground. I’ve deleted the app and all of my data I don’t want to open the app every five seconds I’ve deleted the app and my data. Why would you not use the API developed by the people who write the operating system? Are you stupid?
kmitalian22/05/2020Hurry up and get on board Apple and Googles Bluetooth API I ain’t downloading it till you guys use Google/Apples CoVid API so we have extra protection
Antlaw7522/05/2020Not happy Bluetooth won’t play through any devices since installing app even though it shows them as connected 🤬

Appendix - Timeline

Day Date Notes
0 26/04/2020 COVIDSafe app launched
1 27/04/2020 First long-term tracking issues reported to, ASD, Maddocks (author of the PIA). First reports of the app interacting poorly with other Bluetooth devices (e.g. Continuous Glucose Monitors).
2 28/04/2020 First four issues described in a single document that was distributed widely to the relevant teams (both through official and unofficial channels).
4 30/04/2020 First contact with Singapore OpenTrace team. TempID caching issue fixed same-day. The Singapore team confirms that iPhones in the background are “not expected to work”. ASD confirmed that they will “follow this up”. No further contact. The Cybersecurity CRC confirmed that they have forwarded this doc but are extremely dismissive of the findings. No further contact. Maddocks replied and promised to forward the doc. No further contact.
8 04/05/2020 First contact with DTA. v1.0.15 & v1.0.16 (Android) released containing only updates to graphics and animations and some minor text changes. The only issue fixed is the confusing wording raised by Geoff. publishes a high-level summary of the known issues at this stage.
9 05/05/2020 v1.1 (iPhone) released. DTA confirms that they were first aware of the issues on 30/04/2020, but our contact still had not read the document. Full details of CVE-2020-12586 shared with the ASD/ACSC and DTA
10 06/05/2020 DTA CEO questioned by the Select Senate Committee on COVID-19. Topics include the iPhone background behavior and engagement with the tech community. Richard Nelson discovered the remote iPhone crash, reported to DTA.
12 8/05/2020 Source code of v1.0.16 (Android) and v1.1 (iPhone) released, confirming that there are no differences in the Bluetooth implementation to the upstream Singapore codebase.
13 9/05/2020 Same issues discovered in the ABTraceTogether app used by Alberta, Canada. Emailed, and Skype meeting arranged within 24 hours.
17 13/05/2020 DTA confirms that there will be a release tomorrow to fix the iPhone crash but it will fix none of the outstanding privacy issues.
18 14/05/2020 v1.0.17 (Android) and v1.2 (iPhone) released. Contrary to advice from the day before, fixes the first two privacy issues (along with the remote iPhone crash). DTA asked (via SMS to Jim Mussared) for availability to discuss fixes for CVE-2020-12586 in the next couple of days. Jim offered that they can call any time, but then they never followed through on arranging a time. No further contact received from the DTA, all follow-up emails ignored. (Edit: update after this doc was published, see below)
19 15/05/2020 Source code of v1.0.17 (Android) and v1.2 (iPhone) released.
20 16/05/2020 Source code of Alberta, Canada’s ABTraceTogether released. None of the issues raised on 09/05/2020 have been fixed.
21 17/05/2020 v1.3 (iPhone) released.
22 18/05/2020 Source code of v1.3 (iPhone) released. iPhone crash fixed in Singapore OpenTrace.
23 19/05/2020 Full details of CVE-2020-12586 shared with the Singapore & Alberta teams (and other affected countries).
26 22/05/2020 iPhone TempID expiry issue raised with DTA (and Singapore & Alberta).
29 25/05/2020 The The COVIDSafe App - 4 week update document was released publicly. 26 minutes later, update from the DTA with a planned release date for “the remaining Bluetooth issues”.
30 26/05/2020 v1.4 (iPhone) released and available to download, source code partially available same day but unable to compile as source code is missing. v1.0.18 (Android) source code released but Android application but not available to download from the app store.
32 28/05/2020 Submisisons for the Australian Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 close.

Appendix - Google Android Changelog

Version Date Comments
v1.0.11 2020-04-26 Initial Release. Implementation in serious breach of privacy policy. Contained text that caused public panic - "You have COVID19"
v1.0.15 2020-05-04 Brand new coat of paint and did not resolve privacy breach. Accidentally added 20 second pause to the launch screen.
v1.0.16 2020-05-04 Removed 20 second pause from the launch screen.
v1.0.17 2020-05-14 Partially resolves privacy breaches.
v1.0.18 2020-05-27 Source code released but application not available for download from the app store. Analysis pending.

Appendix - Apple iPhone Changelog

Version Date Comments
v1.0 2020-04-26 Initial Release.
v1.1 2020-05-05 Debug view removed, updated design and removed com.googleusercontent URLScheme.
v1.2 2020-05-14 Largely fixed background behaviour. Implemented the fix for CVE-2020-12717.
v1.3 2020-05-14 Removed daily notifications to remind users to keep app in foreground.
v1.4 2020-05-26 Application released, source code was partially published but unable to compile as files are missing. Analysis pending.